It's Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 16, 2019

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s family survives fiery plane accident, Trump pressures Israel over Muslim Congresswomen's visit, and more.
24:44 | 08/16/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 16, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot move an identity dormant here at the top I think it's it's frightening number one NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt junior and his handling are recovering after a fiery plane crash in Tennessee department jet crashed off the runway NTSB investigators are headed to the scene. There's no word yet on the cause of the crash. Number two president trump is praising Israel's decision to block to the congresswoman he's been feuding with from visiting the country. Congresswoman ill on Omar and where she gets people planning a trip to the West Bank under pressure from the president Israel's that they've been denied entry citing a law that bans people who support a boycott of Israel. From entering the country. On to number three North Korea has fired more projectiles into the sea it is the sixth round of launches and fully alive as Kim delude grows frustrated over stalled nuclear talks with the US. Just last weekend president trumps that kids have apologized. For an. Number four now the US attorney in Philadelphia is blasted local officials in the wake of that shootout with police investigators say the man who shot six police officers with a career criminal who should not have been on the streets. US attorney says the local. DA did not immediately respond. And finally number five reports that president problem. Wants to buy green land for the US source close to president confirms truck has had conversations but claims. He out of the serious though social media is way in. What tweet shows that giant problem. Hotels and middle the small village in the captured Greenland and ten years another says profits going to buy Greenland and Mexico Italy. Paint or and other treats that Greenland to the US Alaska to Russia and crying Miette to Denmark and a blockbuster three team trade. I'd like the NBA excitement. Let's get right to that. Aftermath of that fiery plane crash involving NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt junior and his family investigators aren't getting to work at the crash scene in northeastern Tennessee. Look at this what really working with the burned out remains of the private jet which rolled off the runway and burst into flames Earnhardt has wired third daughter and the two pilots. All made it out alive this morning the investigation just beginning into why this Jack curing Dale Earnhardt junior and his family. Erupted into flames just after landing in Tennessee at the private. Yeah yeah yeah there. That baby was the earnhardt's fifteen month old daughter with everyone safely out it took just moments for the plane carrying 1000 gallons of fuel to be there we go. Here first union with Canada fact that there's there's not going to be good we're we're very fortunate blessed it no one was hurt. They were all alert and oriented but. EMS personnel did good day along caulk and. Taken to the hospital. Earnhardt owns the ten seat Cessna citation. This is what it looked like before the crash he was the only person on board who had to be hospitalized. He's been released after being treated for cuts and abrasions. A family spokesman tweeting I know I speak for everyone here and saying we are so grateful for the outpouring of concern and support everyone is during well enough. Lots of hugs lots of prayers to the good lord. The way they hit the impact on the book on the bank there and everything came up on the road. They're very little attention turns now to what caused the crash the local Mir says the plane touched down about halfway down the runway leaving very little room to stop. The mayor also says the pilot has flown in and out of that airport many times the NTSB is now sending to investigators to the scene failed to. Earnhardt retire from NASCAR two years ago. He won 26 races during his career and with one of his sport's most popular drivers he's been working on the TV analyst and we'll scheduled to work tomorrow night's NASCAR race in Bristol Tennessee. But his bosses at NBC tweeting last night were all in agreement that he should take this weekend off to be with his family. Especially after seeing those images EU authorities say it's amazing that everyone escaped the crashed with only cuts and bruises. And I really wanna hear from Dale Earnhardt junior on this one because he was although one who went to the hospital. And I am assuming that the aftermath a little chaotic. So I was wondering what was going on that plane and then he's obviously very terrified for everyone on board but especially for man who has his entire family there. Yes on that plane designed you know how they meted out but glad that they do you put up to today's big story the firestorm over Israel's decision to ban two US congresswoman who are Muslim and from visiting the country. Israel is citing a law that bans anyone supporting a boycott of the country but the decision is being seen as purely political. Because it came just after president trump tweeted on the issue. And justice Israel's prime minister faces an election ABC's Elizabeth her. Has more Elizabeth thanks you for joining us. What to name the two congresswomen had planned to visit Jerusalem and the West Bank this weekend but now that is not happening. And the White House says in a statement the Israeli government can do what it wants. President trump campaigning for votes at a rally in New Hampshire. Are. But making no mention of the global needs to address just outwards earlier. We are into the unprecedented move by Israel denying entry to two of the confronts political