Mom's accused killer in court

Patrick Frazee is in court for a preliminary hearing.
2:10 | 02/19/19

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Transcript for Mom's accused killer in court
And out of Colorado where the man accused of killing his fiancee tell B Barrett is due in court today. Also amid new allegations now and the emergence of a possible motive can whitworth is in Colorado with more on that case can't. Hey Dianne so Patrick Tracy will be inside this courthouse here in Cripple Creek Colorado. For his preliminary hearing he's facing two counts of first degree murder and three counts of solicitation. In involving the murder of his former fiance. Kelsey bear it now this is all coming to light and he's facing a separate. Civil suit brought to him a bike Kelsey and Barrett's parents. They're claiming a wrongful death and very claimed. But they believe Patrick Tracy killed their daughter because he wanted sole custody of the couple's child who is currently now in the custody of Kelsey Barrett's parents and so this is coming to light as a possible motive here and in these court documents obtained by ABC news there it's mother says. Crazy told her that teen Kelsey broke up on or about Thanksgiving Day up twenty teen. Yet remember that was the data Barrett was last seen in public you're shopping at a supermarket. And then bare cell phone pained at three days later she went after she went missing. Good things 700 miles away in Idaho. An earlier this month craziest friend I don't nurse crystalline Kenney pleaded guilty to helping dispose of Barrett's cell phone and listen to what she had to say. So she's currently cooperating with prosecutors in its investigation as part of her plea deal. She has to testify against Patrick for easy. I'm afraid he was arrested back in December he still hasn't entered a plea in likely won't today. Because this is a preliminary hearing but we expect to learn a lot about this investigation a lot of new details in testimony that can last up to three hours. It also Diane lastly freezes attorney hasn't commented yet on this civil suit brought him how bypasses parents. Dan thank you can whitworth Boras thank you Cano.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Patrick Frazee is in court for a preliminary hearing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61167342","title":"Mom's accused killer in court","url":"/US/video/moms-accused-killer-court-61167342"}