It's Morning, America: Friday, May 10, 2019

Tariffs escalate trade war with China, President Trump is "surprised" by his son's subpoena and tensions rise with Iran and North Korea.
24:22 | 05/10/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, May 10, 2019
Good morning acting Norman and I cannot vote here the top five things ago on this Friday number one at the trade war with China as the next president trump slap tariffs on two. Hundred billion dollar from Chinese goods. And Americans could end up paying more for electronics toys and clothes China's vowing to retaliate but both sides have agreed to resume negotiations today. Number to a developing story from Houston where the already saturated city is virtually submerged by flood waters baseball size hail fell overnight and floodwaters are waist deep in some spots happy dozens of drivers. Thousands of power outages have been reported meanwhile and annual overnight video shows a mansion in the Houston area I'm Fieger. If it may have been hit by lightning looking at the radar you see the threat along the Gulf Coast right now where up to six inches of additional rain that's falling. On to number 31 of the co founders of FaceBook says it's time to break up the social media giant refused sales and air times Mark Zuckerberg has turned the company. Into a monopoly news who had no longer owns Facebook's stock claims the focus on growth led Zuckerberg to sacrifice security any describe Zuckerberg to power. Asked on Americans. Right now FaceBook makes free speech decisions on its own little accountability. Instead we need government to sagged guidelines will pistol complacent in the park. I don't think marks a bad guy and I've made this decision to speak out because I feel a sense of responsibility for what FaceBook has become the band to be honest. I'm angry that mart's obsession with growth led him to sacrifice security for collects. In response FaceBook has released a statement saying the company accepts that with success comes accountability but you don't enforce accountability by calling for the break up of a successful American company. Accountability of tech companies can only be true achieved through the pain staking introduction of new rules for the Internet that is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg has pulled pork. Number four Amazon founder Jeff pesos wants to leave the new raced back to the moon the world's richest man unveiled his lunar Lander Thursday. It's company blue origin has been working on the design for three years they can't test the fire engine this summer basis says he wants to rebuild infrastructure to allow humans to live in space. His goal is to bring people to the moon in 20/20 four. The same time line NASA is following. And finally number five a big milestone for wheel of fortune the by the air episode number 7000. Healthy deck now holds the Guinness world record for longest career. At the game show host a lot of puzzles have been solved and we asked half for the craziest he could remember. Most amazing solve that ever seen arise and you may be lucky there could have been a new anything. Did you think that the show would last that I remember when I first started I'm sitting in a makeup chair next Mattison who went where will be in ten years. It's been 36 were still missing me. Attacked Bennett say the secret to lasting this long if not taking themselves too seriously candlelight there's you've also broken a lot of workers walked a lot of miles turned a lot of numbers and let's get it where she and south care line about ethicists are not a numbers they have letters. Although it right it not. Hot hot hot hot. Good Friday morning everyone. Like wheel of fortune jeopardy up appointment television yes especially for your older than fifty but how I. But I also enjoy like it as well you settle in fifty. Gotta get out this Friday got a good yeah let's get to the big story in an escalation in the trade war between US and China. The midnight deadline for trade talks past overnight and that means new US tariffs on Chinese goods are taking effect. Also overnight China issued a new threat even though both sides promise to resume. Negotiations today ABC's Trevor alt is in Washington following the very latest. So Trevor we know a lot of those Chinese products we use every day could be impacted how is China responding to the terrorists. Well they're saying that they're going to have to respond today good morning T both that it but they haven't really said specifically what they're trying to do what we do know is this is a pretty major tariff hike we're talking about 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese products coming to the United States this terrorist rising from 10%. All the way up to 25%. As you mentioned we use so many of these products all the time the president. Announced this tariff hike back on Sunday since then we've seen the markets. Really see declines for the rest of the week they're definitely expected to be shaky when they opened today but the president says this is retribution. Against the Chinese negotiation behavior they basically work. Close to a deal and he said they tried to change it at the last minute he said they broke the deal and he had duke had no choice but to make them pay now he describes this. It's basically a win win either way either China now comes and negotiate with us we get a deal that the president likes or they don't and we see. Billions of dollars from these new tariffs the president has said that he thinks tariffs are good but of course higher costs for these Chinese products means. They're going to probably cost more for you sell electronics clothes furniture basically anything that you get made in China likely that cost is going to be passed onto the consumer. And we will see where those negotiations. How to turn out today I'm Trevor so we talked yesterday about Don junior the president signed subpoena by the Republican led senate and tell committee. So we understand the committee's chairman is now taking some heat from his own party and the president. He's not