It's Morning, America: Friday, June 7, 2019

Mexico to send troops to border amid tariff fight, Biden reverses on abortion funding amendment and more.
23:16 | 06/07/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, June 7, 2019
Good morning I'm Zack Greinke thing aren't here in the top five things to know this Friday number one Mexico's new proposal. It's sending 6000 National Guard troops to its southern border with Guatemala. Hoping to stem the flow of migrants to avoid US terror both countries are also. Talking about changing asylum who overnight president trucks that Mexico needs us we don't need them. Talks resumed today. Number two former vice president Joseph Biden has changed his mind reversing his long held position on a controversial abortion issue to go democratic donors last night that he can no longer support a measure that banned federal funding for most abortions but intends. He's changing his position on the so called the Hyde amendment because it makes access to abortions. More difficult for women who can afford them. For many years of US senator. I have I've supported the Hyde amendment like many many others have. Because there was sufficient. Monies and circumstances. Where women were able to exercise that right it was not under attack as it was. As it is now I've been working through the final details of my health care plan like others in this race. And I've been struggling with the problems that hide now presents. Biden's reversal follows two days of intense criticism from his democratic primary rivals last night. He said he makes no apologies for his last position or his new one. On to number three investigators at West Point are trying to determine the cause of a deadly training accident one cadet was killed when a truck like this one flipped over rough terrain. The truck with hearing cadets were training exercise and nineteen others were also injured along with two soldiers on to number four now a new round of torrential rain is taking aim at the deep south. Firefighters in Baton Rouge had to scramble through waist deep water did freed this woman. Trapped in her car by this last book government forecasters say the recent rain has pushed the US into record territory. Marking the wet S twelve month period in history. At a finally number five big question quick you survive one week using a flip phone. It's up your Smartphone if you could that you could make it 1000 dollars in Utah based company called frontier bundles which sells phone plans has issued. He flip phone talent. If your chosen they'll pay you a thousand dollars to document how long it takes to text and check emails using up what phone instead of a Smartphone. That person will also get a so called survival kit less than it is it includes up paper map you know how to use that a note pad and pen. Even as some music CDs I know you could check email what. So that's what I'm challenge brings us this question of the day do you think you could last a week swapping your Smartphone in fort in old school flip phone. Lot of snow wire why not the commodore tweet us at ABC news live and you can tell us what you miss most about what phones ring tones. People please ring tones. I want I want one of those reforms I've been looking for one. Let's get to the big story breaking overnight Mexico stepping up what the new offer to address the border crisis. It's calling up thousands of troops to tighten border security hoping to prevent president come from slapping him tariffs on all Mexican goods entering the US. As negotiations continue president trump issued a new statement saying tariffs are beautiful thing. ABC's Serena Marshall has all the new details good morning Serena. That region a good morning and the president might still be overseas is definitely talking about those negotiations happening in the White House between Mexico and his administration. And saying that Republicans and Democrat lawmakers who spoke out against the Tara asked her in his negotiations. With the clock winding down to find a deal and avert those new Harris and Mexico are offering a concession deploying 6000 troops to its southern border. I thought of limousine pulled out of a thousands of but the administration says that internal enforcement isn't enough the Washington Post reporting the president's team wants to see a sweeping overhaul of asylum rules across the region. That would require asylum seekers seek refuge in the first country they and her. President from diet Fox News overnight. They shouldn't be able to walk through Mexico if you look at that's actually an invasion without the but many Republican lawmakers disagree with the terror threats. Because of how would hit American consumers and businesses. Combined with the new Chinese tariffs economists estimate it could mean 190 billion dollars a year in new taxes. Passed on to consumers they should be saying we're with the president and Mexico would fold like an umbrella. The fight comes as new reports from the agency's top watch dot finds. Egregious violations an ice detention facilities including spoiled in moldy foods as well as inadequate medical care. That report following last week's showing dangerous overcrowding. At a Customs and Border Protection facility in taxes. Designed to hold just 125. People housing as many as 900 detainees. Certainly the war virtual CB PD aren't equipped to amble. The types of numbers