It’s Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 23, 2019

FBI busts alleged internet scam ring, Trump defends economy ahead of G-7 summit, Taylor Swift speaks out on her new music and more.
26:20 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Aug. 23, 2019
Good morning I'm coveralls and acted in Norman at the top I think this Friday number one federal authorities have busted a massive Internet crime ring believed to be one of the largest fraud cases. In US history eighty people most of them from Nigeria have been charged with stealing nearly fifty million dollars through a variety of online scams. Police businesses as most people in every state. And several other countries more than a dozen people were arrested in Los Angeles over the suspects are accused of orchestrating online dating schemes by posing as members of the military we had to Florida for number two where two students have been arrested for plotting attacks at separate schools a twelve year old girl was arrested for threatening mass shooting at burns middle school and Brandon. Police say the seventh grader meet that threat on snap trap and indeed he Florida high school student was arrested for allegedly posting a threat on social media app authorities say that student later claimed he was not serious about. Threats on to number three now a New York City man has died after an elevator accident in his apartment building the elevator suddenly dropped as he tried to accident that the lobbying thirty year old Samuel Wade's bread was crushed to death between the car in the elevator shaft. The building has a history of elevator trouble back in May the owners were fine nearly thirteen hundred dollars. For unsafe elevator condition number four not two men have been charged in a burglary scheme targeting celebrity columns in the Los Angeles area suspects are accused of stealing more than 500000 dollars from big name stars including usher and Adam Lambert prosecutors say the pair used open houses to help pull off the crimes. The lawyer for one suspect is dismissing the case as a publicity stunt police say they found thousands of possibly stolen items and all in storage unit belonging to one of the suspects including diamond necklace saying. And finally number 51 fans love for LeBron James has extended to his hairstyle really has. And Szczerbiak had a barber shave LeBron image into the back of his head he then they'd like LeBron and chop some hoops and the barber shop after his deal. It was done nice work does not appear to have. It affected his jump shot off an all know. And Arnett it. It is Friday thank goodness that is on a that LeBron haircut yeah. The so question of the day anybody's face you around to get. You know Catan. You're here is that the question of the day he Allentown OK would. And I'll be floored at the answer yet there are article. This if we let us love to hear just a find out yeah else would do this and we said this earlier. Listen it's not a great idea advocates and somebody else's face as you probably never match it in your head right but the barber did a whale of a job here. That is in a way myself a whale of a job for sure yeah thank you room. That's the correct term let's get to the big story the date with the talking about this this was. One of our first stories that are top 51 of the biggest online fraud cases ever federal agents breaking up an elaborate crime ring that stretched across the globe. At least eighty people are charged with preying on businesses and unsuspecting victims hacking emails and pulling them into turning over tens of millions of dollars some cases involved online dating scams so let's forget ABC Serena Marshal with the details of Reading good morning what kind of scams where the call here. Paltrow originate this is highly sophisticated again nearly 46 million dollars from their victims but they utilized an age old tactics they looked. Preyed on the lonely the those elderly individuals they also wearing seeking individuals who are looking for friendship and love. One woman in the indictment to said that she lost 200000 dollars to an individual sheep of the US service member based overseas. But you guys it wasn't just individuals the steamers were targeting but corporations. It would appear. That the Nigerians have figured out a way to to hack and a certain company's email system. So they can pretend to be a CEO or an executive of the company. And then it's sent to an employee who thinks they are getting it from a big time boss. Directing them to send money to another location in a within justification to do it in its all fake it's actually going to Nigerians. And they end up. Disbursing the money amongst themselves and moving on to the next person. Again a percentage of those are not going to work but if you do literally hundreds or thousands of them a day. People that some people are going to buy. But the corporation scam. Where they're pretending to be a CEO in getting someone lower down the companies and money. Is is actually sort of a news sophistication for them as far as stealing money from people. Answering us so how were those suspected cameras caught. DNA this started with a one bank accounts of one and that big dumb and then it grew rapidly from there that FBI says they had victims in all fifty states. And founded dozens of victims who are overseas now they had eighty individuals that were indicted dozens of those were arrested in LA. Andy here in the United States many of them live to be extradited. And in most of them were Nigerian nationals and I'll be charged with money laundering fraud identity theft but you guys. Unfortunately even with the charges and that the investigation that led to those charges those victims not gonna get their money back. That's that some of those were really vulnerable to Serena Marshall thank you for joining us from Washington appreciate you waking up early for us. Now it is like. Saddled growing concerns this morning that the US economy new figures show a slowdown in manufacturing for the first time in nearly a decade and we've learned job growth earlier this year. Was not as good as first reported ABC's Jonathan Karl asked president trump about