Missing Nazi Diary Recovered by Federal Authorities

Officials located missing pages of Alfred Rosenberg's wartime diary in upstate New York.
5:00 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for Missing Nazi Diary Recovered by Federal Authorities
Well good morning I'm John Morton director of US immigration and customs enforcement. One of the enduring mysteries of the -- war is what happened to the Rosenberg. Diary. We have solved that mystery and today we announced the recovery. Of the long lost Rosenberg -- them meticulous reflections. For one of Nazi Germany's most important leaders Alfred Rosenberg. Rosenberg was a close confidant of Adolf Hitler ranking member of the Nazi party and an influential figure of the third right. Among many dark achievements Rosenberg served as the head of the Nazi party's foreign. Affairs department. At the international military tribunal in -- -- Germany found guilty and he was -- on October 16 1946. The diary which we have recovered is too much -- While hang for his crimes Rosenberg did not take all of its secrets to the -- Instead he left behind the diary he kept from 1934. To 1944. The diary was seized by the victorious allies and portions were used by the prosecution at number. Sometime between 1946. And 1949. However most of the diary wandered off and was lost to history. Lost that is until now. After more than sixty years of mystery we now know that the diary with smuggled into the United States. Likely by doctor Robert -- -- one of the US prosecutors in Nuremburg. It has been here in the United States -- While I cannot disclose many of the details of how we ultimately found the diary. I can't say that working with a holocaust museum and the United States attorney's office agents from ice -- Homeland Security investigations office in Wilmington. Track that -- -- and seized it for formal forfeiture proceedings. We believe that we have recovered that what we have recovered is the original diary and that there are no copies. This diary it's literally one of a -- We ultimately intend to transfer the diary to the holocaust museum pursuant to an agreement between the national archives and museum. Why is the Rosenberg diary of six significance. Because this time marches on there are fewer and fewer living victims and witnesses to the horrors of the third right. 68 years have passed since the fallout from times. And soon there will be no more human testimony. Of what happened during the Holocaust. And just as important of how it happened. So it is critical to locate and preserve all written -- it written records from this time period. Standing here today we still don't know the full significance of the -- there's simply hasn't been time to study in depth that. It's. At first glance however we already see that the Rosenberg diary is no ordinary diary of the time. It is the unvarnished account of a Nazi leader his thoughts his philosophies his interactions with -- other Nazi leaders. Reading Rosenberg's diary is to stare into the mind of a dark soul. A -- untroubled by the isolation and violent extermination of Jews and others he does he deemed undesirable. A man consumed with the visions of racial and ethnic superiority. In an entry in his diary on March 28 1941 for example. He proclaims a recent conference on the Jewish people a success. It is after all Rosenberg wrote the first time in European history that ten European nations were represented in an anti Jewish conference. With the program to remove this race from -- This is not the first time we have recovered items lost or stolen from the war. Indeed ice has previously seized and returned Hitler's -- mark stolen from Spanish auction house in 2002. Hebrew -- stolen from a Jewish couple in Austria on kristallnacht in 1939. And numerous -- stolen from Jewish families -- local museums throughout Nazi occupied Europe and on that note one of the other. Infamy for which mr. Rosenberg is known is the orchestrated. -- looting. Art throughout. Nazi occupied. Europe with a particular emphasis on our health shoes. The Third -- in the Holocaust -- a shameful chapter in our human experience. Millions suffered and disappeared and today. To preserve our ability to remember that suffering. From it so that our children's future charts a better of course. It is in this spirit that the recovery of the diary it's so important. These 400 pages are a window into the dark soul of -- great wrongs in human history. No longer will we have to -- -- what is.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Officials located missing pages of Alfred Rosenberg's wartime diary in upstate New York.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19394052","title":"Missing Nazi Diary Recovered by Federal Authorities","url":"/US/video/missing-nazi-diary-recovered-federal-authorities-19394052"}