It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019

President Donald Trump reignites controversies over birthright citizenship, anti-Semitism, gun control and Greenland.
23:22 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019
Good morning got coveralls and getting on the near the top I think snow this Thursday number one in the investigation is underway after a private jet. Skidded off the runway at a small airport in northern California it bursts into flames after the pilot aborted the takeoff. All ten people on board escaped. It's the same model of Cessna that crash last week in Tennessee while carrying racing star Dale Earnhardt junior. Number two president trumps chaotic week continues he is reigniting another controversy he says he wants to take a closer look at possibly ending birthright citizenship. A constitutional protection that guarantees children born on US soil. Are American citizens. The president calling it quote ridiculous he has said in the past that he was considering an executive order to end next you know what stay tuned. We had to Southern California number three authorities have been searching for a sniper who shot a sheriff's deputy walking to his car that deputy was leaving the sheriff's station in Lancaster north of LA when he was shot in the chest. The sniper apparently fired from an apartment building overlooking the station near mental health facility. The deputy is okay thanks as bulletproof vest which deflected the bullet into his shoulder. The mayor says just before the shooting the deputy was getting ready to take off his best. Which could've been a fatal decision at number for a legendary US figure skating coach has been banned for life because of sexual abuse accusation a former student is suing Richard Callahan claiming numerous sexual assault. And Schmidt says the repeated abuse started when he was fourteen. Callahan was has denied the accusations. And finally number five what to usher and Julie Roberts have in common while their among the celebrities. Faked out by any means to grant house a message that was making it player on the platform warned that a privacy policy change would make anything that anyone has ever posted public ahead of NC Graham squash the hoax is saying the name that. Claims it's a grand is changing its privacy rules. Is it knocked. Through we've got so much more talk about coming your way home much more -- morning America. Survey says that is the question of the day what hoax if any has. You've been fooled by online in the past write any. Yeah I went to buy it like a T shirt when I was twenty. Promised some obscure site it was a reading rainbow teacher I remember statistically because I luxuries. And what happened and so on and that your holiday I plugged in the information and then they called my phone certainly what is your what your credit card numbers so that and got. Yeah I wanna reading rainbow shirts he could have all my credit card information why I only bought hundreds of dollars stuff from best buy old. Yes dad and I never got angry about that how he did you get that sure OK so that's his how I have not fallen for and any ever. In the end announced so tell us yours in the comments or is the privacy policies copy. Pace this thing go back to as long as social media. I always been pay TC sense like ale well yeah. Forward this change to ten people or else yet so if you would if you pasted that thing and answer them. Tell us how you liking the Internet should. I. And so would love to get your feedback. Very couple days ago. That is well area things he asked. How my theory posthumously fort. Let's get to the big story of the day. President trumped up here in Q I guess you could say embrace the chaos that he's created around several important issues from. Guns to taxes to our relationship with NATO ally. Denmark. In this morning ABC news has learned that all this chaos could prompt to Republicans to jump into the race for president. Which is giving president from some unexpected competition in the GOP primary. ABC street and Marshall has all of the details from Washington Serena good morning. Today Trevor good morning to both the UN amid all of those controversies the president and netting another one suggesting any end to birthright citizenship even though that's a guarantee enshrined in the constitution. Mixed messages confusion and at what some might call chaos at the White House. From further alienating our NATO ally Denmark upset the country's prime minister rejected his idea to buy Greenland. I thought that the prime ministers stay fit that it was. That was that it was an absurd idea was nasty at daughter was at an appropriate statement. To again accusing American Jews of disloyalty. And I'd I'd. Your head belly and that's a medic at. Tuesday major Jewish organizations like the anti defamation league outrage after the president's had a vote for a Democrats means giving very disloyal. Do Jewish people and you're being very disloyal. It is you know I will be exactly clear on what that was anti semitism. And now reigniting another controversy birthright citizenship. Where you have a baby and are glad you walked over the water have a baby congratulations. Debate is now US citizens that frankly. Ridiculous. Suggesting and doing constitutionally. Protected he. NT last October he said he was considering using an executive order to do it. Now two former GOP congressmen former South Carolina governor and congressman Mark Sanford. An Illinois congressman turned radio host Joseph Walsh are moving closer to mounting a