It's Morning, America: Friday, June 21, 2019

Trump calls off Iran strike at the last minute, twist in Navy SEAL's murder trial, summer travel tips and more.
24:25 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Friday, June 21, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote handing over near the top I think snow this Friday number one the showdown with Iran sources tell ABC news president trouble ordered a military strike against Iran then abruptly called it off while the plane was already under way. The strike would have been retaliation for Ron shooting down US spy drone. It's unclear why president trump. Called off the strike at the last minute much more on this coming up shortly. Number two a bombshell in the murder trial of a decorated navy seal commander Edward Gallagher a fellow UCL a key witness in the case now claims he killed tonight says fighter and a rock not Gallagher. Prosecutors say they are not dropping the murder charge against Gallagher the trial continues on to number three now former vice president Joseph Biden is hoping to move beyond the controversy. Sparked by his remarks about working well with segregationist senators Biden met last night was members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Some of whom would say they are not bothered by his comments. Any call senator Cory Booker fellow Democrat after pushing back when Booker ask him to apologize. The senator said he explained to Biden want his language was problematic. I understood where his intentions were and urge your worst part was the the fact is though it's not about me your hand he said things that are hurtful and harmful. I believe he should be apologizing to the American people and having this discussion. Curtis struck a conversation as good and constructive and said he felt better understood after the the call we had to the NBA for a number of war and the number winds I had organs if that's his emotions took over after he was two of their first in the draft last night. And it was very sweet to watch he is headed to the Big Easy to play for the New Orleans pelicans. He held it together on stage but got emotional later during an interview with yes it. Hamas enterprise love me. Carl when dealing on the she did she did everything from cars when a thinker. Keep and that it pretends that his mother heard her dreams aside so he could pursue it came. Sense absolutely is living his dream now finally number five some important is for men. The shape of your nose and apparently determined you're attracted. That's when researchers at Stanford asked 500 women to look at three types of no shapes straighten out this pop noses and ski slope nose as. And rate them on traits like intelligence potential leadership ability. And attractiveness. Eight decided top noses or at least approachable at least successful and the straight noses. Intelligent and they concluded this he's sloping noses and vote. Attractive overall. Comments that might sound Matt. It's summertime it and it's more in America. Good Friday morning thank you for joining us let's get right to breaking news overnight ABC news has more from the president trump ordered a military strike against Iran but then called it off at the last minute. Sources say the president suddenly reverse his decision with planes already in the area ships already in position to move came less than 24 hours. After Iran shot down a US drone insisting it street into their. Airspace ABC's Marcos are Abby begins our live coverage from Washington Mona good morning. Good morning to name good morning to you can at. Both countries have reiterated that they do not want to go to war but when oust about the possibility he Ron says they're ready while president trump says you'll find out. Tensions with Iran reaching new heights as president trump approved retaliatory airstrikes against the Islamic republic. For shooting down a US surveillance drone Iran. Made a mistake. But sources tell ABC news the operation was underway when trump abruptly called it off. Despite the reversal the president insists he's not being pressured into conflict could go not a role. In fact in many cases it's the opposite this latest standoff adding to a week of hostilities between the two nations. Beginning with the US accusing the Islamic republic of attacking two oil tankers in the ball for the month. Iran has denied conducting the attacks would did claim responsibility for shooting down the US drone. You can see in these images falling from the sky the country's ambassador to the UN telling NPR quote we tried to cautioned the drone to radio transmission. But then says quote since it was a spy drone we were left with no other option. Pentagon officials refute those claims. This wasn't unprovoked attack. On the US surveillance assets that had not violated Iranian airspace. Late Thursday president trump summoned congressional leaders to the situation room for an emergency briefing on the situation. Where some members from both parties urge for caution we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. Meanwhile the president's closest ally on the hill are encouraging him. To take aggressive action. That Holloway Iran changes its behavior. Is that they believe. America won't put options on the table that would create. Pain for the regime. Sources tell ABC news the situation would have escalated quickly. At the plan been carried out officials feared that this it's the attack could have caused hundreds of civilian casualties connect. What about about situation and Mona do you know anything more about why the president change his mind after already ordering the strike. All right out today that is unclear why the president decided to at the last minute change his mind. But we do know and our sources are telling us that he did so against the advice of his secretary of state Mike Pompeo and his national security advisor John Bolton. Jack Hanna so some disagreements within the administration their mutter thank you for joining us. Also breaking overnight the FAA has halted US commercial air traffic over Iran affecting flights over the Persian gulf and gulf of Oman because of safety concerns. There's