it. Mr. President concern about the jobs numbers to revision 500000 fewer jobs of the housing job numbers have been really good. We have unemployment a level that it hasn't been that for many many years. Fantastic jobs the economy has been really fantastic. Officials say the White House is not considering any immediate action to boost the economy but they say a tax cut from middle class. Maybe proposed during the Tway trying presidential campaign. President trump leads for the G-7 summit today where trade will be a top issue at a president's former press secretaries are in. The news one day after it was announced former white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer is going to be competing in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Spicy got a world class endorsement from his former boss. He will do great a terrific person who loves our country dearly. And Sarah Sanders has a new job too hired by Fox News as a contributor. Sanders will provide political commentary and analysis across all Fox News platforms. She left the administration two months ago after fiercely defending the president for two years Sander says she is Leon proud teacher joined fox she sets make her debut early next month. Developing story overnight at Sacramento where a light rail train has. Officials say the passenger train collided with a maintenance trade. New satellite images show the widespread fires burning in the Amazon rainforest you can see here large areas of once forested land have been cleared off several fires are smoldering nearby. Brazil's president says his country needs help fighting these fires but a US senator blames the Brazilian government. For allowing ranchers and farmers to set fires to clear the land. Senator Bryant chaps of Hawaii says all US aid to Brazil should be suspended until that country stop encouraging the. Foreign leaders are sounding the alarm about the raging fires in the Amazon as well in Brazil's president is taking it personally French president in the annual Mac Kron says it's in and an international crisis. It needs to be discussed at the G-7 summit this weekend but the Brazilian president says the Kron is using the fires for political gain and calls it quote. A misplaced colonial list. Mine sat back in this country the mountain wildfire in northern California doubled in size to 600 acres in less than an hour. Several homes have been destroyed and more than a thousand others are threatened. 4000 residents have been evacuated the fires about fifteen miles from Redding and may have started in a houseboat on lake Shasta. The public is getting the first look at images of a controversial encounter involving Los Angeles Police. Body can't video shows an officer and a woman in a physical confrontations happened in January that woman seen cursing refusing officers' commands. It actually takes her to the ground with pepper spray and by grabbing her throat. The officers' actions are now under review. Washington State authorities are trying to figure out how 75 pounds worth of cocaine wound up and boxes of bananas. You were shipped to three safely stores grocery stores in the Seattle area. Burgers found the cocaine bricks at the bottom of the boxes last weekend the street value. Is worth more than one point five million dollars. More fallout in the death accuse child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein sources say federal prosecutors have subpoenaed as many as twenty staff members of the New York jail where Epstein took his own life. The gel is understaffed and guards were working overtime when they reportedly failed to check on Epstein every thirty minutes which is required. Earlier this week attorney general William arson investigation has slowed because some witnesses have been uncooperative. We'll think your commute his recent time a new study is telling us just how much researchers say traffic had US. Members of society. People called. Spending an extra 54 hours per year in our cars in the most congested cities drivers are losing. More than a hundred hours each year to traffic the worst numbers are in Los Angeles at a 119 hours or about five days effort Cisco. Washington DC are also over the century mark wolf. Ahead. Speaking of animals are a perfect that how about this cats we're gonna tell you how much this big waves them after the. Welcome back now to that news their mystery in Russia after an explosion at a weapons site where lady. Radiation levels spike in conflict airport from the government. Now there are new concerns over radiation so let's go cross father Marcus Moore in the London bureau for more Marcus good morning. Hey good morning judge and they Trevor happy Friday to you and get this this new information as a startling reporting coming from the BBC we're too. Medics who are treated some of the injured from that that mysterious nuclear missile explosion the test. They have broken their silence and say that they feared that they were exposed two radiation and and it's because. Of the secrecy surrounding the circumstances. Of this accident when the first three patients showed up at the arcane Dell's. Regional hospital there in northern Russia. That the information from the officials. Did not include full details about that the potential for. Are radiation and in fact. Even after it became clear that the patients had been exposed to high levels of radiation the BBC reports. According to these these medics that they continue to treat the patients. Even at one point seeming to to improvise. Their personal protection by. The BBC reported they they took up a face masks from a helicopter. Crews emergency kit. To try to protect themselves and so their fear is that they were exposed and one of the things that they are are angry about. We're concerned a product I should say. Is is the fact that bound the information always withheld from them about the details of this accident and edit. Jim AM and Trevor just kind of goes to the I'll leave the worldwide criticism that Russia has faced recently and in the past about when these types of accidents happen that they are not forthcoming when all of the details. Especially of the Chernobyl officers as they think markets we know ray he's a Muslim refugees living in Bangladesh they're refusing to go back to Myanmar saying. That they still have fears of violence what's the latest there. You have this something we've watched unfold for for quite some time as you know on the moon who more than 700000. Are rocking the refugees that fled. Of the country in the midst of a violent crisis. And this week. Myanmar. You had had approved the repatriation of some low 3000. A ruehe the refugees but believe they were supposed to board buses that would take them back from Bangladesh to Myanmar. But nobody boarded the buses. They are afraid for the safety and they want to guarantee that they all also be. Late citizens of of Myanmar. And so until that happens. These these families again thousands of them are refusing to go back to Myanmar and as you know. The the government there has faced criticism from from a rule across the globe. 