It’s Morning, America: Monday, Oct. 7, 2019

Another whistleblower comes forward, witness in Botham Jean case found dead, Turkey to invade northern Syria and more.
27:42 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Oct. 7, 2019
Good morning I'm coveralls and I'm all of the terror here at the top five things to note this Monday number one president trumpet on the attack lobbing new attack. Overnight a Democrat conducting the impeachment inquiry after. I second whistle blower emerged. The president accused speaker Nancy Pelosi and house intelligence chair Adam shift books. Treason for their handling of the investigation saying they should be impeached. The attorney for bull whistle blower says the second person that's firsthand knowledge of key events. Related to the president's dealings with Ukraine. Number two other major development from Syria where US forces. What we're joined from the border with Turkey and clearing the way for a long awaited Turkish offensive against the Kurds in Syria. Critics say the US is abandoning the Kurds who were crucial allies in the fight against fight. On to number 31 of the suspects wanted in the deadly mass shooting at a bar in Kansas City, Kansas is now in custody. By the air oratory was arrested Sunday Hugo of Illinois about morality it's still at large both are charged with four counts of murder and the first degree last night family and friends gathered to remember the four men who were killed and five others injured during that shooting. Which apparently stemmed from an earlier dispute. We had to Dallas for number four where there are new to be killed after a witness in a high profile case with murder putting year old Joshua brown was a key witness at the murder trial of former Dallas officer amber Geiger. Brown was gunned down over the weekend. He previously lived in the building where tiger killed both shocked. Our Dallas station reports that brown was also the victim of gun violence laugh here outside a strip club. No more death though if this killing is connected to either case police say they have no suspects award is now being offered and finally number five the so called subway soprano whose underground performance in Los Angeles went viral. It's made her public debut. I week after being both unknown and homeless and leave them orca appeared at the grand opening of a little Italy district in LA. The more I think that same aria tablet reform. Sheila first spotted I meant I'm a member of the LE PD. Okay. She was a little bit nervous but when it was overheard with the Marcus said she felt grateful for the opportunity. Instantly I did tents you experience and I'm so glad about now. And I could tell us your hearts and mind you might York. Yankees twelve. Quick. For all of this that's happening right now. I really think he I'm still overwhelmed. As the market may also have a record deal her future and to go finally accounts have raised more than 95000. Dollars to help Perkins that. We've got much more to talk about coming your way if you're soprano voice is warm up because it's Monday and its morning. This morning. Morning and it's Monday morning it is getting up everybody had a good week and we helped me be like shooting Kenneth he had. Off today to guess what and that the campaign get some relaxation I have not either way we're gonna get you four here. Are actually wanna begin with the biggest story president from. Now facing a second whistle blower they came forward to corroborate the first complaint at the center of the impeachment investigation. Overnight the president fired off a series of tweets taking aim at the Democrats conducting the investigation saying speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee chairman. Adam Schiff are the ones who should be impeached. ABC Ines the eloquent Tara joins us now with the new. Morning Trevor analog Bethel president drug is lashing out at house Democrats leading that impeachment inquiry. Calling for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and house intelligence chairman Adam shift to be impeached. This adds we're learning that second whistle blower has already met with the intelligence community's inspector general. Overnight Democrats applauding news of a second whistle blower coming forward we are. Heard so. In BC news was the first to report that legal team representing the first whistle blower at the heart of that impeachment inquiry. Is now are presenting a second whistle blower. An intelligence official with firsthand information about the president's efforts to push Ukraine to investigate Joseph Biden in his son. And that could spell trouble for trump. Who has repeatedly tried to discredit the first whistle blower for not having direct knowledge of his phone call with Ukraine's president. It got its information I guess second third adds the White House is pushing back. It doesn't matter how many people decide to call themselves a whistle blowers about the same telephone call a call the president already made public the Press Secretary said. It doesn't change the fact that he has done nothing wrong Republicans now struggling to defend the president's latest calls for China to get involved. The