responding as well either. No and what makes this interesting about the whole subpoena is that the leader of the Senate Intelligence Committee senator Richard Burr is all Republican that means that a Republican had to sign off. On the president's son being subpoenaed and as you mentioned a lot of Republicans are not happy about that in fact very unhappy about it senator Rand Paul from Kentucky said. He called it. Overzealous persecution. Of the president's family other senators and representatives has said that it. Smacks of politics they are very unhappy about the presence and be spin because. He's already testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee back in 2074. Nine hours and our ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl got to ask the president how he felt. About his son being subpoenaed hugely had to say. President as he saw the Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donohue here that's the Republican led senate told me. What were surprised. I so Richard verse saying there was no collusion to a three weeks ago he went out side and somebody asked another so collision which found no collision my son is a good person. My son testified for hours and hours. My son was totally exonerated by Muller. Whole frankly does not like Donald Trump me this Donald Trump. And frankly for. My son after being exonerated to now get a subpoena. To go again and speak again after close to twenty hours of telling everybody that would listen about in nothing meeting yell I'm pretty surprised. So we're still waiting to. Known for being more of a moderate. I came to the defense of the intelligence chair Richard Bursch said he's been a great chairman and has handled this in an appropriate fashion but of course Susan Collins is known as being a champion of bipartisanship so it's not necessarily that surprising a lot of Republicans saying. As they have said from the release of the Moeller report this entire matter needs to be put to bed. It doesn't appear to be the case off. And speaking a bipartisanship it's been said that the Senate Intelligence Committee is really the only true bipartisan. Investigation that's been happening on Capitol Hill and so even though. People were still surprised about the subpoena and so we will see thank you Jim Madden maybe they took politics out of the equation. A magic that's does that on Capitol Hill that doesn't sound right yeah. That I on this Friday that if downright Arctic appreciate it thanks so tensions have also been on the rise between the US Ron secretary of state Mike Pompeo says the US does not want war but will respond swiftly if provoked. Pompeo issued the warning has the air force released images lost on of B 52 bombers are riding in the Persian gulf. It's in response to concern that Iran may be plotting an attack on US forces. Lawmakers and Alabama postpone a vote on a bill that could become the most restrictive abortion law in the country after chaos erupted on the floor of the state senate. I. Item and just. Yeah. A Christian democracy in action the legislation would. Outlaw performing abortions at any stage of pregnancy Democrats and some Republicans were outraged over a change that stripped the bill of an exception. It was brief and incest Alabama's amongst several seats recently looking to implement tougher abortion rules. Overseas Pope Francis handed down a new order a new church law that would were forced according to reports suspected cases. Of sexual abuse that medics many critics say the new papal edict still doesn't go far enough and he's Brad milk is following this story and joins us now with the latest. I guess yet you might remember it was a first when Pope Francis gathered bishops from around the world. To discuss solutions to sexual abuse in the church will now the Pope has come forward with a game plan. Just this year we've seen an Australian cardinal go to jail a French cardinal a six month suspended sentence and an American cardinal defrocked. I spoke to ABC's David Wright to cover that summit this year in Rome and asked him to explain this new rule. Well bred this is an edict from the Pope a multi appropriately so basically. New church law. That requires. Priests and nuns to report. The church authorities. Any instance they know of sexual abuse also any instance they know of of a cover up. By a senior official in the church I. It also includes in this in this mandatory reporting child pornography. So this is the first action the Pope is actually taken since. That February's summit. But many people are saying it doesn't go nearly far. This critics say the charges tried to police itself before and failed they say people let go straight to the police the Catholic Church says that does make sense in some countries but. In others were Catholics are persecuted. Church law involving civil authorities it's much more problematic. Have a lot more on this new rule from Pope Francis on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts will be theater podcasting app today Kenneth. Our thanks to Brad now an update to the search for a missing young girl in Houston authorities say they've located the car Malia David's stepfather was driving the date the four year old disappeared. The silver Nissan Altima was found Thursday in a shopping mall parking lot in Missouri city Texas. Investigators say nothing suspicious was found in the car Lee Davis a stepfather says she was abducted by three men who ambushed the and knocked unconscious. When he came to he says his one year old son was with them. But Malia was gone. Police say tearing events has changed his story multiple times. The make use of stockpiling more than 1000 guns inside a Los Angeles mansion is out of jail on bond. Investigators say he is manufacturing guns illegally in the hole which is owned by a woman once linked romantically to an heir of the getting fortune. It took thirty ATF agents and police more than twelve hours to remove all those weapons. Coming up the new debate raging on social media. Forget pineapple pizza. More to this. Welcome back. We turn out that school