It's Morning, America: Thursday, July 11, 2019

State of emergency declared as Gulf storms gather strength, new look inside migrant children's center and more.
24:00 | 07/11/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, July 11, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna I'm Jane Norman had a tough I think snow this Thursday number one the state of emergency in Louisiana forecasters say the storm system currently in the gulf could become a hurricane as early as tomorrow and flooding as a major concern. Raines on Wednesday already flooded much of New Orleans the big question now is whether the post-Katrina fourteen billion dollar upgrade to the levees around new oil and completed less than a year ago wolf holed up. Well it could see significant rain for the next seven days number two renewed turmoil at the Pentagon president comes choice to be the second highest ranking officer in the military. It's facing sexual misconduct allegations general John heightens accuser came forward after he was nominated to be vice chairman of the joint chiefs staff. The accuser is a military officer who tells the Associated Press that heightened subjected her to unwanted advances. And tried to ruin her career when she rebuffed him the military investigation reportedly found insufficient evidence to turn our titan. There's last week apple chosen to become the top officer in the navy withdrew his name because of its connection to a former staffer. Accused of misconduct on to number three a Los Angeles fertility clinic is facing at least two lawsuit over a major mix up. Implanting embryos in the wool of the wrong mother a California couple have to fight to gain custody of their biological baby was born to a New York couple who. Contacted. And chopped fertility because. They're twin boys were not Asian like that turns up the boys are even related to each other and one of them belongs to the California couple is now speaking out. I'll mark felt on the ground. I felt my heart beating outside of my body I was crying Alice hysterically crying and I was just lashing out. The couple's underwent the IVF procedure on the same day the New York couple still doesn't know what happened to their embryos. There's no word on the identity of the second baby breaking overnight an actor from the classic movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory has died. Only Toledo what's happening your faith. In its temperature face is turning blue and violet you're turning I would buy. So iconic that meets Nickerson flavored gum smacking character violent she'd been battling health issues recently including a stroke last year. She was 62 years old and following number five rush of late is the newest example of things not being what they seem honest to grant the Iberian lay gets attracting visitors because of this turquoise water but. Russian officials are telling people to stay away say the man made lake is back however because though waste from a toxic coal plant that is dumped there. All home. Omaha operative all hot off. Race in on the water. I'm definitely staying out of that water hundred no mud mask. No nothing once you find out what it is why would you ever go right and it was beautiful but we're at this matter at all. All right well we will turn out to today's big story line of storms now swirling in the Gulf of Mexico for cap. To say the storm system could become a hurricane as early as tomorrow. And flooding has a major concern that system has already triggered this water spout that has now like posture train. The big question now is whether the post-Katrina fourteen billion dollar upgrade to the levees around New Orleans completed less than a year ago. We'll hold up NBC's cover all begins our coverage charm or good morning. Good morning today can at this may very well be an early start to the hurricane season in the golf some areas like New Orleans of RD gotten well over half a foot of rain. And that's just for round one of this series of storms. This morning parts of New Orleans underwater heavy downpours turning to streets and sidewalks into rivers the French Quarter submerged. It's ridiculous like -- his idea hired by the new bonus topping this is like saying. Authorities declaring a state of emergency as the Levy system faces one of its biggest test since Hurricane Katrina the Mississippi River projected to reach its highest level in nearly seventy years this waterspout spotted on Lake Pontchartrain winds and rains tearing through homes and officials believe this first storm may just be a warning shot before the next wave arrives. Possibly as a hurricane. With more rain in store for the city of New Orleans. This is. The time to help us clear debris and fat cats basics the witness for cash shown what will likely become a tropical storm Thursday afternoon and a category one hurricane late Friday or early Saturday and making landfall somewhere between Houston in new war let's. Right now forties asking people to shelter in place evacuations could be on the rise it. The memory of hurricane Harvey still fresh Texas elevating the state of emergency response center in preparation. We want to make sure that the state taxes is doing all we can. To prepare in advance. For the storm so this storm is expected to bring ten to fifty. Teen inches of rain to some parts of the gulf with some areas getting as much as twenty inches and we know that New Orleans already got eight inches of rain on Wednesday. The span of just three hours Jiang Kenneth and nests and rubber it's not just folks along the Gulf Coast who could feel the impact of the store. That's Redick could actually be nationwide today we know that a huge portion of the country especially the East Coast relies on the oil that comes from the gulf we've seen the impact that this type of weather could have. From hurricane Harvey and how much that hurt. That gas prices and the oil prices we've already seen oil prices start to spike because employees on these oil