It's Morning, America: Monday, Aug. 19, 2019

Shooting threats foiled, thousands protest in Hong Kong, Weight Watchers controversy and more.
26:34 | 08/19/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Monday, Aug. 19, 2019
Good morning I'm Trevor laws and analysts have heard here at a top five things to know this Monday number one extreme weather in Pennsylvania authorities say tree hit by lightning crashed onto a tent pavilion and a swim club injuring nine people including several children. Two adults and seven kids were triage at the scene and then rushed to the hospital. Heavy winds also sent trees crashing down across North Carolina this weekend more strong storms are expected today from DC to New York City number two the string of new arrests involving mass shooting threats. The latest as a twenty year old self proclaimed white supremacist arrested for allegedly threatened to attack a Jewish community center in Ohio and police say James Reardon posted this video through Amsterdam. Of him firing a semiautomatic weapon authorities also found a large collection of rifles dozens of rounds of ammunition gas mask and bulletproof armor after reading the suspect's home. Reduced due in court this morning. Daunting number three Hong Kong is bracing for more street protests amid the looming threat of a military intervention by China organizers claimed one point seven million pro democracy protesters took over the streets on Sunday defying police orders. Observers say China now has a dilemma the Communist government could look weak. If it offers concessions or it could risk economic penalties from other nations if it crackdown on the protesters. At number four president trump is downplaying concerns that the country is facing a recession. After that steep drop on Wall Street last week that president and his top economic advisors are. Rosie picture if they're defending its trade war with China and insisting that the economy is doing well. I don't see a recession I'm in the world is that a recession right now. And dead although that still vague I say that but if you look at giant agendas are very very poorly at other grabbing a recession would doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich I gave a tremendous tax cut. And they loaded up with money. Even though the president insists the trade war is not harming Americans he still delaying new terrorists uncertain goods from China. He claims China is ready to make a deal that he says he's not ready. And finally number five the Little League World Series has produced the most unique batting stance of the year of Venezuelan player nicknamed chicken little. They use this loaded the ground look. To shrink who strikes out he doesn't on the first pitch to try to make the picture pro ball and it did not work this time. But he did get some love from the big league start Cleveland's yelled please showed that imitation the sincerest form of flattery. We've got much more to talk about coming your way it's morning America. Right over. While it. OK hello everyone did and Kenneth. Elizabeth stepping into the package. I I. I am yeah but I also wanted to mention that your first platter for her death here rest area hi how you feeling happy and tired. Both of those things in spades fresher absolutely but it's been great sort of telephone. Welcome you're doing a great job but let's get to that these big story several new alleged plot to carry out mass shooting for the nation on edge after the recent attacks in Texas and Ohio authorities now say they foiled. The re plot including that threat targeting a Jewish Center in Ohio new details are emerging about the suspect. ABC Serena Marshall is here with more good morning Serena. Driver Elizabeth good morning to both of you in these are all really the result of if you see something say something in Ohio it was the result. Follow only had social media pose they sog that the suspect had posted. Well and thwart the suspect's girlfriend had a alerted police to us some text messages he sent. Another mass shooting averted. Oh. Police arresting 25 year old Kristin Richard Daytona Beach, Florida discovering a hunting rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition at his apartment. They came following a tip from his ex girlfriend who he allegedly sent a series of disturbing messages like this one. Writing a school is a weak target I'd be more likely to open fire on a large crowd of people from over three miles away he talks about how he wants to die. It is text messages and we Dicey what's a lot of people his arrest coming the same day as twenty year old Jean Richard in junior and Ohio. Police say he posted this disturbing video online with the caption. Please Ed and device shooter in Youngstown Jewish Stanley center is a local white nationalist. A Friday raid that led to a cachet of weapons ammunition and gas mask and bulletproof armor seized from his home with a hate crimes and he almost won on. We wanted to make sure that we do our part police claiming an affidavit Riordan attended the deadly 2017 silent they'll unite them right