and is an effect until further notice earlier United Airlines suspended flights between Newark and Mumbai India because they fly over that region. Sit ABC news for the latest on the crisis in Iran will bring you any new developments seems to get them on air. And tear on line. In other news the Supreme Court has ruled that a forty foot cross on public land in Maryland does not violated. The separation of church and state. The majority opinion said the nearly 100 year old monument to fallen World War I soldiers as a special significance as a symbol of sacrifice. The ruling was 72 to would justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissenting. Saying the principal symbol of christianity should not loom over public spaces. Administration lawyers blocks former White House communications director hope hicks from answering questions more than a 150 times as she testified on Capitol Hill this week. That's according to the newly released transcript from the House Judiciary Committee which is looking into possible obstruction by president trop. The lawyers claimed hicks was immune from discussing her time working at the White House but hicks told lawmakers. She would not accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government contrary to president trumps answer term alone George Stephanopoulos. It's at Philadelphia the police commissioner says 72 officers are now off the streets after a watchdog group claimed they posted racist comments on social media. Protester storms City Hall calling for the officers to be fire. The police union says any disciplinary action is premature but the commissioner says the department won't hesitate to take action. We will not. Be shy about meeting out the appropriate discipline. Which could range from in many cases. A day or so awful we have determination it makes me sick to be honest with it really makes me sick because we are in a position to know better. The group known as the plain view project says it is also identified races social media postings by individuals. Who claim that their police officers and seven other US cities in Saint Louis 22 officers are under investigation. Meanwhile Sacramento police are remembering an officer killed after less than one year on the force. Our O'Sullivan was shot while responding to a domestic violence call she was on it last night during a police academy. Graduation ceremonies the 26 year old was considered family at a local university. This morning when I was trying to explain to my daughters why I was so upset. About my student. The only thing I could pick up tips to think that it. Was a year ago. The hero indeed the shooting suspect is charged with murder his criminal record dates back to decades. Moving onto as a test trouble and a school district about a hundred miles from Charlotte, North Carolina. North Carolina house education officials apologizing. They say more than 400. High school juniors never got their ECT scores back. Because their tests are never submitted humid air is being blamed arrangements are being made for those kids to retake the test for you. Chart now to know I don't. Got it on anybody or make the score and will the law Baltic that instead. Our enemies study says forget three day weekends. To improve your mental help try to fix things off slightly up researchers in Great Britain say working one day a week is the key to the best mental health the study found more than eight hours per week of work provide no additional boost cement tool will be. I think they bills like that you don't. It's got all that they thought hot. But don't let it. Aren't all coming out we've got a preview of the hottest summer styles figure out for expert tips on how to look your best up and each. Welcome back now to the rare attack off the California coast the teenager was standing in knee deep water when I see Lyon grabbed on to her allay. Her friend cart all on camera in this morning experts say they likely know why that's sea lion attacked. A funding at the beach in California turned into a terrifying experience this thirteen year old. Video shows a sea lion charging towards meg in par Dini biting her leg. I started screaming as loud as they possibly could and it sees someone can help me mega was standing in the surf and says she never saw the animal coming out just playing around I was jumping dancing and having fun and win all the sun and a came out of nowhere and bit my lake wildlife officials say sea lions are typically playful animals but they can be unpredictable. Back in Torre seventeen a sea lion dragged this little girl into the water in Canada. She's pulled to safety by relatives still experts say attacks like he's a rare. There are many thousands of servers used the water every day in California have there're many people go Anwar and disturbing event is extremely unusual. Wildlife officials say the female sea lion that bit mag and tested positive for a toxin produced by algae. The toxin called to mullah acid is found naturally but at unsafe levels it can cause brain damage in violent behavior in marine life experts say the California coast is seeing higher than usual levels of demo tacit. Possibly because of the warmer ocean temperature and fertilizer runoff which boosts algae growth what we're seeing is. Larger C alliance coming ashore presenting symptoms such as confusion. Disorientation. And even seizures on the heat it's the toxin can also take a poll on humans who eat shellfish causing headaches nausea. Even short term memory loss. As for meg and she's just hoping for speedy recovery. I thought there's just so Q and Lil and not think they're really scary and they don't ever want to get near one or C one asked her again. The sea lion is being treated by the marine mammal center which says about two dozen sea lions with demo look at poise poisoning. Added rescued in recent. Days let's check our notification and starting where someone Minnesota spine is to answer the call of man's best friend. This very guys aims Jack. When they got a hold his owner's phone at their home outside Minneapolis and turned into a chew toy and somehow they're all the crunching Jack managed to call 911. Of course