It’s Morning, America: Monday, Sept. 9, 2019

Search for survivors underway as cargo ship capsizes near Georgia, Trump cancels secret Taliban talks, Bahamas devastation and more
23:35 | 09/09/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Sept. 9, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move and I'm hey Norman here to talk I think it's good to know this Monday morning number one the desperate search off the coast of Georgia emergency crews are looking for four members of a massive partnership that overturned and burst into flames. The planes and instability of the South Korea owned ships have slowed rescue campers and twenty crew members have been evacuated safely. Number two president trump is under fire for planning a secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David. Before abruptly calling it all Democrats and some Republicans have criticized the White House. For even considering holding the peace talks at the presidential retreat as the 9/11 anniversary approaches. President was hoping for an agreement and the war in Afghanistan but pulled the fog citing last week's suicide attack that killed a US soldier. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Taliban leaders were not negotiating in good faith. The Taliban over reached that killed an American and in an effort to gain leverage at the negotiating table. President trump said enough. The president talked about bringing as many as 5000 troops home in the coming months but. It's now unclear whether apple happy yeah it was on to number three now health alert about a rare virus which is spread by mosquitoes. It's fifty year old Michigan woman died from the virus caught eastern equine encephalitis or triple B. At August 1 person died from the virus in Massachusetts. And a five year old girl of among the seven people in the state with Tripoli the virus has been found in mosquitoes across the northeast. And mid Atlantic states number for the race for 20 morning. Phillies ABC news Washington Post poll shows former vice president Joseph Biden favored by 27%. Of likely democratic voters. Senators Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren are running neck and neck at nineteen and 17%. Remaining candidates are in the single digits. And finally number five some fashion statements. Her on the NFL Panthers QB Cam Newton turned everybody's. Head after his team's loss at the Alley ramps on personal Porter said. He look like quote a woman who has lost several husbands under mysterious circumstances. And go back and junior of the browns is rocking a 350000. Dollar watch while on the field. It's a limited edition Richard mile watch only 500. Were made that's an expensive piece of jewelry that. They'll be awarded any of the ABC news app on that. Tyler get right to that big story for crew members still missing more than 24 hours after their cargo ship capsized off the coast of Georgia. Then nearly 700 foot ship called the golden rate was about to depart for Baltimore when it made to turn. Essentially flipped on its side the fire is out in the black smoke is no longer visible but the ship needs to be stabilized. Before rescue crews can search and side. ABCs and as they Lockwood Tara joins us with the latest and that's. Good morning to an end panic while the ship remains partially submerged off the coast of Georgia out with rescue workers now working to try and find a way to get to those four missing crew members who could be trapped inside. Four crew members still missing at sea in the state sin and sound after their massive cargo ship nearly capsized. When a firm that it is an event old goaded and relativity cartilage that cap but didn't know if you don't prevent them. Officials say just after it departed port around 2 AM on Sunday the golden rape made a turn and toppled over. Then burst into flames. At smoke and flames began to appear our crews along with the Glynn county heavy rescue team assessed that the situation was too risky. To further go inside the battle. The Coast Guard deploying helicopters and boats try and rescue the twenty more people on board. Dramatic video shows that lifting a crew member to safety in the detonates. Although there are good occupation public about it that the possible. When he people over safely evacuated before rescuers decided the fire made it too risky to keep going. Authorities are now intensely working on stabilizing the leaning vessels so they can continue rescue operations. We've brought in experts are working your collagen. The rescue but also do it safely in all to promote a month old suits are two roosters and spawned a future that we don't but the problem worse. Officials say the floor missing crew members were on watch in the engine room when the incident happens. To recruit him glued to try and you lost one number off. And a local paper is now reporting that the Coast Guard has detected tapping noises coming from inside the vessel which could be coming from those four missing crew members attending Tenet. All right and as will be lots from now on closely thank you so much. Well president drop is facing bipartisan backlash over is now canceled plans to hold a secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David the president was hoping to get the Taliban to sign off on a deal to end the war in Afghanistan. But he broke it off citing the latest suicide attack a couple. As ABC's Brian O'Keefe tells us the president is now under fire over the time and place of the talks as these before 9/11. Hey guys yet ever since the war in Afghanistan began every president has tried and failed to find his way out of it looked Kelly president trump. Had a planet known it ever tried before. And that plan fell apart this weekend. This weekend president trump tweeted that unbeknownst