Mississippi braces for more flooding

Snow and heavy rain are expected on the East Coast.
1:39 | 02/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mississippi braces for more flooding
Mississippi now bracing for more flooding with rain in the forecast rivers near the State's capital crested yesterday. But with more rain on the way the fear is those waters will head downstream possibly creating. New troubles in new communities. Flash flood watches have been issued from Mississippi to Georgia three dozen rivers are at risk of flooding. Alabama has now joined Mississippi in declaring a state of emergency. And it's not just rains snow may also impact the north. Rob Marciano joining us live with more on that storm system sweeping across the east rob. Hey Gerri Elliott you have another round of Arctic air to come in but not before more rain. Com's of the flood zone now across much of the southeast of flood watch is actually have been expanded to include Mississippi Alabama. And now George and this system is really stretched out. He goes in Texas all the way through the flood zone here in the northeast and up into northern New England where it's it's snowing right now so the upfront. Bush is off shore at least the northern half does but the southern house. That Canada's lays itself off across the Gulf Coast and that's never a good thing just out of here DJ get a wave energy that'll tap some of that moisture in the Gulf of Mexico and means more rain coming. To Dallas to northern Louisiana and unfortunately Jackson Mississippi which is already seen twice a normal rainfall. For the month are on track to be their wettest February on record so none of these rivers to take any more rain. All the while and that's happening. He got the next round of Arctic air dropping into the midwest they'll be below zero wind chills in Minneapolis Chicago and Des Moines on Thursday morning an accord that cold. We'll be here in the northeast. On Friday so keep you're a heavy coat. Candy there Tierra. That's the Acer.

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{"duration":"1:39","description":"Snow and heavy rain are expected on the East Coast. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69058620","title":"Mississippi braces for more flooding ","url":"/US/video/mississippi-braces-flooding-69058620"}