It's Morning, America: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Massive tornado outbreak, Republican congressman calls for impeachment proceedings to begin, Ford cuts thousands of jobs and more.
23:14 | 05/21/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna move that I gain over near the top I think say no this Tuesday number once or your weather and the southern plains after at least seventeen twisters touched down across five states. A tornado hit within city limits remained of Oklahoma significantly damaging homes and vehicles meanwhile a rare double tornado was spotted just north of Oklahoma City now in addition to the damaging winds and hail parts of Oklahoma are in a flash flood emergency with more than six inches of rain. Already falling in some areas member to ask president trump faces new legal woes in Washington he's hitting the road to rally supporters in the race for 20/20. The president's stop in Pennsylvania Monday talking up his economic and employment accomplishment. Or taking direct aim at former vice president Joseph Biden. Don't forget. Five did you used to and that's what. I guess he was born here but he left view bouts. Buying of the Pennsylvania native who may win over white working class voters who fuel pumps narrow victory and that state and point six team. And we had to the East Coast for a number three where there's a new shark warning for beach goers just days before the start of summer season are great whitening cabinet. What's track just off the coast of Connecticut and New York City swimming alarmingly close to a popular vacation destination this is the first time a great white had at urban tracked in the area sparking new concerns the beach towns that depend on summer tourism be on the look out on to cover for the Golden State Warriors are headed to the NBA finals for the fifth consecutive year they swept the blazers team that won nineteen of 117 in overtime last night. That curry great line green both had triple doubles there the first team since the Celtics in the 1960s. To go to the. Five street. Finals what it that I finger in the face. The bet. I know they are bound number five Florida neighborhoods and battling in. I'm usual infestation problem on there are taking over community near Fort Lauderdale where it went may have saved. He has dozens of the non native reptiles working on his property digging holes damaging swimming pools and even chasing people. Errors brought some chefs have decided to take matters into their own hands by writing. It will line up. Cookbooks. And wanna is the delicacy in some countries in the Caribbean. In one is called chicken of the treaties. Hand out loud. The morning every one. So. The comment section on our video yet today. We ask you to sound off about game of the road yes and no what would you do now I've yet you know looking for real. The quartet and we got a lot of you are like never watched that everything went to collect the third. And I'll like crazy on mount. I hate it sounded like I don't every single comment thank you very much for interacting with. Including investment right here from this guy who's that this from this quote I'm looking forward to last week about watching gain much rounds which we were ready could be done. Yeah like well how about your grammar. But we guess that's an inside get inside joke after downloading stand as with say you work. Which would be the right way. Very clever it's I had the IO grammar correction in the. Yeah we're down at baton. I several David Breaux is now to the big story this morning a growing calls for impeachment proceedings to begin as president from frustrates Democrats. Looking for answers in the aftermath of the Muller reports a lone Republican congressman. It's ousting the president obstructed justice and should be in. To meanwhile the president has suffered a new legal setback in his efforts to block Democrats from looking and to his finances ABC's Monaco's are. At. DOT spoilers yesterday she was talking about it onto quarter. And that's good news for us because she's in this morning to talk about our big story involving the president good morning and a. Good morning I can't talk about that battle but I can talk about. The battle over the house oversight committee subpoena it was supposed to be the first test to the president vowed to fight all congressional subpoenas. And it likely won't be the last. President trump in campaign mode as he touched down in Pennsylvania. From now until November 3 one each money. We are going to keep on working we are going to keep on fighting for drunk that flight include stonewalling ongoing efforts by Democrats to probe his administration and his business they don't knew there was. I jumped in the great state of Pennsylvania and I think I need some help let me call let's say right now let's call right job. It's the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. On this country. But it was the president who was dealt the first legal blow by a federal judge in his lawsuit to block a congressional subpoena. They judge siding with the democratic led panel seeking a decade's worth of his personal finances but the small victory isn't enough to curb the growing calls within the Democratic Party. To start an impeachment inquiry against strong. The ever present that is actively trying to cover up and invent the American people for the and that's not something I'd be weakened dollar. ABC news has learned