were deeper now. With negotiations continuing between the trump administration and Mexican officials today both Mexico and lawmakers are hopeful they can come to a deal that the president wants us tariffs to go into effect by Monday how likely need to sign that executive order sometime today. Today Zachary three to march through MDC. It is three the real quick could last a week on the flip phone. Could athlete on the flip a couple. I would love to try I think I could it if the flip phone had a good camp rack and if IA it didn't have to insert working mounts no nada Manuel trust that isn't is and that you'll want me got a call me unfair and other south how candid good camera good think answering a pretty. I don't at all for the baby eight today I as I mom of the either against or YouTube by. Albright and drive returns to Washington today from Normandy after honoring. The president paid tribute along with French president he Manuel Mac clone acknowledging the bravery of the troops who landed on the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago. Emmett Till leader stood with their wives for a 21 gun salute ABC's Jordan Phelps has more. It was his somber ceremony at Normandy. President trump making a 75 year anniversary trip to the hollowed grounds. Where US and allied forces invaded occupied France. And turned the tide of World War II. On the insurers. On these bluffs. On this day 75 years ago. 101000. Men shed their blood. And thousands sacrifice their lives. President Tom paying tribute to both the lives lost. And veterans there to remember their lost comrades who you are among the very greatest Americans. Who will ever live. You're the pride of our nation. You the glory of our republic. And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. French president Emanuel Mack wrong was there as well we know what we over the do you but the runs all freedom turning to the veterans to directly express his gratitude. On behalf of my nation. I just want to say thank you. The two presidents and their wives were in the American cemetery where more than 9000 American troops are Mary. Observing a moment of silence in honor of the fallen and celebrating the bond between two nations Jordan Phelps ABC news Normandy. Well in Normandy president trump used a wide ranging interview to slam House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She's a disgrace. I actually don't think she's a talented person. I've tried to be nice to have because I would have liked to have gotten some deals done she's incapable of doing bills she's a nasty vindictive horrible person. Tomorrow a report came out it was a disaster for them they thought Dave good friend Bobby Muller was good in the great report. Upwards on those hallowed grounds. Pelosi is still trying to commence Democrats to build a case instead of rushing to impeachment behind closed door she reportedly said quote. I don't want to see him impeached I want to see him in prison he BC's Brad milky has more. I guess that's right for a solemn ceremonies in the show's of unity there's been a flurry of activity back in Washington and later today Air Force One will take president trump. To a hornet's nest for the second straight day yesterday negotiators worked to avoid tariffs being slapped on Mexican imports this Monday. Mexico now says it will send thousands of troops to their southern border. To stem the tide at Central American migrants but that is not the only contentious issue here you guessed ABC's Trish turner tells me that while other Democrats press for impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is using some of her most incendiary language yet. We know the speaker is saying no to impeachment notes and teachers she's holding back. In a band of about sixty Democrats at this point half of the Judiciary Committee that's pretty notable. And so what she's talking about at least at this point is let's get to twenty each when he lets see him out voted out of office. And then I wanna see the and he you know the feds go after them do you say I had this new attorney general now who could indict. A former president he's not a sitting president any more rain or state officials for that matter in new York and in the days country says house Democrats are getting ready. To hold several members of the truck administration in contempt of congress that is revving up that talk of impeachment on the hill while a lot more on this and start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts refuted podcasting app today Zachary. Therefore of the NBA finals is tonight in Oakland and we know one guy who won't be there to see you. Warriors co owner and executive board member mark Stephens has been banned for a year and find 500000. Dollars. For this moment caught on camera shopping Kyle Lowry of the raptors. Lovely says Stevens used vulgar language towards him during the incident the warriors apologize to the player. And the raptors calling Stephens conduct unfortunate. And it we have a new layer of protection against robo call. That's right the FCC is given phone companies the right to block those calls without customers' permission. However it's not mandatory that the companies utilize their new capabilities to block the calls in fact they could even decide to charge customers for its. Five billion mobile calls are made every month in the US. That means each of us gets about seven the