It’s Morning, America: Monday, Sept. 23, 2019

Pelosi issues Trump an ultimatum over whistleblower complaint, a night of surprises at the Emmys, ex-cop on trial and more.
22:02 | 09/23/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Monday, Sept. 23, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna vote and. But the president of Ukraine House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is giving the top administration until Thursday to turn over a whistle blowers complain about the president's phone call. It comes as she faces more pressure to launch impeachment proceedings are now acknowledges he talked about Joseph Biden during the call but he denies any wrongdoing. Critics claim he was trying to get a foreign leader to influence an election. Number two the race for the White House a new poll shows. Senator Elizabeth Warren surging in Iowa and find more and taking the lead over Joseph vying for the first time with very standard in the distant third place. But the poll also shows only one in five voters in Iowa made up their minds. On to number three now Florida woman is speaking out about the rest of her six year old granddaughter. For throwing a tantrum in school the girl was one and two children under ten taken into custody at a school Orlando the officer identified as Dennis turner. As the suspended and investigators at six year old was handcuffed after he picked a staff member. Her grandmother says the child was visibly shaking when she was picked up from the juvenile center and she spoke on the phone are currently investigation. I would rightly be aren't supported it are probably continent's big uptight adventure Iraq. I'll be talking tank and whether it caught deadly disaster took it. The other child recipe is just eight years old details on his case are available. Atlanta police say officer Dennis was supposed to get approval before arresting a child under while. We had an NFL for number four ESPN reports intern here brown plans to file a grievance against the patriots. And hopes of securing his nine million dollar signing bonus. If you cut it last week after he allegedly threatened a woman accused him of sexual misconduct. Brown lashed out at patriots owner Bob crap Sunday implying a double standard compared to. House arrest at a five parlor brown Twitter craft got caught in the parlor different strokes for different folks. He has since deleted the tweet and finally number five television's big night we're talking about the primetime Emmys game throngs won the night with twelve Emmys and Amazon cleaned up and comedy seared categories with three going to flee back one of them they as the moment came from. Billy Porter yeah yelled that category and love the dollar after he won best drama best actress drama for his role in he is the first openly gay black man to win an Emmy for best act. The government for a talk about coming your way she's back. Good Morning America. The Emmys were fun this last night fax hopes that social media you have power bet lots of fashion Billy Porter. Big moments for derailed from Rome as well importantly. We'll get to all that into Simone but let's get to that big story House Speaker Nancy Pelosi putting president trump on notice centrist controversial phone call with that leader of Ukraine came to light. As a president faces new allegations of enlisting a foreign power to influence an election of Pelosi issued an ultimatum meanwhile trump is now acknowledging that he did talk about Joseph Biden during the call but he's defending his actions. ABC's amassed Iraq Tara has the new details from Washington. And as good morning. Good morning today mechanical the president has until Thursday to hand over that complaint and now some are calling for a transcript of that call between. The Ukrainian president and president transit to be released. Overnight president trump is still playing defense tweeting a Wall Street Journal report saying he pressured the Ukrainian president eight times to investigate Biden is quote. I Democrat crooked media con. Trump also taking aim at the whistle blower who made a formal complaint about that call. Ratings here she doesn't even have a first hand account of what was said. Trams pushed back coming as he seemed to acknowledge he did discuss Biden during a July phone call with the Ukrainian presidents. And I had quite large they've been graduate yard. Grab it already and. Ukraine's foreign minister is now backing out times assertion. So far the administration has refused to allow the whistle blowers complaint to be release to congress. Even after the inspector general for the Director of National Intelligence determined the complaint was credible and of urgent concern. Now the administration faces a Thursday deadline to hand over the complaint for congressional review and otherwise House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threatening a whole new stage of investigation. Republican senator Mitt Romney weighing in saying it's critical for the facts to come out. And some Democrats now suggest. Stays and what isn't the president simply release the transcript of that call something the president has not ruled out this will make a determination. About. How to release it. And now the acting Director of National Intelligence will face B house intelligence committee on Thursday. He's expected to be asked about why it was at that whistle dollars complaint wasn't handed over