It's Morning, America: Monday, May 6, 2019

Donald Trump says Robert Mueller shouldn't testify before Congress, Moscow plane crash kills dozens and more.
22:43 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, May 6, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move in. And I'm Jane or near the top I think you know this Monday number one the air disaster in Moscow news video from inside a burning Russian airliners as flames started to involve the plane. A new report to the lightning strike may have caused a lost communication. Forcing emergency landing that ended with the plane burning on the runway and. Credible images there at least 41 of the 78 people on board were killed maintenance was reportedly got on the plane last month. Number two US warship is heading to the Middle East following a potential threat from Iran officials believe Iran or groups working on its behalf are planning to attack American forces in the region. The USS Abraham Lincoln strike group is now on its way national security advisor John Bolton says the US is not seeking war but he warned that any attack will be met. With unrelenting force on to number three president process special counsel Robert Mueller. Should not testify before congress the president's changing course from a few days ago when he said it was up to a tit for attorney general William Barr. Democrats are pushing to get Muller to appear before a house committee next week they are especially interested in hearing about his objections to how Barth characterized his report. Other option investigation. Number for the battery in your iPhone may not be as powerful as advertised at consumer advocacy group says it found nine iPhone miles up all short of Apple's battery life place. The worst performer and the iPhone acts are which came in 51%. Below. What apple claims it can deliver apple says its products are. Tested rigorously and it stands by its battery life claims and finally number five standing ovation for jeopardy host Alex back plus Mike directive sent. The Emmy award for best game show host he told the audience he was concerned about getting the sympathy vote. This year after being diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. I'm not a big fan of sympathy votes I believe we should all be judged on the merits. Of our work. However. I started thinking back to last year. Last year I was nominated. I had just had major surgery. To remove two life threatening blood clots on my brain. You would think that would have elicited a certain amount of sense. Let me. Allow that harm and that's his sixth Emmy for hosting jeopardy it was definitely not a simple brute fact that metro. Good morning happy Monday outs for Red Hat back room role in last night he did he's always very funny he's funny and again not a sympathy vote at all. Very well deserved honor for him. Trading partners well. President trump is turning up the pressure in the trade war with China and he sending stocks tumbling the president warned a tweet that he would dramatically hiked tariffs on Chinese imports from 10%. To 45% this Friday that's just two days before China and the US are poised to resume negotiations in Washington and China. It's now considering canceling those talks stocks and China had dropped more than 6% today in Dow futures dropped more than 450. Point. And the trump administration is still hoping to reach had me denuclearization deal with North Korea after the latest round of provocative military drills near photo show turned on earth observing the launch of wrong. Unidentified short range projectiles which landed in the Sea of Japan Kim said his front line troops should stay on high alert. The test are believed to be a part of an effort to get the US to restart stalled talks. And lift economic sanctions. And president trumps former fixer and attorney Michael Cohen reports to prison today he was spot in Manhattan and during its final hours of freedom before becoming a federal inmate. ABC's during shop has more from the prison in New York work Cohen is expected to spend the next three years are ain't good morning. Good morning Jeanne Ake head in just a few hours Michael Cullen will be entering the prison right behind me here in L is still. And he says he's gonna hold a press conference this for what he's gonna say is anyone's guess on Friday he just said the words. Be there. Michael calling president trumps former longtime personal attorney and fixer. Inning used the re your criminal sentenced today at the old issel federal prison in upstate New York. At one time pro and fighting his loyalty to the president I'll do anything to protect mr. trump the but last year pleading guilty to nine counts among them tax evasion and lying to congress and campaign finance violations related to hush money payments to stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. To cover up alleged a payers with trump. Cohen says he acted in coordination with an act that direction of trump himself I knew what I was doing was wrong and done being loyal. Two presidents from getting this past February Cohen spent several days testifying on Capitol Hill going after the president's character. He's a racist. He's a con man. And use a cheat Republicans trying to discredit Cohen brought stirred sheik convicted felon