on Monday House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was confronted by top Democrats on the issue fifth tents closed door meetings and now one of those calls is coming from the Republican Party. Congressman just in a mosh of Michigan State after reading the Muller reports he believes trump and gates an impeachable conduct I think it's across France. Something bad about shipping. And the president is also blocking former White House counsel Don again from testifying before congress today the White House instructed him again to ignore all congressional subpoena. Now Democrats are calling to move the latest act of obstruction. From the president today Kenneth so many battles waging there and Washington on a thank you so much for joining us this morning. A president comes former fix or an attorney Michael Cohen told lawmakers the president's legal team knew he lied to congress. According to newly recruit released transcripts of Collins closed door meeting with the House Intelligence Committee telling claimed current trump lawyer chased back below suggested. That he tell the panel that talks about a trump tower Moscow ended at an earlier date. Boeing also said sec low raised the prospect of apartment and Healy the president was aware of the discussions. The FBI and several other federal agencies are investigating the death of a sixty year old boy from Guatemala who died in US custody. The teen enter the US illegally last Monday he was diagnosed with the flu over the weekend was found and responsive yesterday. Immigrant advocates are asking why he was held for six days instead of being transferred to a shelter. He's the fifth miner from Guatemala to die after being picked up by border agents since December. Ford Motor Co. says it's reorganizing but whatever the term it adds up to job cuts for the Big Three auto maker. Thousands of Ford workers worldwide are being like go including more than 2000 in the US ABC's Brett Nokia's working on this story brat. I guess that's right Ford employees have reportedly called his Armageddon. 10% of the company's workforce is about to be gone and 500 people in Michigan. Are about to learn their fate this week now these are actually white color jobs designers managers auto experts say Ford was overdue for a house cleaning but it comes at a crucial moment for the entire auto industry. I spoke to Phoebe wall Howard she covers the auto industry for the Detroit Free Press. She says this has nothing to do with the nation's impending free trade deals she does say this has everything to do with other countries. CEOs I think of every company are saying that the future is about collaboration. It's why Ford Motor Co. is talking to Volkswagen. It's why every single item maker. Domestic and foreign is partnering up to cut costs because the future is about autonomous vehicles driver lifts vehicles. Electrification. And a lot of money is required to get there. It's like there is an international component here you to saying like it or not these cars are not going to be made in the US from top to bottom exactly and even the ones in North America they're going back and forth apart over the borders like 678 times between Mexico and Canada and the U laughs she says auto executives are just thinking about making new types of cars are also looking at a potential economic downturn on the way. In need to get smaller quick we'll have a lot more on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts refer to podcasting app. Genetic Kenneth. Thank you Brad and the measles epidemic in the US is still going strong with 880 cases confirmed now 41 more cases were reported last week. Thirty of them in New York State. And most of them or in the New York metro area where the there are large orthodox Jewish communities some religious leaders are campaigning against the measles vaccine cases have now been recorded and 24 states. And Sesame Street is welcoming its newest and first ever Foster mop it Carly along with her. Two -- now parents Dolly and Clinton appear online video. Sets workshop noted and will be spent nearly 443000. Children spend time in Foster care. Which translates to six out of every 1000 case. We love love love that they reflecting. Reality yet ailing and families across this country. Welcome what a graduate celebration goes viral for all the robberies and we'll break it down. She when he broke after this. Let's go across the pond to foreign correspondent Julie McFarlane and the London bureau good morning Julie let's start with been running I don't where the embattled president Christmas bureau is calling for early elections. Hey guys yeah that's right is say Nicholas mature. Was speaking at a rally it's one years since his. Controversial re election. Lost the and that they forget that dot. Election result is disputed by the head of the National Assembly here is the opposition need to Juan glide day. But he is internationally recognized by more than fifty countries including the United States and the vast majority of Latin American country. Now it Nicholas Madeira has cooled. Four reelection. The election of the National Assembly he says he wants a new mountain dates. And he says that's. What going to measure ourselves. Alec to elect truly we're gonna bring forward the elections now. It's and it remains to be seen whether nagging team whether that's gonna have reinstates. His pocket because. His success Ponte collapsed in the National Assembly. And