to congress. As required by law. As an F as you know this is all happening as president trop has the United Nations General Assembly today he is. And town waking up and trump tower this morning so what's on the agenda. That straight and this will be the first time that he will meet face to face with the Ukrainian president since that story broke. As a lobby watching closely for that bilateral meeting well we know he will not be act talk today about climate change we're watching closely and as thank you for. Joining us today. And as engines continue to mount Iran is promising to unveil a new regional peace plan at a lot of this week. The year running and president of that it is stirring up rage are facing his country's military arsenal. He got a western powers to leave the region in less run and other gulf nations handles security but secretary of state Mike Pompeo is defending the decision to send more US troops to Saudi Arabia after that massive attack. And its oil facilities. Apparently there ratings of bloodthirsty looking for war president trump. And I am looking for diplomatic resolution to this. Iran is still denying responsibility for the Saudi royal attack it warned that any retaliatory strike will lead to an all out war. Well community is on edge after made a Pennsylvania alleged. They threatened to attack two school police say 28 year old Kristen deals threaten to use pipe bomb secure at a mass shooting on middle and high school in hazel from Pennsylvania. It took twelve hours to find an arrest deals he's being held without bail. An ongoing health alert this morning the mosquito borne virus are Tripoli is being blamed for at least seven deaths in the US. Most recent fatalities to placing Connecticut Massachusetts. Experts say eastern equine encephalitis will continue to be a threat until the weather gets colder. People who are concerned are being told to use insect repellent with deet until that. The United Auto Workers is entering its eighth day on the picket line today a UAW spokesperson says the union representatives from General Motors are still talking. The 49000 workers while larger share of GM profits GM wants a lower labor cost. It's a new theory has emerge about the mystery illness called the Havana syndrome. US and Canadian embassy workers in Cuba's capital began falling ill in Torre seventeen with some suffering brain injuries. Investigators believe high pitched noises like be to blame. They are researchers now say the sickness may have been due to a pesticide used to fight physique of virus. We officially say goodbye to summer this morning happened at 3:50 AM eastern time marking the official start of fall. Here's some facts about the season Americans refer to this time mass of your ass all the British used the word autumn. All callers are caused a lot of sugar in leaves more readily. And more sure Natalie as storing and this is little bursts for the most time migrating it's also the time of the year love is in the air experts say it's the season when. Most relationships begin. And this year is the only year between like 2016 and 20/20 two that it falls on between thirty yup. Plus Denny awards ended on a high note with you know thrown when he outstanding drama series. The 71 primetime Emmy Awards were full of upsets surprises and even entry will Ganz has of the wrap up. Hey good morning to you guys and good morning to all of you at home the motto of this year's Emmys no host. No problem the show only ran two minutes over and still managed to include plenty of upsets a few awkward moments and some very emotional speeches. A night of upsets me back. And jokes about those cents goes student illiterates now it's time okay traffic. Lawler bridges to be back eating out teeth and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. He was poised to become the most winning Emmys actor of all time. The 71 Emmy Awards proving to be a night of many firsts we witnessed history unethical to be Emmy goes to be leaked court. Billy Porter now just an Oscar away from. The first openly gay black man to win an Emmy for best actor Ricky. Category handler beyond my. The post are not the only one giving a powerful acceptance speech. The next time a woman and especially a woman of color. Because she stands to make 52 cents on the dollar compared to her white male counterparts. Listened to her. Believe her. Michelle Williams using her time on stage to spotlight the gender pay gap well Amazon's underdog flea bags slept many of the comedy categories including best comedy series. Forgot to thank my wife and I was up here. We've had a very difficult. The award for best drama series went to what else game of drones for its final season can't believe we did it we do it altogether and it's over and and we shall never see your like again. And while this year's Emmys had no host there was no shortage of star power at the Microsoft theatre in Los Angeles Anthony Anderson and his mom. Oh okay. Ben Stiller and a very healthy Bob Newhart who you thought I was dead. And Mya Rudolph tonight parent holds who had a bit of trouble reading the teleprompter. Abraham. The many of them black can't. Mickey two times. The Kaminsky math and it's not an award show without amenable moments. I've family knows firsthand how truly compelling television comes from real people. Just being themselves. Telling their stories unfiltered and unscripted. The audience cracking up. He unplanned