narcissus the bully. Who cannot tell the truth I also accused Cohen of lying during his sworn testimony but the disbarred lawyer says he's now owning his mistakes. And it's calling himself a cautionary tale for the president's current defenders but more people that follow missed a trump. As I did blindly. Are going to suffer the same consequences that I'm suffering. Cole is lawyer told Associated Press that he is asked to reduce the sentence but that opportunity was never granted. Colin Wilson the next three years behind me in prison. G-8 Kenneth writes varying thank you so much. Also breaking overnight there's word of a cease fire between Israelis and Palestinians and Gaza after the worst outbreak of violence since when he fourteen more than 600 rockets were fired from Gaza into the we can killing four people in Israel Israelis responded with airstrikes of their own killing at least 23 people on either side of the border. The cease fire was brokered by Egypt and a UN envoy. An American Israeli man was among those killed in the rocket attacks he was just 21 years old. They're cruise ship that sparked a measles scare is back in its home court but passengers remained stuck on board the free winds arriving Curacao Saturday authorities took blood samples from anyone who couldn't prove it received a measles vaccine. A female crew member was diagnosed with the viral infection the ship's planned trip to Aruba last night was canceled. Or icon and singer at legendary Diana Ross says she felt violated after a yet TSA screening at the New Orleans airport. A 75 girl called up the TSA Sunday describing her pack down as aggressive and over the top in a series of tweets. The agency says in initial review of surveillance footage indicates. Proper procedures were followed but the investigation. Continues as an artist search. Got away for missing five year old girl who may have been kidnapped right re man in the Houston area. An AMBER Alert was issue for goalie Ed Davis Sunday morning authorities say she recently have brain surgery and needs medical care holiest stepfather says he was confronted by three men. As he was headed to the airport he says he was knocked out. It's one of the man and the girl was missing when he regained consciousness. There's an emotional outpouring for Reilly Howell listing being recognized for saving lives during last week's college shooting in North Carolina. Howell was buried with military honors because he was ruled an ROTC courses at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Witnesses say he took down the gunman who opened fire in a classroom killing Howell and one other student. The Pittsburgh police force has welcomed a furry new member to the department Zain is a bureau's first comfort docked for peer support critical incidents in community outreach. The adorable Golden Retriever puppy will go through 68 weeks of training and once he's done. It a bad just like any other canine officer and right now. He has that police vest that says. In training really nice I think we need a comfort support dark around here I think sent. Well coming up the controversy at the Kentucky Derby the horse across the fish site first disqualified. Find out why after that's. Welcome back lawsuit could now be brewing over Saturday's Kentucky Derby it's interesting I promise people are stunt actor I've never before seen decision was made to end our friend Diana go to explain. It's being called the most controversial Kentucky Derby ever. For the first time in the race's 144. Year history the first course to cross the finish line is not the winner. Second place finish her country house. Named derby champion it all centers on this moment at the end of the final turn. Watch as the undefeated favorite maximum security ships to his right coming out of his lane and interfering with a near. I horse maximum securities reared heels. Come very close if not actually clipping the fraud heels of war of will. And so there was clearly interference here if there is any interference that in any way affect the outcome. The offending horse has to be taken down. You can hear jockey Louise science mention right after the race the young horse got scared by the crowd noise the crowd was screaming he's a baby you know. Masai as was celebrating two other jockeys were filing objections. Arguing the champion horse made of felt and should be disqualified. And then the wait for nearly 22 minutes the crowd was in suspense. The jockeys on the phone with the judges waiting for information. And then the verdict. Hi the favorite disqualified and replaced by a 65 to one long shot. But ESPN's Barry Abrams says the result isn't that rare it happens every day in this sport all across the country just. Not in the Kentucky Derby even maximum securities trainer later alluded to the felt it can. Could you describe what you just saw as you watch the replay oh. It looked like he came out a little bit on the one north. Country house the first derby champion to win by objection. The owner of maximum security is reportedly planning an appeal and possible legal action. But for now country house is the derby winner and headed to the preakness it's unclear if maximum security will run that race as well. Diane Macedo ABC news Bristol Connecticut. I told it was very interesting