It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019

Night 2 of Democratic debates, Navy fighter jet crashes, Vegas cashes in on grasshopper invasion and more.
21:18 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019
Have I ever library that diamond state are here. It's been here dancing airwaves that can fill an end here soon. There's blood on its originate Norman today. If people are making they were not they are not made they are fighting that was no love no. Little love on that stage that's our right in the mix or this morning the race for 20/20 of the Democrats are now returning to the campaign trail after facing off. On the national stage. Each deep divisions surfaced for the second consecutive night on a range of hot button issues in nearly every candidate took a shot at Joseph Biden. It's our friend Trevor all right there and the big. We have we've got a long stay ahead of us Kenneth for sure but this is the final data cans covered a lot of ground in last night's debate they talked about climate change. The talk about immigration criminal justice reform health care and in talking about what would be the best for the future and who would be the best that they were quick to criticize each other's patents. Tonight he'll of the Detroit democratic debates featuring all the policy of night one with a lot more personal political brawling knicks did. Senator cobble heiress returning to her attacks from the first debate early on. Did vice president has still failed to acknowledge. That it was wrong to take the position that he took at that time. But this time Biden punching back and later criticizing the senator for changes to her health care plan Dick kids. He presents wrong. We double talk other candidates eager to jump into the crossfire senator Cory Booker taking aim at the former vice president over criminal justice reform. Since the 1970s. Every. Major crime while every crumble major and money her has had his name on it. You had a police department that was you went out and you hired Rudy Giuliani's guy. You and engaged in stop and frisk ms. rice president there's a saying in my community you're ticketed the cool lady you don't even know the flavor. Over the same topic congresswoman tolls he Gabbert calling Kabul Harris for her record as a prosecutor. Senator Harrison and you are in a position. To make a difference in an impact in these people's lives you did not. Candidates also sparring over immigration Biden defending the policies of the Obama administration coolly under Castro calling him out. It looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't so we need are policies designers I have some guts on this issue. I've got to talk to say his plan doesn't make sense. Now these Detroit debates were probably the last time on stage for a lot of these candidates the next democratic debate in this presidential elections happening in Houston in September that's likely only to have about half the candidates who qualify at most. Kenneth Diane. And we'll see if they'll be serving Kool Aid not debate hosted by be to see him about his red. That's her favorite flavor all right Trevor read I'm a great man bites out there. Over her own hair color purple okay debate either way. Right here and it right here on ABC hatred brought in Detroit thank you we appreciate it thanks fair. Every candidate went to the debate looking for a breakout moment are any opportunity to stand out in that crowded field. ABC news political director Rick Klein Jones is now with his take on how they all feared Rick. Diana Kenneth all eyes on Joseph Biden during the second presidential debate. A lot of folks around it saying he needed to bring the fight show that he's in this for the long haul and he delivered. He took lots of incoming from almost everyone on the stage. Attacking him but he was able to deliver right back. A taking on senator Harris taking on an Google for taking on senator Gillibrand in ways that I think will resonate with a lot of the supporters and revives some of the sense around his campaign. If he really knows what he's up against these other Democrats. A couple of hours after that strong performance a couple of weeks back she took a lot of it coming up particularly from Tulsa Gabbert there on the wings at some of those candidates on the wings they needed a big night. Jay easily cures that Gillibrand big moments for them they are going to need that because this debate. Marks the end of an hour we are not legacies when he candidates any longer by the time we get to Houston for ABC's debate. In the middle of September we're going to have it dramatically smaller field it is going to be crunch time it is candidate Stephen qualifying. Ban again a. And the so called battle over Baltimore is heating up president trumped. It's hitting back at critics of his recent tweets about the city. He's suggesting Democrats are hipper Chris Tucker video from my carry on surfaced showing congressman Elijah Cummings criticizing drug use in Baltimore the president. Tweed in the video take a look. I left my community or Baltimore a drug infested area. Where a lot of the drugs that we are talking about today. Have already taken the lives of so many children. In the. You heard Cummings used the terms drug infested in the president's tweet he described Baltimore. As a raft and rodent infested Max. A National Archives. Has released phone call revealing racist comments by Ronald Reagan and the call to President Nixon in 1971. Damn governor Reagan described delegates from Tanzania. As monkeys who were not comfortable wearing western clothes. And now to the navy fighter jet that crashed in an area known as Star Wars king and in California. We're seeing some new evidence of that crashed while witnesses tell us they did not see any parachute deployed ABC's Megan to breezy and has more on the seven people injured. Who are actually on the ground Megan good morning. Good morning day ending Kenneth two aircraft were flying. Training missions in a Death Valley when one crashed it's a popular area for US air force and eighty fighter jet train. This morning the search is on for miss teen US navy pilot. The F eighteen fighter jet crashing in the California desert Wednesday morning in his spot popular with spectators. Parole or the area dubbed Star Wars canyon for its near oak canyon walls and flight maneuvers pilots make that resembled those in the movie. Has seen here in