rigs. Have already had to be evacuated as this inclement weather is coming at. Yeah you're right about that great points there trouble while you're there you matzo grating give us the weather forecast. Can't rest of the it from wet and economics and politics travelers got it all covered that's right do you attribute argue degree also as well iPad I've had to fill in doing local news weather couple times the secret is the computer does like 95% of the work. I don't oh and it's all the meteorologist utilities that don't tell gene using yet. He's decided to. Everett they is that right. Shade of Abraham. Let's turn out of that firestorm over secretary of labor outside costs and the plead guilty brokered years ago for accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein a Constance defending the deal he reached while serving as US attorney in Florida in 2008. But this morning his former colleague is coming forward accusing a Costa. Are rewriting history. New video overnight protest outside the Department of Labor and Washington demonstrators are demanding secretary Alex Acosta resigned or projecting the words Acosta and able sex trafficking on to the building it comes upper Costa defended a controversial plea deal has office negotiated with wealthy financiers Jeffrey Epstein in 2008 when Acosta with the US attorney in Florida. Get prosecutor will call you that these cases are complex. Especially. When they involved shall. Court documents and Mac Kay showed more than thirty women accused Epstein a sexually abusing them as teenagers the deal he cut with the cost is office allowed him to plead guilty to lesser charges spending just thirteen months in county jail is still being allowed to travel to his office for work during that time we did what we did because we want to see Epstein. So she. Che the deal faces new scrutiny after Epstein was indicted this week by federal prosecutors in New York the indictment claims Epstein hired teen girls to different massages at its may into the Manhattan M Palm Beach allegedly assaulting them. Some of the allegations in the new case were also part of the investigation that a Costa oversaw the secretary was asked Wednesday if he would make the same deal may now. Today's world does not allow some of the fifth and shame that have taken place at trial. Twelve years. The alleged victims in the 2008 case say they were not told about the deal the government cut with Epstein or any of its terms Acosta Wednesday urged other victims to come forward. But stopped short of apologizing. They say they went to you. Looking for help. Adding hear back from you until it was too late. You'll that would apology. So. You're raising the issue the victim that. He career prosecutor in this case. Had a difficult decision to. And she didn't make it alone. But this morning the former state attorney of Palm Beach is fighting back saying mr. Costas recollection of this matter is completely wrong the US attorney's office produced a 53 page indictment that was the band and after secret negotiations between mr. app seems lawyers and mr. Costa at the time Epstein have formed a legal dream team including Alan Dershowitz who insist the 2008 plea deal with spear. They got him to be registered sex offender pay vast amounts of money to pull. The women. And to get him to plead and go to jail. The show what cotta says she was sixteen when a friend recruited her to give Epstein massages she never got a chance to confront him in court because of the plea deal. And really just one until lake Mary Kay. Do you remember me of course not because it's been so many other girls you can't Neiman. Put on your hands like I have memory about Lana I wrote on her life. I've seen has pleaded not guilty to the new charges White House chief of staff meant no small mania is dismissing a report that he wants a possibly be fired. Will Beatty says the relationship is quote excellent. And a legal victory for president trump a federal appeals court threw out a lawsuit that claimed he violated the constitution by profiting from foreign government guest. At his hotel in Washington. The suit filed by Maryland and the District of Columbia said the trump international hotel with siphoning business from local hotels. Because officials were trying to curry favor with the president by staying at his hotel. Tensions are high in the Persian gulf where Iran is accused of trying to seize a British oil tanker and US officials say five small boats belonging to the revolutionary guard approached the UK flag. Tanker and try to direct it toward our Ronnie waters but a British warship monitoring the tanker from a few miles away in a ravine. This is the first provocative actions as the UK season Ronnie and tanker carrying oil to Syria in violation of international sanctions. Now to the race for Tony taught AM mayor people to judge unveiling his plan to invest in black Americans and businesses. It's the plan aims to make public colleges to wish and free for low income students abolished private federal prisons legalize marijuana. In a voter suppression and Jeremy gerrymandering. And abolish the Electoral College. Mayor of South Bend, Indiana has been criticized for by residents for its response the plea shooting death of a black man last month. A lot of plans there. A house committee is going to consider subpoenas today over the trump administration's practice of separating pales at the southern border. Comes a day after the release of video from inside the government's newest holding center for detaining migrant children. That's senator is in rural Texas homicide and a former oil field worker camp. In some backed government has deet tails and. These are the images the government now wants you to see. Migrant children and sort of part reciting the pledge of allegiance but with some point they beat be deported. The eight people out in tweet youth holding facility in Texas where unaccompanied minors people on bunk beds we eat eat catered food. Their