It’s Morning, America: Monday, Oct. 21, 2019

Mulvaney backpedals on “quid pro quo” admission, violent tornado hits Dallas, a Kurdish commander speaks out and more.
26:59 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Oct. 21, 2019
California cannot move. An avalanche that her here are the top five things to note this Monday number one of violent weather overnight at least one tornado tore through northern Dallas the roof collapsed on a large retail store at least one building was flattened and cars were overturned. Two other. Turning if report it. East of Tyler Texas some people suffered cuts when windows shattered but no serious injuries have been reported so far parts of eastern Texas Louisiana Arkansas and Mississippi are also bracing for possible tornadoes today number two the crisis in Syria to cease fire between Turkey and the Kurds is set to expire today. The New York Times reports president trump may be in favor of a new plan to keep about 200 US troops in eastern Syria to fight ice it. It comes as he faces criticism from both parties for his recent order to withdraw nearly all American troops from that country. On to number three the army is trying to determine why three soldiers were killed during a training exercise at a base in Georgia they're Bradley Fighting Vehicle like this when rolled over into the water early Sunday morning at Fort Stewart. Investigators are looking at a variety potential causes. Fortunately casualties in training mishaps are quite rare but the real trashy lies in that they can almost always have been prevented. In this case investigators will back and look at what was a circumstances. Why didn't they see was water before rolled into the. The war. In addition to those who lost their lives three other soldiers were injured we have to Hong Kong for number four where there was chaos this morning asked thousands of pro democracy protesters. Defied a ban on gatherings. Demonstrators tossed firebombs and vandalized businesses they set beer caved on fire. And smashed up subway station police used tear gas and water cannons which spray protesters with a stinging blue dyed liquid. Dozens were hurt and rushed to the hospital. And finally number five deep emotion on display in college football and involve the player from the university of Minnesota his name is Casey O'Brien he's a four time cancer survivor. And during this weekend's game for the first time he held the ball for an extra point. Any shared long hug with his coach he says that's of his long health battle this moment on the field with his team and coach that the world to him. It's what I've seen about an a tonight against cancer when you get the word that you're going in what's going to your mind. For a lot. It's just imploded aside Kennedys the indeed. O'Brien has climbed fourteen surgeries and while the Sunday he says he's been cancer free for more than a year now that we would be for him we've got much more to talk about coming your way it's more Americans and one day. Good morning good morning according to lose my great morning here. On this Monday morning yes. We got some news to get to as well do and let's get right to it the impeachment showdown in Washington is what we're gonna begin here with presidential chief of staff. Make moral being is once again trying to clarify his remarks about a quid pro quo with Ukraine meanwhile president jump has reversed his decision. The hold summit Atlantis resorts after critics accused him they corrupt act that violates the constitution. ABC Andrea PG a year with all the very latest good morning Andrea good morning Allen the best. For Democrats and Republicans they both criticize the president's proposal to helps us Sunday at his resort even though he promised he wouldn't profit. But now a change of heart as he calls out the media and Democrats for the decision. President trump upset with the fallout. Over his plan to hold the G-7 summit at his Miami resort the president treated he was forced to cancel the idea because of do nothing Democrat fake news anger. In a rare reversal the president blamed on quote irrational hostility. Last week he directed the 20/20 group of seven summit to be held at his 800 acre Doral resort. Though the president promised to host the summit at cost. The idea sparked immediate backlash in the White House Counsel's Office privately expressed reservations Aston some republic. Meanwhile the president's acting chief of staff nickel they need back pedaled on his admission last week. That there was a quid pro quo and the president's phone call with Ukraine and mount the center of the democrats' impeachment. Inquiry. Which which ultimately then float but to be clear readers described as a quid pro quo it is funding will not flow in less the investigation. Into the into the democratic server. Happen as well we do we do we do that all the time with foreign policy but an explanation on Fox News Maldini denied ever saying there wasn't quick stroke while I recognize that the folks that that I didn't speak clearly may be on Thursday folks misinterpret what I said I never said it was a quid pro quo because their recent. Also this week house impeachment investigators expect to hear from multiple administration