officers responded because it sounded as though as hang up. Taylor was park police say they act it Jackson advice on how to use 911 and probably also gave. Triples if you lessons that some firefighters had a genius solution to helping some duck calling for Littleton Colorado group got down in a storm drain and now for a little ducks into a box. But for others were pretty stubborn and. Trying to figure out how to get that one firefighter pulled up some duck calls on YouTube. Plate and ended up high eight. And that did it go Smart all Docklands game yet all. Eight were reunited with their mother and a field nearby. Some nice job by those firefighters think entered. And one man it's finally ready for summer after two years of work his tropical Tiki gardens finally finish and he has wiped I didn't have to leave home to be on vacation. Angela Davis. Our hero that is so impressed that apparently is why put enabled that's said. Gone holidays have going to be Nuys. He with a lot of points for this when and that's what's happening Wu at least until lot of money but look you're always on those trips that maybe he does this of them like value and have to spend so much. Maybe you pray it at I didn't get back at his vacation you know four. Speaking at main ready for summer we are so ready I'll remember it's all fun and games until someone gets her. Before you hit the stand to serve for human test the hiking trial there are few safety tips you should keep in mind. Time for some summer fun in the sun and but first. Make sure your cover and ready for potential dangers in Ocean City, Maryland and Tony fifteen a bystander captured this terrifying video wind gusts. Turning these umbrellas to projectiles. Tip from the pros make sure that beach umbrellas at least sixteen inches down in the sand. You can either use to Schobel that they don't hold deep enough to set the steak and pack it in all are what do you drive a stake into the Santa rocket back and forth. That typically get that in deeper into the stands. In the water know how to survive those dangerous rip currents the powerful currents which can quickly pull us warmer out. Account for more than 80% of rescues by lifeguards ABC Youboty test with a potentially life CB demonstration. That could mean to your. According Clinton. Ordered diagonal. Experts say don't write just swim parallel to secure also remember beach go or you're not alone. With shark attacks recently making headlines know how to survive wind. Swim in groups no first aid in fight back like Charlie winter did to save his starter page off the coast of North Carolina. Our holder ought to consider short come up right what they're. And they just immediately to start. It now with everything it could from the beach to the swimming pool. A renewed warning for parents when it comes to the kids' with 76% of drowning deaths in the US each year involving children younger than five. Pool safety is key Massachusetts a consumer watchdog group displayed a variety of toys that can be hazards for kids. What happens is the watering it could around the child's waist conflict in a child taking it stock under the water. Some good tips and mayor warned that if they say absolutely responsible this summer have lots of fun hazards but make it to fall definitely. On apple the scary side of summer let's move on to the styles. Are special fashion correspondent will Ganz has the latest nukes you can work by the water. Paying summer is officially here in weather headed to a fourth of July party or repeats bat. You can make a splash at any pool party without ever jumping into the deep end slugs dial is Dennis Kennedy is here to show it's not a heat up our summer wardrobe that you select for being here this morning that you are happening and we brought the beats to and I know I love. Love it we are ready to party this summer away and look fabulous I I am here for our rights are looking fabulous. Talk to me about briefly dipping some restaurants are seeing seize the moment amazing trends Loral's prince Lazar designs beyond bond and you know what I want you to think about the full cohesive look not just the suit. He accessories. The mood. Amazing and speaking of the mood we have some models here too boring I gotta bring exodus and of course right we have first over here first I want the central paved by just walking in fashionably late. Gorgeous oversize. Rimmed hat it's of stunning with. A cover up its beautiful for any body type it flows from Vince Comodo. And then this one piece son La the that plunged us a little bit of the deep drama the gold embellishment and can we please look at the shoes please cameras get on the issue. Soothe this is a new hot trend right now to mosques half. Lengthening the lake and just overall fabulous but still seek fabulous and she and making a one. That's the fabulous thing. Felt like we have not well the women cannot have all the fun the guys we got to join in Iraq are still wants you to reinvent the wheel it's more just playing with fabric lighten it up. It's hot so we go to live in light. Op what turquoise and then not have got it right and all of the guys swimsuits. Coral this is a must have color particularly for the men the marlin print plays off beautifully. And then I'm bringing the suit game big time sandals gently sandals jellies and you eat them in every collar. And it's incredible because if you're at the beach those can get sandy yet making get wet and you'll have to worry about running issues and sermons he's in to conversation piece to you know it's just something that sparks a little refinements spontaneity that's we wanted to do I love it and these colors make anybody look tan whether you've been hiding in a studio also roll and you're darn right they are very complementary and just a real nice flow he does look like he's trying too hard but he is well products eight lovely. Black and white does not always have to be boring so I want to kind of reinvent the basic blocking you do that with a laser print and a beautiful embellished rumpled shoulder. Particularly with the slender frame you bring up the ruffle it does balances and it's fabulous. A so wrong you can't go wrong a