route. Lately the FBI has been seeking the public's help combatting domestic terrorism what motivates Nash shooters is power control just last week a Connecticut man who please said showed an interest in committing a mass shooting arrested. And follow the arrests of two men with alleged ties to white supremacy one in Las Vegas is applying to blow up the synagogue or gay bar and another. In Florida. FBI officials recently warned members of congress about domestic terrorism saying they currently have 850. Open investigations. Trevor Elizabeth. Through the Marshall thank you we'll president trump has confirmed that he has discussed the idea of buying it. Greenland comparing the prospect to a large real estate deal. That's right speaking Sunday afternoon the president site and that's strategic benefits of owning. The world's largest island which is already which already houses a US military base Greenland is a semi autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark but the president seems to. I think it's just a big piece of real estate. Essentially it's a larger real estate deal lot of things could be done. Ed set hurting Denmark very badly because they're losing almost 700 million dollars a year caring. So they carry it had a great laws and strategically for the United States it would be nice. So officials in Greenland say the island is not for sale the Danish prime minister called Trump's idea of stirred. Iran may be preparing to attempt another satellite launch amid heightened tensions with the US. Recent satellite images show increased activity at a space center south of Tehran after two failed launches earlier this year plans for the next one. Reportedly involve getting a telecommunications. Satellite into orbit this by you despite US accusations. Iran has long insists it it's not pursuing nuclear weapons saying it wanted and rockets test. Have no military component. A deadly creek plane crash is under investigation. And I'll have both people on board were killed when the single engine aircraft went down just after taking off from Wilmington airport yesterday morning. Police say there was a distress call shortly before the plane crashed reports that the pilot was a retired member of the army air cavalry. Hong Kong is preparing for more protests this week this is after thousands defied police orders not to gather on Sunday. The pro democracy protesters took over the streets but unlike previous weekend's. There were no bloody clashes ABC's Ian panel is in Hong Kong with more. Just incredible scenes here in Hong Kong as hundreds of thousands of people flooded onto the strains. Now what last month as if from the organizers certainly isn't the one point seven million people that means a quarter of the entire population of the city. Turned out and took to the streets in the middle of torrential rain. Despite the elements despite the threats and it come from new authorities. The police had said that they didn't have permission to go only Smart but nevertheless Eldridge huge rally but so many people turned up it was impossible to contain them that then starts to fall downtown taking over the street. It was all so peaceful remember we have seen scenes of violence over the last few weeks but that didn't. Happened jury and this day of protest now but organizers that very clear it's now or never would beat him before in Hong Kong and twenty old tape. They didn't chief obsession this time they say they went leave. And the Chinese Government making clear that if you authorities here in Hong Kong Kong deal with this crisis and they can't they have the solutions that have the power. Even releasing video of the timing. Paramilitary police just twenty miles away from it just across the border into mainland China carrying out these new poetry style drills with armored vehicles off of troops rallying launching. And shall take however is difficult with China to send them across the border. Let's say a bill to protestors are determined that no gonna leave the streets against a stout until they get back in session. The China if it makes closed sessions it rich setting a dangerous precedent. If it cracks down the world is watching. And the world can respond economically president trump already saying that if China doesn't respond to this you mainly that it will find it difficult to do a trade deal. With the mainland. Impanel ABC news in Hong Kong. One of the best running backs in college football history is dead after a motorcycle crash. Former University of Texas star Cedric Benson and a female passenger died Saturday night in Midland Texas. Two other people were injured Benson was voted college football's top running back in 2004. He helped Chicago reach Super Bowl 41 in 2007. A number of current and former players and coaches have reacted to Benson's death on social media Cedric Benson was. Six. Now to. Hunt paying images from El Paso 22 hearse is representing the 22 victims of that shooting they carried thousands of floral arrangements. Sent from around the world for the funeral of Margie Ricard. She was killed during the Rampage