long shot primary bid against trump. Don't neither expects to wind they hope job of the party and alternate vision for the future. The president again also distance and Celso from a background checking guns bells saying that we Marty have a very strong background checks and it legislation. Would be a slippery slope Trevor Zheng. Even for president trump this week has been a lot to keep track of Serena Marshall washed make history. And the latest economic news undermines the administration's claim of a strong economy so this is. -- from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office it reports the federal deficit is gunnery to 960 billion dollars by September 30 that's the end of this fiscal year. And it predicts the deficit will reach a trillion dollars in 20/20 which is two years faster than expected. And the office says the reasons our president Trump's tax cuts the trade war with China and an increase in federal spending. And the government now says job growth wasn't as good earlier in the year as first reported. Employers added half a million jobs less than thought most of the revision came from industries. Most associated with consumer spending so things like retail and travel. It's the biggest downward revision in ten years old. President trump has eliminated student loan debt for all permanently disabled military veterans it's expected to save 2.5 thousand that's about 30000 dollars. Also clears those eligible from having to pay any federal income tax on those loans the president signed the order while attending an American veterans convention in Kentucky. And in California up cook is behind bars for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at a long beach hotel. Authorities say were dull Beaumont boy was upset about a work related human resource issue. He then told a Mary act coworker he was going to shoot employees and hotel guests. Police say they found a stockpile of guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition at his home. This CDC is reporting an increase in the lung illnesses linked to be keeping more than a 150 cases have now there reported in the east sixteen states from coast to coast many of them are teens and young adults. Seventeen year old trysts and no field of Texas. Ended up in the hospital with a blockage in his blogs he had replaced in a medically induced coma and that's his parents found out he'd been beeping since eighth greed. I woke just thrown up everywhere of one house was just pounding on my chest going a hundred miles an hour you don't want your child have to go through what we went through to get to the point that he came to its a big deal it's not something to look over. The Utah man also had to be quite winter cola because they've been related lung disease. The CC is investigating but has not linked to any particular device or chemical. Chewed piece cases the next democratic debate is three weeks away hosted by ABC news in partnership with Univision. So ten candidates have qualified so far under more stringent party rules that includes former vice president Joseph Biden and senators Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren in Kabul Harris. If more than ten candidates meet those new thresholds for polling and fund raising. Then the DNC will add a second debate. The debate is slate of 4 September 12 and thirteenth at Texas southern university in Houston. There will be a one minute and fifteen seconds for a direct responses to questions 45 seconds for a bottles. And it this morning Washington governor Jay in his Lee has ended his presidential bid he's the third Democrat so fart who dropped out of the still very crowded field. At fidelity -- cancer patient is doing his part to help other young people fight the disease. His name is Ryan Collins he's battled brain cancer for a year and while receiving radiation treatments he ran a lemonade stand to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Yesterday he donated 4300. Dollars to Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. As he is found out he's cancer free. It's tense and he came sit saying my treatments done miss Carson is run. And I'm on my bank and don't bringing up Haq says X. Man how house yes and it tells me. Ryan says he plans to keep his Ryan's hope a lemonade stand going on line. He said the key to facing the disease is stay strong and keep believing in yourself goodness right there. Well coming up fires in the Amazon rainforest burning at a record pace like the fire safety increased this year and what that could mean for the environments. Welcome back we turn out of that deadly parking lot shooting caught on camera in Florida the man who opened fire Michael Drake. There's now on trial. Vick case has but the spotlight on forest controversial stand your ground law. At the center of the case this surveillance video showing Michael Drake shooting mark peace in the clocked it. Drake is seen approaching the clocked into girlfriend their rating. He steps back history to reaches for his gun takes aim and opens fire the father of three stumbles back into the store where he would later die. Draco was silent in court Wednesday as both sides laid out their arguments. And so does he. Oh all. He can't go any further and watch that video he starts to turn away from the confrontation. He's shocked. Just do reasonably reason. He. That weakness. Drake is claiming self defense he was originally not charged in the case because of the State's controversial stand your ground law. Which gives Floridians the right to protect themselves if they