04 what has been called ethnic cleansing in that conflict that really reached. A terrible state to 2017 when villages were burned in their reports of of alleged rapes by a government soldiers there. And Marcus will lighten it up far yes it's a seven year old American man right I know one that has. The Guinness book of world records what they called the longest horse race in the world just how astounding is this. I didn't you know everybody starts the week in their own special way I wanna ride into the weekend. On route long of Idaho. The oldest person ever to win the mongol dirty look at this video. Seventy years old and apparently broke the Guinness. World record quote missed the speed on August 15 this is. They 621. Mile race. A home. The covers a lot of ground and the participants every twenty or forty kilometers or so they hop onto a another semi wild horse they continue to track he won he said hey I'm seventy years old. But age is just the number and he said he'd they'll. Very good and look at that. Media look at a movie that video especially as we're hearing that old town road finally have ended it. Number one that's exactly what we needed mark. I'm absolutely yes and you wrote a horse once in Mexico had a mind of its own limits their annual dramatic it was not a good experience my friend of the video that I wasn't Sammy. First it. Mountain might have video needs to be deleted if it exists why I we will fight at a larger department it yeah we've had a blast happened. With us ask a couple of days enjoy your time and we try to go game. Our gas lot of reference how get a. Yeah every Muslim tap water and hey I'm just a few hours from the weekend starting you know you guys have looked a little ways to go but. But. And they're like yeah a little bit and yet have a guard rod market hey thanks a lot guys over the weekend I does it check Carlo notification starting with eight league eight. Cat with a big appetite he's. Looking for a home in Philadelphia this is BJ also known as mister B two year old domestic short hair weighs 26 pounds that the average weight of a thirteen model human. Mr. B is described as a Jumbo sized package of cloth and love. Rhinos in animal shelter he said so many potential shoot suitors the shelters website has crashed hey somebody take them home yeah news on can you afford cat food gap right. Many young man's Southern California learn the hard way that you need attention when you live in routes and country. A look at this he steps out of his home here nor code and he stepped right into a snake bite as a nineteen year old says he was texting a friend wasn't wearing shoes and it got along the foot. And he never sought coming. I stepped down the front porch and I hear rattle and it bites me. Sure enough it was rattlesnake you do really hurt too you'd be used to prick but it. But if we kind of felt like a sense of dread connected though exceed the venom like searches and foot my foot and work its way out. That man's me yeah that man's mother wanted to sisters are nurses they were able to help them until paramedics arrived the sister also killed the snake. And the man receive point four miles of anti. Griese. Small dog does have no fear so watch as these little dog's face off with some big errors. Broke into a shed. Looking. For food yeah now standing their ground they think you're a woman they're screaming because those are some big bears and look at it stands up. But the guys are afraid yep nope doesn't matter the posturing doing nothing are right next a vicious attack a whole pack of dogs. Chasing down this child. To snuggle him to death. This would be the way to go out right I would say so at all wrong whose message they are gonna catch that film he puts up a fight but. And just want these out that's pile. Who know every guy man. Unions to go. And you guys it's Friday may that you made it with us we hope you've had a great week. I want to thank travel alone you know rated. And it my brain it was split. It was lit Sele you may have missed it but here it is now. From world news now this is the vault vault. Take a look. Hi I'm Trevor Altima very tall man. I'm 64 I played tennis in college oh so it's never just tell us that he's a big man with strong arms. Tucked behind to a child I'm a professional. Diane. I think we've got all the teens to do we think it's I think you do this and I am here. Truckers being Jesse yep. What's visuals he had his first time with me yeah your right I did kind of my ex now right now all. Talk show host Larry King has filed for divorce from his sad then why he can't blame a guy I've been trying for new tracks and in fact from the beach. Yeah the world where all over in in the sheets. Shower curtain about it. I've never been pregnant but I'd like to think I would pick up on it. That and that's Michael for the show before we went on here that you know that you guys went up. Although we've come to the end of the road. It's a voice in and yeah. The end of the road. Did you know and I like seeing him. Midnight saying I think it. This is Brian McKnight and voice demands. Bond writes letter there is your moment of the day have Adam take that scooter and. We use an adult me. I'm realizing my whole life of them cage. I have a minor in accounting and. Minor in accounting