It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019

Democrats ready to debate, Trump moves to ban some e-cigarettes, couple claims fertility clinic mix-up and more.
23:28 | 09/12/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of mode. And evening or render the top I think so this Thursday number one the big debate tonight the top Democrats hoping to unseat president prop we'll share one debate stage for the first time. Voters will be watching for any fireworks between former vice president Joseph Biden and senator Elizabeth Warren it all begins at 8 eastern on ABC. Number two president Robert celebrating a new ruling from the Supreme Court that upholds his migrant asylum policy. At least for now the ruling will allow the government to prevent virtually all central Americans from Seeking Asylum in the US. The policy forces migrants who have the pastor another country before reaching the US to seek asylum in that country first Supreme Court decision is only temporary while an appeal moves forward. On to number three the NCAA is urging California's governor not to sign a bill that would allow college athletes in the state. To make money from endorsements state lawmakers have now passed the bill but the NCAA claims it's unconstitutional. Say it would give schools in California an unfair recruiting advantage supporters of the bill like LeBron James are hoping it will lead to nationwide change. California's governor has thirty days to decide whether to sign the bill into law number four now a scandal and horse racing last year's Triple Crown winner reportedly should've been disqualified. In New York Times reports reports justified failed. I drug task weeks before the Kentucky Derby the first race in the Triple Crown the times says the California horse racing board dragged its feet on the task. And quietly dropped the case the board never told justifies trainer Bob collapse results at times could not return from comets can probably number five would you drink rose wine. It's called that. Blue that it's called chateau debut it's about 13% cheaper than your typical bottle think rose. Critics say it looks like about fox it's the brainchild of a woman's razor company which is using them want to spread the word about the so called a tax. Which describes the price mark up on personal care products sold women compared to. Men's products which are about 13% cheaper. Yet. Lori and everyone and happy debate day that top ten democratic candidates. Facing off tonight infuse. So let's get right to that big story and bring in ABC news Serena Marshall there and debate hall at Texas Southern University. Serena good morning so Katz is up here where the candidates stand going into tonight's debate. Hey Kenneth page NA well it's pretty much where it spent all summer you have Joseph Biden leading the pack by double digits followed by. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and interestingly here at the debate you're going to have. Joseph Biden sea in which are right and between the two of them on that debate stage behind me. But that doesn't mean this is this going to be a fight between the three of that you can expect those lowering candidates to really try and push forward to make their names on Cutley take on those three top candidates. All of the top five though and a head to head up match up with president chopper showing that they would win the you can really expect them to really go head to head here tonight. To try and make sure that they pull themselves up and Noble's death really looking for a blue sensory talk just not how the candidates are preparing. While this is a little bit funnier some of the traditional campaign stops going out there are talking to the voters but then you have some of that. Not so traditional ways of their preparing invade no word getting ready by jamming out to some music remember you guys he was actually an ad bans growing up that says some fun video watching if you have time to do it but then yells at inner Yang playing basketball saying he wants to get his blood flowing ahead of this debate and and mentioning -- it's not just Donald Trump he wants to take on in the election but also on the basketball court. Hey speaking Bob president trump either a major factor tonight. I'm pretty sure the name that we said quite a few times so how is the president preparing as well when it comes to this debate. Well Kenneth I don't want to. Predict how the president will react to this debate will be watching his Twitter account for any reactions we can expect he said hill. Possibly probably maybe be watching which is what we've heard about the past debates but his campaign is gearing up they planes actually. Flying a plane a banner over the debate stage we're talking to be able to see informing here but those outside and Texas in Houston will be Willis CF. I'll be claiming that Democrats or socialists and we've heard him. Eight and guess that that near tip from him in the past going into debates and this time they'll have that flying right over the hall. Time right through it will be watching for the president's response and watching tonight that debate expected to last about three hours. Of course lab analysis before hand and after street at Vegas much for joining us this morning. Thanks guys. And elaborate preparations have been underway for days to make sure the debate hall is ready for prime time. ABC's Devin Dwyer is in Houston with more on the props and tonight's line. Here we are. 35 tractor trailers worth of