president of China to admit no they're not George come on why can't you answer yes or no do you think it's appropriate. I don't focus collateral think that's what he did I don't think that's what it isn't that it was right there on camera. But there is a small yet growing number of Republicans who are taking on trump. Senator Susan Collins calling China's request for China to get involved completely inappropriate. She still reluctant to weigh in on trans dealings with Ukraine. I don't want to preach it's the evidence plus battled the evidences India. And an estate departments George Kent is expected to be deposed can worked on policy in the Ukraine but secretary of state Mike Pompeo tried to block him from testifying. But in as we know already in Washington like things go. A mile a minute but this is especially busy sense the impeachment inquiry has been firing up of this week there's a ton going on what are we expecting to happen on the hill. That thinking got two other State Department officials who are expected to be deposed you've got the former ambassador to the Ukraine who is remitted by the drug administration. She's expected to testify at the end of the week and then later this week you also have some of Giuliani's associates who are also expected to be deposed him not to mention the nine breaking stories that. Sure will happen during the week in now. No yeah and Hampshire and as we'll have discovered and as Democrats are in Washington DC this think. So much thing to you and we now have an update on senator Bernie Sanders he is back home in Vermont recuperating after. Suffering a heart attack that 78 year old presidential candidate is taking its forest weekend off in months following an emergency procedure. To open up a blocked artery Sanders reached 25 million dollars in the last quarter. And he says he expects to return to the campaign trail soon. And still plans to take part in next week's democratic debate. High level trade talks between US and China are set to begin this Thursday but their might already be a snag this morning Bloomberg reports Beijing is reluctant to agree to a broad trade deal. The report says China is not gonna budge on a number of major demands from the trump administration including reforms to China's industrial policy. Authorities in Southern California are investigating a series of explosions there aren't October fest celebration witnesses say three explosions rocked a restaurant in Huntington Beach sending hundreds of people running. Officials say a transformer exploded two firefighters and three other people were hurt. Investigators are trying to determine how old woman without a ticket or ninety got onto a Delta Air Lines flight that was about to take off from or land. She was discovered when an employee asked. Her for her ticket because she wasn't someone else to seat the woman claimed should throwing it away other passengers describe her behavior. As erratic. She was very laser focused on the back seat she would make eye contact Audi. And she kept repeating the same thing ever and her. And then she kept yelling and and yelling at me cussing at main enemy. What a strange but also scary story while other passengers had to be re screen the flight was believed or three hours. Delta says it is cooperating with investigators. Also developing right now more than a hundred people died and thousands have been injured in anti government protests in Iraq. Protesters are demanding more jobs and a crackdown on corruption and government officials are pushing back against claims that security forces opened fire directly on them slaves. Here are held talks between General Motors and the auto workers union have hit eighth that a union official tells striking workers the talks to end the strike have quote taken a turn for the worse. The union says the sticking point is job security with the company don't got to previous positions the Detroit Free Press reports the bargaining has become more sour. 49000 workers have been on strike for three weeks now. We turn out to a mystery in Dallas where a key witness in the recent murder trial of former police officer amber Geiger. Has turned up dead Joshua brown was shot outside his apartment and now. A large reward is being offered in that case as we learned new information about Brown's past. This morning think urgent investigation and Dallas as police search for the killer. Of 28 year old Joshua brown he was shot just ten deet. After testifying for the prosecution in the murder trial of former police officer amber Geiger. Please and it. Russell brown. Brown previously lived across the hall from boot them John and said they met for the first time on they gauge John was shot by Geiger. Cursing and there morning. Okay you're CE. Look eight he's eighty. Gospel music Jerry. Geiger cleaned she had mistakenly entered Jones important and thought John was an intruder she testified that she ordered him to show his hand. But on the stand ground appear to contradict that testimony thing he never heard the two in Iraq the U haul ever here. Hey hey yeah. And a half enough. Dallas police say brown was found in the parking lot Friday night outside his current home with