thousands turned out for her funeral over the weekend her husband invited the public because he has no living relatives. Well we gotta talk about a South Dakota woman who diagnosed herself with kidney stones are then after she sought treatment. She has now been given some sleepless nights filled with changing diapers. We can say that again earlier this month then met the glitz was rushed to hospital with severe pains in her back and got she left a few days later went truck flipped. Late Gypsy and Nikki were born nine days ago much to the surprise of their mom and dad. Their mother has had kidney issues and kids in the past and she says yeah. Was a shocker. Started in pain status kidney stones that went down before they were stolen shot trust me we know what you mean. They Garland doctors think an officer for kidney stones. In that going in labor with C section that I. It was crazy is this once doctors figured out the net was pregnant date to prepare fort twins. The doctors discovered the third baby while she was in labor her husband's reaction was according to her excuse any. Put it back right back not sure that that's a hospital procedure I understand his prize kidney stones. Trip length while. Yeah I mean kidney stones are painful but not not. Giving birth three times leveled off. Even worse I cannot imagine it. Pretty rough but New York City Condo owner has been busted for apparently squeezing it very tight housing market is reportedly divided. His 630. Square foot duplex. In 211 the micro apartment the reports say some units had ceilings that we're just four and a half feet high and nine people were living in that Condo. Officials shut down a similar unit in that same building that had said residents. Well coming up the controversy around Weight Watchers and its new program for kids. Like some parents are calling for a boycott I think. Welcome back. Now to a growing controversy involving Weight Watchers the company has unveiled a special diet that. For kids. Some parents are calling app dangerous and immoral it's even prompted a hash tag wake up Weight Watchers. This morning Weight Watchers under fire for its new weight loss app for children. The app called her boat targets children ages eight to seventeen. Aiming to help them reach a healthier week by keeping track of what the eat. It features what the company called a scientifically proven method called the traffic light system. Green is for foods you can eat any time like fruits and vegetables yellow is for food to that require portion control. And red for things like soda and candy. But the app is raising concerns with parent and nutritionists alike. My initial thought when I heard about the act why is. Terrible idea this is not the direction we need to be going with teaching children to feel better about themselves and to live healthier lives. The app includes so cold success stories that feature before and after photos of children as young as eight. Highlighting how much weight they have lost and how they did it and now. Thousands have signed a change dot org petition to take the app down calling it dangerous immoral and irresponsible. It may seem. Our language is really alarmist to call and half dangerous immoral and irresponsible. But we don't think it's alarmist at all. And thirty million people in the U act at all different ages and genders and races. Suckered frowned and eating disorder which is a mental illness. In response Weight Watchers said in his statement curb who is about helping the whole Finley put healthier habits and police. Weight Watchers went off to say the program is about helping the whole Stanley get healthy and it aims to encourage young people to choose healthy food. And I understand the importance of physical activity. And that is our question of the day is Weight Watchers over the line would this app or. Are they just trying to help families eat healthier tell us what you think in the comments or it treat us at ABC news line. Oregon the US is calling for an acceleration of ongoing talks aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan after the latest horrific attack on civilians a suicide blast that ripped through a wedding hall in Kabul packed with 12100 people. Bringing the joyous celebration to a tragic end rig doesn't. Dead and many more wounded let's go cross the pond to ABC's Gillian filing into London bureau for more good morning to you Julia. Morning Elizabeth joining Cabot that's exactly right as they say the -- administration is currently negotiating with the pileup on. But as this weekend praise and getting a deal with there's militants may not necessarily bring peace to the country. Especially since ice is becoming increasingly active back since it's pleasing its foot hole as an Iraq and Syria. Yeah. Not missed a universal joyful celebrations of love. Timing into tragedy. A wedding in Kabul funded by funerals. After a suicide but that surrounded by family is with the children. Detonated his explosives by the stage more than sixty lives lost and not make amends and nearly 200 injured Esiason to get their agreement