equipment that to set up this beautiful set here. A small army putting it together over a couple days 1151000. Pounds of pain equipment enough pixels on these screens. To light up Times Square 35 cameras. I get a capture those candidates here than the seats. The B 3500 guests many of these are handpicked by the candidates. Also some community members to be here the democratic national committee of course as a Stan Getz who gets it and attend the debate they're one of the co sponsors. Of this but let's bring up front here seeking at a closer look. How the questions will be asked and where the candidates will stand. The first time that all the polling front runners. We'll be on stage together all ten of them front senator as you see their Joseph Biden Napoleon leader pretty durable. Elizabeth Warren to his right the first time to gamble go head to head they have a history of some pretty sharp. And contentious differences on policies will be watching for fireworks there Connolly Harris. To the right of Elizabeth Warren of course has been sinking in the polls she's dropped six points in the ABC news poll. Since July so a big night for her a lot on the line Andrew Yang with his very popular following is off on the right wing. I next where to Texas candidates in the feel they're on home turf. On Thursday night who Lancaster the former housing secretary. A better were were former congressman from El Paso they're looking to break out in this race still hanging around in the single digits. Over on the left wing and the stage over here. The left wing of this field Bernie Sanders are right next to Joseph Biden there looking for a big night. People moody church the mayor's standing next to Bernie used his political mentor. The Cory Booker somebody who in the first debate stood out. As as somebody who was rising above the other candidates trying to keep the peace enough on the end here when the few moderates on the debate stage Thursday night senator Amy Klobuchar. I've Minnesota she's also looking to get an edge. In this very contentious field. And Devin Dwyer in Houston. That's a beautiful sad so beautiful debates each and every. Our thanks to DeVon meanwhile ten actors participated as dress rehearsal stand this for tonight's democratic debate and some of them. Could even be called stop looking gears. Who show loading you have are you sensation is there business. This stage is set in your top ten democratic candidates are here we did it. In the long. Except waits. That's Bernie Sanders is debt. And I have never seen who Leon Castro in it tracks CU. I got a kick out of it but I didn't realize everybody else is gonna get a kick out of it. EBC news hired these local actors so producers could plan lighting and blocking techniques. We've got senator Bernie Sanders senator Elizabeth Warren. Former represented a bed or Rourke businessman. Senator copilot Harris mayor Pete booted jets senator Amy Klobuchar. Former secretary of housing and urban development Leon Castro. And senator Cory Booker. I'm Soledad that is my aunt announced that all ages on this evening news. Replied. The actors didn't know what it were applying for when they first and did head shots I guess is this good luck seeing crazy talk it's strange because a lot of it is involve work. So you know they're asking us invading them to shoot us. Some questions that are seriously. She's an American. You know like what's your favorite color what's your favor rush. Rather than they were told they are being too funny it is kind of tone it down a little. We haven't so much fun coming up in the wild random things to talk about. Actually have to do the accent you have to talk like giving you choose to have been accidentally I didn't know I could until. They gave me this job and I said blood strident being real if we can. Sometimes casting it just gets it writes how much money you have and mold. Mall then that bridge. I everybody out damage he's seen me in my other days there's. I'm hi. We can't allow people to get sick and we can't have our youth. Be so affected and I'm hearing it and that's how the First Lady got involved. New data shows more than a quarter of high school students are current. And the overwhelming majority use fruit amid tall or met flavors the CDC is investigating more than 450 teachers. Of lung related illness is believed to be linked to. At least six people have Nell died. Dad just shows the kids are getting access to these products in spite of our best efforts we simply have to remove these attractive. Flavored product from the market. Place authorities say they have not found a particular device or product that it's the source of the recent illnesses. While the president's announcement focused on tobacco police near Milwaukee announced the arrests of two Brothers who were accused of filling empty. It's highly potent. Drugs investigators say they found Mason jars full of marijuana oil in the brother's home. Along with 31000. TH C fuel cartridges. The Brothers were allegedly sell them for about 242 dollars and packages label sour patch or other fruit flavors Beazer. This is packaging. That I've seen in stores and other stories across nation. But the American -- been association is fighting back saying a ban on cleaver. FDA recently warned the company to stop claiming its products are safer than regular cigarettes. Officials are Bahamas say 2500. People are missing in the wake of hurricane Dorian. The prime minister dressed as people last night saying he expects the death hold fifty to