shooting at Colorado and new details breaking overnight including new information on how the suspects got the guns used in Tuesday's attack. At a possible warning at the school months before the violence. In the wake of the chaos of that stem school shooting. We're learning that one parent warned about an event like debts. That anonymous parent calling to board of education months ago fearing a repeat of column by apt the stem school the pair outlining serious issues like bullying and violence saying some students are suicidal and violent and school. And citing the high pressure environment there. We're also learning about the schools private security card law enforcement sources say it appears he accidentally fired at least one shot. In the direction of a responding deputy. Still under investigation is whether one of his stray bullets hit a student. But the guard is being called a hero by police in this company for helping subdue one of the shooters he take every measure in his power. To prevent further harm to the students and I think he's a hero. The other shooter was disarmed by three students who leapt up from their desks one of them eighteen year old Kendrick XTO who set to graduate today. Dying a hero. Kendrick. Is like a bowling ball when he gets moving in as very hard to stop that kid when he starts going. Overnight ABC station KM GH in Denver reported investigators believe the suspects got access to the guns used in the attack by breaking into a locked gun cabinet and the home of one of their parents. Sources say investigators believe the suspects spray paint at their phrased. Expletive society on a car belonging to one of their parents before they left for school even reportedly trying to set the car on fire. Also this morning sources telling KM GH the motive of the alleged shooters went beyond bullying and involved two revenge and anger towards others at the school. Both suspects are due in court today to be formally charge. Let's go across the pot now to our friend Bruno rover at the London bureau for an update on some foreign news good morning Bruno. Let's start with the rising tensions after the US sees the North Korean cargo ship for violating sanctions. Yes we it's we've seen a sort of gentle opt take up tensions in the area can Jim young has been testing. Very short range missiles over the last week and it's seen as a sort of gentle way of pro bring in trying to breaking the arm prost. That exists in the denuclearization. Talks doesn't actually breach any of the self imposed restrictions on longer range missiles but it does indicate. The day are looking to try and get the price has got and again. Also the missiles themselves apart instant is that there looks at that Clemens of Russian missiles of the of the same type and that's solid propellant which means they can be put up very quickly. Still are actually quite a halt to track. So that does pose a new strategic challenge for the people trying to sort of control North Korea. Polls I'm finally enough in the course of their souls come out. Is that it when they were they Americans and an old prints were talking about trying to sort of soften relations that was took about cultural exchanges and Kim Jung young. Who is that possible fat as we'll now have requested that some famous American bucks basketball player has. Command to his country as part of the all told according Al that should exist social hoping to encourage that to exist between America. And both good and has been out possible diplomacy has well two days ago Dennis role but it worked he visited Camden you know a couple of times. And that's being credited in some circles went helping with food it's full the relations between North Korean America. Yeah Alberto we we candid talk left that earlier thinking about that Dennis Rodman who had been over there wondered what other basketball players may have been on the list. The surging here's some news out of Thailand we reported this -- months ago the beach that was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio. Was closing and now we're learning it's closing and definitely. Well if not it's on a definite but it's a three years and that doing it to try and allow the nature two recover because of the pressure of Taurus coming some 5000. Tourists visited that beat every day. And so they're trying to give the place. Charles good natured who re claims basin black tipped shops apparently have made a recessions as a result. What's interesting is that this is actually part of a trend across the world. The darts towards pulled not a last how to means so success and an encouraging. Tourists to visit the country is not changing its its power via feel like and is not trying to restrict the number of tourists visiting. On and that's because so many tours of descended on little villages that picturesque Windmills wanna be taken as a nickel two and a half thousand inhabitants. But is visited by 350000. Chinese tourists every de. June farmers also complained because that second one comes love and troubles that unit saw that taking so pleased. And we seed in Venice next week that an assault charge and Taurus two bit access the town so this is a trend across the globe. We see metal forward Justin Bieber had a video and people went to visit there and they were trampled all over dense vegetation and whatnot in there at the beach it's going to be about just saw this movie on my HBO ago. Just yesterday. And I haven't thought about that movie in years and I remember correctly it did not get good reviews. So I kept 5000 tourists are there doubt bill I think that I don't think there was that's about him out of people who actually saw that movie. I think the breach was the star in that may because actually have you read the book how to read the book. No I write. And anyway but Britain it's it's interesting that it's is that it is a worrying trend opt out. Are so about we've got to talk about this video would smooth the video of the day this little boy whose childhood was ripped apart by war in Afghanistan now dancing graduate. After he had a prosthetic