consider their lights to be an imminent jeopardy. This same law was used to defend George Zimmerman in the 2012 killing of tray bond Martan. But the State's attorney later decided to bring manslaughter charges arguing Drake a hat eleven seconds to make that decision. To pull the trigger streak is history is also coming into play one witness for the prosecution says Drake a threatened him five months earlier for parking in the same handicap spot. Says she actually cheat you. Q you never saw about never saw. The trial is expected to wrap up by the end of the week but this is one of those cases that will probably be debated long after a verdict is rendered. Now to South America where right now fires are burning in the Amazon rainforest at a record pace Brazil's space research center which monitors fires. Reports an increase of about 80% from last year so what do go across upon a markets more in our London bureau for more markets. Good morning Martin you're doing and the. What MID on about what with the Texas boy doing inland a wrong turn on the hey I have a long way from Dallas but you know perhaps they'll collect comet home but they're great people here and down no we've been talking a lot about this sound at least buyers in it in Brazil and I know you hasn't seen the pictures. They're absolutely incredible pan and we now know according to the space agency that. We are seeing an 80% increase in the number of fires compare to last year so we put them in the actual numbers that 73000. Fires almost 70000 fires burning. In the Amazon force right now and in those fires are sold and tents. The drivers in Sao Paulo had to use their headlights. To drive around in the middle of the day in and listen to this guy so Parlow. It's 17100 miles away from where all of these fires are burning so. It is a huge deal and certainly a lot of people have been have been talking about this. And the our national institute for space research actually relied on satellite data to determine the number of fires that are burning right now. Which during this time of year they they happen. But not at this rate now critics have accused the Brazilian president dry air boss and RO of of paving the way for this by promoting. Deforestation. Instead of conservation so we're talking about logging and farming. And people who say that he is the reason we're we're seeing this increased number of fires in the Amazon won't force meantime the president he has a reply to this. Questioning the data. He and saying that they that they just don't add up and also. Without evidence he has said that you know his critics have been setting these fires to make him look bad again. No evidence to support that claim but the main concern right now is the fact that these fires are burning in the Amazon force the place that produces 20% of the world's oxygen. And that these fires could be accelerating climate change. You have to America's those are really startling and concerning images there salute them back there England where you are duchess mega marvel paid a surprise visit to charity and are rare instant grim video. Yeah that's right. You know we're always on our royal watch and Don bacon Markel was. But in London up promoting a charity clothing line and she posts and at this video on it's to ground. I'm very happy and and a deceiving the haven't a great time there. Yes what works a charity in this is a group. That up helps disadvantaged women. Attain skills and also clothing to find out the best job they can you don't live. Let live Philly empowered and that's what she's a participating in. All but people here over across the pond. Have been kind of raising questions about her appearance of course it's always a spectacle when the royal show up somewhere. All but they're wondering about the timing of this because I guys. The royal couple they have been getting a lot of criticism recently they've been called hypocrites. Because. As you know they have been major champions of of a reducing the carbon footprint and trying to get people to do their part. To help our reduce climate change at least the speed of it. Well. Over the past few weeks they've been criticized for using around taking for private jet flights. In the span of eleven days including a trip to EB's. And also niece France. We spent time with the Elton John. One of his private the locations there. And people are saying that's. This visit to the charity is perhaps an effort to. Potentially save face and I get past the criticism that they have endured over these past few weeks for. Again being called a hypocrites because usually. You'll see a laughing what I understand you don't see a lot of the royals in the month of August and so. I'm not only was this this visit a surprise in the fact that the royals were there at that charity event but the fact that she would be there. In the month of August then yeah. And was normal peer to sell but nonetheless when you agree that her appearance aipac you're talking about her shoes which look very I think. Markets you know I was really hoping. Give us these updates with an English accent so animals yeah. They have but just I don't that you would just from. Listen it was a you know hung out with the with the one and only James lahood yeah. Yet what you know I'm from College Station, Texas. I born and raised in Texas and yet into the accident right to what I've sent where I'm from his lightweight winner Patrick kind expansion is like. It's a quality age how. Mechanical universe. Is it College Station. I'm all time so yeah they they'll get used to the the