enemies. Congresswomen ill hunt Omar of Minnesota and the shooter to leave a Michigan. I did speak to people on the they've said some of the worst things I've ever heard said about it feel so how can you say oh well up. The announcement from Israel did come shortly after the president tweeted this. Singing allowing the two congresswomen to visit would chill Greek weakness. In a statement Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is up for reelection next month declared -- intent is to hurt Israel. My goal is to see me in her mother. And I can she's in her nineties and has to be my last chance to see her. This morning Israel now granting that request allowing to leave to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds as agree and daughter not in elected official congressman Omar who is still banned from visiting says trumps Muslim band is what Israel is implementing. This time against two duly elected members of congress. Oh mark and to leave the first two Muslim women elected to congress. Have backed movements to boycott Israel and criticized the country's treatment of house didn't. And now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is among the Democrats defending Omar and to leave calling Israel's decision quote beneath the dignity of that country Kenneth. All right Elizabeth herb thank you we appreciate him acting Homeland Security chief Kevin tackling them access conditions of the southern border are much better he said fewer migrants are entering the country. He also thanked congress for approving funding to pay for more detention space like on new Border Patrol facility in Texas second hole 2500 people. About 82000 migrants were detained in July down 20% from June. Rhode Island attorney general's investigating this incident and a detention facility there used by ice. People were hurt when that pickup truck opened to a group of peaceful protesters. Demonstrating. Outside Providence Wednesday night investigators say the driver was local correctional officer at the privately run facility. He's been placed on administrative leave. We turned out to the debate over guns in America after the recent mass shootings and attacks on police in Philadelphia. President trump now says more mental institution should be open to deal with mass shooters. He says after they close in the 1960s and seventies. Too many dangerous people were allowed back on the street address the issue in New Hampshire last night. There is a very. Illness problem that has to be dealt. It's not. The dragon eggs at. Hold and not. Critics say the link between mental health and violence is unproven and they say new facilities would not address. The gun problem without tighter background checks. The president last night did not mention expanding background checks although he has said. He'd support them in the past me all wallboard. Is defending its decision to sell guns and ammunition to avert CEO says the company has made common sense changes and has removed handguns from those stores. This stop sales of military style weapons it is race that each limit to 21 for anyone to buy firearms. The anti gun group gods that America has playing rallies this weekend at stores across the country. The FDA wants to at a graphic new images on cigarette packs a discourage Americans from lighting up the proposal includes images of cancerous neck tumors. Disease longs and feet with amputated toes some countries have already implemented some are packaging. If the plan is adopted it would be the first change to US cigarette warnings and 35 years. This great singer. His next hearing is in September the judge made it clear that he needs to attend. Seniors facing multiple sex abuse charges in state and federal courts. The government of Nepal wants to tighten the rules for potential climbers following a specially dead deadly season on the world's highest mountain. The proposal includes required would be climbers have extensive experience. Scaling tall peaks that they have good health and rescue insurance. Eleven people died on Everest during the spring climbing season making it one of the deadliest seasons on record. About it Tennessee convict her young son for staying cool under pressure in saving her life. Heather Doyle says her eleven year old son landed as her little hero he was playing video games recently when he heard. In the bathroom. While his mom was beating his younger sister lane and went to check out what happened and that's when he realized something was wrong. I asked my mom what happened saying she didn't respond and then I started hearing weird noises coming from the bathroom so I'm win there and saw her. Handed feeling on the line or her head under water from anomalies taught me not to panic so then. I just four warbler Allen and then called 911 whenever I realize issues haven't seen here. Good job landing he also knew that he should lay its mother on our side because a friend's mother had a seizure as we blend it with honor for the way he handled the emergency. And a team of scientists since we're so I'm may have some relief for people with cat allergy. It's the vaccine is called typo cap and it's given to cats not those with the allergies. Vaccine would prevent allergic reactions like rashes nasal congestion in irritated eyes. Researchers and promising but a finished product will be available until at least twenty. When Karen. People coming up a fugitive on the rug for years finally found the living at a fund. For in the woods we'll take you inside to see how he lived off. The grid. Welcome back we turn now to Wisconsin and the fascinating story of how fugitive was finally tracked down in the woods after three years. He was living in a well played bunkered equipped with the latest technology until a hunter made the shocking discovery. The bunkers down the trail deep in the woods about a 150 miles north of