It’s Morning, America: Friday, Sept. 20, 2019

Texas flooding disaster, new details in whistleblower case, global climate change strikes and more.
26:15 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Friday, Sept. 20, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move and am on a costar Abbie here the top but thanks to know this Friday number one. The flood disaster in Texas at least two people have died in the flood disaster in southeast Texas and some areas more than forty inches of rain fell in 72 hours stranding hundreds of drivers more than 1000 people had to be rescued a disaster has been declared in thirteen counties number two UD jump about the mysterious complaint from a whistle blower triggered. Fire promised president trump allegedly made to a foreign leader sources now say the call involved Ukraine details of the conversation remain unclear. But the Director of National Intelligence has refused to allow the inspector general. To share the complaint with congress as required by law house Democrats were already looking into reports that the president's attorney Rudy Giuliani was trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate possible business dealings. Related to former vice president Joseph Biden and his son in that country. Last night Giuliani offered conflicting answers on CNN. I did ask Ukraine could look into Joseph but of course I did you just didn't. No I didn't ask them to look at the Joseph Biden if you look the allegations are related my client which tangentially involved. Joseph Biden but just be careful about what you say I asked to do the American caring about what Joseph Biden you said not. Value when I have to say that you did. The acting Director of National Intelligence is set to testify at a public hearing next week Democrats are demanding answers. Number three a New Jersey man has been charged with scouting terrorism targets in new York and other cities for has book possible locations included the New York Stock Exchange. Times Square airports tunnels and bridges. Prosecutors say Alexi sob was trained to look for soft spots. And targets to maximize damage authorities say he has been part of Hezbollah for more than forty years he first came to the US from Lebanon in 2000. Before becoming a citizen in 2008. On to number four students around the world are skipping class today. To demand action on climate change hundreds of thousands of students are expected to participate in the so called climate strikes. It comes three days before the United Nations climate change summit. Meanwhile some dire news about the bird population a new study warns the United States and Canada have lost 29%. Of their bird population. Since 1970. That includes some of the most common birds like sparrows and inches scientists say climate change human development and pesticides. A played a key role domestic cats get the blame as well they kill an estimated 2.4 billion birds every year. And filing number five a baby girl and main who already has a lucky number and a great story to tell about her Bernard Madison served Garland born on September 19. Q now the nineteen at 9:19. AM. And there's more her birth. Late measured nineteen and jet setter recap she was born on 919 at 919. And is nineteen into the law. I thought my teens. Imagine how insane her nineteenth birthdays fell into the home my goodness yeah right nineteen different number evidence that happen on my. She's gonna party like it's 1990s. Now they go out parents up and move on give does back. Let's get right up big story the deadly flood disaster in eastern Texas where more than forty inches of rain fell in some areas and it is still raining. New images are coming in including this dramatic scene. All those cars and trucks abandoned by their owners on this flooded highway near Houston. New video shows the floodwaters rising up mailboxes into this neighborhood the governor has declared a disaster thirteen counties. Some people have been stranded since early yesterday giving guests in this hotel had to escape water poured into the lobby before the weather but perhaps more on the historic conditions. Elizabeth good morning. Tenet then Mona good morning to you you know would more than nine inches of rain falling in one day Houston to set a new record. And S and other parts of Texas they're measuring the rainfall not in inches but in feet. And it's not over yet. First responders racing to save lives in Texas where today more rain could drench area has already under water these people standing around for hours looks like it's going to be a while longer. Torrential rain from what was tropical storm nova. Overtaking roads and highways tracking and trending so many drivers. Every bows like get out the target avatars but to get out ahead can do that about it. In Harris County official saying more than a thousand people have been rescued so far using everything from here from tractors and even dump trucks. The conditions here still treacherous authorities confirming one driver did not survive. We always took folks turnaround around in this case it seems like he. Continued right through it a court. Water up to mailbox is in some neighborhoods this was the only way out and others. Forced to wade through chest time water to get to higher ground just been relentless and we just can't escape the cyclone highlands here the deal luge a devastating blow for homeowners hit hard by hurricane Harvey just two years ago. And now their homes flooded again some with four to five feet of water. Two years ago everyone in the street justice did the energy to do it again. This weather event was so severe it is being called at thousand year flood and the last time Texas all one of these monstrous the world. It was just two years ago with hurricane hardy Ken. Both storms devastating thing about the people down there at Texas Elizabeth thank you. President John was holding a national security meeting at the White House today as he decides how to respond to the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil industry. I got officials are expected to present the president with a range of military options including potential targets in Iran sources say the president will be warned if he decided to go. But military action it could escalate into war. Overnight Iran announces leaders have received -- those from the US applied to New York to attend the UN general assembly