moved to southern yet accidents and upland oh my god aren't there have been two prayer you. Okay cannot really get some tap water Somalia. Within this hour honoring Lowell took ought to be illegal in restaurant. Yes it's very fancy and improper here and I'm like hey I just want some tap wanted to. You know with my fish and chips that you. It markets are now in dallas' love iced tea I would imagine that they're gonna reject that all sorts of equipment record lives. Lives or Coolidge. I'm consensus. I got markets get blood on their promise god. It's the nature area. Let's get a check out our notification certainly an optical illusion that started debate on social media you know how these things go you guys look what is this. Is it a bunny could be is it a bird. Maybe. Ever it's one of those. Thanks active sports idol wanna dissected that's absolutely you know living in Kabul OK fine buying yet and I as a bunny answers yes and but it's today. Crow raven yes certainly that for them than that are probably cause in line. This optical illusion that it would entertain right next up a feat right out of The Lord of the Rings watch this slow motion video so this is a man attempting to cut. That speeding aero and half and because of slow motion we will wait on bated breath her as it inches. Ever. So her closely. Still he right wing. Or their C pull that off slice imagine if we've pulled the slow motion videos. With yeah that wouldn't. At no kidding. Ten Islam August from those skills sued these skills a three year old us. And who is of beast on the basketball court there are says. There it is yeah. And at the amazing celebrated hit yes that really makes the video and the amazing hair kid's got a stroke news from deep yeah. Excellent are right we also have some passengers on a delayed flights. Passing the time. Some people maybe like to read that we these people got eight Bolivia. In the I always. How do you. However I believe this is spirit airline flights. I think they're suing NBC whole. Aspect. Well check out a failure to launch in Florida's of these guys on. That promises to launch them at a hundred miles an hour this in Panama City at slingshot ride it never leaves the ground is that cable. Snaps. It's fell happened that an adventure park over the weekend thankfully nobody was hurt the ride was shut down of course and the passengers. Were given refunds. Thank goodness well coming up the touching surprise for a high school band super fan knows very special band members taking the lead. And paying homage to one man's kindness good spirits. Here's what's watch out for today president trump will award the presidential medal of freedom and the nation's highest civilian honor to former NBA player and coach Bob cozy. Who won six league championships in the 1957. And title at nearly 7000. People from a 133 countries will become American citizens in the naturalization ceremony. Watch that live right here on ABC news why pet food east. We'll Serena Williams Coke Coke off and the rest of the field we'll find out who in when their plane of the US open championships draw is announced. And the British royal air force will join fighter jets from the US military for a flight down the Hudson River and over the statue of liberty. Ahead of the new York international air show this weekend plus a fifteen into the. A brief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room we'll break down of the latest headlines and pop. We'll be spirit of being all in this together was brought to life at the home of the very special high school band super fan outside of Pittsburgh and for that super fan it truly was the performance of a lifetime. Indies last remaining days of summer high school bands are braving the heat practicing their routines for football season. But in Greensboro Pennsylvania and the hemp field area Spartan marching band. Just put on a very special performance. Marching through town. Straight into the front yard of their most do voted super fan. Jerry has been a fixture in our community for decades. Children and our band and their parents and their parents all grew up knowing very I knew in Maine that the world to everyone. And to Terry TV evident come and play for him today. Teary Rene airy who graduated from had peeled back in 1975 is fighting an aggressive form of cancer. Terry has. Very little things be positive about right now but he always seems to smile. But give your thumbs up. He's in most positive individual that you could possibly imagine. For the past 45 years teary lived for those Friday Night Lights and his favorite part the music and thanks to the band special surprise performance just for him. I got to hear again he's affiliated groups prayer food. It's really. Seeing him at football games all the time you decide that it shares on and was when it that they get. Spartans to pick and that ever amendment Ireland but Terry was in for one more surprise. It's my pleasure to announce. And we are making him an honorary member of our global fame. Forever serving as an example for future graduates. To be the best. That they can be Terry were an airy securing his spot in the heart of Spartan country and in the heart of his fans for ever hang June. Now. And I'm you all wrong. And a big thanks to our Pittsburgh station WT eight ETV Pittsburgh action news for helping us stuff court that very special report Pittsburgh one and only. I was very well yeah I was ago when that's across and I trust Friday. It is. We're right there yeah wheelbase the dog.

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