moment a little awkward it almost makes you want to. And it was a big night affair were also fan favorites like game up Rome's Big Bang theory and deep. I'm but this year's Emmys also made superstars out of first time winners like TV Lawler. Bridge and Jarrell to Rome gave a powerful speech after his win for. When they see us about the Central Park five now known as the exonerated five. Right and he thanked them not as well and the audience is due for an AFC it's C Cory why is turning to shut it here as has happened so. A big moment they're not only for. The actor but for so many involved in the first. Afro Latino. Person to ever win and this acting category to be nominated and awarded so congrats to him and all the other winners. Well the billionaire pay an officer loans for Grasso one of the nation's HB CUs has an extra perk for their care. Robert Smith made headlines in naming promise to wipe out the loan got more out. College's class of nineteen and now we're getting a look at the fine print the 34 million dollar grant covers six loan types including those taking up a student's parents. The money will help more than 400 students along with their parents. Guardians an amazing thing he's doing them. So coming up a gender reveal goes viral. Boy or girl. Less hungry hungry have tell us but first thousands of travelers stranded overseas is an iconic travel company goes under we'll go across the pond. Photo that we turn out to the murder trial of an axe cop who shot and killed her neighbor the former Dallas police officer says she mistakenly entered the man's apartment thinking it was her apartment and that he was a burglar. A jury will now decide whether amber Geiger committed murder a lesser offense no crime and I'll. This morning to city of Dallas is bracing for a former cops murder trial. You got off duty obviously. I'm and I hit I hate email as. Amber Geiger admits she shot and killed 26 year old bought them John in his apartment in September of last year. And the 911 call obtained by Dallas station WFA eight. The former officer tells the dispatcher in nineteen times that she thought Sean was in her apartment. I thought what more important country and interact. Amid protests a grand jury indicted kite or three days after the shooting. Critics cans John's mother questioned why it took so long for the officer to be arrested. Give me sacks this club. According to the arrest warrant Geiger had just finished a thirteen hour shift. And says she mistakenly parked on the wrong floor walks down the wrong call and went into the wrong apartment. While still in uniform court documents show the door was slightly open went guy girl arrived and she opened fire when John disobeyed her command. Legal experts say a murder conviction will be difficult because a decision will likely hang. And loaded the jury believes the shooting was a reasonable mistake in this video taken four days before his death John is seen leading worship and church where he was a Bible study leader. John's mom was one of the last people to talk to him and she's now prepare to take the stands at sister. I'm happy that it's finding the time is finally being. So that he can get some closure. In addition to murder of a jury could find Geiger guilty of manslaughter or negligent homicide. Which also carry long prison sentences Charles expected to last two week. Now to some breaking news overnight the British travel company Thomas Cook has collapsed. I'm for failing to secure 250 million dollars from shareholders and creditors to avoid going under him and now about 600000. Bookings have been canceled leaving. 150000. British customers overseas without a way home. So let's go across the pond out of doing McFarland in the London bureau. For more good morning Julie a. Mourning Kenneth mourning tonight yes that's right hundreds of thousands of people currently on vacation waking up to the news. That the almost a hundred an eight year old travel found had collapsed it ceased trading with immediate affects after a round of talks. Aimed at saving. This company as you say it's there it's the wealth oldest travel fob. Now this do exhaustive for the company has triggered. Project amounts of what not is a government. Ron project to try and repatriate around a 150000. Brits or Carly. Own holiday aboard with a fan added this morning the lost Thomas Cook flight landed back in the UK from. Or a land. Now. Hundreds of thousands of people around. 600000. People and ten till not just brits economy thought to be on holiday. On Thomas Kirk vacations. I'm the government highs organized a web site for people to look up and see the status. Auld that flights now it's got more than nineteen million customers lost yet according to its website so this is a you know the collapse of a huge huge historic legacy fund. The government is now looking to Foss track. An investigation. Into why Thomas Cook has run at Sealth. Into the ground a load of people across king is us to do with Rex it is it's indicative of the health. Of the the British economy not quite a lot of travel experts have said dot. Thomas Cook for a long time has failed to updates itself and in scrape into more than the ways of travel of course a lot of families. And in longer hesitant you to think getting to travel agents and booking holidays the old fashioned way people are taking masses and at times buying flights. Look sourcing the rain hotels and transportation. Thomas