play soccer on grass fields. The reason why we stay this up again. Not to allow children to stay and Border Patrol stations any longer than they need to. Those Border Patrol stations are migrants first stop once apprehended described as a ticking time bomb in an internal government report. The children dangerous overcrowding. Men cheek to jowl in chain link dependence. Tammy stuffed dozens to a cell with a single bathroom. Faces pressed against the glass it's been Juarez testifying before congress she says her daughter Mo re. Died from a viral infection after their detention bet on us by acting. It is painful for me she says to relive this experience and remember that suffering. But I'm here because the world should know what is happening to so many children in ice detention she suing the government for wrongful death. For over six months we've asked Homeland Security to allow our cameras and to those Border Patrol facilities where some of the worst overcrowding has taken place. Every request has been denied. Back up and ABC news. Los Angeles federal prosecutors are asking a judge to make sure former Mexican drug lord oh chopped quote never walks free again. They plan to request a life sentence plus another thirty years when Joaquin Guzman sentenced in New York next Wednesday. I'll topple was convicted of murder conspiracy and drug trafficking in February. Prosecutors are also asking the judge to order restitution to be paid. Helped topples victims police are investigating after KFC restaurant north trying to exploded know what decided the time is unclear whether. Anyone was injured by debris but there are no reports of serious injuries or fatalities at this time. And a driver in Arizona ran into a very different believe problem. This cactus went through his windshield police into something to sports car went through a median then smacked into the big plant early yesterday morning. Driver suffered minor injuries and he's charged with DY. Well coming up what had drivers pulling over on an Atlanta highway. And why they could face charges. Yet more after this. Welcome back now to the Doctor Who says she was humiliated by American Airlines because of what she was wearing. She says she was forced to cover up ABC's Victor Kendall reports the woman claims her race was a factor. This American Airlines passenger police outreach doctor flight attendants allegedly humiliated her because of what she was wearing she believes it only happened because she's black. I walked down that aisle with my head down I didn't want to see another passenger's face it felt like this walk up Shane. Doctor G Sharaud a Houston Billy physician in her eight year old son were returning from vacation flying from Jamaica Miami. They just boarded when doctor rose says the pilot who was white authorized her removal from the plane. And you have pulled me off the plane to. Asked three times do I have a jacket in me. Tropical climate it. There has to do more to this she says the flight attendant also black requested that she cover out. Eventually she asked for a blanket in order to stay on the flight. Later posting these images online drawing immediate backlash against the airline. It is statement American Airlines telling ABC we apologize to doctor Rowe and her son for their experience and happily refunded their travel. American Airlines plans on hiring a chief inclusion and diversity officer doctor rose says she just doesn't want another woman of color to go through which he did. They took a no ABC news Miami. All right let's get a check our notification is now starting at the New Jersey homeowners security camera capturing this clever bear picked an out. That what look like a hanging went to was actually a bird feeder fill with seats but at that there was an join us little smack. Yes neighborhood dog to the rescue fan not my house. Get out of my neighborhood slam me so hard to the bears ribs bear took off Brian. Report bears just went or snack food excel was busted for driving with a kiddie pool. On top of her car and get this effort to kids were in the pool in the poll trying to apple that the. Don't weigh it down she sad fact she was now she weighted down in jail because she was arrested he charge. Child endangerment there annexed a birthday cake mix up but 25 year old who loves a lot because you're never too old to be a fan of our parent company Disney. She won at Lana themed cake. But apparently they thought it was marijuana themed cake that. It's got fat that pop me and that my little pony with that pop me on the spot but only she only got the artist rendering from the top of the there's nothing in the cake right. I don't know can easily tweet I think definitely so we'll give you the munchies and speaking of Monte look at this little while back to munch an honest Mac yeah. Also. Enjoy him agreeing. App speaking of enjoying green how about these wait that they're not treatment and not. The prairie grapes but I had shot a lot of great to get these grapes there you go they use error. 111000. Dollars for these 24 great 44 big. Pretty plump though. Plot and that's why they got so not is there for a special breed and today bear did you see and Berry juice the may also plump. Big grapes they come from is against special breed. More than twenty doubt and are only sold each year after businessman in Japan they're gonna cost bought these at auction. I probably eleven year old took on at a Carolina Panthers star linebacker at a sports camp the watched this movie. Wave or and that you can't count out there account. And a boat bigger map. Out. Somebody affected contracts. And there with a real cash gravel on Atlanta area highway. Drivers but on the brakes and armored trucks filled Miami undersea suite five. About a 175000. Dollars flew out all over the street there. You see that truck even swerving to pull over I like everybody else to grab some of that cash. So far at least two people have returned some of the money as police are asking them to