Madison Wisconsin. The entrance covered by a law door and carved into the side of the hill hidden from view as I've been doing this for over twenty years and I've never seen anything like it. Inside fugitive Jeremiah button had a radio in a makeshift stove. Authorities say he also had LED lights cooling fans in electronic equipment all of that powered by solar panels on the bunkers roof. And if it was cloudy. Easy button would make his own electricity by spinning a bicycle wheel to power a generator I've seen some pictures prior to coming out here and the pictures alone where. Extraordinary I couldn't believe that something like that was out in the woods and -- have been living in. The bunker was stocked with nonperishable food and button tells police he made frequent trips to local landfill for supplies. He had been on the run since early 20s16. When he was scheduled to go on trial for sex crimes but was found in his bunker last Friday by a hunter who alerted police. Paul I fest is extraordinarily dangerous for the deputies to go to because you you don't know the demeanor. Or the capability of walked could happen buttons surrendered after a short standoff he's due back in court next month. But he was arrested authorities say buttons seemed almost relieved it was his first human contact and more than three years aren't questioning get up now and check our notification is starting with a travel warning. Don't be concerned if one of the passengers. Are your next flight is a little course. A little horse like a little mini horse publicly or the federal government miniature horses are now clear to be used as service animals on commercial flights. Toilets that includes caps. Dogs including temples and they're just added AM some birds how ever if you for reptiles. I can snake. Or rodents affair it spider. Those have to stay home. Oh yeah your. You're spiders are not a group and Elsa but I. Pretty popular famous PSA about keeping snakes off the plane crash years ago right yeah and that's I'm actor and it via cameo. L Jackson are timeout. There's a near Trenton online dating world has called dog officiated a guard member. Woman using dating apps say they've been duped by due to dogs also known as dog fishing. That's got closes with someone else's dog just to get dates and relationship expert explain what so attractive. Allegedly about a guy with a pooch. If I liked dogs. And I'm looking at a guy and he likes dogs I figure. That's a great icebreaker you can actually keep something alive you can nurture it so maybe you be a good life threatening you could take care needs here. Or woman's that a guy she met and even a hermit whose dog within the photo many women say they lose interest and a guy once they release. The dog he deception. Well these survey says underwear is. A new survey about underwear it has something for that act passed it nearly half of Americans say they don't change their drawers for two days or more. And informal poll by clothing maker Tommy John found 45% of respondents having guys look at the images here yeah I think it be shot. Let's listen the the big oil development holding out that Tommy got about forty barbers and respondents have won this thing pair of underwear for two big eased. More than 10% said they had change I'm bees and at least a week got that right there raising image. I hear ya about what I believable and in the Graham. It that's our look. Our question of the day as a reading and proctor is how often do you change your underwear I'm interested in no I don't need to know I just want to know how to ask easing credit any if you wanna talk about it. We that's AB dynasty to mount another. I'm this little economy affect it appears they right now but it bears don't then that party Garrett and you got. Through its morning America yeah that now I'm more grown up level Bernie Sanders is chief of US support from it for his presidential campaign. Yet we don't we bath party B of officially let me her voice of support Sanders when he when he bid sitting down with genocide and health blog his. Detroit discussing the issues and her own favorite US president after. DR avocado under green beans black enough FB IE MCI could I think it's an easy because he became a present me when America was injured when a worse time and not only are you wanna go depressing. Well you'll also want the warlord who. So you tried to fix the economy why you have to find Paul Warren has his eye. Act up. He's not save me well I wanna be a favorite of thermal look good bubbles. One. They're very relaxed that she is learning more about sanders' position. Issues I will finally to a landmark rock star encounter for Kate McCann then if enough passover is known for her many characters that most notably her impression. A Supreme Court justices really weird kids. Further particularly her way of delivering that line again burns. To throw shade. It just got Gibbs learned. Manuel. Does exist ElBaradei. We're now McKinnon intercepted got dad burned the SNL star crossed paths with Ginsburg herself early this week. When they both attended a New York production of Fiddler on the Roof one of the show's actors described MacKinnon as quote. Vividly the star struck. Died. Back in 1959 people paid thirty cents a gallon to gas up their cars. And ours in Los Angeles are treated to those throwback prices in other deal straight out of the fifties as a part of nasal day. John Gregory of our. LA station KBC has that story. They lined up early and around the block for a deal just too good to be true. Gasoline for just thirty cents a gallon thirty cents a gallon globally. That's all before you the. Here Thompson had the third night and I collected with her and keep his feet I hear that corners. The bargain price is all part of may sold day at Amazon prime promotion album marvelous mrs. may still show. The show takes place in the fifties