devastated. Ghost. I've lost my brother my friends you came to join my wedding party he said sonic bag. Ice is claiming responsibility for the attack that came just a day off to president trump pasted a meeting in bad minced with his Afghan envoy and top cabinet officials on the current negotiations with the Tolle bond. Were there for one reason we don't want that to be a laboratory. OK can't be a laboratory for terror. President Chubb has been pushing to significantly Jordan down troop levels in Afghanistan. Well today is Afghan Independence Day and Afghans Wear cotton this morning. Reports of more violence reports of exclusions across the Jalalabad since he guys. Well Juliet we want to talk about the Jeffrey Epstein investigation obviously is huge here also a big story overseas because there's this new denial from Buckingham Palace in response to some allegations about Prince Andrew that he had contact with one of apps teens young accusers were regular. Exactly this is a deeply uncomfortable story for the royal from a.'s parent parents on -- the G could yield he has previously been. Assays dated with Jeffrey Epstein was pictured and Tony tan a walking in Central Park with. With abstained but they over the weekend new footage of maj dove prince under inside. The a disgrace to finance his apartment. In my on the Haston now Buckingham Palace has it come out it's it's the first time they've responded to the most recent allegations. And has under has said that he's up cooled by the sex abuse claim surrounding his former friend. Buckingham Palace releasing a statement on his behalf saying the G Camille has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein is alleged crimes. His royal highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion that he would contain a participant in or encourage any such behavior. Is up aren't now according to court findings which were recently. They depend. There is a young woman who claims when she was seventeen years old under the age of consent she was made to have sex with Prince Andrew. On three occasions days. Allegations to a comedy completely denied. And finally Julius switching gears to Iceland. In morning they nation held a funeral for a police Sher what's battle about. Exactly picture this seeing that a mournful congregation. We had gathered here today did his beloved to mock the death of a good Lacey now this is big Lacey which was pronounced dead a laugh it's passed me it was pronounced dead. In 2014 when it was no longer a sick enough. Ten news now the grace has a name he or she oh and it pops is cold look Joseph Cole. And the grace it died at the age of about 700. Nod this is of course. Yes climate change protests they Mott they held this funeral mocking the death of this huge Gracie. And they also laid a plaque in copa commemorating this and they. Rising message to the future generations. About how they are Carney failing to tackle climate change they've got picked for the future. And also where they current meeting of the amount of carbon dioxide in the act the maintenance. We barely knew ye. Julie MacFarlane over London thank you yulia think things really. Let's check Dell our notifications. Starting at talent and Wales that's come up with a plan to address the age old problem. Of pew poll having sex in public bathroom it. Is a disgrace planners in fourth call are considering installing violent movement sensors in the stalls. Any excessive activity would cause the doors to open and sound a high pitched alarm and and triggered jets of water. The bathrooms would also have weight sensitive floors to make sure that only one person could be in a cubicle at a time. Apparently that's a pressing problem in port call. Coming up next we avenue moving on to next not coming up next right now we have a new world record watch these two people stacking chips they pulled this off. A stack of 69. Chips. In just. One minute that is impressive we have speeded apps you can watch toughness that is the that is pretty good for in term from teamwork sake. A just and 69 chance I think we can do that yanks don't know whether they want a second. American math or isn't the time is headed from like fixing your area where I wouldn't you do too much credit for the I'm give credit to them. Job well done job well done and that I still think we can do. Okay. I appreciate I think we've seen that end up let's move onto the next one because B cannot get enough of this. This audience that you're looking at guide dogs in training they need to be able to go where ever their partner goes until. That means they may take up in a movie every now and then what's happening here. They're actually serving as the audience at a Billy Elliot concert show I understand AM and you know they just need to know not to react to too loud noises or Chinese women happy. Yeah up some good boys and that crowd. So pressure job well done dogs hey here is a cute. Co while this is houseguest this is an Australia. Guy hears a knock and restore the middle of the night not really not but he heard some noise outside and that's his there that koala