to. Don't let my on Terry. I got some minutes say about this or Burma for you know Paula I'm K okay Friday out of LA you've go to sleep first but here's I can't say we it's lousy mood for a third winning tickets who thought that the nom second place winner unless they second place. And so we'll have this shakes out but I would be a fury yet live it. Angry but I also whatever them a ticket I would have kept therefore you know memorabilia. Anything because you never know he never. Lesson learned let's go across the pond that ABC news is London bureau or Chilean McFarlane. And keeping an eye on that tragic crash landing and Moscow at least 41 people were killed in massive fire on board. And Julie we know that investigators are now at least releasing. Some idea of what they think may be to blame. Hey guys in yes prime minister to meet humid today dent that boarded this special. Investigation this criminal prior. Into what may of course that this tragic accident. We've just been hearing T tells of some. Series. Dot Russian. Investigations. By GE. FBI. A still what you theory that some theories of what may have happened but what we do know is actually helps take calls. This plane into an Arab flood seemed poised to project 100 its commercial. At lineup this kind of some eighteen people went steady minutes off to take colts from a most you have what it sent a distress signal. I'm and then a and then he considered so this is really stunning visit on the inside the cabin. Terrified passengers as real time. Court via its pretty unclear at what happens I'm says Farris footage that we were looking out last night that shape the plane making an imagine us. C a very very violent emergency landing bumping several times. Cut a lighting and fire as it hit the runway. Issuing these huge columns of snakes but the tragedy is a 41 people have died to give him. Believed to be children 37 people have survived. Tragic indeed US are your reporting alone is tonight yesterday incredible job and you're gonna sit on top of this for us. Let's move on to a new United Nations science report says that nature is in trouble one million species of plants and animals. Are at risk of going extinct and scientists say. Humans are to blame. Yeah because this is a pretty big deal this is the fast. Issues. The facet of special report on fire divest of its kind in about fifty nick yeah is an of course. The more than landscape has shifted law in the loss he has admitted stuck it makes rating grim reading. A legion of scientists who've been whacking on the cent gain to unveil its in Paris. Shortly they've been doing this for the UN and what they have found is dots the man made to destruction of natural cycles. Has put us on course for a sixth wave of mass extinction. Now there have been five cycles of the same flaw. In the history of the natural while it natural disasters wiping out religious species out of of course I'm meet said that killed the dinosaurs. But they say this is the sixth wave of mass extinctions possibly up to a million species could be wiped out this is a fast cycle that is found to mankind. And it could humanity at risk as while. I mean I guess you. I don't know that's awful to hear but is it that surprising not extremely don't think and Julia or so I'm royal baby lots in other royal news Thailand. As a beacon of humans we will always but keep. Creating a fair bloody human cigar. Thailand has officially crowned its next king. Yeah guys and of course there was a world where I think lost we Black Friday it says this is amazing say the Thai king. I'm gonna try passes I'm kingdom Maha the exit zero along corn a lot that's review the sun I owned. This and of king. Drew me close. A McNabb put the old king died it back into any sixty but has been a long period of mourning the ties greatly revered royal family. And he has been crowned in a ceremony at lost three days and they gang fueled the rights that the name in but last week there was a well wedding because this a surprise announcement. McCain my 1040 god in a lavish senator Manny. We're enjoying those pitches in the week hadn't. And say the Thais have been celebrating this in some pretty stunning. Faces an unfit it's coming out of these beautiful elaborate lavish sent many overtime. We're doing again here your record is the second yet so. About burglar who got everything so the king who read about. Start. Thinking when they raised his book think. Yeah it's like Kevin Costner and Whitney easily break but with a happier ending that made. How replica of those alerts and a bodyguard and I when everything else that we. We need to know more about that you have about yeah. It's coincidentally the Thai king of also my favorite Thai restaurant here in New York. Aren't I really get here so why shouldn't really have heard your I got here let's guides have garnered big agent. Cancer rapper has started ads that are campaigns speaking. Food targeting Wendy. You don't want no problem no problem with me Obama spicy chicken nugget and I want so badly they're raping her is that is god apparently a big bad of the fast. Good change. Spicy chicken nugget that Whitney drop from a menu two years ago as frequently that would free flow. Geoffrey Fowler. Yeah it on the weekends. And we didn't positive affirmation that included