multiple gunshot wounds to his lower body. Witnesses report a silver car leaving the scene. Meanwhile this morning or Dallas station WFAAEA is reporting brown was also a victim of gun violence last November. After a fight at a strip club another man was fatally shot and brown was wounded. A suspect currently out on bond has been indicted in that case. But an attorney for Brown's family insists a possible link between Brown's murder and the amber Geiger trial must be investigated. He sat and let him. But someone who clearly advanced. It's important. There we asked who that person lives. Because right now there are cases so whether it's strong and that this many saudis for his testimony in the ever dropped. A civil rights activist is now offering a 100000. Dollar reward indicate overnight police insisted they had no suspects or know. Homeowners in Napa county California have been put on alert about a fast moving brush fire that fire in the town of American canyon has consumed more than 500 acres but so far 30% contained. Increasing the fires full word progress has been stopped. All you gotta see this wild scene this is at a hair salon on Long Island and that hat is it the year crashing through the window it hit that woman who was sitting on the couch there. She suffered minor injuries. As in the gear just ends up looking at before police could arrive. Not sure what police would have done what it be charged with you have but oh well I just caught the woman actually sitting back couch yeah despite a late in the year. The college. Pointed out by a marker for director that we would think she lost her coffee there too. Yes yeah. Death. That supports the phone all accounts an unfortunate. All right coming up these surprising revelations from Elton John what he says the queen did it right in front of them. But first the light. Are they US diplomat is accused of running Donnie British teenager on the street then fleeing the country claiming diplomatic immunity the boy's parents. Want justice but can anything be done now. We turn out to the outrage overseas after a teenager on a motorcycle with killed in a car crash in. England the suspect is the wife of the US diplomat and has apparently fled the country claiming diplomatic immunity. Another teen's parents are demanding she return to England. This morning outrage is growing in England after a US diplomat's wife left the country despite being a suspect in a deadly crash. It's a story. Brenda can. Allow. Every. Canadian world. The parents of nineteen year old hairy Don are demanding justice after the diplomat's wife allegedly hit their sons motorcycle in August the suspect left the country and and is now claiming diplomatic immunity. I don't believe she's didn't itself to this who couldn't just been just go to plan. The 42 year old suspect who has not been named by police was allegedly driving out of the US air force base on the wrong side of the wrote. Police say she initially cooperated and even said she had no plans to leave England. The US embassy in London express their deepest sympathies and condolences to the family saying cases like this are considered carefully. But immunity is rarely wait the British foreign secretary is now urging the US embassy to reconsider and Harry Dunn's family is appealing to president trump. Asking him to intervene and recede in the woman's immunity. That diplomat's wife had reportedly been in Britain for only three weeks before that crash. Well a statement for the White House came in late last night saying the United States is gonna step aside and allow Turkey to begin a military operation in northern Syria where they'll be responsible for all captured ices fighters in the area that's a move that started it criticized. Relieving key US allies out in the cold so what let's go across the pond now Julie MacFarlane in our London bureau for more Juliet good morning. Morning traffic yeah we're just getting and reports that US shapes are beginning to withdraw from the northern Syria and dot statement as you say last night from the White House taking. A lot of American allies by surprise that statement coming in saying techie will soon be meeting Floyd with its long planned operation. Into northern Syria the US armed forces will not support will be involved in the operation. And the US forces having defeats of iasis territorial kind of fate well no longer be. In the immediate area now this morning we've hides. Some reaction from the Syrian democratic forces that is. The Kurdish lags forces. In northern Syria who have been occupying. A lot of that area dot is on the boards. 