It's Morning, America: Friday, July 19, 2019

The heatwave arrives, Trump sees 'send her back' backlash and meet the artist Taylor Swift calls 'The Perfect Pop Star.'
20:59 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, July 19, 2019
To fill it. Talk about medal sea yeah. That kids in my middle seat under the UNL player like in the middle CNN like the president here takes arm rest further exert red. I literally on a flight last week Iraq I'd just like this the entire flight. But it might you know nothing an elbow the people next and then real passive aggressive like it's about them now I I don't I don't. I don't wanna buy other people's that's not gonna get up is gonna stay here from at the window or the auto and. And really won't either output on you know my blinders might Phil Allard the out yeah. You know how we like to sleep on flights right Italy's. Or option now. But have heard most of the country wherever you're gonna beat we begin with the 170 fat. And as we transition it was very through I'm gonna say it's cool on the airplane it is hopefully sometimes to called. About those germs a 175 million Americans under weather alerts right now as a heat wave warms up the weekend today the feel like temperature and half the country will be over 100 degrees look at these temperatures triple digits all the way from Nebraska to New York but forecasters say it's good to rate. She end of this extreme heat that is the biggest concern. This morning this summer scorcher turning downright dangerous. Triple digits are expected today from the Rockies to the East Coast. Forecasters calling it the worst heat in the years they see these conditions will last through Sunday with 87 million Americans living in cities that corn hit record highs. Organizers canceled this weekend's triathlon in New York City because of the heat. And after last weekend's big blackout in the Big Apple the power company is insisting the power grid will hold up. We've got over 4000 crewmembers on the ground ready to respond to outages as they occur. In Chicago a heat index of a 116 degrees is possible commuter trains are being ordered to slow down the oppressive heat will even be making it harder to get around the metro trains that run along these lines will be moving slower because. The access it he makes these steel tracks expand creating problems that dangerous weather comes as no will release his new data showing last month. Was the warmest June on record for the planet. And nine of the ten warmest June on record have come since two when he ten. And in Phoenix in air conditioning repairman has been found dead in the attic of a home his staff is believed to be heat related so just. A reminder today keep cool drink that water check on residents make sure that kids are safe I don't all those things include in the pets as well. Are now to president from looking to distance himself from ugly scene that played out in his latest campaign rally the president says he was not happy with the chance of send her back aimed at congresswoman ill on Omar. The president claims he tried to stop the crowd but video shows otherwise meanwhile congresswoman apple Morris fighting back after returning to her home district ABC's monocle saarc Abdi has the latest from Washington. Good morning Mona. Good morning Kenneth and good morning to you today. As the fallout continues over president trumps tweets telling for congresswoman of caller to quote go back to countries that they originally came from. The president is defending his words while still distancing himself from a chant that smeared his language. This morning president drowned trying to distance himself from a chant that erupted at his last campaign rally directed at congresswoman I'll handle mark I was. That happy. I disagreed with. But again I can from. I'd say that they did this was the moment Wednesday night when the crowd began repeating quote send her back a strong criticized they'll mark. Omar has a history of launching vicious. And dies a medic. Scream. The chance playing out with thirteen seconds the president telling ABC news he tried to stop it well I didn't like. They did it and I started speaking very quickly but as you can see as the crowd grew louder the president paused. Looked around. And did continue his speech until it died down. As a president repudiated his supporters behavior he fell short of saying that he would stop them going forward well these are people that love our country. I want them to keep loving our country meanwhile supporters of Omar expressing solidarity is lawmaker returned to her home state of Minnesota. It is. Really great Cindy hall. An offering this message to her constituents. I know there are a lot of people that are trying to distract us now. But I want you all to know that we are not going to let out. And many GOP lawmakers also condemned the Chan without denouncing the president. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said and that it's quote unfair to hold the president accountable for the words of his supporters named Hannah. Right Mona think you. So much for joining us this morning. We'll stand in Washington some heated moments on Capitol Hill as lawmakers discuss the crisis on the southern border they demanded answers from secretary of Homeland Security about condition that migrant detention centers especially the treatment of young children. You feel like you don't radar right. It would present were doing our level best remembered what does that mean what does that mean when it solve. Its sitting in their own feces. Can't take a sour. While Matt. What's that about. Abbas. What have out children to net position. Based on human beings. A lot of emotion there from congressman Elijah Cummings as he questioned secretary Kevin Mac Celine and he said the United States is the greatest country in the world and quote you we can do bad. A man accused of killing an Iowa mother and her two young children was in the US illegally authorities say the suspect is from Guatemala and was deported twice he's charged with three counts of first degree murder. An Arizona man whose wife vanished when we can hear while they were hiking in