Missing Student's Purse Found on George Washington Bridge

Page Aiello's family say the College of New Jersey senior was battling stress.
1:46 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Student's Purse Found on George Washington Bridge
-- -- page -- 22 birthday but she's not celebrating with friends or family because the College of New Jersey senior hasn't been seen since Tuesday afternoon. She was -- her parents -- -- home after attending morning classes it TC NJ -- campus. That night at about eight her purse was found on the George Washington Bridge by a woman walking by who heard pages cellphone ringing. That's led police and her family to wonder if the scholar athlete may have taken her own life. That. Possibility is there there's no question about that. I just had today I'm meeting with port of Port Authority police and they did do. A sweep of the area and nothing has been. Found. As soon as they had actually damages her in this class my stomach drafts I mean. You know there's always hope though I really hope that -- -- somehow it you know she's still out there -- -- is captain of the college tennis team has a three point eight grade average and her father says she's been accepted into nine law schools for the fall. But despite all her accomplishment Chris Aiello says his high achieving daughter has been terribly stressed lately feeling somehow like she hasn't been measuring up. Parents have to be aware even when they have children that excel in sports and school and so forth that. These kids may be -- have to be watched even more counselors have been speaking with students and faculty about -- disappearance. We have. -- campus full of high achieving. Students to deal. Have ambition and goals and you know -- -- -- the spring semester -- its pages senior year I mean it's a time of transition and so obviously you know there's there's a lot going on and in. Any student's mind at this time here.

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{"id":18940710,"title":"Missing Student's Purse Found on George Washington Bridge","duration":"1:46","description":"Page Aiello's family say the College of New Jersey senior was battling stress.","url":"/US/video/missing-students-purse-found-george-washington-bridge-18940710","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}