It’s Morning, America: Monday, Nov. 4, 2019

White House officials expected to snub depositions, shipwreck near Niagara Falls moved by storm, Iraqi protesters storm Iranian consulate.
23:50 | 11/04/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Nov. 4, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna I'm all of the terror here on the top five things to note this Monday number one. The impeachment battle in Washington house Democrats were hoping to hear from former White House officials today about all four are not expected to be no shows despite a subpoena threat. The White House says it won't participate in what it called the fate impeachment process but Democrats still look to hear from former national security advisor John Bolton. Number two president Travis threatening to cut federal aid for California wildfires the president if you defeat democratic governor of doing a quote terrible job at forest management but the most recent California wildfires. Did not burn down any fourth Gavin Newsom the governor there later fired back on Twitter you don't believe in climate change. You're excused from this conversation. On to number three. Smugglers are reportedly sawing through new sections of president trump. Border while the Washington Post reports that gangs in Mexico have been using a commercial sought to cut through it. The gaps are large enough for people. And gates to pass through. Agents are now reportedly patrolling the wall in search of defects and having them and ended. Number four McDonald's has fired its CEO for having an affair with another employee. The Easter book has also resigned from the board the 52 year old pushed the company to modernize and let the drive for all day breakfast. He sent an email to McDonald's employee saying I engaged in a recent consensual relationship an employee. Which violated McDonald's policy objectives for the mistake given the values of the company. I agree with the board that it is time for me to born. In response workers' rights groups criticize McDonald's for. Waiting too long to address what it calls a sexual harassment problem. After company and probably number five on this manic Monday we are all wishing we can't have a long weekend what company tried giving all workers. A three day weekend every week. Microsoft's. Japanese employees went to eighth. Forty work week in August they got every Friday off with no cut in salary or loss of vacation time reports say the one month experiment led to a 40%. Increase in productivity. Workers had to be more efficient and many meetings were shortened eliminated. Architect that remotely. From what everyone thinks it's on this Monday. Yes happy Monday and we have a lot to get to him so let's get right to that big story does several developments from the impeachment showdown in Washington. Today for White House officials are scheduled to testify on Capitol Hill but sources say all four men are expected to be no shows even under the threat of subpoena. Big question now is will we hear from former national security advisor John Bolton this week. All of this comes as Republicans respond to a new offer from the whistle blower in the Ukraine call scandal ABC's negativity and is here with the latest making good morning. And Maureen Elizabeth and handed a lawyer for the whistle blowers that his client is willing to answer written questions submitted by house Republicans. But this morning at least one lean Republican says that's second half because the whistle blower wouldn't be cracked. Another busy week on Capitol Hill amid a growing impeachment showdown president Ron still adamant he did nothing wrong iPhone vote would. Her fact that. It was totally abruptly. Stepping up demands the whistle blower who raise questions about his phone call with the president of Ukraine be revealed but the whistleblower. TV media. Because there was no blood gave false story some people would call a broad. That demand despite key congressional testimony supporting them whistleblowers claim in a surprise proposal the whistle blowers legal team has now offered to answer congressional Republicans written questions directly to them. Under penalty of perjury without having to go through the Democrat controlled impeachment process. The whistle blowers attorney telling ABC news' now we have offered directly to the GOP they have no excuses but some Republicans say that's not enough. You will have the chance to propose witnesses who do you want to call. Well there are a lot of people I mean the whistle blower themselves. The top Republican on the house oversight committee Jim Jordan stayed you don't get to ignite an impeachment effort and never account for your actions and role in. Orchestrating and it. Though whistle blowers attorney has stressed the need for his client remain anonymous for safety for that person Stanley sane ever RD in death threats Kenneth. All right Megan thank you but before you go when will the public be able to learn more about what's happening behind closed doors. With the impeachment inquiry. While hospitality committee chairman Adam Chet is expected to start releasing transcripts of witness testimony to averting closed door depositions as early as this week. All right mega bank you. In other news the Russian woman sent to prison for trying to influence US politics says claims she's a spy or quote nonsense. Maria good tonight is telling her story she spoke with sixty minutes short before being sent back to Russia. We test served fifteen months in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to