the Mojave Desert says he is. Desperate to find her Barbara Thomas was last seen wearing a black bikini a red hats and tan hiking boots. Her husband Robert says after he stops take a picture she was gone. I also says police told him he is a suspect in her disappearance but he denies playing any role. We always tell each other before we go to bed at night. How much we love each. So. Whoever has her please you really sure. No question judged. Robert Thomas says he believes she may have been picked up and driven away police say so far they found no evidence of foul play. And water service has been restored to the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida after a massive water main break the 42 inch break left the entire city without water for much of the date Thursday. Officials say a subcontractor had a pipe that supplies water to a treatment plant. Cutting off the city's water supply a temporary fix is expected to hold until that pipe is replaced. A boil water notice remains and the fact. Deputies in Southern California sees nearly fifty flown tons of marijuana that was being grown illegally. They arrested more than two dozen people and also confiscated 37 guns including rifles and handguns and a shock on. Investigators say these crops tend to be environmental hazards because the growers use. Illegal chemicals. And sports legal battle over the non call during January's NFL playoff game is far from over. A Louisiana judge said the lawsuit over the missed pass interference call during the saints rams game. Can proceed for people are suing the NFL for fraud. The lead plaintiff who is a lawyer wants to know if the officials were disciplined the plaintiffs want 75000. Northern damages. Which would go to charity. That means. That that what fence and ignore island and there's probably still upset all these months but if they are theoretical or next season. Eyes and other special mower for some real live god took your heroes look. They are the same las may have done potent Greenwich Connecticut police Sargent Michael O'Connor went on patrol at his three sons for the first time they're all officers. In the same police department dad is retiring after 35 years on the job. He says he's proud as boys followed in his footsteps and they joked about a family makes up. I got through a picture truffle open Mike through your mailbox. For me very convincing security characters they don't read a 150 bucks. And wrote that the the drive not to worry about a thousand just tells them to be careful he says that the department ever needs them again. He'll be back in a second very cool and his story there. Coming up one on one of Apollo eleven flight director he tells us just how close the moon mission came to disaster fifty years ago that next. We're back with the images of the mood to celebrate tomorrow's fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo eleven landing. NASA release these images which have been digitally stitched together from the photos the astronauts took on the moon surf fest. Meanwhile are getting a whole new perspective of just what happened that day ABC's David currently sat down with Apollo eleven's flight director described the moments of joy that nearly turned into a disaster. We're marking fifty years since the remarkable achievement of landing a man on the moon and the story of Houston. Mission control. This is the desk of the flight director and for many of the missions it was gene Krantz who could sit here and look up at these projection screens. As man was landing on the most. Our state for your gene Krantz is one of the Apollo flight directors one of the leaders in the room. Grants was on duty for the lunar landing he's the one who had the final go no go decision. The scale flight controllers gonna go for landing retro I don't go I'd Cattrall got. Don't go here go for landing over. But it didn't go as planned as the limb descended the computers started alarming for a final training run we exercised those alarms and hours. Go back and I think what we have done if we'd seen those for the first time. Alarms dealt with. But another alarming problem the plane landing site was covered in huge boulders so Neil Armstrong started flying manually. That means he's burning and the limited precious fuel back. I think many Americans sometime in their life has driven on the gas gauge of retirees empty that was a condition that we're on. Okay very good. Angola one of it. At the incidents landing the people in the viewing room started cheering stomping their feet applauding write an on the line. Held. Little Bob Hickey the shattered out of this room dependent people ma'am kinda. Fifty years later. What did. Blaming the man on the moon and bringing him back safely meaning for the country in the world and for gene Krantz it really demonstrated the power free and open society. Gene Krantz. Who use his experience on Apollo eleven. During Apollo thirteen. Won an oxygen tank exploded and there was worry of getting the crew back. As Krantz told his team at the time. Failure is not an option. And they did not do that's. Would ABC news live for coverage of all the events today and tomorrow marking fifty years since the Apollo eleven mission. We'll close call for students heading home from summer camp in San Antonio planes in golf their boss look at that's more than forty children from a Texas church were on board as a bus started to shake. The driver got everyone off really started to smell smoke and burning rubber. We moved about a 180 yard eggs. Oh wait for a bus and this is we got here in the receipt much. Bush fired just looking colts didn't ask. And look at what's left Dutch shell of a bus church officials say the fire started in the engine. Roller coaster riders are Washington DC spent more than two hours on this rightly Thursday the coaster got stuck near the top of the tracks at Six Flags Maryland. Crews eventually rescued everyone no word why the right stall and a bizarre accident at this church carnival near Chicago sent one child to the hospital. The boy was hit in the head by debris that crashed out after two rides collided he reportedly suffered a head injury and no one on the riots. Was hurt state officials are investigating. The person who runs a Twitter account for one airline. Probably getting some action training after a heads fracture of a trivia question. KLM India put out a tweet about the seek a seat on a plane Democrats for those wandered the middle of this jet is the worst. The rear third is the best. The answer included an image of a single seat sitting on a cloud. The tree was pulled after about twelve hours scale and apologize to eating is never our intention to hurt anyone's sentiments. Yemen real weird tweet. So you buy those little insensitive. And yes. Considering other tragedies that happen via. And they were right to apologize. And delete it yet. Next our first look at the highly anticipated top gun sequel Tom Cruise showed up at the San Diego comic con and I'm bell the trailer for top gun maverick or movie except. 