that was an eye catcher rob crowded hearing that he actually yeah veterinary expressed his show your client patient. A backpack that legally ordained in Indiana only so if you're in Indiana yes I will dictionary. The deal an easy eating. You know you never feel like years saying that many dumb things are in a row and when you're dealing what's approximately twenty hours of TV so good. That's up ten arch. That was a blast I have to with the entity and we didn't you can return to the professionalism of Kenneth button bright on Monday always a standup individual that. I always at his best behavior all the way all way he they shade coming out the venue Taylor threat. Here are new music we ever knew concert and her new fight for creative rights after this. All right here's what to watch out for today president trump is heading to France this weekend's G-7 summit alongside the leaders of the world's most industrialized nations. White House that section on the global economy was added at the last may. Request until several meetings on the sidelines and including one with new British prime minister Boris Johnson coming face to face when Johnson for the first time since. Democratic senator Chris Murphy will hold a press conference to discuss the fight for legislation on background checks for gun sales. And democratic presidential hopefuls take the stage at the DNC summer meeting in San Francisco. Senator Elizabeth Warren is already making waves criticizing more moderate candidates added the and seek out for advocating. Tweaks and nudges instead of big structural change. Now some Democrats in Washington believe the only way forward. Just make change and permanently. Few tweaks here ears and not just there. No. This is a time of crisis. And win you all are in crisis when your back is up against the wall. Thought last thing you do is back down from the big fights. Tonight what the message for Democrats. This is not the time for small ideas. All right Elizabeth Ward making waves there but ultimately. It all comes down to this. It's the air guitar world championship grand final. Which will have faces melting in Finland as competitors thread their way to glory. Plus if it into the debrief for an update our top stories in a briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. It's and that's actually our question yet say we jump the gun before that we did news. And our question is what is it your go to air guitar song he can't help yourself you got a shred of what he Boston out. Of course you'd ever performed brain and now he's the whole I pray northern route for security answers we job cuts and causes. Well that video. Just kidding we way she. To tell us thousand comments are between us that he'd be seeing news slash love to hear now. Meanwhile nobody was calling down yesterday morning at Central Park right here in the heart of New York City that was because of Taylor Swift promoting her new album she performed a mix of new songs and some throwback hits right here on GMA and she had quite a few things to say to our own Robin Roberts. Here's ABC's Maggie really. However Crazy Horse a woman being charged. Her newest video with a retro feel dropping just hours ago is burning up the Internet. Lover is the first album under her new record label Universal Music Group. Fresh start for the pumpkins sense for the first time she'll home. Her master. Fans were anything but call. As she took the stage in Central Park. Performing live I DNA. I found. He Mayer sing along to every. I like me. Just. Over a decade Smith has been music's. Ten grams five number one hits and selling more than fifty million copies of her six studio albums. But she took ABC's Robin Roberts at this hour. Is different I mean what about this album that's really special to me is that it's the first one that IA. Will own. They're very good word about. Couldn't wait to ask. About that prince you went there this is something that is very important to you what he's also said. That you're planning on re recording. Back yet that's true and it's something that I'm very excited about doing because my contract says that. Starting November 22 bunnies and next year I can record albums one through five all over again. Last month a singer made headlines when news broke that her master's happened so. But it wasn't just the steel that had a 29 year old upset. It was the buyer scooter brought the high profile manager who swept alleges publicly bullied her calling it. My worst case scenario. Brought acquired big machine records which owns so many of slips deeply personal recordings for 300 million dollars. In a passionate and un filtered Tumblr post Smith writes my musical legacy is about to lie in the hands of someone who try to dismantle it. Sources close to abroad say no bullying happened. It's emotional message after the sale spotlight in the debate about whether or not artists should own the rights to their music. In a record deal it's actually standard for the record label to own the master recordings it's actually the exception. When the artist owns the recordings and then licenses them to the label. But legends like parades have argued that the business model is vol two. Back in the ninety's the kissing your adamantly fought his label for control of his music. At times even reading slate on the site of his face telling Rolling Stone if you don't own your masters your master owns you. I think every Lear on the song lover is I'm really proud about sonic dot com if flight. Lover the single is set to be your most room. Matt six song. Yet. Implored all we're trying to get some clues so can you tell us the meaning behind lover. Well I'm lovers a song that I'm so proud of I wrote it alone. And like just being here on this release week it's gonna be really fun weekend I'm just they it's just so cool to. We knew Taylor music to start the weekend yeah like a good summer right going to be streaming it nonstop. Yes she is solid answer for there you go entry that's from us this makes so much fun with Trevor right last. Thanks everybody for having Meehan for your tolerance. Thank you for you can carefully to back up. I guess.

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