almost every one the major Taliban leaders and separately the president of Afghanistan. We're going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday. Well then the president abruptly canceled that meeting ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz told me. That prompted a lot of questions over whether this plan was such a good idea to begin what. It is still unclear exactly. How it fell apart you've heard secretary of state Pompeo explain it. To say that it fell apart because the Taliban. It set off a suicide. Bomb. In Kabul killing. At least twelve people including one American service member it might be that there was pressure from people on the hill from some Republicans on the hill. About bringing the Taliban. A terrorist organization who harbored al-Qaeda. And whether that was such a good idea and optics just before the eighteenth anniversary of September 11. One thing is clear that after nearly eighteen years it is the longest war in American history at a lot more on start here later this morning. Listen on apple podcasts receiver podcasting app today Kenneth. Our thanks to Brad president trump is facing another Republican challenger former South Carolina governor congressman Mark Sanford has entered the race Sanford acknowledged his bid in the long shot but he said his party has lost its way in the east to have a conversation about what it means to be a Republican. Samper losses reelection bid for congress after criticizing front. He's the third Republican to challenge the president. In the 20/20 GOP primary. A new ABC news poll out this morning shall six in ten Americans are a great deal are somewhat worried about a mass shooting in their own community. 89% of those polled say they support background checks for all gun purchases including private and gun show sales in 86%. Back. Red flag laws allowing and a police to take guns from individuals found by a judge to be a danger. Having 6% had confidence that improve mental health screening and treatment. Would reduce that shootings in 58% said they had confidence that stricter gun laws would reduce mass shooting. Now to the race for torn each when he asked the Democrats descend on New Hampshire had a debate number three this week. ABC's Rachel Scott has the latest on the campaign trail. In the recent president momentum growing for a surging senator Elizabeth Ward. Surging into this week's crucial debate we're still face off against two of her biggest rivals from the seed stage for the first time. Yeah here in New Hampshire bringing thousands to their feet with the two minutes the Indian movie should I asked what was behind them room. It's for 'cause I get out and talk about what's broken. And have real plans to fix it. According to that new ABC news Washington Post poll she's up six points since July. Warne is closing in on former vice president Joseph Biden and senator Bernie Sanders. But the big question. Who can defeat president trop. Biting but an even bigger advantage over warning Sander with 42% of likely democratic voters believing he can win wherever. The former vice president making a general election pitch here in Manchester. And fumbling an attack on the president of. Donald hunt Donald Trump is reelected. Freudian slip. You'll be between standard and worn on at the big season how do you means and your message breaks Barrow that's not our breaking through. New Hampshire primary the nation's first still months away. But nearly beat its remaining democratic field. Campaigning here this weekend including theaters who soundly defeated Hillary Clinton here in 2016. With a three front miners all in their seventies younger Democrats told me they believe it's your turn. What I you're out there is that people are ready for new generation of leadership spots who brought their view myself that's really the most important thing I'm feeling very good about my campaign. But for half of likely democratic voters it doesn't matter who the standard bearer is. They'll support anyone they think can defeat president truck electability is my number one. Concern I would vote for anybody who can I think he'd be Donaldson. And I asked senator wore at her rise in the polls will make her a target on that the big stage. She told me she wasn't sure what regardless. We plan on changing her debate approach she sees this as an opportunity to tell voters directly. About her vision for the country and she plans to stick that message. Rachel Scott ABC news Manchester. Our thanks to Rachel lair and ABC news will be hosting this Thursday's democratic debate in Houston. George Stephanopoulos David Maryland the Davis and you divisions Jorge Ramos will be moderating beginning at 8 PM. On ABC. The remnants of hurricane Dorian are battering Canada's Newfoundland on its way out to sea. The post tropical storm left behind damage and destruction this brain collapse onto a building under construction in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia. School in Nova Scotia are closed today to allow for the storm cleanup and off the coast and new from the new Finland whether boo we recorded a 100 foot high wave from Dorian. And they're also cleaning up today on north Carolina's ocracoke island which can only be reached by boat or air even in good weather. The outer banks island was completely swamped by Dorian with Rhodes. Washout like this one fishing boats are bringing supplies to the island is league as many as 800 people stayed on ocracoke during the storm. Mandatory evacuation order is still in effect permanent residents who did move who did evacuate we'll be allowed to return this morning with there is no power on the islands. And a Pennsylvania couple is and big trouble for going out a big shopping spree. The problem is they use more than 100000 dollars