Cook has failed to adopt to people's changing habits. Guys and a big thanks to Julia Baird now let's get a check Burnett patients starting with the gender reveal. With a hip well. Yup that to have vote in Lyon omelet guy inside his blue. The boy. And a little controversy this morning because people are saying why are you gain. You know through to move this but I who die in the air and then the zoo responded that he went tax saying that. To die safe. An X upper house is up Purcell where the cats it's supposedly haunted leave this house in New York a score of one point nine million dollars but it is legally. Haunted in New York because the Supreme Court back in nineteen anyone actually ruled that the home. Was taunted and feather the owner had to disclose. That there are. Some spooky supernatural things that are happening in there. And so. But the current owner apparently hasn't said that he saw anything I see new meaning they won't sell it won't point nine million dollars. And a Saturday the biggest college football match up. For us now is resume vs South Carolina. By an exerted more fourteen I've got. Game show big back they'll be back. It was really sad look look at that they're not back. It's an innovative move on now to an update on the beer money requests gone viral we would tell you about that. Cited house above in person king held up on ESPN's pregame show this month jokingly asking for cash by case of beer people send your money and so much more uses donations are now one million dollars. He has promised to donate the cash for Children's Hospital Iowa yesterday he tweeted let's go. We're not done yet whole bunch of money. After they appeared or after you appeared on GMA. 2000 notifications when writes with demo yet so money still role in men and next up a reminder. Anyone who spent any time and a final laps or Wear protective gear. I'm bank leave in this service dog with a student at Clemson University app goggles at the lab coat. Good to go and sandals to protect bear talks on good thing check. They were getting a glimpse of Blue Ivy is birthday sir happened back in January the queen bee has been busy you know when she's finally got around to sharing dozens and dozens of photos on her website. As you see blue live east seventh birthday party had a bruise goal theme with her friends all wearing matching pink wrote. Does the county so excited their. Now onto that marriage proposal that turned tragic a Louisiana man has died after asking his girlfriend marry him while he was under water. It's fiance is now sharing video the proposal and the moment it went horribly wrong. This morning the chance for a lifelong memory and turning trying. Stephen Weber and his girlfriend could reach Antoine were on vacation off the coast of East Africa abstained at this resort that features an underwater room. Hey you follow. And under moron and a blue. Did your share by Antoine who was inside at the time she is Weber Al cy one of the rooms windows thirty feet underwater holding a hand written sign that read. I can't hold my breath warm enough to tell you everything I love about you. Will you please be my wife. That's when something went wrong Weber swarms away he never resurfaces. Presumably drowning. Antoine writing in an emotional FaceBook posts you never emerge from those steps so you never got to hear my answer yes. Yes a million times yes I will Miree you super bright intelligent. Loving. Wise. Friends and family say Weber was a selfless giving person. That smile never stops. But he's the kind of guy that when he walks into the room. He's going in the it's like the ripple effect did it makes you feel very happy to be around them. The resort calls Webber's death a tragic accident scene authorities in Tanzania are now investigate. The State Department confirmed a US tourist died in Tanzania but gave no further details are coming up we'll tell you what's to come on the Sunday plus the social media challenge fit for the red carpet stay tuned for our question of the day. But watch out for today's the United Nations General Assembly kicks off in president trump is in New York to lead an event religious. Freedom before meeting with several world leaders. Including the president of Pakistan the president's poll and the prime minister we'll Zealand's. And the presidents of Singapore Egypt and South Korea. Meanwhile climate change activists are expected to block key buildings and roads in Washington DC to disrupt business. As usual demands action by politicians on tackling climate change and Prince Harry does just regular bowlers taking their news Sunday the RT on their first official tour is a failing to South Africa plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on our top stories in the briefing room for a break down the police had lines in politics. Finally a red car better writer for the show Berry wanted social media to Dresser. Billy Heller aura green suit so people good Photoshop whenever out that they want honor silver are. Question of the day what should she wears send us your ideas are photo shops on Twitter at ABC news lied may be will even show. Some of them she's a brave woman for this because it is the people Dick Allen crazy on there with the green screens and whatnot. So be nice. All right go get your booties and discard their private spices they're symbolic for about it we'll see enough. Autumn.

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