Misspelled Memorial in Venice, Fla.

A spelling error was engraved onto a monument honoring 9/11 civilian victims and military heroes.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Misspelled Memorial in Venice, Fla.
HE. RO. ES. Jean Sweeney definitely knows how to spell heroes now. But at that time the monument was in stride he admits there was an oversight that he wish it didn't happen. But when working with all privately raised funds and trying to build an honorable memorial. He says the word heroes. Slipped through the cracks there's been tremendous. Contribution. Of different organizations. That have come together to help. Builds. This memorial. And they were wonderful contractors. Who came in. And gave as a gift of services a lot of what it is they do. One of which was the in -- there it's. -- says this memorial is the only one in the country that honors -- 9/11 civilian victims the -- -- military heroes. All of which names are spelled correctly. And now that the mistake has come to light he says he hopes people can look past it focusing on the true meaning behind the memorial. People I talked to agree saying while they're not offended everybody makes mistakes they can understand if some are. I can imagine a lot of people -- feel that in any event worldwide. Mistakes happen in this genuine mistake. -- that's intentional. Sweeney says he's already investigating solutions to this spelling error and he intends on fixing HE RO west. AS -- It's etched in stone. We can't just why -- out it's got to be done in a technical matter.

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{"id":17744581,"title":"Misspelled Memorial in Venice, Fla.","duration":"3:00","description":"A spelling error was engraved onto a monument honoring 9/11 civilian victims and military heroes.","url":"/US/video/misspelled-memorial-venice-fla-17744581","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}