leg. Yeah yeah that is savage it's it's of it's about problem actually this political bought it and it's lovely it's a sweet is dollars and on the joy on its. Fights but I mean it gives you some sense of the threshold isn't in in that country. That debt adding that has led by an office happy to have an artificial light it's writes that they had to have an accident that told and it's really just did a lot to do with the vestiges of old so much more in that country I was thinking about that I'm because we don't have the time to get into the debate over your what happens overseas and US involvement other countries that are involved from the west. When it comes Afghanistan and Iraq but to see that image are right when you say that little boy should not have had to group brings that. But to see him dancing this morning makes you feel good it does that narc on it doesn't date thank you have a great weekend. You two have a great weekend you guys. Oh let's check out our notification starting with a new record congrats you look at this man who stopped 100. Lit candles in his mouth whereas on 100. 100. World record. But that he and held. But it was it was led and he's got to me sure he'd take them out before it gets down to them. All right so this is blowing up all I remember the great pineapple on pizza debate. Yes what about kill chicken nuggets Latin yeah and that UEE terror rocked the fried part. I'll. I guess though anything that maggot. The actual meat model that's right yeah that's me I think that that the college friends as a threat that these be. So tell us the comments or tweet us at ABC news alive and then reexamine your life choices tell us what you think. Give us the shout out do you I will admit that I have actually eaten to get maggots like that before. The he. Peels the chicken nugget serial killer I knew it. I think it a New Jersey man captured this scene out his front line to look bears and brawling with one another if that the fight lasted only about a minute. Eddie found pieces of bear hair all our blog. You being think they are battling over a female bear that was hiding behind his she dead mother nature does not this a ploy. That be know the name. Honey. And Heidi that is out of bad at bad. Yeah I'll barely know me but your over the have to fight them on election have that is they were going crazy for her honey. Well. You mean. There are sinking in do you see about that. You. You get it and how how well he's speaking. Over at Edmonds homered. Do it in the but. Oh yeah. Thought earlier it borrowed the look it up argue to that they expect. Coming up seeing double and riders a day again. And again. And again. Nice school that's graduating fifteen sets of twin. So here's what to watch Wednesday FaceBook founder CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be different president and then my phone and Harris. Make calls from Facebook's co-founder to break up the social network and massive fines imposed by the EU over privacy breaches. The man accused of fatally shooting rapper missy hospital Los Angeles quote today they're holder these charges of murder attempted murder and possession of a firearm by selling. Hoover is a to go public to write your company will ring the opening bell the New York Stock Exchange where IPO just a day after drivers around the world. Two days after driving around the world turned off their apps in protest over the company's business. Practices and hearing me hear you aspiring town crier is will compete in the international town choir competition at the time vessel Holland Michigan. He wants that right here on ABC news live as well as the deep record update on our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines. And politics. We'll school across the country are putting the final touches on commencement plans as millions of high school seniors get ready to finally graduate. But administrators at one high school the Bay Area are seeing double again and again and again our own little camp has the story. The paper out of his iPod classes with more than once at close but I never puts olds who again. Two in two. Times fifteen. No matter how great high school probabilities teacher is no one could have predicted fifteen sets of twins in the same graduating class but it Pittsburgh high school in California. That's the reality Michaela and miles grant nick convict or Montana's Vanessa and Ellis of an eight gras. The class of Tony nineteen realizing just how many Joseph the kinds there are in their deck when they gathered for this group shop. They knew they were excellence today and realized some of them didn't realize it. There was a one and none of them realizing that we cents. Back to the classroom. Statistically three of every 100 people as it's laid cell with the graduating class of this size they were expecting about seven sets of twins not fifteen how do you explain. It's probably the water. Principal Todd whit Meyer has never encountered this many twins in a single class ever but he's not scheduling an I appointment anytime soon he likes that he's seeing double. They support each other I think I twins often have a very strong and unique bond with one another. With these seniors getting ready to head off to different colleges that bonds will be tested in a new way giving a miss him. A little bit that you missed in this. How much did he and while some twins tease about it other sets are a little more sentimental what do you. Elizabeth there are times yet and we left animals and T sprint won't this hasn't clueless and not just I appreciate asked about it. A big progress all loose twins yeah fifth handsets that. Something in the water. And I mean you've had several you're seeing doubles because. Since we are portraits. I look better. I. Looked hot hot hot it did hit her eyes. This Friday. We hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend and zoom my co anchor here today more than one of the best mother that how. Every mother's a friend saying you know that's all the real NB he's up there. See.

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