this video taken from a previous flight at the same location of Wednesday's crash this picture the first look at the crash site. My son and I were standing out. But where I live and saw a large mushroom. Witnesses described seeing debris smaller than a dinner plates litter read and nearby parking lot what I heard was from his wing man's after burners because. I watched him pop up right up over this music they fly today came pretty close to get those spectators watching the aircraft when it crashed all tourists from France suffering for minor burns and expected to be okay. And the playing its crush around fifty Mitchell's but in front of us the National Park Service says that popular outlook is now closed. As search and rescue teams comb the area looking for that missing pilots were looking for nadir out there. Hoping for the best. So I'm always optimistic. US navy investigators are working to determine the cause of this crash whether it was a mechanical issue or a pilot air. It's still too early to top ten in. All right thank you meg we appreciate it. And the grasshopper invasion a Las Vegas has business owners thinking green having cash. Add a little guys are invading base because of the U wetter than normal spraying and now food based on the bugs is popping up around talented at this one. As the grasshopper cake from one of the bakeries in town is also a green grass hopper drink. At a local bar them actual grasp they don't let that Pete. Said. Because that's what she should get that pizza with insects on top grasshoppers. Yum yum. Yum that. Are coming up the police body camera video causing controversy this morning officers ever making jokes about a man called one lead dying on the ground. We're back. We're back with a frightening ordeal in the Pacific a group of two poorest. Crew members had to abandon ship of the Galapagos Islands because of a fire. All 27 people on that boat were forced into shark infested waters. One of the passengers works for our ABC station in Los Angeles. All hell broke loose smoke filled says that the boat they tell us there's. Catch fire in engine. A pilot spent that they and a burning boat. Or or jump in the water we sharks. Not advise anybody wants to have to make the boat's life rafts wouldn't deploys everyone was just floating around that water for about an hour before they finally got those rafts. Working when they once they got into the rafts there's been another hour before a nearby ship answered their call for help. While. You know credible. Thank you doubt at all that we turned out to the Texas man who died in police custody after calling now 11 for help newly released video shows the final moments of Tony temple's life. As police officers appear to ignore his desperate cries volleys into the ground. Officers or even heard mocking him as he falls unconscious. We should warn you this video can be difficult to watch. That's 32 year old Tony Tampa and Dallas begging for help in the final moments of his life until they. Typical 911 in August when he sixteenth saying he was suffering from schizophrenia and depression. And was off his medication police tried security guards already had. In handcuffs outside historic after guard said he was acting erratically you don't. Body cameras video obtained by the Dallas morning news shows officers pining timber to the ground for fourteen minutes he eventually becomes incoherent. The officers are then heard making jokes as timber loses consciousness. But it seemingly not until medics load Tampa onto a stretcher that officers realized he might be in trouble. A minute later a paramedic can be heard telling officers that Tampa. Isn't breathing. Operating. According to report the medical examiner ruled Tampa's death a homicide due to the toxic effects of cocaine and the stress associated with physical restraint the three officers involved were placed on administrative leave. Indicted last year but the district attorney dropped the charges and has according to the Dallas morning news medical examiners told a grand jury they did not believe the officers acted recklessly and they would not testify to the officers indictment city officials have fought against making the video public since twice sixteenth. But this week a federal judge allowed for its release saying the public needs to see. An attorney for Tampa's family says that video proves his death was quote inexcusable. The Dallas to Pete police department has not commented on that video that you definitely tough to watch. While checking more headlines an investigation is under way at this ExxonMobil refinery near Houston after a major explosion black smoke could be seen for miles around a facility be count Texas. All workers are safe 37 or injure mostly for minor burns air quality in the area set to be safe. It's at least the fourth fire at a petrochemical facility in the Houston area this year now. And in Pennsylvania a suspected gas explosion destroyed this home near Pittsburgh. Firefighters had just shot off the gas line and we're waiting to ventilate the house at the time. Three of them and the homeowners were injured. Acerca verification is now if you're basketball fan you'll love this trick shot that's. Never been seen or been done before. A Harlem Globetrotters use of the clerk and battled the wind and waves off New Jersey slap in all this. Basket while Paris Italy. And press sent back to have some extra special cat's first meet tiger who looks as though he may be missing some to be. Which would make sense because his owner claims he's 31 years old that's old for cat yet the oldest apparently cat and an annoying that's right. It's that there's no rule at 21 years old. This richer as well but his claim to fame it really is age it's his permanently grumpy look. It's due to bad down turned mouth and those horns have her on his head that he's super popular. His owner says he's very she'll this spending 200000. Followers and in Pigram. Juno Juno is that means to me again. That's that is spectator belittle and ground that's what we'll do. What age on the answers. I would definitely value and a heart beat double tap double tap. So what age do you consider yourself to be. As an adult that when do you consider yourself all. Grown up rarely in men say 26. Women say 23. Cents. And this study apparently was based off like what we do things yeah. So me here are some of the things you do if you're an adult you have a budget you