next week president tropic scored a legal victory in a bi coastal battle to keep its personal financial information under wraps in California judge ruled in his favor. Blocking a new law that requires presidential candidates to release five years of tax returns and ordered to appear. On that State's 22 when he primary ballot. In New York the president is suing Manhattan's DA after he subpoenaed his accounting firm for eight years of its. State and federal turns as part of an investigation to hush money payments. Now to the new. Overnight sources confirming to ABC news that the call involved Ukraine house Democrats were already looking into reports the president. Was trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate deet dealings. To investigate dealings related to former vice president Joseph Biden and his son. Details of the call remain unclear but the complaint has resulted in a standoff between house Democrats and the intelligence chief. Here's ABC's Pierre Thomas. The Washington Post reports an official in one of America's spy communities. Became so alarmed by a secret promise president trump allegedly made in a phone call with a foreign leader of the summer. They las an official whistle blower complaint with the intelligence community's inspector general. The inspector general investigated determined the accusation to be credible. And of urging concerned and wanted to share with congress as required by law but he was blocked by the acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire. The Justice Department who disagreed. Furious Democrats accusing the top administration. Of a cover up to protect the president. We're determined to do everything we can to. Determine what this urgent concern is. To make sure that the national security is protected. And the inspector general meeting behind closed doors with the House Intelligence Committee but sources say he refused to reveal the nature of the whistle blowers complaint. Or whether it was focused on president trump who you think that this allegation this complaint. Involves who isn't a position to. Influence and acting Director of National Intelligence. Who has not been on the job very long. To do something completely unprecedented. ABC news has not independently confirmed the post report which does not name the foreign leader more than they to a president from alleged promise. For his part the president dismisses it all as make news adding. Is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially heavily populated call. But this is not the first time his communications with foreign leaders have come under scrutiny and to cover the seventeen Oval Office meeting. He was accused of sharing classified information with the number Russian officials. Among the foreign leaders he spoke to the summer. North Korea's Kim Jung sun Britain's worst Johnson the president of Ukraine there Russia's Vladimir Putin. Though the law specifically designed to make sure whistle blower complaints actually get the congress. Chairman Sid says this is the first time a Director of National Intelligence distant way. He says the director better have some answers when he testifies in public next week. Pierre Thomas ABC news Washington. Mark Zuckerberg returns to capitol today for more meetings for lawmakers. On Thursday the FaceBook tie in met with president trumpet the White House the president tweeting that it wasn't nice meeting. FaceBook described it as good and constructed the meetings comments tech giants are facing a more regulatory scrutiny. A New Jersey man is charged with helping a terror group backed by Iran investigators say he scouted dozens of high profile locations. For possible attacks including sites in New York Washington and Boston. This morning an American man is under arrest accused of working within a Ronnie and back tier group scouting locations in the US to attack. Authorities say is targets were crowded and iconic landmarks including Times Square in major airports and bridges. 42 year old Lex he sought has been arrested on terrorism charges for allegedly supporting Hezbollah. Hezbollah. Is a terrorist organization. This controlled and funded by Iran. There across the world they've been associated or involved in a number of attacks. Investigators say Saab was Libyan in New Jersey and entered the US in 2000 applied for citizenship in 2005. And became a naturalized citizen three years later. Authorities say he made ten trips to Lebanon in the past two decades receiving extensive weapons training on a key forty sevens and M sixteens. And learning to make explosives. Court documents show drawings sob allegedly made bombs. The FBI recover photos and videos from sobs devices that agents say depict as potential targets. Including Boston's Fenway Park and the US capitol in Washington. This strikes me as somebody that's. Firmly in place committed to Hezbollah and providing them specific information. The potentially launch an attack perhaps in the near future. Prosecutors say the suspect confessed that he was pay 20000 dollars to marry someone he Harley new and gain her citizenship. Officials say that fraudulent marriages what led them to his initial arrest. And the former airline mechanic being held in Miami due to potential terrorist sympathies will be back in federal court today. That's what I'm Gilani is expected to enter a plea on charges of sabotaging a pack American Airlines jet. Back in July. Money was ordered held on Wednesday when prosecutors revealed he had places videos on his phone and that his brother Eddy rock. May be involved with the group he faces up to twenty years in prison on the sabotage charges. Moving on a statement from Nike is making one thing completely clear it says quote Antonio Brown is not a Nike app. Late the company dropped the patriots receiver from his roster of endorsed athletes Nike made no other comment on that timing of that decision but it comes as brown is facing rape and sexual assault allegations. From his former trainer which he denies. Brown face reporters yesterday for the first time since joining the patriots he declined to answer questions about the allegations saying his focus is on football. And super great food and beer. They've totally do go to church and Tom Brady you know about a lot of the office of learning catch. Obama cited a group here and be applied easy. And all round answer four questions that his