27 tacky and the northern Syria they are not happy about this I'm told they have set that recently they complied with the US request to withdraw. From key strategic areas in northern Syria. In exchange for security. Guarantees not they say that this means that the Keds in northern Syria they have basically defenseless. And that this green light for that the Turkish forces to me then basically amounts to death. And of course the cuts they would key. Key upon his of the US food defeating ices and they awarded that a lot of the nicest leadership hiding in the desert are likely to come back. And Jillian Ellis talk about Ukraine again in the news. This time about the president's plan to hold local elections in the nation's east which it actually held by Russia backed separatists. Which is under fire by protesters who see them live as a major concession to Russia a lot of people not happy about this. Actress precisely Elizabeth presents a landscape in new president of Ukraine he's a very difficult. Position hip because this situation. In east in Ukraine is a conflict that's been going on. We'll fly it is and as coolest at least nineteen thousands. Deaths in that region basically ukrainians. All fighting Russian backed separatists. In this simmering conflict has been gang on since 2014. Now presents a Lansky he said that's he has agreed to four that restive region to hold. Elections he's trying to work. To get on the with with the separatists. With Russia and France and Germany on an upcoming peace summit in he says that his priority is to it is for the region to. To to cease the fighting in to come some sort of an agreement and that these elections are key however it tens of thousands around 151000 people officials and has said. What got hugged have gathered in Kiev protesting this may have a lots of them. Mop on military veterans from that conflict and they say as he said. That this is kowtowing to the Russians who have basically having to onyx up part of Ukraine just like they did with Crimea back and when he fourteen well. Listen Julian you know we know these are complicated geopolitical relationship so we appreciate you going through all the effort to present form because it's a lot to juggle but we do like to get a little salacious of course while we hat. I know some royal yeah. It has been spilled this morning from sir Elton John. Who says the queen and slapped her nephew in front of him what's what's going on lines. Yeah this this stories that probably gonna raise a few high rise and the fuzz that as sir Elton John incidents. Let's let's say sort of bobbing about those of private. You know as. And musings oh. The well. A little Ponte basically with the queen and viscount Linley who is a duel with here is the son. Princess Margaret the Greene's younger. Assist now. He has got this new or to bugs me coming out and sees. Intel is still little do you tell that he's had with spending some time with the world economy. He claims that he saw the queen scolding her nephew saying did argue with me I am the queen. In the zone to backed into except agrees. I saw her courage viscount live in Austin to Lincoln on his system he'd been taken ill when he repeatedly tried to fob her off the queen lightly slapped him across the face. Saying it doesn't slap on do you slap wit slap me slap I you slap alma slap. That queen now. He said that about seems data trick as he left she still be staring at half game gave me a wink and then walked off. That would work on me well I'll do that story by all your reenactment yeah. Yeah. And that basin yeah. I did when you try sensitive imagine the greens and and I mean always say the girl found it out found me and there are very. Yeah they're tight knit soundly. You know it's not like they can gotten abnormal bombings have these other public high sir. But I think isn't saying I'm you know lost any cash of eight. Scotland where look the queen's founding from west mothers from they have not just happened. Smacking children it's now illegal a slap it was Harlan. And Scotland's Sam it's could quite an interesting timing of this and a lot supply and the queen that's as my ignorant American my Saturday then at an area lawyer does not apply to degree is above the low because she is the law and that's. That's your Angola. There you have it I think that's on the. Formal crest I have I. Julie MacFarlane all of a force in our London bureau Juliet thank you have a great day. Thank you think you. Well let's check out our notification starting led eight game winner get a load of this pumped in. That one that 2019 Topsfield fair giant pumpkin weigh in in Massachusetts. It Wii's 2290. Pound. And speaking of pumpkins contestant showed off their Jacko lantern carving skills under the sea in the Florida Keys. About twenty scuba divers went thirty feet below the surface in Key Largo they took part in an underwater pumpkin carving contest winners were two women from Michigan. He earned a free dive trip at two Key Largo resorts and so listen. Eight year and it obviously you pretty that this means a lot to if you travel. But the contest almost of those looked pretty good I don't know what that anyone else on the screen is supposed to be that athletic. Open all that one. Maybe fell apart we'll. I can do that. In on my porch or in my kitchen but under water that isn't yet now those are good effort yes absolutely. The deserve our praise otter. But this brings us to the question of the day so we're getting ready for Halloween and some people are already looking past it. They're already looking at Thanksgiving night looking to Christmas no one I'm not even looking. About half but we want to know how early is too early to start decorating for the holidays because we know that a survey was done. But said 