officials including William Taylor. A top US diplomat in Ukraine who questioned withholding aid to the country. A replacement site for the G-7 hasn't been takes yet but over the weekend president trump said a search has been done. And suggesting Camp David as a possibility Elizabeth and cannot. Andrea thank you now to the breaking news overnight our first look at widespread damage in the Dallas area -- or at least one reported tornados overnight to this dramatic video showed the moment that twister touched down several homes and businesses are damaged in the northern part of the city this morning. And we should tell you the severe weather threat is not over and you can see that line of storms on the march parts of Missouri are also being and packet but damaging winds and tornadoes possible. When tornados in Dallas this morning damage in Dallas and what appears to be a direct hit from a tornado. This dramatic video taken as the twister hit overnight. Radar tracked the twister for seventeen miles across the northern part of the city. Damaging homes and flipping cars. I went got my bathtub and let. Pillows and a mattress ever meet and just held on and it felt like a train just like they say it does. One of the damaged homes is owned by pro hockey player Tyler seg and of the Dallas Stars here's the before picture and the picture he tweeted after the tornado. Well into what. The powerful winds knocked down paralyze leaving tens of thousands of customers without power. Windows busted all over the house guests beater in the backyard is Disney. Park. Backyard fenced trees the patio cover everything was just down on. This morning there are reports of at least one building collapse along with several businesses damaged including this Home Depot. And the roof of this church now gone just started praying. I it blew pantheon. Christie Condrey with watching the cowboys game on TV when the twister came barreling through. With that he each tree in the pool our finances down we've lost another three. But where airlines I'm never doing it I would be in line. I know is there's probably live learn and hear what kind and wise I never wanted to be in line again. So what do several people were taken to the hospital but no serious injuries are reported from these storms. Get out how to get mama you know I'll. Who have fired up. Now to the dramatic scene in Allentown Pennsylvania and neighbor is we'll see each other up going door to door. Helping each other escape the fire that spread through a row of homes many fled and their pajamas ten homes in a single block were destroyed. And 44 people have been displaced but nobody. Fortunately was seriously hurt investigators are now looking into whether I gas explosion. Started that fight. And a fast moving if house fire north of Los Angeles almost cost a firefighter his life watch this he slipped off the roof and fell to the ground. Luckily he suffered only a shoulder injury firefighters quickly knocked down the fire and kept it from spreading. And those high winds here in California. Overseas chaos in Hong Kong as thousands of pro democracy protesters. Defy a ban on gathering once again demonstrators tossed firebombs and vandalized business is based that beer kids on fire. And snatched up subway station police used tear gas and a water cannons which spray protesters with a singing blue dyed liquid. Dozens were hurt and blushed to the hospital. And the time he'll be on board Qantas is new flight from New York to Sydney you could bench watched two seasons of friends. Taken that. Heat your weight and snacks take a few laps around the shiny Boeing 7879. That's because it's now the longest commercial flight and the world. It was at test flight and it carried 49 passengers and crew around the world in just under acting he. But the first commercial airlines to fly nonstop from New York to Sydney. This is tired of our projects on lines. And this is the first to treat test flights that's going to at Kabul put recommendations. Of how we manage volatility. Have we actually manage passenger jet black and after nineteen hours on the flights I take we've gotten this raw lights. But we're told passengers got up and did the mockery and at one point to pass the time when they were in the sky above Las Vegas. Pontiff has plans as you just heard for two more test flights this year November flight from London to Sydney. And another New York to Sydney flight in December they hope to meet them commercially available to everyone. In 20/20. Imagine in the mockery to started over Las Vegas here like we still have fifteen hours to turn this played around. Been down right now and you ought to do what. On the that's our question of the day how longest too long for a flight. Fifteen hours 917 hours 44 hours that's not possible right. I've covered the comments or tweet us at ABC news lie when a note tells the longest like you've been on his well that's true yeah what do you do on that flight I want you five movies in a row I would Australia ice sleet and ice up to but I want to also it's five movies in a royals who. What is that ten out. At the yeah yeah yeah I'll with a lot tell us. When and amp heavy organize a high school Pope. All coach who disarmed a student carrying a