do one person. Turned over 2100 box and expect that. In this case green does not mean ago at his new jobs or got back Cashman here's our question of the day would you stop to grab the money would you give it back. Tell us in the comments. Section are tweet us at ABC news lives. We're excited here jet and in. And turning out something else green officials in Chicago or hoping third day it will be their retirement their hunt for an alligator the big wrapped towel found its way into a lagoon and a public park is nagging from our station in Chicago has more. Night falls on night to move Gator while chin Gator bodies. Getting frustrated that this is a awfully big body of water were looking for a needle in a haystack. And we took about a needle that moves constantly. He's checked the floating traps he hand Accuray did right now is a combination of drum sticks grass and smelled. Aren't. Low investigator goes that's a pretty good posturing and still nothing we're open net through the wind blowing in the sense across the water. We'll catch his attention the gators near presence here has caught the attention of the city there's a full rotating crowd of spectators. It's not everyday and CN alligator and the wild Chicago IC a whole lot of catfish sea turtles. No gators get them that the wild creature has made a handful of cameos Peter bug says the Gator is getting a little cozy here. We're all speculating on. And whether you grew up in somebody's you know bathtub or backyard or something he's enjoying this the fight feed a water. It probably was raised in six inches now what's the matter of getting the Gator hungry enough and just the right beat combo to lure he mean to carefully police traps. If we could find the animal we can capture the animal. Is that season the first time they've dealt with an alligator back in 2011 there to gators in the Chicago river so. May be those two gators. Had little Gator aid the enemy. The game now see hopefully they catch him. Coming up the sports world big night to get dressed up and go up we'll check out the big wetter than the big moments that this year's SC awards. There this. Here's what to watch out for today president compass set to speak to conservative groups at a White House summit on social media. But Google FaceBook and Twitter C for not invited. Properly accuses the fix social media pot. Forms of suppressing conservative voices he has suggested the companies may be acting illegally should be sued by US regulators. Former vice president Joseph Biden will lay out the ground work of his foreign policy based in. He is expected to discuss the Iran nuclear deal tensions with Russia and North Korea and the pairs climate accord. Biden has criticized president property and diminishing the standing of the US on the world stage. Which are realizing is scheduled to appear in court as a lawyer Jose Baez looks to leave his defense team ahead of his September trial date pointing is bringing into a lawyer for. I go to fill the gaps. And the sun will set in perfect alignment with New York City street grid this evening what scientists finally call Manhattan and. But don't forget this inactivity report update all our top story in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest. Headlines and. Politics. Than a thousand stars last night at Microsoft theatre in Los Angeles yes this year's that's been ceremony with packed with big heroes big moment. Are you surprised us now with willow gave him the morning well good morning you guys yes the roster was stacked at last night at speeds mega repeat no Dwyane Wade Sandra Bullock just to name a few so much action on the field. Don't worry here's your official post game highlight real. The athletes they honored. The ST pushing things to the living. Everything turned on its head for sports night out in LA. The late nineties is the mid ditching their jerseys to lifts the red carpet in style this master looking very good with those shades inside Microsoft Dieter. The night full of sport's biggest star. Ron Lindsay bonded Dwyane Wade. I had to shout out his wife or risk getting a technical now. The Drew Brees. Because of what you say it's your wife wants states. My wife looked at me with the dust there. Instead of I don't say some appear that car ride home is going to be long. The bad bins says star on the New York. Amazing that's incredible in this press. And host Tracy Morgan piecing some jokes of his own it. Even while raising money for cancer research should go tonight I'm solid food snacks put Jimmy V8. This tore declare that took. Away way. You looked like he just worked out. What to Breaux always. What weight you retired musicals and probably double bombing. Diaz v.s also packing an emotional and should former Marine Corps Sargent Christie and its loss relates serving overseas. Offering up this place. Let this be my message tonight. To the athletes in this room to people in the military brotherhood. And to everyone out there watching. Rest a moment lasts and you're a fraction more thank you. Bill Russell waited Arthur Ashe courage of the former NBA players TrailBlazer receiving tributes. Kobe Bryant on Samuel L. Jackson and former president Barack Obama worked the night's most anticipated moment Sandra Bullock presenting the award. For best team. And the winner is. Are those in favor of equal pay say a the women's Nassau. One more trophy for team US a cell. It sure was an epic day for the US women's national team that ticker tape parade in New York City yesterday morning hair and makeup during their plane ride from LA. Two LA. And then that big win at yesterday's yeah what can't they do they have a long day average looking amazing they definitely did. Absence they hope they did hitting turbulence obviously have had expected lipstick like kick. These women they can still handle it accidentally. I can handle anything and everything yet. That's ever us today have a good one your body.

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