It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019

New phone call revealed in impeachment hearing, students barricade university campus in Hong Kong and more.
23:33 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019
Good morning cannot candidate Norman near the top I think since Thursday number one the impeachment investigation moving forward in Washington a new witness has emerged is impeachment hearings opened to the public testimony from two longtime diplomat sorrow lawmakers will hear privately from an aide who told the top US diplomat Ukraine. That he overheard president from pushing to investigate they'll fight. Number two new legal setback for president trough in the battle over his tax record. An appeals court has ruled congress can seat eight years of the president's financial documents the president have tried to block lawmakers issuing a subpoena to its accounting firm. Cups lawyers are vowing to take the case of the Supreme Court. On to number three the mayor Venice Italy says the worst flooding in more than fifty years. As Venice on its needs water is flowing from ruin the city's most famous church. Floodwaters have reached its second highest level in recorded history and are blamed for at least two deaths one man swam across the city's famous saint Martin's square. But about 85%. Of Venice now under water damage estimates. Estimates are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Back here only had out eye opener before a grand jury says the deadly police shooting of a young black man was justified. And now that sparked calls for special prosecutor to Colorado Springs officers shot Knight hero the fog mainly in the back in August he and another man were being questioned. About a robbery when Bailey ran investigators say he was shot after reaching points wasting officers later found get a gun. Prosecutors say they support the grand jury process as well as the officers. These are not decisions are officers want to me. It is a dangerous job they're out there trying to protect themselves and the community. But it is decisions they are trained to me it's a very unfortunate situation but we respect their decision and we respect the decision finding that the officers were justified. In this case. Bailey's attorney says the families considering legal action Colorado's governor and other elected officials called for an independent investigation. That finally number five a surprise at a Carolina's three cows that were believed to be washed out to sea during hurricane Dorian had been found. Along the outer banks they apparently wound up there after scoring five miles to escape the storm surge in September. Cows are part of a bird that lived on one of islands. Providing that counts it's Tonya ouster came Holland they say you found them. I'm alone long. I can be removed direct good news if you think you've had me. However 1 good morning it was a big big. Big day on Capitol Hill. And they're more days to come as well when it comes to those impeachment hearings so let's get right to that big story to impeach embattled capital on the first public testimony from key witnesses in the inquiry the top US diplomat diplomatic Ukraine Bill Taylor and senior State Department official George Kent. And let's press depositary visits over the key moments from the hearing. As a general principle I do not believe in the United States should ask other countries to engage in selective politically associated investigations or prosecutions. Against opponents of those in power. Because such selective actions don't undermine the rule of law regardless of the country from. I wrote that withholding security assistance in exchange for help. With a domestic political campaign in the United States from would be crazy to boom I believed then and I believe it now. In the presence of my staff at a restaurant. Bus or someone called president trump and told him of his meetings in gators. Yeah. The member of myself could hear president trump on the phone asking ambassador solvent about the investigations. But yes or someone told president trump didn't ukrainians were ready to move forward. Boom blowing the call was president trump the member of my staff passed investor Solomon what president trump thought about your grade. This assault responded that president from cares more about the investigations of Biden which Giuliani was pressing former. And I anti take in the import of that as he cares more about that in any does about Ukraine. There's certain call summary from which the Democrats want to impeach president trump has dramatically different from their nefarious. Conviction. But actually shows is a plus an exchange between two leaders to discuss mutual cooperation. And over range of issues. And and we haven't fun W is an addendum that mr. Shumlin made to his testimony that we got a couple weeks ago. Says declaration of investor Gordon silent on ambassador Taylor recalls mr. Morrison told ambassador Taylor that I told mr. Morse and that I conveyed this message to mr. ER mock. On September 1 2019 connects the vice president's visit to Warsaw and a meeting with presence Lansky. We got six people haven't four conversations in one sentence and you're their star witness then you're their first witness. Because your guy yeah they got based on this based on I mean I've seen. I've seen church prayer changes that are easier to understand and this and I don't consider myself a star witness for. Anything they did you know I don't are either of you here today to assert there was an impeachable offense. In that call. Destructive I would just like to say that I am not here Jew. Do anything having to do with. They're going to decide about impeachment that is not what either of us are here through this is does your. Just about an hour reported to have you sat out the testified today the president tweeted multiple times about this hearing and hand he put in all caps. Never true numbers. Mr. Kenneth. Miami prayer non professionals who serves whatever president is duly elected in carries out the foreign policies