act as a foreign agent prosecutors say should try to use the NRA as a back channel to push. Pro Russia policies but with a net a gun rights activist says. Her NRA connections work strictly business. That was thought to influence your policy is key here on my own because I wanted to learn from the United States and go back to Russia to make Russia back. There's no claim of prosecutors tried to paint her as eight Kremlin seductress but she feels had she been American. RA. And prominent conservatives would have been considered social networking. Help is a major issue for the democratic presidential hopefuls including one a particular. And ABC news Washington Post poll shows Joseph Biden still leading with 28% of the vote. Those of a warrant now house 23%. Bernie Sanders with 17%. Pete booted jets at least the rest of the pack with 9%. Book four out of ten Democrats say Sanders help isn't good enough to serve as president. Meanwhile ward is facing fire or whether her Medicare for all proposal as practical. Well the math is certainly controversial again there are variations in the estimates in the trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. And we don't have to go there in order to deliver health care to everybody. Polls. Out of Iowa shows that goers are show going to judge with even more support than the national numbers but he. Cautions that the race is still quote flew it if anything can happen. Former president Jimmy Carter says he is okay with dying than 95 year old me the comment as Sunday school church service and his hometown of plains Georgia. His message was about belief in resurrection and life after death as a Christian. He talked about his cancer diagnosis for years ago first and his liver. Then in his brain. Hosted prayer or. Okay OK you need. Okay. Mr. Carter said his only concern about dine with missing his family but he realized that as a Christian. He would see them again. But people are mourning theme to Latin American astrologer Walter Mercado he endeared himself to millions of Hispanic television viewers. For more than three decades Mercado died Saturday in his native Puerto Rico from kidney failure. Fans loved his predictions as much as. His outfits which were accented with Jens before becoming an iconic astrologer Markota worked as an actor and dancer. Mercado was 87. And check out this close call on train tracks east of Phoenix the pick up truck rear ended a car and pushed it onto the tracks as the train sped closer. Good samaritans jumped in to pull the driver to safety just as the train slams into her car. Thankfully this morning that woman is. OK but at least one person is dead and eight others hospitalized from a Salmonella outbreak linked to ground beef this CDC is now warning people. Not to eat raw or undercooked ground beef well cooked ground beef is still okay. This particular strain of Salmonella causes more severe infection that can infect the blood. Ten people have become sick in at least six states. The death occurred in California investigators have not yet identified a single source or brand of ground be. Air BB is banning so called party houses after five people were killed during a Halloween celebration in the San Francisco Bay Area. The deadly gathering was held at at rental and was advertised on social media adding mansion party more than 100 people showed up. And a woman who rented the house allegedly told the owner she want to. Escape smoke from a nearby while fight year. That new policy was announced over the weekend coming up it's your removed chip away pot pies brings back its famous chicken sandwich. We got try. But first the shipwreck finally stirred from its resting place in Niagara fall. Return now to that massive ship that's creeping toward the edge of Niagara Falls. The large iron vessel had been waged in the box. For near the falls for more than 100 years but now up powerful storm has this watch the ship pushing it closer to the world famous clip. This morning this historical ship is on the move for the first time in more than a century the decaying cargo ship was waged in the rocks above Niagara Falls. But now it's closer to the age of the fault nearly 200 foot drop. It's been stuck there for 101 years it appears. To. Sort of flipped on its side and spun around. That ship has been a must see attraction Apple's fault since it got stuck in the walks back in 1918. When it broke away from the Bart. The Coast Guard pulled two men on board to safety after a dramatic seventeen hour long rescue. The shipped. Thought to be on movable stay put until last week on Halloween night. I'll record breaking wind and rainstorms swept through the region Thursday night. Dislodging the wreck flipping it over and pushing it more than 150. Feet downstream. It's not in the exact same spot it was yesterday. Vick is about fifty meters down river from its original. Location. And what we think has happened now as it's turned and twisted. In very heavy current flow of the river. And his stuck where it is now. Park officials say they are keeping a close eye on the ship new resting place and if it starts moving again. Authorities will be notified to keep tourists away. Is stuck word is now and it could be stuck there for Davis. Or could be stuck there for years to anyone's guess. Back in 1918 that you don't Mort. Flooded the ship to slow it down and stop it from going over at the fall sent to Iraq where protesters have blocked roads with burning tires and attack the Iranian consulate. City of Karbala so let's