significantly increase. The names of the missing are being cross checked with lists of those who evacuated or went to shelters. The prime minister also said a future day of mourning will be scheduled in tribute to the victims. The public supermarket chain is the latest retort to ask customers to keep all guns concealed in states that allow open carry in the wake of the mass shootings and El Paso and Dayton. The company said its respectfully requesting that only law enforcement officials openly carry fire arms in stores. Public's joins Wal-Mart CBS and several other retailers that made similar announcements last week. The maker of OxyContin has in agreement to settle thousands of lawsuits over openly detection Purdue Pharma and its owners the sackler family reportedly agreed to pay more money than the company had. Offered before. But the deal includes less than half the states Perdue says it will continue to work with all the plaintiffs' reach a comprehensive. Settlement. Sacramento area health officials are warning about using face creams imported from other countries. A woman who used a jar from Mexico is now in a semi comatose state officials say the methyl Mercury in the anti wrinkle cream was at a by third party not the manufacturer. The victim reportedly obtained the dark during informal network. And scientists say there appears to be another earth like planet outside our solar system. Researchers and London say the so called super earth has water as well as an atmosphere and temperature suitable for humans. Astronomers say they can't actually see the planet which makes sense because that is. 110 a light years away. Yet that makes it what. Who wouldn't Forbes the millionaire who. They're up there. Coming up the alleged mix up at a fertility clinic what a judge is now ordering after couples at the Bronx Borough was used to concede their baby but first the loyal scanned dole. Yes the scandal that as protocols that blurs clutching their referrals. But we're print series. After there's. Welcome back here in Manhattan that tribute in light shines like a beach in overnight and this morning ruling new details about those two giant beams of light. You know while the 9/11 memorial is open year round the tribute in light only occurs once a year and thousands of visitors make the trip to lower Manhattan to see it. Well Ganz has more as darkness falls and New York City this September 11 the familiar sight illuminating the Manhattan skyline. It's called the tribute in light an annual commemorative art installation first seen on the six month anniversary of the attacks and every 9/11 six. Two separate beams shining from dusk on the eleventh till dawn the next morning. Meant to honor the lives lost and to celebrate the spirit of new York and its first responders. Any leaving the Pope and that the people of New York in the U the United States and matter what happens that we can't rides again. Each of those light beams are comprised of 887000. Watt xenon light pole position in its U 48 foot squares. And they're located just a few hundred feet south of the nine elevenths memorial on top of a local parking garage those lights she concedes my candidacy and orientation of the Twin Towers. Stretch four lives. Guy brightest and most powerful beams of light ever protected from are. It's no wonder then that the teams are visible from more than sixty miles away people in new York New Jersey and Connecticut able to spot a tribute in light. All but still many more making the trip to Manhattan to stand under the lights in person. The tribute M light symbolizing so much to so many different people but when we asked. Those people at the memorial to describe what it means to them that one word we heard over and over again hope. Not every piece there minds how much but also sir rates he's telling people honoring and remembering that yes. Let's lighten up a bit in check our notification starting with Apple's new iPhone and concerns that may through some potential customers and to therapy. The issue here is the camera design. They care bras on the pro and pro Max phones more than a few people on social media say the position in the three lives this triggers their tribe who phobia. That's the fear of clusters of small hold one expert says the images. Right sufferers of visual characteristics of dangerous organisms such as poisonous animals and really not apply you have to go to creepy I thought right side of the so. I don't have this phobia of thing but I've been they've got to Ivorian. And today former Jersey Shore star Mike the situation Tarantino was sent released earlier prison. Georgina has served eight months for tax invasion. And add to the royal scandal brewing overseas involving Prince Harry. Images show the six in line to the British marine throwing caution tradition at a royal protocol to the win. By shouting his old car door. It happened as Terry arrived at the fifth anniversary of the and picked us games that a lot NEC right there reaching out with a bare hands no lover anything grasping that door. Giving it royal shopping the other group comes exactly twelve month after his wife. Did the very same vein and we eat they take. If the conspiracy because I'm purpose yet but who like solidarity with my woman's. I got you but there's then and again I got you boo you go duke and duchess of us hop I next to a different kind of royalty king James. LeBron James suffered a defeat that actually shipped out to be a true legal maneuver so the US patent and trademark company has