that president the United States and had done that for 27 years for three Republican presidents and two Democrat president's ambassador Taylor you're never trapper. No sir. Is attempted murder a crime. Mr. Bieber is a crime is attempted robbery crime. Yeah their offices a lawyer. But I I think anybody Israel could answer that question just a big hug letter told him as a yes it is now there is one witness. One witness that they won't bring in front of us. It won't rain from the American people from NASA guys started it all the whistle blower. I think you're right Sam my colleagues. I'd be glad to have. The person who started it all come in and testify at present trump is welcome to take a scene right there. Paying her a candidate getting the big news from the hearing was one diplomat Bill Taylor revealed that a member of his staff. Overheard a phone call from president from the which the president allegedly asked that the investigations he demanded from Ukraine including an investigation into the Biden. But the question this morning as whether this new leader bill phone call changes anything AB he's Elizabeth hers and Washington went both sides of the argument. What happens next Elizabeth good morning. Kenneth and today good morning let's begin here with that newly revealed phone call and it was Taylor as you mentioned who testified about this he says it was in recent days he learned about this call allegedly involving the president now according to him. That phone call happened on July 26 that's just one day. After president trump a controversial phone call between president trump. And the president of Ukraine and tell says that it was a staffer who overheard trump asking US ambassador to the EU Gordon song went over the phone up about. Quote investigations. With just yesterday president trump was asked about this and he told reporters that. He doesn't remember this conversation. I don't know nothing about that first time I've heard it the one thing I've seen that subtle and said it was that. He does speak to me for. He brief moment and I said no quid pro quo under any circumstances and that's true. The the other I'd never heard this viewer call in conversation I don't recall no not at all not even a little bit. Well Taylor staffer who allegedly heard this call has now been called to testify but you'll do so behind closed doors. That's according to ABC's Mary Bruce who. Also says that I you can imagine lawmakers are gonna have a lot of questions for Gordon song lynch now he has already testified in private but. He never mentioned this conversation to lawmakers he has already revised his testimony once so will he revise it again. We could find out next week that is because he is up. To testify in a public hearing next Wednesday. It's an independent Elizabeth Republican are focusing on the end result that the White House in the end. Release the military aid to Ukraine but Democrats say the aid only started to flow after congress started asking well what they called unquestioned uncomfortable questions. And launched an investigation a you know many people saying look at attempted robbery is still robbery talked is about this goes but. What. The timeline according to Democrats chairman Adam Schiff is this they say about a hold on the military aid was released less fence 48 hours. Asked her. The whistle blower complaint complaint what became known to congress now. Asked for the other criticism from Republicans and that Kent and Taylor well they're relying solely on second hand information what Democrats say. Well it's not there are doing they say that the White House has blocked witnesses with first hand knowledge from testifying and that includes. Chief of staff Mick Maldini and former national security advisor John Bolton. So what happens next that public impeachment hearings pick up again tomorrow and up. Next to testify is former ambassador to Ukraine Marie I you bottom bitch who has claimed that she felt threatened by president trump can happen to me. All right Elizabeth her alive for us from DC think you and people from all over the country even other parts of the world converge on Capitol Hill for a chance to witness history. As a nationally televised impeachment hearings got her away the hallways were jammed with reporters and photographers. Are a handful of protesters gathered outside tensions running high. Therapy dogs. Why are they so cute they are adore Mary were needed. Friday end to help ease the stress congressional staffers and others who work at. And there was this stunning sight and red latex. A drag queen going through security ahead of the testimony hired as. Reporter to cover the story for a news act. Quite the scenes there on Capitol Hill ends just think it is a long way from being over. Millions of Americans are keeping a closer eye on the effort to impeach president from now that the hearings are public view. Nine more witnesses are scheduled to go for the cameras from Friday through next week the first day of testimony may have been a less riveting. Then with many minds already made up there's mixed reaction across the country ranging from eye opening on interest it. I thought I had. And I think it's an opinion and idea about the impeachment that it perhaps wasn't a great thing. Listening to the details from ambassador Taylor is starting to achieve my mind a little bit witness details. Such details now. Everyone needs to be held accountable at the scene in the same global you know. Per ton normal person or the president so I think that should be our top priority right now I think. We regret it come to seeing him. Watching these hearings I think it is such a political exercise on both sides of the issue that. Impeachment it is not. Really are an important issue for me to block capital I didn't the holding its first figures is did it. That's our question of the day to the first public hearing change your mind one where the other about the impeachment probe. Thousand comments is that ABC news live there that's an ABC news for continuing coverage of the impeachment hearings. And