34 years after the first film the plot involves cruises maverick character as an early flight instructor. You should be at least a two star admiral but now. Did here you are. Captain. One is that. It's part of life's mysteries are. About the movie maverick is now a captain in at one point. However appears to be flying something other and then the iconic F fourteen fighter jet. The movie hits theaters next year Tom Cruise DeVon age when. At all not at all I mean we're not saying he's a vampire and but he doesn't make it's he does not. Right now the the first Arctic cats the movie based on one of the most successful Broadway musicals of all time the cast is star studded including Taylor Swift Idrees outlet games corn and Jason to rule low reverend rebel Wilson and Jennifer Hudson. Take a look. A year since Chinese prediction. When. Needless. The Internet is divided on how they feel about that digital fur. You can decide for yourself cap hits theaters and sand tiger from digital for. For the top my head he was a favor and don't out of three the girls did to gophers style this they asked Smith herself got a hand really got to hand here in New York City. Hundreds of people lined up in the re in for hours some even overnight all in hopes. Getting the new Arizona IC themed kicks they do look pretty cool a deed does. Was selling the issues for an 99 cents to 99 cents free 99. Wow the NYPD had to be caught and after a couple of fights broke down the event was supposed to continue today but the police. Shot it down now the question is. What about the rest of issues where are there. Kind of Overland since and we still get them that are in other pop up Adidas. They had to apologize for saying it's already batting around ideas and duration of the date we discovered that a mountain of snow are all coming up artist that terrorists who have caused the perfect pop star MacKenzie Jeff quit Haley Kyoko. Yeah. And that is singer Hayley Kyoto clues. You moment right now when you will be amazed performing to packed Arenas singing alongside her top it was let me sat down with a 28 year old California native to talk about her blockbuster success and what it means to be out it's crap. It's been a crazy journey and all in the past year it's been very busy and went on the floor here advice. This is a nice from finder's. Or all of the same. This artist of the year goes through. Hayley Yoko. Hey any. Where eleven of the other side you can follow your chance. I've always known until I was sent I was five and as someone whose day or in the community. There is a stereotype one person can't wrap presents the hook me. I'm trying to break. Diet at a wall and not stereotype because we hauler very different. Last time we spoke again this it's like a tackling him. Let's hear everything now it's about. Elevating being more involved in the names and I was shocked. Taylor Swift reached out it was the first time I've ever been 170000 people. It's it's an overwhelming feeling. I am so. She is to be in India. I told us with me it's sort. At that you made us so far Jeanne Herrick threw lighting Greg. Yeah I've read some equipment that you know go big or go home and find out that you live as it's the best three seconds ever. There's not a lot of videos out there that have something people of artists' community. Literally end here in half minutes until he don't. So I have an easy all I went out. I drafted a new thing else. You'll love watching dance because like aren't a available dance Padilla. We haven't had a book you know answers and concentrate prayers at the scene like he's winning. It. Kate an accident is okay. When he I have up. South and you lose love from others who does how could you be so selfish. Having friends are a circle. People to be able to quote her hand. They can't necessarily fixture art arm and you but they can. And healthy through it in music videos was born house Kron that I see. So what's next spring meet. Shooting a music videos getting the contact reading and is getting ready for that next explosion that. Songs sat trapped. I see you next time. I think that she's a bright star and the fact that Tom she's it would do this is such a young age. There's really inspirational and a big shot also yes to our producer Katie scare us who put. Out together that piece together where yes really get fabulous. And she's having a moment I actually person recognized her from an episode of insecure last season and yeah has so I mean she's totally having a moment doing great Danes. You know we hear love to see any kind of diversity in her speaking out. As someone who's being out a woman of color who. We are here for all of it. Z the video. Did you recognize this is a chemical bonds slowly yes too good to crap that Hitler crap I actually loved that movie. Currently out there Nicole really cool about us for our. Let's say the ABC news live today for all that breaking news and much more on the rising tensions with Iran which is now denying that one of the strength was destroyed by US forces yesterday plus we'll bring you more events commemorating the fiftieth anniversary. I'm the Apollo eleven mission. That's there for us. Been agreed we. It has stayed cool out there this weekend after the weekend.

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