that accidentally ended up in their bank account. They bought an SUV a camper. A whole lot of stuff. They also gave about 151000. Dollars or friends all within three weeks is handed out money com this is all according to the authorities yes that's what they say. That's that's the couple is free on bond on felony charges. Well authorities also say that the bank call they were gonna work battery payment plan but then. The people stopped treat during the phone calls. Look that the at that the authorities say it's a crime we wanted to know what you think what would you have done if I 120000 dollars and dumping your bank account. Are you egg giving it back are you not touching Mitt. Are you steely Medicare does not yours he. That is you know that's our question of the day tweet us. Comment ABC news five that is now coming up but teens go pro video spot the car the bottom of murky lake hoping helping to fall. Decades old hold me but first the record breaking 700. Pound alligator. We'll tell you where it was captured after this. Welcome back we turn out to the growing crisis in the Bahamas following hurricane Dorian did step poll now stands at 45. Forensic investigators are searching debris for victims officials fear that some victims. Washed up to see you may never be found ABC's mark is more as in the Bahamas. Frustration building a week after Dorian stormed into the Bahamas obliterating entire communities. Including much of noble keys where it first made landfall. Ago many here doing it we doing it. Just him and we need vessel. Slovenia and war reenactment much many upset flaming red tape for holding back critical supplies to the islands of abaco and Grand Bahama. American first responders continue to help evacuate the sick and wounded. We met frank Knowles in front of what is left of this house we left in the I had thankfully. And when we left in the Iowa still and very much intact. His family now heading to the US to stay with relatives his wife will have to figure out where to send their kids to school we had each other. Accounted for from you know there was no guess work. A solenoid had in my sister aren't you haven't heard from them hands and where they understand their house on winning city with there was tainted they were there upheaval when we lost contact with them. His dad and sister among the potential thousands who were missing. And the destruction is all around here in marsh harbor you can see it right here trees have been snapped homes and businesses torn apart. And boats and cars tossed around in a backdoor is extreme winds. Of that massive storm surge that left this highly community. In ruins thousands Levy affected islands were officials say food distribution is a challenge all of this as the Bahamian government grapples with the mounting death told. Every single person we intend to account for is their chance that some of the victims were talking about. Were swept away into the ocean. And perhaps may never be. Much of marsh Harbour where we rode out the storm this time a week ago as a ghost town so many people have left to go to other bahama islands. Or even the US but as aid continues to arrive there are so many unaccounted for as the death toll continues to rise. Marcus Moore ABC news marsh Harbour Bahamas. It's a big thanks to Marcus and its continued reporting there are also across Fonality ABC news's London bureau or join McFarland is keeping an eye on the political chaos there around for exit. Julie good morning new prime minister Boris Johnson wants a snap election next month but lawmakers there rejected that proposal what comes next. Malaysian say yes this is the thought of a very unlikely to be a very tight midweek for prime minister Boris Johnson in just a few out as the government has its Oscar and keys to date for a snap election as you say. Next month now why does Boris wants Davis a stay with me. Remember that last week the pop up parliament debate to be in favor of a bill that will compel. Boris Johnson to I asked the EU to put spending that's scheduled how to mean Bre exit date. If he cannot get a deal now Boris has said repeatedly he does not want to do this he says that he would rob. Died in a ditch so that's why he wants to get back to the is how the government may try and guess who rounds got bill which is going to be in come into force in to little. Today there's some suggestions the prime is the may write to. Two glasses to the EU one lets us saying that he's are asking for an extension because he hostage. Foot by and other leftists saying well we don't really want this so please don't give it to last through the extraordinary. Scenes are a lot of discussion web. About could be a contravention of the law. The rainy ratings have been times here in the UK. I'm if you wanna fly out of the UK but apparently that can be tough if you're I'm British Airways write another. Right only. Absolutely now I get it we aren't the and nearing the end of vacation season but. These cancellations electric was huge amount. All the destruction high in its all of British Airways the UK's national flag carry. Set to walkout at for two days. Favor a pay and conditions. Disputed set to cost the airline around fifty million dollars a day some. 4000 pilots are involved in of this strike and the Adeline is set to counselor on 17100. Flights who while a man. Yes doing now most of us travelers are getting refunds but they can also look ended taking a self driving boats. Ha ha ha. Yes say this isn't great story it now what his set is beginning oh and constructing this. Unmanned. Roots which is getting to the pot next yet next September from Plymouth. And meant to the US and it is a celebration a recreation. All of them may file as voyage in the 1620s. Of course carrying based pilgrim's David to the US. For