five person there aren't a credible. Coming up the expedition that's taking us down under the seat. Flooded parts of the ocean never seen before or after that. Welcome back now to an amazing rationed that is taking place under the sea. That mission is exploring parts of the ocean that no one has ever seen before. In GMA went along with the research team ABC's will Reeve was right there with them. Thirty miles off the East Coast of Florida pollution is exploring the open ocean. The nearly 200 foot long research vessel operated by the group ocean acts has already discovered new species and traveled to new depths. It's a critical time for the ocean right now. It's critically endangered it's critically threatened. I want people to feel when they think about ocean excellently by the grand jury beauty of the ocean. And how important it is to human life. Out their latest mission exploring a deep sea coral reef in the Atlantic. Looking for clues about the ocean's health crucial to the mission is nick dear and eight tons submersible vehicle. Capable of standing thousands of pounds of pressure. The reef more than 1000 feet below us right in the middle of the gulf stream that powerful current that could push us off course. We don't find our target in minutes. Ready to get a yes. Yeah. We're lowered it ended mission begins and the power of the Atlantic all around. Beneath the surface the surreal calm. Actually deer dives into the abyss. Expect the same. After fighting the gulf stream current we find what we came for the feeling at coral blanketing the sea floor. Looking like another plan at 15100. Feet down. Destructive fishing practices can damage this habitat. But this area is remarkably healthy the look feel the at blowing it's natural white. The reef teeming with life. Fish perhaps even sharks and after nearly three hours it's time to climb out of the darkness to the recovery team. Such a cool story pretty cool that will got to go along. Let's go now across the pond and Jennifer tackles and in London where prime minister Teresa may is stepping down today Jennifer good morning a lot happening. Good morning NASDAQ range NA it's the beginning of the end for Teresa Manx he stands down today as the leader of the Conservative Party. After being pushed out by her own party her undoing well that's one word brags that she came into office a month after the vote. For brags that the three years later she failed to win approval for her divorce plan with the European Union so she was asked to step aside. Can't either has really been a final bad week for a prime minister may she hosted Donald trump state visit here. Where he was pretty effusive with his praise uncharacteristically. And she represented Britain during these poignant he gave a more rails over the last two days here in Britain and in France. Class she stepping down only as party leader but will remain prime minister. Until a new leaders shares in an as of now there are eleven candidates for her job. The new PM should be. Announce sometime next month. In over in France the women's World Cup is set to kick off today the US national team is looking to repeat as champion to its champions excuse me. But quite a challenge lies ahead as ever. Yup that's straight here out soccer fans the women's World Cup kicks off today in Paris and as instead teen USA is a hot favorite. After capped straying I think they're third tied oh. The US looks to repeat as champions and win back the nice inspiration for all those hard working soccer meant moms over year way. So according to know latest World Cup odds as you mentioned teen USA enters this tournament as the odds on favorite but. Come inside France and also Germany also have strong teens France we'll get a look at them today they kick off the tournament against South Korea. And teen USA plays. Tuesday. That's fit across the pond happy Friday guys Tuesday we will be watching and pulling for teen USA Jennifer you have a fabulous weekend. Now let's get a check of our notification us. Starting with April the giraffe who is now out of the baby making business. A lot like it not lose two pregnancies bond millions. Millions of views online we'll start receiving. Birth control today an official at the central New York animal park. April calls Holm said the seventeen year old is being retired from its breeding program. They made the decision after her youngest calf was born just a few men months ago back in March. Another draft will now take on April's job as tot mom and I guess along with April's former mate. Oliver. So we'll just wait for more that you. Should be drawn pretty popular there. Yes Tyler Perry has some advice for aspiring actors looking for rolls on any of its TV shows or movies and. Actor comedian and filmmaker just recently retired his iconic character Medea from the big screen earlier this year in on the. And now he's trying to retire something else he took the FaceBook posting this photo admonishing. This New York based actress. For plastering her face onto billboards in his hometown of Atlanta. Vegan for work. Perry says this is the third time someone has pulled this stunt and now he's asking everyone save your money. Save your dollars to show for an audition like everybody else he says it's free. Next to a major revelation from actor Alec Baldwin. The 61 year old actor recently sat down with USC today to discuss. His upcoming role as an