go across the products are foreign correspondent quality in the London bureau for the latest on this morning Julie. Mourning Kenneth yes this press has across Iraq on continuing they've been going on since the beginning. Although alt taiba reminded that protested that calling for an end to government corruption they want more jobs. And Texas this is now as you say that was cause we'll blow came. Key intersections across the capital Baghdad. But also that what violent scenes the scenes in the Haiti city of Kabul dot is what you're seeing now. As protests is near the Iran including some that now this is. What we believed to be a response to last week's. Attack in the same city often protested eighteen protested. Would gunned down by mosque in gunman. And now it's a very Haley city cop and say a very very sensitive area for the Iraqis that. And these scenes of protest is banning the wards outside the Iran in Queens let's I'm attacking the buildings they don't be treated by the Preston. The late last night. But Julie let's move on now to the Ebola crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where we're hearing reports this morning that a journalist covering the outbreak has been killed in that attack. Yeah let's check in with us because this is the democratic republic of Congo's second. Outbreak of eBay that 2000 people have died in this a second outbreak there have been around 3000 recorded. Infections and some really sad news this morning. Health Welker and agendas to spend a lot of time raising awareness about this outbreak. He was caught pop pay moon Barry my hum but he was attacked and killed. And has pavement. By unnamed by unnamed people his wife was wounded on the house was button found. Now this is an important thing to note that health wackos are particularly. Oppression and the DIC I'm never on the threat because a lot of people a highly suspicious. All of the the whole situation around you better than does a lot of conspiracy theories people a lot of people feel about that is a hoax. But does of course because when people are infected and they died. Oh loss of health what health care because they have to bury them without traditional. A Barrett a burial ceremonies and so. A lot of people highly suspicious about that those a lot of misinformation. And the World Health Organization has blown the whistle about this hospitals have been attacked including an earlier this year on another health care -- was killed in April. And speaking of have helped us move over to India where the capital city there there restricting vehicle traffic at historic smog. That's cost the public health emergency we're seeing some dramatic images now Joliet. People really should not adjusters screener looks easiest foggy. This is the scene there of one of the world's most polluted cities so how long is this expected collapsed. Exactly rare you really dangerous. Levels of dangerous particles in the a much higher than recommended. In the Indian capital Delhi authorities are very very worried about it they have now launched a cough. Rationing system in order to try and mitigate the that the levels of pollution they didn't know how long this is gonna loss but they had that taking a load caused. All of the reds may help the smoke subside but this is a second time they've done this and it was unclear whether ready helped to tackle. Pollution but they are a trying it anyway schools. All clay is a government officials are warning people to stay in villas to not take. And the exercise and people who do violates this Avant caught cat fear it's that they're doing it by way of number plates have caused the sudden I'm the place must not be. On the raids until further notice they'll be fine to stay the fifty dole is that they break stomp. All right Joan Collins always good to see your friend thanks for open a start off the week we appreciate atheistic. I arrested a notification is now sunny with a sweet new ride for this British dad who had a little trouble getting out of his. Very new expensive car and it's Aston Martin there and you like look. Pam got the car the fund drive in it. But I got a fallout. Yet he is I gotta figure out how to how to do this on its originally right I got knee problems now supposedly got older. You're like yeah if you do that these don't bend Magid yet but. Gotta do. That car isn't going anywhere now yeah that Canada a look at what Krispy Kreme don't. Deliveries there have come to an end for a Minnesota college student now that is because the company told Jay thing Gonzales to. Stop buying its doughnuts and reselling them apps cool. Gonzales was driving to Iowa buying up to 12100 doughnuts and selling them for twenty dollars per dozen. Because Minnesota doesn't have any crispy creams. Well the company says reselling them create liability issues. You well and then there was an unusual flight coming from Philadelphia skyline water stealing from the top of a skyscraper. The jet stream poured from one liberty place for about five minutes soaking in the streets. It's not clear how the water stream started but social media users say the building was. Releasing pressure from a sprinkler system pipes one liberty place is the second tallest skyscraper. And that the city. It's located and the heart of the downtown area known at Center City. It was poor there Ryan knows. The imagine walking underneath is that mile it never has bigger city and things are dripping on you your. They'll take off because what X this shoes aren't making news in the aftermath of the New York