the first time this is an idea is an unmanned better it's I have to check when a president the story does not going to be anyone on board because my fuss though it was. Well if I was on a bet I would die they want a captain may show I was safe Wright is a going to be a crew on board. Not a manual on board it's gonna sell across Atlantic it's also going to be dings and important what could Jerious Janet's nick collecting days the climate told Agee. On marine life center. Not just a nice some reenactment all of that historic voyage but it didn't some important science as well. Well there you go pay thank you do appreciate it. Take care thanks now let's check our notification is now started a bit old Gator putting a small door to carry on the map check out this fourteenth barter. It was recovered by drought I quit and county near the Alabama border. The five member crew fought more than five hours to bring the 700 pound rep tile and to their boat is the largest alligator captured. In state history. Mass live. That's up what she's asked her about. During some serious seesawing. Battle that's some work right right they make it look so easy long legs and whose strong cores. I hit the gym today the head. Tape of all season is underway. That everywhere are hoping their sons will grow up to be star quarterback some sure this baby's got a good arm here throwing a ball. Not a football but it won't yep. Right right ripe for dad dad didn't catch the Vietnam. That goes may be that game yeah Hannity. Kids and I wanna be an only child men underneath Cuba friends scuttling gearing up time. All that doctoring at some milk maybe. And a human playing tricks on this puppy was taught a lesson. And kindness by a dog watch it is our way there this is a great way for it that's enough. That's enough takes the check in their that in the ball you eat up. I love it at a pace of bullying as a lot of students some love from a major calls for Bob yeah our young border. Porter who is a fan of the year received Tennessee made his own UTT. Shirt for his school's college colors day penny and a handout drawn Tennessee logo to an orange T shirt. Classmates teased them by the teacher posted the story O line and it went viral. UT officials salt oppose it and the boy UT's flag and close and turned his logo. And two T shirt. Barrett is basically a third get less than their for all involved and now to major development in a cold case that's baffled investigators for decades of one. And seemingly vanishing Canada back in 1992 now teenagers curiosity and his go pro camera help solve the mystery hidden at the bottom of the lake. A teenager's discovery at the bottom of the murky links including nearly two decades old mystery thirteen year old Max were wrinkle was on a boat in British Columbia when he spotted something underwater. If there is something. That could have helped anyone it's. Why not why not try. So Max grabbed his go pro and his video gave a closer look a submerged car in fifteen feet of water the highway. And beauty. A bigger story something you think is. It's not bear. Mac show divers with local law enforcement where to find the vehicle and they discovered a grim answer to a 27 year old mystery. Came back to missing persons docked in 1992 we were very surprised because it's been so long. When we initially heard that they there was somebody in that the F called. My heart just saying. Inside her car a woman's body. Identified as Janet fare as who went missing in 1992 while driving tulle wedding. I couldn't imagine what it be like for that many years not understanding. What ever happened so I was the one it was almost. It's meant to happen. This morning authorities are praising Max for his outstanding detectives quirk and for cracking a cold case many thought would never be solved. You're seeing people probe be looking at the stood on the road for. Potential employment. Fares is failing says they're grateful for max's discovering it brings answers to nearly three decades of mystery. Police don't think her death was suspicious to some closure there for that family. Well coming up we'll give you a heads up on what to expect on this Monday plus the Jeep that went viral during hurricane Dorian. It's a fitting end after this. It was my job for today residents of ocracoke island in North Carolina will be allowed to return home after working Dorian Ron Paul wall of water that flooded homes and forced some to be rescued from their attic. President drop will award the medal of valor and other her role accommodations. At the White House before heading to fatal North Carolina to hold a campaign rally. Meanwhile Democrats running for president are on the campaign trail as well Bernie Sanders takes a college tailgate tour in Iowa before heading to rally in Denver. Suing Castro holds a rally in Houston tonight and build the Lazio is visiting San Juan Puerto Rico to make an announcement of local labor leaders and activists. And of course the big event this Thursday the third democratic debate hosted by ABC news watch right here on ABC's live. Coverage starts at 7 o'clock eastern plus don't get into the debrief for an update on our top stories in a briefing room for free. Out of the latest headlines. And pop politics. Bush OJ did this Jeep last week that got swamped on Myrtle Beach during hurricane Dorian. Well someone had a funeral with a complete way it. Yeah. Little mailing ray fair for that she. And I made it very. Things I want what do you think it was today I know that. We do everything you're bragging. I can squeeze us like those backed by dozens of avoiding foul ball that he'd been outfitting our hall hey how were gored today as we figure quietly. And keep your jeeps attribution. Have a go.

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