locker of the entire interview session lasted just over a minute he's expected to play Sunday against the jets. And then Mayo Clinic child psychologist says that picky eaters may actually have an eating disorder they may suffer from a void in or restrictive food intake disorder. Sufferers are also selective about food. That they are unable to maintain their body weight the psychologist suggests letting them how the larger portions of the food that they enjoy. Parents may also want to seek professional help. And coming out today as the big day for alien enthusiasts swarm into Nevada what started as they storm area 51 base would you bet. We've more than two million people responding. We'll see how many actually attend passable. Bedford students around the globe walk out of schools their protests in action on climate change. The well across the pond for more on this one. Welcome back students around the world are walking out of school today to demand climate change action the so called climate change strikes have already gotten underway overseas. So let's go across the pond to our friend Maggie ruling in the London bureau who's about to go cover the strikes taking place there in the UK Maggie good morning. Tank and it's good morning and his tanks are dispensed pick up here in the UK believe aren't even following. Video that they are coming in from really all over the world and I got and cut Kenya was having massive protests we also saw them in Australia and the Czech Republic. I mean when they are calling this global climate change protest. They really are global a mini me organizers say they expect this to be the largest climate protest in our planet's. History it is all going down saying you guys are gonna have some. Pretty major ones in New York later as well. Now what's so remarkable is cannon and I want just like look at his video for a second because you noticed the Angel hold these protesters. It's it's really incredible they're all young people this is a movement that's been to remain by the youth dreaming by students and a lot of the momentum behind and then goes back to Greta Tom Burnett sixteen year old Swedish activist. Who is now becomes urban icon of this movement she has sailed across the Atlantic Shih spoke before congress last week saying trust in the scientists trust. The science behind climate change. And now we see sort of that message being picked up around the world by students but. They're also asking for regular people for older adults for people who are working tougher web sites to also strike in shut down in protest so. Again we don't know what the numbers are going to be just yet but just these early videos coming in arms really remarkable. Just incredible you truly are. RA now and Scotland new underwater video is reigniting the interest in the locker Nast monster here in America are talking about aliens. Planet across the funny is he doing with them locked nest monsters is that the real deal. When I want yes so bad maintenance I was so excited when this video came out ensuring Allison and by now. It looks like this monster. Mean look at UCS knowing this is proof the lot this monster exists our entire beer here I believed it. Alice who's been on this story since the beginning. She believes that danger honest. As he just laughed at me and a few actually ever believed to enable cooking and meet. Client thinks of some great reporting by Alice back there she called up. The people behind this up about the video and they said they didn't mean it as a praying they just. How we're kind of putting out this interesting murky video and in the Internet took an ice storm it went in Iowa before seen had a chance to tell people was actually. Along. Gone wrong giant NEL. Okay. Oklahoma local police that's why I can't believe everything you see on the Internet case you can't. Let this affect. I think I heard. Justin brings full circle is that the young men the European eels actually Marion danger never type and the climate today's than just a little plug for Englander species. There for a week as she knows everything about your brand it speaker of knowing everything about you're this actually may help you out we have some important advice. In case you meet the queen over there across the pond Maggie. Grab and notepad and a pen girl takes a nut and this comes from formula in the racing star Louis Campbell said who opened up to the BBC's grant nor in about getting. A dressing down over his table manners. From get says the queen heart cells Maggie. So Maggie out version you heard this at a few years ago he was I wanted to eight guests invited to lunch with the queen. And we'll see it right next to her so unfortunately he dared to attempt this. Meat to her at the wrong doings. Yeah. That's he's wait Maggie there's more than Moore Maggie put on he says he told him as she pointed to his left quell. Netted an out you speak about waves first and house being this way. Then I'll come back CO. Then Maggie did queen reportedly doesn't speak to people on her lap. Until the thirteen and cheese this are served and I've seen you ET this am putting. So before here on this side of the time. And how would you like to talk Maggie and that you wouldn't care about protocol with the queen so we're trying to help you out before you get a. Florida couldn't really represent on the money don't you can think that's wet Kenneth winds by as well have you spoken to you on his left again and now not until I definitely had written. The congressional critic but let you know they live and I admit Canada's likens annex of the cleaning and hope with the explode. The bag I can't wait for you to meet the queen and it's going to be announcement act like that's going to be the one time behind you bring get and at some I. I like the one person to make Maggie just can. No tone it down. Consider him a little bit. Isn't. We can't wait we did not only and I appreciate all the tents keeping coming international at the day ahead. I got a lot going out there to cover. That you met Maggie and we really appreciate it we'll see you soon. Then pilots are part of vacations now ninth rank starting with the annual running of though Wiener dogs. In Cincinnati. Let's see who wins. Adam cleared. Hair. And Atlanta just like the hot and I got bond Donovan everything can get food hey did you know it's natural pepperoni pizza day. We celebrated the earlier this month on