infamous auto maker. Pretty had some pretty decisive words about his famous as to now Alter ego President Obama and he's been parity since between sixty and present so presidential election. All told the newspaper that he is close. So that at all and can imagine returning to show next season Baldwin says the fields and role has lost some music. Each fair enough. There and a Mission Impossible for this young man in California trying to sneak home related map. You guys don't try this at home look at him. He didn't want his mother to catch him so he dropped to the ground to avoid it for security camera except. This is security camera footage we're watching because he's been really had no idea where it was your what was in the frame. Mission not accomplished. Around it. Look at he tried the drug compared. Coming up the army vet. Trying to clear his name. Why online gamers are using these photos in house fighting back after this. Let's watch out for today president trump returns to Washington after his state visit the UK. At a commemoration of the. Former Minneapolis police officer Mohamed nor will be sentence after being convicted of the murder of an unarmed woman called 911 for help. North attorneys have asked for no prison time despite sentencing guidelines they called book to. When he years behind bar. Not so we'll give a news conference announcing plans to open the International Space Station to commercial activity. The long term goal of achieving a robust economy in orbit in the Golden State Warriors will try to battle back in game four of the NBA finals after the Toronto Raptors took it to the one lead in this series. In the women's World Cup kicks off today host country France plays South Korean the first Mets. In the US is set to take on Thailand Tuesday in the first step to be spending their time. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and to the briefing room for breakdown. Of the latest headlines in politics. Well most of us have heard of the growing crisis called cat fishing it affects both men and women. We discovered us gamers have stolen their identity is to use and dating apps. And often it's all to ski it's all to scam others were out there looking for love here's ABC's cure Phillips. A retired colonel from the US army by lieutenant Karl Wright any brain has found himself immersed in the shady world. Of online romance fraud. When he discovered that his photos had been stolen and used to lure women from all over the globe. Into thinking they were in a relationship with him when did you first become aware that your identity at installing. Baghdad. A note on Linkedin. Saying I've been talking with. Someone who says her view she said loss he met me to social media. And this guy had been she had sent him money. For airline tickets did he come and visit he did not. It didn't take long for Brian to realize this was more than just a one off. Has been over 3000. False accounts system face buffalo more than 3000 that's correct. Internet crime is a big business but unlike many criminal enterprises on line. The world of romance scamming doesn't exist on the fringes of the dark wet. Dig your military injury pigs photos any format at low cost. FaceBook groups like these ones trafficking stolen information out any open and free big profile see you look legit. And Europeans and on community forums which actually teach people how to create fake profiles. In some grim account for sale 950 plus followers and lure clients. Even facilitate money laundering Amy Hess works at the criminal cyber response and services branch of the FBI. She says as social media has become more popular these cases called confidence frauds have become much more prevalent. This in the billions of dollars he torn of those as a person. Each one of those is a victim that your people's life savings despite Bryant's best efforts a quick search on instead Graham or FaceBook still turns out. Dozens of active profiles. Using his name. And his image. Brian has taken his cause up with FaceBook where he is found the highest concentration of false profiles with the help of Kathy waters. The deal meant when Kathy reached out after her friend was scammed. By someone using Bryant's photos together they started a group advocating against romance scams submitting a lengthy report to FaceBook. About what they say are major platform flaws they also lobby to congress. In a statement to ABC news FaceBook said in person nation violates our policies and has no place on FaceBook. We've developed technology to specifically Kim bat in person nation. And we'll continue to make improvements. We are thankful to Brian and casting for working on this issue with us. As the result of our investigation. FaceBook remove those groups least like to them. Telling us they were in violation of the platform's community standards. For Brian any action or legislation is too little too late. He just hopes to serve as a cautionary tale to others lured into a false sense of security and social media. His fight is far from over says there's a woman watching this interview right now and she thinks she's communicating with you colonel Brian Danny Sunnis. She is not it's not many. Credits faith. It's all made out that's all wine and cured Phillips in Williamsburg Virginia. Bottom line be careful out there. Have a good weekend this year.

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