loaded shotgun is being called a hero Keenan Lowe is seen on surveillance video hugging the eight year old student. After giving the gun to a teacher police are the team with the intending to hurt himself and not others. He pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm in public and sentenced to three years' probation. We knew of this story but actually seeing the video and seen back coach they have educator. This mentor inside that school. Putting his arms all round at this troubled student. Exactly it's yes says so much I did exactly not just this arming the student but you know hugging him letting him know you're gonna be okay yeah Devlin. Well coming up why sheet are taking over Spain's largest city. Plus what went wrong when officials tried to demolish the crane swinging over that hotel collapsed in New Orleans. After this. Welcome back. Now to the south where crews used strategically placed explosives to try to bring down those two remaining cranes that were perched precariously over downtown New Orleans it comes more than a week after that deadly collapse of a hard rock hotel that was under construction. Construction cranes in New Orleans. Demolished officials using explosives to topple the two cranes looming dangerously over the city. The explosion setting off a massive cloud. When the dust cleared one crane still hanging over the building will be other sell to the ground. It's way better than what it looks OK I don't know what looks like but remember we talked about the cotton crying member and ended any hope it ought to build. That would did. Officials saying the demolition went exactly as planned with only minimal damage to a neighboring theater. 31 Eagles broken at this and the theater. The utilities are attacked at Sanger. And no information in times other buildings that happened image. The operation coming just over a week after that deadly collapse of the heart buck hotel under construction. Three workers killed the remains of one victim recovered from the site but the other two still inside. We are way better than we were. I'm if you remember I objective was to get these down make it safe bristling go to our next objective which is recovering to get these families close. The city brought in experts including engineers who worked on demolitions following the 9/11 terror attacks. The gas line of Lou ward about and electric lines we believe they are. Hey okay. An evacuation zone was set up and residents across a wider area were advised to stay indoors doing the controlled demolition. As for that one crane still standing officials say it is stable and it will now be cut down piece by piece. Let's go to Syria where the clock is ticking on a pause and Turkey's offensive against occurs after president trump ordered nearly all US troops out of the country. New York Times says he's now leaning in favor of a plan to keep two of his special operations forces. Eastern Syria to combat crisis. Let's go across the pond to our foreign correspondent to a McFarland in the London bureau with the latest Juliet good morning. Morning Canon that morning Elizabeth that's exactly right so and then the weekend was the have been reports of sporadic fighting still in northeast and Syria despite Scott's. Cynical cease fire what we did see was cut despite his withdrawing from a key board a town called run Zion and that was a requirement. Before this this truce which the US break had with techie. For a safe zone along the border and now they're Keds. They had to withdraw from that town another gonna stop pulling back it's a pig it's it's an area of around twenty miles around the boards. And that is what techie. Ones to achieve now our correspondent James long when it is that he is just across the border in Iraqi can't a stunt. And he spent two a senior at cut ish c'mon mouth while president trump has defended this deal reached with tactics. Because I'm not happy about it often more than 200. Have been killed less hair a middle from what this cut its mind the had to say to James. We'll trump says that the Kurds a happy. I would call mr. trump at the Kurds are not happy they've killed all these people so of course we are not happy. Its agreement has allowed Turkey to occupy our lands and kill our people. There restive northern Syria you got and you don't believe that that's part of the agreement. It's exactly this is not included they only told us Rossellini. Say the -- ask staff. Clearly complying save followed with and then requirements for this truth and industries but clearly not happy about it also it appeal is may be some of the US soldiers. On not entirely comfortable believing that I lies an FP photographer in the region he managed take effect have. All of an American soldier wearing the insignia of the white PG the women's. In units of that they cut issue forces that has day US forces relieving. East and northeast and Syria now one other thing that because are really worried about is asks nick cleanse saying. Now. On this week a look ABC George Stephanopoulos cost. The secretary of state might compare whether the administration. Was going to assure congress I'm because allies that the US would not stand for ethnic cleanse and he was Clair with George you said