Missouri Tigers Defensive Lineman Michal Sam Says He's Gay

Michael Sam: "I am an openly proud, gay man."
3:00 | 02/09/14

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Transcript for Missouri Tigers Defensive Lineman Michal Sam Says He's Gay
What -- you come here today to tell us came to tell the world that oh believe -- gay -- president still to say those words of the world. -- as a load off my chest I told my teammates this past. August that I can -- much -- and they. Took a great they rallied around me they supported me and I can ask for better teammates. -- -- -- -- -- to tell your teammates it was I was I was kind of scared even though they are reading news -- still scared to tell on the -- to secede. The reaction was awesome and they supported me from day one. When did you realize what you're sexual orientation laws why new -- young case said I was attracted to two guys and growing up I didn't know it was a phase four it was it's something -- -- once upon what was -- make sure I knew. What's comfortable -- never really done in -- -- one. Growing up. Emotionally what is it like to share this story with the world about yourself. You know Chris. This is something that I've I know for a while but you know there is is to me is just. -- summon a better person that hey I'm gay and then. It shouldn't be a big problem I I and -- so much and not my pass. So much tragedy and growing up. Seen my older. Brother killed from gunshot wound. Seem not knowing that my oldest sister Daiwa's she's a baby and I never got the chance to meter. Motive my second oldest brother -- -- in 1998. And me Melissa -- was last wants to see him see him and we pronouncing that two years later. My its other two Brothers being in -- -- jail since eighth grade Curley both in jail. You know there was some hardships of some -- tragedy and and some adversity. It's still in the ward on -- is nothing compared to that that passed could have crushed you Michael concur that it -- that I could could be in job to be dead. You know Chris but I admitted choice may issuers that are young a's did I knew -- -- wanna follow that path to my brother's a -- -- and one of follow the path. Where. At call my mom from jealousy can you bill me out or. Or more mysteries so wherever I knew -- I want him have some success in my family can be proud of me. You could become the first openly gay player in the history of the NFL that's a momentous thing how does that feel to you. You know. Chris I don't really look at -- -- look at it like that I just. I'm Michael sammon I'm a model for -- player hello one I want to be a football player and -- and felt. All that I don't understand. How big this is because it's a big deal nothing has been -- and has done this before no one has done it and it's it's it's it's -- nervous process but. I know what I want to be and I want to be in a play snapping NFL. Why do you think it's important for the NFL to know this about you before the draft. Where you know what Chris I was. Actually go on the what where team I got drafted and I was -- -- -- he noted owner and the coast in the GM. About my sexuality and -- only two weeks ago and how many people actually knew we expected that all the scouts knew and and because I did make it public to my team and then once scouts came and asked about me. You know they told about like my exams -- And I didn't know how many media actually knew I was afraid that it will leak out without me actually -- much -- I want -- let the world know. And tell them that hey I'm gay lived until -- story.

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{"id":22436685,"title":"Missouri Tigers Defensive Lineman Michal Sam Says He's Gay","duration":"3:00","description":"Michael Sam: \"I am an openly proud, gay man.\"","url":"/US/video/missouri-tigers-defensive-lineman-michal-sam-gay-22436685","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}