live coverage begins tomorrow starting at 9 AM here online and on TB. Book coming that we can't wait to show you a very special dance classes for that their daughters that first spark chaos and I'll call our correspondent is on the ground. Not merely an unborn have chaos and Hong Kong police say protesters using owes an air rose. Shot officers then dropped flower pots on police who responded. Our democracy demonstrators also barricade themselves and cited Chinese university. Based chain saws to cut down trees to keep police away NBC news form correspondent Ian panel joins us now from Hong Kong Ian good morning. Tell us about the scene where you are. Yeah hi Jeannette high Kenneth yet to be practicing it is incredible this is like a medieval siege thing small games of roads. Then the streets of Asia's financial hub. So resolutely you can see a group of protests is general Frontline. We just so some riot police emerge and it created. This huge stir amongst the crowd that's just been round I just have a look at the main highway here we just drove down you can see. Thousands and thousands of bricks that are being put that you can also see. Watch how many black clad protestors that wrought here that old students and nine votes at the university. To the put the brakes on the road they've also put cooking oil on the road ready stepped onto its. But these bikes as well as why I describe it like a medieval siege. We soul groups of arts has wandered around yesterday with booze and arrows doing target practice at the Starbucks it used to be up on the campus that. They've been hunkered down hundreds and hundreds of them. The last two days is bringing in supplies that we so students pouring bottles of bid down the drain. Philly it's up with the gasoline. Ready to make Molotov cocktails these bricks will also be used. That's an assault with a stick say a flower pots the reports of javelin but hunger down here they're ready for a pitched battle. The question it's a warp point that the police emerge who sold them very briefly there was a stir in the crowd. Someone a gonna come back. It's fills let me bring covering this for. Quite some time because we have Ian as you know and so remind the folks. These protests start over the next tuition bill that has since been withdrawn so what do these protests is want now. And what will it take to end a standoff. Yeah katic I think that is the right question we should remind people they started off about a proposed extradition bill. That was to allow potential criminals here in Hong Kong. To be sensitive to China remember a Hong Kong is a semi autonomous region all of China they talk about one country two systems. That's what provoked set but she will lead to escalating was and the response of the authorities from the police the police use violence towards the protestors that. Angered an enormous number of people we so huge numbers coming after the street to now they say they have played key demands not one less and they won't give up. Until then Mets and it that revolve around a number of different things. But the key ones up police accountability. They believe genuinely affront to do what they see as the least violent season to a gas masks arrest. We seem rubber bullets being five missing people being beaten on the streets unarmed people. And that is what's fueled as and the second most crucial thing. Is universal suffrage. So the good the way the system works say eight people do get to vote but the people who are in charge here in Hong Kong the chosen essentially by the Communist Party in China. And they say understandably Fastenal fab isn't one country. Two systems and unless they get universal suffrage something will rule familiar wave we've seen that fights amongst you know Britain and America over the decades and lest they get the similar kind of thing here and they'll carry all. It's hard to imagine China giving way to that kind of thing John is a one party. All authoritarian Communist states is not about to allow full democracy in one of its territories. Any of before you go on you've been there were cool reporting on the ground he just mentioned China. I'm curious are you surprised that China hasn't swept in there with a more forceful hand at this point. Yet Kenneth Lam in far from domestic charismatic you can just swing around a little bit and pick up a point building over that. In the distance between the trees is over a quarrel but that is actually the barracks of the Chinese People's Liberation Army China isn't just next dole China is actually here right now and that we sold some of the gods coming out early and telling people. Not to photograph. China and Beijing have made it clear that the Hong Kong authorities call controlled situation than they will will send people across potentially. Paramilitary police I would really escalate things a really change things as I started off by saying this is Asia's main financial hub. I can imagine foreign troops woman into Wall Street sold all oral you know London. Any of those kinds of areas. Kind of unthinkable of the mogul but that risk is always that but Beijing is now alleging. The police had to do more and another was to kind of spend no possible measure to try and bring an end to this but I gotta say that ending people hunkered down and what you're hit time and again from these young students total young teenagers or in their early twenties is that if not now never another woods base is that last time. And this area in particular I guarantee in the next coming hours but perhaps even minutes is gonna see one on the largest pitched battles of this six month old. Conflict and allow any and we see you've got gas masks they're saying you are reading you've done a fantastic job covering the story thus far we know the you'll continue during that thank you so much. For joining us this morning. And other stories are watching this morning backed her home authorities in Houston say they've made a big drug bust it. I'm 35 pounds of liquid cocaine and two dozen shampoo bottles during a back check it George Bush and