the administration is clear that we I'm not going to be a Ponte to any attack on any minority. But that's not exactly the same thing because what techie wants to do dent forget they have more than a million Syrian refugees and counts. Just on the other side about border and tacky they want to use the safe to say in to put so there's refugees back. And get them out of Turkish territory and back into Syria. And what that would do is that would disrupt and very delicate ethnic balance in this area it is a country that has. Hot tribal hot lands belonging to a different. Ethnic minorities that have been that way for generations and so what an influx of Syrian Sunnis could do would be to disrupt not an add two more sectarian. Tensions which could contribute to conflict in the Santa. Certainly more to come on that front but that's until eleven on Julio where we understand hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in protest over new tax proposals which. We are hearing that it seems this has been a long time coming but the anger is just now boiling over. Yeah exactly Lebanon has been gripped by a a political and economic time oil. From fringe is but especially since the start of the Syrian war right next door they've hunted deal with a huge influx. Of Syrian refugees into this tiny. Tiny country of four million people dot population has now has now inflate its about five million people. That resorts is a severely under strain. They have no means of garbage disposal for one saying bad there amateur stage. As it is having to come on in sudden parent and that black hats on the country's said the essay Lebanese have had to deal with the law the lawsuit says. But the straw that broke the camel's back recently was when the government announced that they wanted to put a tax on what's they wanted to chides people. To use that popular in credited. Messaging apps and not just sent everyone. And the edge and or lead the country. In the capital Beirut in Tripoli. All I met and then the main cities hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets and protest staying. I'm what is really unusual ones where the interesting about this is not just a thought that it has seen so many people about bend aren't quite often Podesta Lebanon but not of this size. I'm not for repeated number of days but the fight that every one that. Seemed to have united now we've just been talking about Syria lab and on is incredibly. Secretary and even that constitution and I'm that parliament is divided into different ethnic groups it's a very very divided country. And for people in watches of the region it was incredibly interesting to see everyone united under the Lebanese flag. You were also appeared to be united in Madrid. Because they were not sleep keeping on this I mean sleeping on this. Kind of take it away. I'm a leg news that finger and the big says. From the Spanish capital to silence in demur meanness she. I'm a hundred gates' mouth. Pulled the roads looked glazed and these chief who replaced the traffic on the streets of Madrid on Sunday as shepherd stands up looks through. Hunt of the capital and this is basically it's an annual abandons day which started in 1994. And it flows ancient migration area rigs. And it basically exploits a loop hole. It in Spanish flu which allows a promise to pay a Norman O tides. In. Acknowledging an ancient agreement dating back to the fifteenth century. To transport sheet from one side. The kind side to the other cussing across the cap so now this is a traditional events. But it's also a China slow aplomb as. And it's it's a protest about protecting agriculture and as the taunts with them to have everyone watching. But what's in them as they take their shape their and basically say. On gave got environmental and agriculture and industries need more attacks and but quiet cook could quite a site. A nice so allow me Osgood the weekend about it there are a couple of tourists. Here hides arrived in the city and they wouldn't what confuses a why they can get a bus. They know why did amendment on the corner and there'll be she every whack yeah and then when critics I think there's a neighborhood that it was lovely to be that forbid response traditions. We have the check again to know what's happening when you become a country a little sheep a little thing Korea not so bad and how. Know I was counting that she just now I literally started to fall asleep so seeing that toughest and Canada's best way. Our market out of our pet dog agility that we appreciate it think it's mine blast occurred at a vacation is now sort of with them while or. Idling declarations. That California house is going all out for the holiday. Look at that blame blame and now I feel like we've seen several houses every week I'm going all over the weekend right again Tracy California. Yes yes yes and so the neighbors are thankful for that but hey it is when Sheldon. And then edit the case of life imitating art on a steer kids right here in New York sit. Joker fans are flocking to that sad of Sears in the Bronx that played a pivotal role in the new movie. We're walking being Phoenix's character crosses over the point of no we're turn into a life of violent crime. An Al those fares are