back when everything was a lot cheaper. I'm new here. From Seattle and this is his brain while thirty cents a gallon gas gets everybody's attention they're all sorts of great deals on nasal day all across LA county. From cheap hotel rooms to achieve she's. Burgers and come back for burger and Fries eminent go get a Herrick. Go to the nail salon and do it all just as planning is day around the bargains these ladies are here drive our freight blog and I'm blowouts. They're putting everything back to 1959. Prices so I mean a blowout is two dollars a manicure is 250 a day of deals based on fifties prices that has people talking and smiling. Almost thirteen gallons three dollars and it was amazing we should do this all about. Of course I created chaos we shut down the promo after Earl Hines got to your long they also issued a traffic warning. For the area new details are emerging about a camping nightmare for New Jersey family visiting Canada a wolf. Attacked the family lot of sleeping in their tent. Police have wrist police that's her husband Matt tried to stop the animal she wrote on FaceBook Matt literally threw his body in front of me. And the boys and bought the wolf as it ripped apart our tent. In his arms and hands who are screaming for help as he was fighting it and trying to save us for what felt like an eternity. That's when a campers say nearby jumped in to help. I was able to Barack and nearing sort of loss rock Saturday for a while. Com that seem to push it back I was just trying to assess how much trouble I was in I wasn't too sure who's gonna come out here not let. I'm that was snarling and wasn't it wasn't alone. Growling at me and all. Mattress Foley is recovering from puncture wounds described as the wrist bullies say if they ever go back to the site they'll be stain on a camper van next time. Probably an idea great idea well coming up deconstructing one of the most controversial moments on the tennis court that Everett as the US open fight between Serena Williams in the op. And the surprising admission from our coach after this. Here's what to watch out for today protesters and Hong congress. Holding not stand with Hong Kong power to the people rally. To defend democracy and called for government accountability. Democrats running for president will speak at the black church presidential candidate conversation series we're Booker. After all are expected to touch on it. Gun violence from the justice reform immigration and other issues its national airborne day honoring the service of paratroopers in the American military in the airborne school at Fort Benning. We'll graduate this year's classes celebrate with her she jumps. And hence the rap fire. Takes the stage and could give a concert series. Morning at 9 AM right here this evening a little have been in Baghdad yet most of its into the debriefed for an update of our top stories in the briefing room. For break out of the latest headlines in politics. It was a battle that the fight last year's US open Serena Williams basing down a chair umpire. Now ESPN's doctor series back story is unraveling why that turns it one of the most divisive moments from recent tennis history. Here's ABC's Byron Pitts. It was the battle that could find it 2008. US open women's fine it's not one between the players in the court bit about what's going to superstar. And chair umpire. One cinder and allegations of cheating between a player and her devoted Copeland tried to help her husband's a commotion. Warning this is Moody's. From that moment on the merits the spiral out of control for weight broken racket in frustration another violation. And then this month. Host so who would finish her off in the second set back story follow. Don as he confronts arena's coast to find out exactly what happened in that pivotal moment it was the first time Patrick you ever sent to signal to Serena yes. And you chose to do it at that moment why maybe because I felt this was an informal ones. She was it was probably one of the biggest polluters she's in a grandson final to equal the record at all times. And she's losing. And she's specialists have been moment she's lost on the courts. So I tried to help her as a joke. It was hardy move for us it was horrible for Serena. It's fun testing for tenants is under his nose embezzlement of and is less than yours that is was everywhere. We don't have any drama symptoms. Of dramas and all the other sportsmen non intends. In a post match press conference a Reno was unbowed. The fact that I have to go it is this is an example for the next person. That has emotions and that want to express themselves and they wanna be as strong woman and there are going to be allowed to do that because it's today. Serena vs the umpire pushed every button. Race gender power rules sportsmanship. And fairness. But even to this day nobody has conceded any ground. Serena Williams refuses to admit there was a clear coaching violation. Or that she lost control of her emotions. When chair umpires are at their best they're invisible. Carlos Ramos was by the book but he lost control of the match. Back story of serene as fury feeds with time. Maybe we'll see in that Cingular enduring image what she wants us to see. Serena as the champion for justice. Defending her honor against a man sitting high in a chair. Looking down on her. Fascinating and the question here is really for people who watch that moment is what Serena Williams really mean taking the advice of the coach team of that coach and many say that she. Let's not because he's such a competitor these focus on the game the match at that point. And so it was quite a moment it'll be very interesting to see that of course this year's US open. Begins in ten days August 20 if it does that's it for us this week have a great weekend. Do you think yeah.

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