City now. But where used by some of the top runner since generate up a lot of buzz these Nike vapor flies sneakers and may with a mix of foaming carbon fiber plate. They're also shaped like a spoon. The design precious runners forward and reduces the amount of energy they use some say it's too much of an event it. Which. We don't act soon it's gonna be too late the five fastest men's marathons in history. Have all been around in the last thirteen months. All by runners wearing paper flies. One study found runners can go to pour percent faster in their issues. International racing officials will decide by the end of the year whether though she's provide an unfair advantage and. Bad as our question of the day should the issues be allowed in competitive racing. And we're just what. One daily ago there was the New York City Marathon and so we saw some ask people do you think issue they're really work. I don't know what do you think I do think the award. Sure he had a hit by a high of about trying to sell you all the time to make sure you get new shoes that you sister be your running even for a light treadmill running. It's a unique new like athletic shoes every three to four months. So I instead of years like the way I deal likes to she's for years. I was not active realize that runner so I didn't you know I don't buy into that hole you need to keep replacing your -- so I guess we'll find Lana part of that they tell us in the comments section or tweet us at ABC news live wanna hear from you let us know what you think. Yes and a celebrity spectacle played at Universal City you guessed that the park were treated to an impromptu and I usual performance by. V John Legend but really got a bit tipsy and took to the states are seeing one of its classics are off key. And 01 G. I'm here. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A. Let's try to be kind of like Christie Keegan explained and it's sweet that what is John that reliant Iraq. The whole joke was supposed to be that literally no one was watching or this deed. Button and then he got on stage and was like it. John Legend Tom. Should the crowds formed pretty quickly. I've finally we got a chance to drive a famous. At the mess. Fried chicken sandwich from pop by so the first signs as it disappeared back in August will fans braved the crowds to bring out the thing and that story to you. Thank you we thank god you. All of them are. The pop ice chicken sandwich is heavenly. Miraculous Eden. If you. Six. It is. When it first debuted in August the pop nice chicken sandwich exploded in popularity. Prop by the that's a lot of their first nationwide chicken sandwich sandwich making headlines drawing huge crowds and selling out. Among other things. And in some moments but again and somebody. Damages. I can't imagine that if you stay here of them I have. Now it's back the restaurant finally able to secure suppliers for that Rio spun and chicken breast returning on a Sunday. The data chick filet notoriously shuts its doors. Across the country cars lined up far beyond the drive through into the street. Customers waiting and their patients fried. I'm very early. And heart disease there is no race. They'll work ambulances. Craze going on everybody's talking about it. Been trying to get chickens. Immigrant living outside and does he loves them. Reports coming in from day one of the chicken sandwiches big return. From the com. Atlantic very hyperion planning executing its. Against. To the Cray Cray it looks like Armageddon. Some selling the chicken sandwich on line marked up 600%. But for the most part the reviews are unanimous. I think so well and we try to get it was the list is we Lotto world news now. Cures is disappeared yeah. The online dog died. It was the less it. It really was a hit the height of the doubt. Hey coming up what are you what to watch out for as we start the week on this Monday. Plus the little girl making a big difference in her neighborhood like she is doing for a their children. We'll watch out for today the world champion Washington Nationals will visit the White House for most of them. Anyway pitcher Sean Doolittle won't be there he says he objects to what he calls president comes divisive rhetoric on everything from race to disabilities to Denver. President child will welcome that nap before traveling to Kentucky for a keep America great campaign rally. And at the funeral for congressman John Conyers will be held at greater grace temple and Detroit. Plus don't forget to tune into the. Empowered Muslim that's Monday morning at ten year old New Jersey girl who is sharing the joy of Reading. Natalie Colin is running a pop up library from her home. She providing free books to kids around the Camden area her bedroom is stocked with books and her brother is also a big reader. Here you take a block and if you don't AB in Nike given away and put it back and taken Dylan is it's simple. Now is hoping the program catches on far and wide so far there are seven pop ups. Or bookmarks. Are rounded came to an area we covered that area we worked at Philadelphia of the place is all about community people helping out folks. And we see little Natalie. Doing that as well in her spirit is incredible to mess to there. This is amazing and other issues like it's simple and what a sweet gesture and so hopefully it does catch up. Yes definitely okay all right well thank you were joining us that it did find today. Lists are right here some rest. Have a great day after life.

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