refused a star's application to trademark the term taco Tuesday calling it a common place term. Sounds like a defeat. I've had a that seven defeat but. Apparently not really a spokesman for James tells ESP and that with the refusal he actually accomplishes. Ruble which was to get the government to say on the record at taco Tuesday. At the commonplace. Term. And and that means going forward he cannot be sued for any future use of the term taco Tuesday and that means king James can output of that city being wry look at people surrounding rich people surroundings there now I don't know it's got back yard that like an outdoor seating it must be on the patio there looked amazing and I thought that whole setup they had a hole to walk they're pulled a whole bunch of bock was there. Their pillow like they're going on 300 hours. And Madonna is banning cell phone from her concert any ban attending her concerts will now be required to put the problem five ounces before the show. And Smart watches will also be banned when equipment those accounts is they'll get those back. After the show to people who need to make a caller sent a text during the shall walk. I think I'm the designated phone use areas so far there's been mixed reaction online because if you spend money on the memories are you wanna take it back to the old days when she first started only they had enjoyed the pay phones so that paper of them and the concert halls the Arenas right and every question of today what do you think about this yeah when you still gotta contradicting hampering your. I mean in the lock them away. I'll make it depends on to and it says you already know who I wish and go to no matter what and to secure that right into my brain. I don't think you're ready for we get. Move it on we turn out to a lawsuit claiming a major mix up at a fertility clinic in New Jersey a white couple says they gave birth to a daughter of Asian descent after getting. IVF treatment. That couples out desperate to find their child's other biological parent. This morning a man and a woman are demanding answers after an alleged mix up at this fertility clinic the journey has been quite stressful. After spending half a million dollars on IVF treatments Christina had a rich in drew was a Lou ski successfully got pregnant. Here on the final round of IVF that was our last shot. And week we actually got pregnant so we are just so happy. They gave birth to a healthy baby girl but Christina and drew became suspicious. But two years old they saw other daughter started developing Asian like features. Drew took a DNA test and found their zero probability that he's a girls' biological father and the role results came. House in disbelief after apparent they were wrong the couple says the ensuing confusion inch dress led them to get a divorce. And they are now desperate to find the child's other biological parent. Because they say she has a blood disorder they don't carry. Drew says he's also worried he may have a biological child he doesn't know of out my believe they may have messed up an American my sperm to somebody else Christina and drew say they've not told their daughter who's now six years old about the mix up. But they noted that day is coming she's gonna have to questions. She's you have questions want to know. Why don't look different when I'm not look like you went on a different from them my brother. Armand I have to answer these questions we have to answer these questions. A judge has now ordered the clinic to turn over a list of sperm donors from around the time the couple sought treatment. The clinic though claims that violates patient privacy laws and it's not commenting on the lawsuit. Well coming up we'll have a look at everything going on in the day ahead and stay tuned for a bizarre coincidence buying out at the New York Mets game on the anniversary of September. After that. You're not watch out for today president promised federal to have lunch with secretary of state might Pompeo before flying to Baltimore to participate in a fund raiser. And speak at that House Republican Conference. Member retreats at a. And Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg we'll speak to first year law students at Georgetown. The sit down for a conversation with the related to future hearings on the question of impeachment. And senate Democrats special committee of the climate crisis will hear from pro athletes of the fights to save winter and the top. Ten democratic candidates will take the stage just hours from now when Houston. What could be the most heated debate yet our coverage begins tonight at 7 eastern. Watch live right here on ABC news live and we'll have more to come ahead of the debate today and the debrief as well as an update on our top stories. The special edition of the briefing room live from Houston for debate preview. And the latest political stories and by. Only a remarkable coincidence at last night's New York Mets game of course it was played on the evening of 9/11 the player stood with first responders on the field for the National Anthem. And that's more special red white and blue nine elevenths fire cleats and New York went on to beat Arizona get this scoring nine runs. Eleventh just give groups meet here oh yes that anger about that it's amazing image there. Well big isn't much for joining us today we'll see you tomorrow but he won't he will be here but I'll seeds are on Friday RCA on Monday I'll be back then. But it was.

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