bear. Waiting form peeking around the corner perhaps asking to be leaden Pollack agrees that call for comment. I it's possible. If you ever cried at work this is a bummer of a story but you're not alone. A new survey from says eight at a ten admit they have and almost half say it's because of their bosses or colleagues. Only a handful said it was because of the workload. And even worse one in seven employees say they breakdown a work at least once a week. An analyst at monster says all of that crying is a sign of toxic work environments. No kidding. Now I will say I had not tried here of course not but I did alert top then hung yes you know Yale. Not that I can remember I mean obviously things happen that there's nothing wrong with got to cry express yourself. Let it out thank you but if your crying once a week at work. And you can get another job. I would say that you should prop would pursue that. Hoffa once a week I'm not blaming the person I'm saying and that's not their fault but I think it's a sign that's too much it. The and the studies so right the toxic mix science yes I cried once a week I had. So I hear you can't we have said that if everybody aren't coming up like Colin Capp. Verdict is facing off we've GA easy he overs new partnership with the NFL. Cabinet is gone and the Gramm calling out the music mobile more after the. Here's what to watch out for today congresswomen Rasheed as the lead Vickiel Vaughn Omar will hold a press conference on travel restrictions to Palestine and Israel. The central policy responses following prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision. To deny them entry. The event will include people directly impacted by the travel restrictions. The Democrats running for president are on the campaign trail speaking at the need of American presidential forum. In Sioux City, Iowa the forum will focus on native American issues including murdered and missing in business will be. And the Southern Poverty Law Center will hold a press conference are a class action lawsuit against I. And the Department of Homeland Security you can watch that right here on TV and his wife at 2 PM eastern. Plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for breakdown with headlines. Politics. Turning out to the growing controversy over rapper Jay z.'s new partnership would be and it fell eight got one prominent player calling foul and joining us now with the latest is our will cans will good morning this morning you guys that this is interest think these are people that usually. Are supporting each other current and we're seeing a bagel split there's a long history of them supporting each other for your right this morning. Different story yat that online firestorm is growing many people angry at Jay-Z for flip flopping once taking a stand. Against the NFL and now striking a deal with them. An NFL matchup involving some major names this morning. That this conflict is brewing off the field just days after JC announced a partnership with the NFL Colin -- predict. It is weighing in the former 49ers quarterback posting in Amsterdam Sunday celebrating the players who continue to protest. Writing that they quote. Have never moved past the people cap predicts seemingly firing back at this comment from Jay -- press conference with the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell effect I think we move. Past kneeling. Yeah I think it's time to. Going to actionable items. Cat made headlines in 2016 kneeling during the National Anthem to protest social injustices and minority communities and in the past JC has been a vocal supporter of an iconic figure for the rest of your life now many criticizing the rappers decision to work with the NFL including tempered ex girlfriend who broad audience to Graham. It's typical for the NFL to buy different PR looks to cover up their dirt that's nothing Neal the what is disgusting and disappointing is JC let them use him but several celebs have come to JC's defense DJ Khaled telling paparazzi JC continues to do a lot for people and his community and Carty be saying she's hopeful JC can leverage the partnership. To quote bring back Colin tapper neck JC. Offering an explanation for his decision saying the NFL has a great big platform they were willing to do some things to make some changes. That we can do you some good so. It's it's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out let Twitter right now is. Canada's yeah yeah not happy with that with JC I mean do we have any idea what those changes are Padilla tells me and not yet we'll have to see how that plays out enough about that said the headline how to get to this morning yes. How are you guys doing the armor night shift. You look great you think you are asking that it. All things considered yeah two acres with three shows. Under my belt yes an earlier hours of sleep. And it too it's been okay so far with avoiding catastrophes of the copies flowing Hampshire yeah. Absolutely it absolutely. You get to see you guys. We need to say by now by everybody.

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