Missing CDC employee didn't get the promotion he wanted before he vanished

Timothy Cunningham, 35, hasn't been seen since Feb. 12.
3:37 | 02/27/18

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Transcript for Missing CDC employee didn't get the promotion he wanted before he vanished
So doctor Cunningham is an epidemiologist. In the chronic disease unit at the CDC. Around you last reported to work on Monday February 12. While on his way to war and about approximately 0715. He would cost he calls a sister. I'm and speaks to her briefly. He arrives at work when it arrives at work he meets with his supervisor. And the purpose of that meeting was to explain a promotion and that he did not receive too boring expenditure he had been reformed inform the previous Monday that he was not getting the promotion but the explanation occurred on the morning of the twelfth. Shortly after the meeting explaining that he tells the supervisor that he's not doing particularly well it actually called and sent the two previous work eyes. And decides to go home. While going home the last known phone call that he makes occurs at 0912. Hours and he calls his father while traveling home from the CDC people it. But callers nests it is not receive a colony it is not as he does not leave a voice now. We presume and I'll explain why we presume that he drives home from the CDC and as cars parked in in the garage at his residence. I'm. That's the last time anybody sees our viewers for its that is basically at that point his family tries over a period of time to call him. They don't receive any answer. They then called a relative of the mothers who has accused the home who goes by chuck on the house. He comes over farm houses and secured but there are two upstairs bedroom or windows that are open one to a bathroom wonderful. A laundry room. I'm but there were on the upper level and it appears that everything else was an order and the and the windows may have been left open because he had a dog that was in out of the residents. The the relative report that the parents that this would become somewhat concerned because now they haven't heard from him and they decide to make the drive at some point Tuesday afternoon or evening down from Merrill. There arrive approximately. 0730. Hours on the morning of the fourteen what's as the Wednesday. And by 0930. Dial I'm won't want to report doctor Cunningham missed. I'm. The most unusual factor in this case is that every single belonging that we are aware of was located in the residence. So his keys and cell phone credit cards debit cards wallet all's identification and passports and giving you Mexico. We've been able to locate none of those items mostly. So one of we've done from that point four. Obviously we created immediate ball low we released that information you that he was missing person. We processes home we've canvassed the neighborhood. We've searched the immediate wooded area around his house with a dog. We've set local hospitals and sales we so sorts the cemetery across long which is nearby as well. We've gotten what the CDC we've gone through and made sure that his government credit cards are being used we've looked at the browser history on his desktop computer or to makes others nothing's as this on. We've checked to swipe card activity we know the last economy clocked in around the CDC. We've gone through as government phone records to ensure that owns not a news and we've had been provided some access to of the emails we knows nothing system is just went back and forth on. We asked specifically whether the CDC felt that anything related to his job would have contributed to of this that it now we've so that it did notice they did note. But you've been up for this promotion which he did not receive. And I obviously any I think any of us would agree that if you didn't receive approach you thought you might get your somewhat disappointed but beyond that. We don't have an infamous and that his employment with is being this.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Timothy Cunningham, 35, hasn't been seen since Feb. 12.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53396124","title":"Missing CDC employee didn't get the promotion he wanted before he vanished","url":"/US/video/missing-cdc-employee-promotion-wanted-vanished-53396124"}