Whitney bringing back spicy chicken nugget. Somebody did notice reading if you that get our weekly Julian liked the people in charge we'll bring that nugget back. And of course they got those two million street along with the girl fashion as potent. Free flow ripple out. Free flow raced out and definitely gives us yeah whatever it is I thought that the little bowling for you. Conductor than Brussels went train Alamo Bowl lane married for it. Well trap door at right way. Way. Those guys are pretty close to rich dad also what are the chances of us being able to get DC involved in this. You know that trolley along eighth street. They got enough the burger with the transportation doubting beefy that we can't including. Could trams and if accurate for bowling. At what surfer caught the wave of a lifetime off the coast port bow. Yeah the big war bank again. Back there at sun game very. Events Callahan. Did okay three. Looks pretty we'll. Up next the countdown and sit and that gala where police found. I heard all the way to a preview we'll tell you why we won't. Be seeing any self beef from the red carpet. Returns after this. More. Welcome back. From there to watch out towards a president trouble with the commander in chief's trophy to the army black knights football team for their victories. Over navy and air force this past season and later this evening Tiger Woods will receive the presidential medal of freedom. Well what the president called his incredible success and come back. Sports and more importantly by. The ball hold mass some Bulgaria where he urged Bulgarians to open their hearts and homes to migrant. Human rights groups have criticized Bulgaria over treatment of asylum seekers especially unaccompanied minors. And all eyes will be on the red carpet at the met gala tonight Willie got past Serena Williams and Harry styles little joy Anna wintour and hundreds of other eight blisters for the it. On its last don't forget to tune into the debris for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. As South Carolina. As we just that it's a fashion industry's biggest events of the year organize read it first lady of fashion vogue editor in chief you know into. Are we can't wait originates dressed tonight at the met gala this year's met gala is already shaping up to be Bob and no out here's our. Own fashion Easter will cans with a preview. A little later today the most influential folks in fashion will all be on the same runway at the met gala. This year's theme camp notes on fashion. Not camp likes more sun and opened fire. Camp like Merriam Webster's second definite. Tyler motive personal or creative expression that is absurdly exaggerated and often uses elements of high and popular culture. The party this year hosted by Anna wintour my guess is that we're going to see. A very large amounts of campus. Alessandra Michel of Gucci and to pop stars who always hit the right notes on the red card. Harry styles and Levy got. Tickets to the event cost a cool 35000. Dollars apiece. And tables can cost up to 300000. Dollars. Even after all that Anna wintour still has total control over the guest list for last year's carpet heaven on earth. Rihanna as the Pope Katy Perry sporting Angel wings. Met gala famous for show stopping fashion share Jacky L to beyonce. This year's gala guest list includes Kanye West Kim Kardashian which means Kym gable be in the same room with Taylor Swift for the first time in awhile. But don't expect to see too many posts about it on social media the official rules of the galaxy cellphone usage it's strictly forbidden. After the carpet stars have to ditch their phones there's also an aide to an. No one is allowed if they're under eighteenth don't expect to see anyone from stranger things on the carpet sorry. Bo and celebs are encouraged to leave today at home this which were once every one to mingle. And if you do score and invite you better be there word on the street is if you say no we'll get the chance to say yes amber again. I mean. So apparently. The queen yes. Queen bee is one of very few people that has ever declined it invites and that gala and had been invited back. Honesty the royalty here in the US so. And I guess that's my cue the invited back after the whole elevator asked. That would that make out. You see my eyes right now I think he's black. As a last well they don't sometimes things goes down when the the billion dollars on elevator. Of course sometimes things go down and isn't billion dollars on the elevator and that brings us to question today what or cool. Would you Wear to the met gala if you were going. It's expecting get anywhere. Skid. I don't Wear yeah like a meat that's you're more bed. You're horrible on the guess what exactly I got god forbid a meet where they award like MTV music awards back in the day and you're an elevator taller than me you're the meat dress. I don't know that any legal redress but you should weed out let us know who or what you Wear may be two pars today. Or candidate or Tom Ford. Harper bill falcons theater here all alone. A bigger everywhere you look that don't think I'll stay with us. AZ news live at thirty or five gas and breaking news throughout the day. Have a great day we'll see you tomorrow.

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