sensible gold S the drilling can we talk about exactly the bag and a sell out everywhere. A super cute fishermen back on an annual walk in ranked there finished it with some and that's Hillary and it's and it's turning left and heads turned and looked at actually gotten. You kind of need to win if you its annual people's accident with Gil well you know what little flip flop in the back put them on after the pull angered. Ed your god put forward to bring everybody back out here. Models thinking so much for coming into our pizza party this morning Dennis thank you don't want more information on any of these looks where can make up style with Dan no on all social media outlets that we'll get to two summer and then I'll take care in the faulted. Bewildering back in the fall do you think you still nights Dennis think you bottles everyone else will be right back. Here's what to watch out for today Democrats running for president and when he when he will be in the great state of south front sniper congressman Jim climbers. World famous fish fry and nearly thirty year tradition that's become a crucial event for those seeking the State's early primary vote. Meanwhile Washington president rob of the First Lady host a congressional picnic with bipartisan members of congress and their families. This year's theme is the summer solstice. The president postpone the event last year amid the feeling separation crisis. Boy in the wake of the special counsel's report on election meddling house Democrats of the blue dog coalition are set to unveil what they call a comprehensive bipartisan proposal. To secure US elections hold Russia accountable and deter after a series from future election interference. And the annual world's Utley is dog contest takes place at the Sonoma Amir an atmosphere in California. Advocating for pet adoption records not so pretty boutiques Osgood cause. Let's don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and their briefing room for a breakdown of the latest. O'clock and politics is next in the excitement that's building right here in New York City. Are crowding downton. And Seattle ended up. Buying debt this weekend walking five blocks on a tight wire 25. Stories above Times Square. The world famous daredevil filling us in on the last minute details. Both of us are walking this cable. It is drinkers image in diameter is about thirteen hundred feet long were 25 stories up. We'll start on opposite ends will meet in the middle. She'll actually sit on that wire all stepped over until stand back up and we'll make it top sitting on. We will witness what's walking that tight wire lie Sunday night at 8 PM. On ABC I'm nervous. What I saw happening later on a boat what time of the right now today. Some some months on that time though it today the official start of summer we are checking out fun in the sun get away ideas that will warm your toes with out to overheating your credit card. And Judy marks peak travel season but your best bet is booking for July and August. As those months ten to offered the best deals so let's start with where to go because of course it's all about location location location. Consider places that are off peak during summer months like Mexico and parts of the Caribbean. And destinations were the American dollar is worth more than local currency so your money goes further. As far as getting their triple A says gas prices are expected to be lowered this summer than last year. Driving more than half of Americans to hit the open roads for get away if you're looking to save some time they're still planning to get a sweet deal on flights. Before you start booking enable private browsing and searching flight online travel sites can track visits and hike fares based on your search and make sure you search city not airport. For instance flying to New York City you can choose from JFK LaGuardia or Newark. Traveling to place like New York Boston San Francisco all have alternative airports. And though is can really save you money. And to consider nearby cities like flying into Orlando in driving to tamp up or vice Versa depending on price buying a one way flight from one airline and flying back on another carrier can lower cost. And that. Do this search it's the data you travel it's that Tuesday departure and the Saturday return that's what matters also factor in how much he'll pay to stay. Experts suggested booking hotel rooms two to three weeks in advance but alternatives like air be Indian home awaken help save money and while booking weeks even months ahead is often suggested. Don't be afraid to look last minute. Trusts me my family and I scored a deal to grand Cayman less than a week before traveling back in January. For Aruba we planned ahead and got a steal just three weeks in advance and we booked flights to Brazil using credit cart points. Less than a month before takeoff. And with the dollar worth nearly four Brazilian rial. It made for a three. Trip and to some I always think about when traveling is tried to only pack a carry on. That way you don't need the extra time to check and collect bags you're more flexible if you miss your flight or need to rebook once and for parents. Trust they tried to exhaust your kids before boarding flight to run around the airport if you have to just so they're tired. And they sleep on a flight to than you can't. You can also get that rest and relaxation yes my estimate by the way is act Kenneth mode because you can figure some pictures from my travel. And put it in that story but yeah yeah goes to show yourself traveling. Around the world travel you know let array need to get away we'll show respect your mate if Arafat but that brings up. Question of the day where you heading for a summer trip what's your favorite destination. And if you have any other travel tips or hacks. Tell us in the comments between us and ABC news live like you were like him what to do with those kids right right or just takes a look at pictures and read about us. And you can be better than bouncers I'm happy summer solstice 11:54. AM. Eastern time in Joliet have a great weekend we'll see on Monday.

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