buy a house by your taxes. Monitor your credit report. More invest in your well one can. Koike the big one big cats don't delay that one got to hurry up get in there serpents and by the interviewer retire sooner than later that we don't have kids and. And old days as we mature faster than you do it's we should be in there retires. This man hours that if we. I'm going to break through that they think tell us off the finger and. Yeah. When guy bats there. Next up we have a memorable car trip for a driver and his passengers. He said he. Picked up two and dropped off three bastard will explain. Debbie ABC's Josh shot at her talk with that driver take a look. Caddies usually see a lot and. A Brooklyn livery driver Lewis Leonardo couldn't predict the drama that unfolded in his back seat. Picked up so a drop off three. Simple as that. Cars cameras were recording as they always do what he picked up a couple earlier this month in bush break the woman in labor and hospital bound. And that's an exam mechanism might not mean you kind of fun. Jason Allen as a wall others that does that OK Jim I have been a cut. And yeah we're headed and I can't. Lewis found himself part driver part Lamas coach has the baby girl popped right out. Obviously was plain and begin. And must suspend though they had its in my hand I'm. Both states have risen to six oasis. Oh she was serious. And the good and you know don't you know god and evening. And it. Won't put. And with the baby breathing the couple raptor in a blanket and Lewis kept on driving yeah. National. And it. We'll go to the hospital and got the attention of paramedics who whisked her away leaving you can imagine. Quite a mess behind probability that problems man. For acts of the car lot huge gains joking about that day but he deserves a flagship for that reform it I am just amazed by news that apparently is the third time it's happened to him and. I like is finally act. And then so burnt red and a look at. I coming up the most Google's presidential candidate in those debates what we're learning this morning about Marianne Williamson. Next. Newly released dash cam video shows the moment a semi truck slammed into a church bus in Florida. Seven people including five children died in the January crash on interstate 75 near Gainesville. Eight lawsuits have been filed against the truck drivers company. And Newport Beach, California and these goods Americans trying to rescue three people trapped inside an SUV. After crashing into a tree help stabilize the vehicle until firefighters got there. And pulled everyone out here us and now tore rare find for Nintendo fans. And that about a man found a new game from 1987. Under open in his attic it's expected to sell for at least 101000 dollars at auction today. Big game is called kickers and apparently had eight cult following back in the day. Globe alcohol content. And it out silently from us. Never giving up that is something that the democratic candidates are trying to do as they try to make it to the next debate but is payment boost after the last round. His she's a virtually up political unknown but now she's hoping that. She'll be boosted right into the Oval Office here's ABC's Marcy Gonzales. This is part of the dark. Underbelly. Here tonight. She spoke for just under nine minutes roughly half of the airtime given to Elizabeth Warren and Bernice Sanders. But still Marianne Williamson put her stamp on the second democratic debate. Some people here and I tell us what you might Democrat it's easy to think that's something and her message at times may have been more cosmic then political. If you think any of this won't penis is going to deal with his dark psychic force. Of the collective eyes hatred that this president is bringing up in this country and I'm afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days. No matter she seemed to have piqued the interest of the audience at home. Google Trends showing before the debate began Bernie Sanders was the number one searched candidate. After Marianne Williamson was clearly on top. People are gushing over it because it was different it was new. And the Republican Party seem to agree with Donald Trump junior and senator Lindsey Graham saying she won the debate. Though still considered a long shot candidate recently polling at just 1%. This marked a sizable leap forward for Williamson after her performance during the first debate. So Mr. President if you're listening. I want to hear me place you have artists fear for political purposes and only love can cast sat out. Williamson is revered for her thoughts and love divinity forgiveness. And personal growth. She skyrocketed to fame in 1992. With a spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show later becoming a staple on home networks reversals Sunday. My heart's not open I don't download the possibility. On earth as it is and haven't that doesn't mean it's not in the computer companies it's not a Waterston I just got that in the biggest way. That is really good. Now she's taking her passionate case are beyond her fan base. She moved to Iowa earlier this year to show her full commitment ahead of the crucial caucus. Much they're. Williamson is a progressive her campaign web site covers her stance on issues including immigration gun control and climate change. But she's also focused on the spiritual climate of America. There's a certain level of spiritual and moral walked. That has led to political corruption that has led to immeasurable human suffering. And she feels president trump has broader country to a critical crossroad. I think president trump. Is the logical. Extension and in Baden. They problematic. World. That is there with for a long time. Our political establishment made the business and god the designer in 2016 for change on the part of the American people with legitimate and change into we god. His note change agent at all except in the worst possible way do you pray for president I do think the president. We're all innocent children of god the world is not served by president time being London his best minds. And I think when you pray for so when you praying that they be returned to their night. For Nightline I'm Marcy Gonzales in Los Angeles. And that's gonna do it for us stay with ABC news live for all your breaking news throughout the day. I'm Diana stayed out and I'm gonna vote from a birthday.

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