our continental airport. They say Amanda from Columbia was attempting to smuggle the drugs worth more than 40000 dollars into the US the suspect was sent back to Columbia. The cocaine was turned over to police. It's crews are battling brush fire just east of Los Angeles flames erupted in Hacienda Heights yesterday afternoon. The fire burned more than three acres though officials say no structures are threatened to. Former insurance executive has received longest prison sentence so far stemming from the cause emissions bribery scanned. Telling McFarland receive six months behind bars for paying 450000. Dollars hit his son and daughter into University of Southern California. The Carlo pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy in June he was also find 150000. Dollars. Police are looking into drug overdoses of the possible cause first series of deaths at the university of southern cal. Maria at least nine students have died since August 3 deaths were caused her suicide. Investigators are trying to determine if any of the other deaths are linked to tainted drugs the most recent death was Monday some are calling for more mental health services. And El Paso, Texas the Wal-Mart reopens today more than three months after a deadly mass shooting 22 people died when a gunman who police say targeted Mexicans opened fire. The discount chain has hired off duty officers to guard its faux pas the stores. There was no guard. On the day of the shooting some victims are suing to reach hello over the issue. Former president Jimmy Carter is in good spirits after brain surgery Kurdish pastor said he was up and walking. And 85 year old was admitted to the hospital Monday to relieve bleeding here is for eight. Those caused by at least two falls in recent weeks Carter is the nation's longest living president no word yet on when he might be released. From the hospital glad to hear that he's up walk around and doing well was sick break and check our notification. That this is an adorable. Special moment between dad and their. Otters that's fine fire off. That the video just fathers and the little girls at a valley classic Philadelphia extended charity thousands of times and picking up some celebrity comments Kristen Bell road on this program there. It's amazing pop buzz out there and he's the father is Jennifer Garner added that are the best street Tuesday on Monday and imagine anybody Rene earlier. She retreated the that's my first thought on whether and I just loved it themselves. I love that video so much and next that he re branding of the single life. More people are calling themselves self partnered. It started with Emma Watson of British vogue interview yep she says she's its loves. She feels like it better describes her and what's going on with her now and. The Menino part of a partner partner is it's like an oxy moron help kids think about it a commentary ABC news live on Twitter. Yeah let us all out harder you recreating yourself. If you are either what do you think about he's partner yourself. Hey except the man trying to break his own world record for flying in his own human flight suit because it's like world record Ayers and ask them to write a break trying to break as many records as possible -- very cool site I wanted to variety how many words we can fainted and then where I've been in Canada Italy we think the most feared and he wanted to. Days. As our area high school student had. All the right answers pair Sarah fact that Patel knots perfect scores on both the AZT and SET the first came when he was a sophomore. That's when he earned a 36. On the ECT. Junior year Patel took the SAT it only got 1580. Beaten again. It was perfect. In addition standing few hours each day he said the trick is saying level headed and halt. During the singer I don't know that's a good message for throughout life as well. Com. And it was truly. A beautiful day in the neighborhood in Pittsburgh of course silence yesterday world kindness today in Pittsburgh is also part again day. So who better than a little mr. rather's battle kindness neighborhood. Yet. 91 year old Joann Rodgers welcome the new as its burgers. And to the world wearing wide his sweaters to a hospital where the ministry was transformed into Mister Rogers' Neighborhood where the babies were wearing their own little. Part again oh Q elite we talked about world kindness day yesterday afternoon do you see any good acts of kindness play in the yeah yeah well we did a week we've covered some of the story tells you sign yeah let us now. An apple tell you let's watch out for honest Thursday. Plus an engagement proposal gone wrong or is there. Stay with us. There's a what's up today president drops. Heads to Louisiana to hold a rally for Republican candidate for governor Eddie. Tony ahead Saturday. Burn off election there. Meanwhile Kentucky against Kansas the collection totals Lastings movement for election as requested by incumbent Republican governor seven. The original results showed that in behind the Democrat in here right out 5000 votes but that in refused to concede sighting of voting irregularities. Teachers and Chicago are set to begin two days of voting on a contract deal that ended a strike that canceled eleven dates classes. For more than 200000 students. And it's Guinness world records day c.s expect to see a lot of attempts at new world record they'd try one out for yourself okay well let's not forget to do the debrief for an update on our top stories. And the briefing room for free download latest headlines politics and write a story problem Hawaii is now engaged after pre epic proposal Loring Chris or surfing when he pulled shattering box and popped the question she said yes just before crisp dropped during in the water but. Italy's stand entering through one act going to be. Well it's done. I am I mean that's pretty cool there. Let that real ring on the beach following engaged in Hawaii. Serves up. Congratulations. Find time must it have a great day we'll see you tomorrow on Friday.

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