43% of people's that was fine if you start setting up for the holidays before November 1 home which is. It just seems like a locked up by listen you can do whatever you want in the comfort of your home I was discussing don't judge here I think that's. If you start bringing about the public and where to drop here out in your windows are down in your glee airing Christmas music I think that's a bridge too far. I was just gonna say it it might be a little too early for us but again yeah. People can like what they like death you can celebrate Christmas every one what do you want to another good news story we're getting you look at former president Jimmy Carter this morning. Just hours after he fell other film in Georgia and went to the hospital. He with aren't speech at an event in Tennessee. It took forty stitches in my Lauren. And black Asian orders. But god had done little on Friday and others together that's filled the bill how to. This morning former president Jimmy Carter is sure just how tough he is at 95. Standing with his wife at 73 years boos when he described this Sunday morning fall at his home in Queens Georgia. And I fell down and hit by far iron. Or sharp vision and had to go to hospital. The Atlanta Braves hat covering those fourteen stitches and black guy injuries that did not keep Carter from the event in Nashville for one of his secret closet. He's 36 and building project for habitat for humanity. The carters were introduced at the event by Trisha Yearwood and Garth brooks' friends and fellow habitat volunteers. The 39 president even throwing a little shade at his pal guard. I have seen. Them work. All day every day but that stopping. This Internet age and a skeleton island I don't know wrapped up alone back. Hammered. Only guards guard Washington. The court sense of humor and love of volunteering not diminished by recent health battle. He survived a dye your cancer diagnoses in 2015. And has had some trouble walking since a hip replacement in May. But he regularly teaches Sunday school and has been visiting with 20/20 presidential candidates. Carter turned 95 last Tuesday becoming the first president to reach that milestone in the U wish him a very speedy recovery coming up we've got to look at what's to come in the day ahead. Plus the giant leap at the bar or plus a marching that performance. Up paying tribute to the Apollo eleven mission after him. Well here's what to watch out for today president trump is scheduled to have lunch with secretary of state Mike Pompeo before meeting with senior military leaders and participating in a social dinner with the leaders and their profits. Major issues are on the agenda for the Supreme Court term. That begins today they include discrimination against LG BTQ worker is gun rights case. And abortion the justices may also be drawn into the impeachment controversy. Deputy secretary of state George Kent is scheduled to testify before house committees about the president's call to the Ukrainian president. And the Nobel Prize which begins as he works for physiology or medicine are due to be announced today Nobel Prizes for. The physics chemistry literature will be announced this week goes on. Culminating with the Nobel Peace Prize to be you know. On Friday. Plus they'll forget seeing hinted that he. Street for an update on all our top story and the briefing room for a breakdown of the leave headlines in politics. Finally in college football Ohio State's moved up to third place in the people but what people are really talking about. Is that they. Can you blink and take a look at this deal highest state university marching band meanest. Eight synchronized tribute to the first moon landing band members played out this beast re starting at American and Soviet rocket. And then they show the Apollo eleven in the in the launching pad even had that engine exhaust their you can see if that's launching. And from there they formed the lunar module. Before finishing of course with the American flag. I love how it's like they did this and then they did this don't get that yeah I mean you wonder what you see bands. Like this that. It makes you feel bad about society. How they are so organizes like okay human beings to follow directions as well and on the night without all the troubles. I think you well Courtney is not not I pleats sports does that count. No. Like you played sports I really did I believe the idea yet what it would have guessed yeah track. I did. But probably well field hockey in the field hockey. Yet missed it were you in a ban. Michael Mann posed no plea sports so yes basketball. What a surprise yeah. So Wheaton might have in theory coordination. The Evan not like that we arrived we don't have it's cut throat to get on the domestic market no pressure there from Ohio ain't yes and so. Like my high school had one guy the company customers. Like a big thing school Liaoning it. I mean I with it they're very good so I believe yes top quality. Thanks for watching our show Natalie it will start we had all that information about the Ohio state of the city Elizabeth school raffle and even when you start on every effort.

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