world news now. This month the neighborhood pickup. Out with yeah. Terror. The law back home all flights would amount to a separate him today. Job they'll let me get their right mind yeah gave him when he's not perfect and don't let me. The oh my gosh. Let me for a long. I'm giving you guys make these data. Then. It's love take another bite. Then I thought I. So yeah the heart burn ideal right now feel like that with a month ago but that was this morning I like the technique where he learned that foreign affairs. Let you hold it out hot New York I'm now married again I don't know these things. Let's hear southern New York. Yeah there you go. Indoor nationals earned his keep today. Zurich enjoyed Hamad of 2000 finally got it right with queen bee. Allard its second minute though London location has unveiled a beyonce if bigger that fans are calling it rep place of all the wax statue immortalized as the don't say firmer Coachella performance last year. She sporting a yellow crop sweatshirt denim cutoffs and you're death that knee high boots and at and T service says that queen bee has even taken the plates of Queen Elizabeth. Among the British royals tests for now and just like the real Queen Elizabeth and it's really speaks to people to the lab to the left first. It's been a long road for beyonce with quite a few whacks failed. In the past Le rendezvous what this line now however and this one. Go back and then this line. Blue really move that. What's it looks like a department store mannequins are Britney Spears after 2000 sat. Now that they've made and heading toward area 51 this weekend the visitor is this. Ending on the Nevada desert are earth playing not actually terrestrial they've come from around the world. For an event that started actually is a face that joke. In the that is dusty desert the stage is set for an invasion of hopefully I captured the Neely and people have come from as far away as France camping just miles from area 51. The legendary classified based that believers say is home to aliens and get here and if this is phenomenal people but it's the the base has been getting a galaxy of attention since June when Mattie Robert started. A joke FaceBook page called storm area 51. They can't stop all of us. Calling on people to raid the base today September 20. Two million people are as VP prompting a warning from the military which said quote. The US air force always stands ready to protect America and its assets. Art Beatrice. There was no way at least FBI agents even showed up at Roberts do war. I was absolutely terrified that even though there BI agents that they presented a bad. After all the attention Roberts decided to turn the area 51 raid into a music festival moving it to nearby Rachel Nevada. A town with a population. A 54 and one hotel beat everything you need everything small city has including a small hospital Roberts ended up canceling the festival because of the logistical nightmare. But despite getting a cease and desist letter from Robert his former partner is in budget and she insists the show must go on. This charities here medical standards his yet toilets or air the most important thing. People are here for the believers they are preparing for whatever may come this weekend. I got. Sixty Beers I god. About eight gallons of gas I hope it will always see some stuff are here expectant go up in the desert and fall asleep but nothing's going on. Now most people camping out say they have no intention of actually storming area 51. The FA though has closed airspace in the area this weekend to keep personal drones from flying Newton personal drones are. UFO's. X. Diego hey coming WDBO look at all the big events in the day ahead. Planned wait till you see them mr. Rogers Halloween costume that has some asking is anything even sacred anymore are. We'll show it to you after this. Here's what to watch our for today president dropping the First Lady will welcome Australian prime ministers got horses. For a rare state dinner at the White House. Readers will have a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office. And hold a joint press conference before the seat down. So weak of climate action kicks off with worldwide strikes. Including a rally in New York we've seen that climate change activist Greta Lundberg who begin protesting at the age of fifty outside the Swedish parliament. So be joined by other youth activists at an event including a Puerto Rico day of action to mark the second anniversary. Of hurricane Maria making landfall there camera. Crass running for president are making their pitch for addressing them limiting the effects of climate change at a climate forum hosted by Georgetown University politics. And in Iowa candidates is that disputed that LG BTQ presidential form exposed to by. Black. And the storm area fifty Juan party get together festival begins today north of Las Vegas with sun. Controversy and concerns one concerns. One concern surrounds how many people will actually show up at the air force facility believed to be high today. Evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Two million people sat they'd attend at least on FaceBook as of yesterday a few hundred people were at the site. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. So finally. On this Friday it may be a beautiful today the neighbor. But what mr. Rogers say about this. This new costume. Or Halloween is raising an eyebrow. I'm mr. Rogers. The company behind the nicest neighbor costing says they don't take themselves too seriously but some are asking is nothing sacred. So that's our question today is this the best or worst Halloween costume and if not what is tell us in the comments or tweet us. At ABC news live 'cause Halloween is right around the corner they're free to provide pictures as well. And we'll love those. Columbia sexy you. Mrs. doubtfire. So she would come out of that costly mistake. Won't you be my neighbor and some of yes. Yes I would like lot of your large item veto a person's name right exactly. Sorry folks it is great to have Monaco's happy here all week long and the only way America. The money you're headed back to DC now on the headed north of Las Vegas the storm area if you live there you go back to be reporting live from there it. This weekend I'll take you now have a great weekend rewind. We'll see a weekend.

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