getting the social media treatment. And I'm so excited from these smearing you want to feel what he filled goosebumps. On I five minutes ago when I was driving. I was getting excited finesse and I didn't know why but I was like because I guy I live in New York for a long time but you know this was. Something different. Something different by the way Joker. Got knocked down from the number one spot at the box office this weekend by our parent company did need a left the sent mistress of people. But that movie Joker already has taken in three. Quarters of a billion dollars world why is breaking all those records they think you reach a billion while. To be determined yet. Nexus we'd apparently set by Hillary Clinton have lots of people asking questions that's lead appears to mock president Trump's recent letter to Turkey's president where trump. Wrote in part don't be a tough guy don't be a fool I will call you later. Oh and comes Clinton that we get found in the archives the image of a mock letter from president Kennedy to the Soviet union's leader during the Cuban missile crisis. It reads don't be a blank Tokai gay air missiles out of Cuba. Give you a jingle later products. What out mock letter Clinton treated first appeared last week on Jimmy Kimmel show so critics are now saying hey. Could could've at least giving Kimmel credits and others are asking why she even on Twitter trolling president. I'll a lot of people on Twitter right. And doesn't all of the Lowell lied of the weekend it came from Oklahoma's big victory over West Virginia. The so called him. Sooner. Schooner was out on the field. After a touchdown. Yeah yeah a winning okay I'll break you see there's still rolling writer that everything inside on to the field. The accident was blamed on incorrect we distribution in the back of the wagon. Thankfully though it looked scary but no one was hurt me I I notice goes tumbling there and while reveling nobody was. Hurt they're so coming up we have a look at what's happened. In the day ahead plus I got a sneak peek at Jimmy Kimmel returned to Brooke Glenn. Kill any other story after this. Here's what's what tap for today president compass scheduled to hold a captain. Meeting before having lunch with vice president Mike pet the first federal hope your trial is set to begin after negotiations over possible forty billion dollar settlement broke down. The jury trial. We'll put state and local governments against the makers. And distributors of the addictive painkillers US health officials are set to provide an update on the measles outbreak that. Become the largest than a quarter century and three parent. Are expected in federal court today to plead guilty. Two charges and that college admissions scandal but don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. It's become somewhat of a tradition Allen wit. Jimmy Kimmel packing up his late night and heading. For the wartime Demi is bringing his belly be sure to his native Brooklyn and this weekend he and I spent some time together to bring you cannot and Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel welcome back to Brooklyn thank you so what's it like being back it's exciting. It could be back it's fought Brooklyn is fun you know there's a lot of energy here that we don't have an ally. On sort of gap where for this week we have great guests we've got Bruce Springsteen Italy should keys to start things off we've got Eddie Murphy is on the show. The sugar whole gang the national. John president's key we gotta we have a bunch of surprises. Don't even ask what they are Ahmad an athlete and not tell you. Go ahead net Jamie what's one of the surprise I can't tell OK yeah why keep coming back to Brooklyn we love it here love being here the audience is. Excited and we get excited and would this beautiful venue were in the Brooklyn Academy of Music he is is a great place to do a show. And we get great guests and we eat like pigs you eat your weeks. Your weight and at least my way through. Your pizza at her when you touched down here in New York. Went straight to get some pizza we're Iraqi at peet's C we tell the kids you know waiting you have pizza and Brooklyn and they loved in my son was only two years old did something incredible last night. He's bold that is pizza in half and aided. Who way and I have never been more proud cry a little bit tear came. Yes Jimmy is great he's such a down to earth guy with the funny I did ask. If you really nice in person he really really is nice I've we go back years we're really really our friends he's my buddies looked out. I see will be going to the show tonight. Wait time again Bruce Springsteen kicking things off. And Alicia Keys you can watch Jimmy Kimmel Live. Late night on ABC and state to it is more in America all the sleep because we're going to have some little fun things with Jimmy. I was you've got Mordechai we have more to comments that we're gonna have that for you right here on its morning America I promise an enemy digital Dave our producer. Put this in the show. We're gonna have a four U I promise death set in the meantime. Watts Jimmy tonight and have a great day have a good one we will see you tomorrow.

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