who won by day of course has been contesting. That the presidency for number of months. We'll continue watching and Julius audio and just just before we get study and I just wanted to I wanted to bring up that a few days a gay last week economists actually pointed out. That Venezuela's economic collapse is west in the collapse of Zimbabwe and Wesson the collapse of the Soviet Union ousted as a huge amount at stake. So I just wanted to just the thought across port point there I think yeah. SSI very expensive interceptions two missiles. And that comes amid heightened tensions with Iran so what do we know about that right now. Says the Saudi embassy in Washington is not a tweets and that includes up to two. Miss they believe. To put by the king fees and it they landed in Mac cup province. Now this is pretty important guys because at the Mehmet we have in the heavy month of Ramadan more than two million Muslims from around the wound are expected to travel. To Saudi Arabia for the Haj for that heavy pilgrimage. At the end. Ramadan and of course Mecca is the center of Islam that's way islam's holiest sites op. Say this is really ready wearing recent leave were another couple of Jones strikes. Which the hippies did claimed responsibility for days talking a couple of oil pumping stations now the hippies say they I'm not behind these latest. Miss follows oh dragons I was sent targeting sites in Mecca. The Iranians have denied that doesn't that have anything to do that as well but the saudis. Up pretty specific actually blaming that he sees for this. Julie I knew this was going to happen that we're going to get a game of rooms series finale before Bret set was concluded. It and the bad of which one was gonna happen first. Ryan. The pilot told by payment things. If I want to ask you borrow what you saw out of an Alley ice and ice I thought it would you have any tube time to get there between Brett fit. Or gamer throws finale which one you want. I think I think I think how much stigma Brecht I wondered how do you know enough about me how do you feel about. Met. Yeah he's still app from the Detroit free breath yeah I did Julie. You know will have the men. We evaluated diet. I I mean let's let's let's leave and other than how many have sex act as has the last night sky is it isn't his thing they. The government wreck that bed. Well identity guys seeing nests budget you know that colorful average politician he's friends with the president Nigel high rise. And he had little surprise waiting for him when he was campaigning. Up in Northern England. All of that again AK says this apparently is up saying doubt couples. All that right wing politicians who have had the same treatment the best treatment was. According to the guy he's there aren't a five guys Sosa but not like timeout check. Which he paid about seven bucks book and he said it was wouldn't put drinking at but he thought to its agents went to a more fitting and it has been was. Now. I don't know what the significance of the military his people on FaceBook are talking about a lack case against intolerance. Not that upon that for you. But mystified as not very happy for it had been divisive politician but hey it. A lot of people back him and his posse is Lou is looking to do really well and European elections. While the matter your politics I don't know why you waste the good milk shake. And I mean I would accept tenth during cat but I wouldn't want to Wear it yet I do here to look sixty bring all the protesters in the yard. Yeah they're like it's better than yours. Doing it today hears my experts. As well. Okay wherever we appreciate it Lester notifications. And starting where. Your boarding three booty southeast not something I was familiar with before this morning social influence there sharing tips for. The greatest at del fi is. You know booty so please. She lays it rob but still however she's posing it's nothing compared to the Reverend Al Sharpton who has the greatest belfry of all time. Out of the intended you know did. Show off a -- be there but he did it and we thank him for it that's ago we're right there about that's when rather decided to celebrate with a back flip. Getting go very well. Wait for it wait for it. And. They have greatly. Or not soul of all the money he learned in college it wasn't. Gymnastics. Out here remaining elephant. They get him. On him back to the shelter after yeah. Hill and Herbert converse L for you as well. I would definitely get that picture Al apps in under baby a bigger baby elevating for the Graham low income by weird competition and finest Asia and the world on display world beard and mustache championship going down in Belgium. That some pretty impressive case or hand it's for women there was a women. Division. As well. Very if I have one of those beautiful fascists. You know I'd. Because and soap when gay led you to grow up this grown right on out. But. We've all got our work with the right mr. openly favor for me. But that does bring us that the question of the day do you think you have what it takes to compete in the world beard and mustache championships. Tweet your bad with facial hair picks. An ABC news live in May be will feature some on the air this amazing Ali. A big chance for us this a year so with those beautiful. Mist assets loose that's. Even I think I have warned in May be draw why don't ask clever I just one who has mustache had to re here. They go like this oh the most there ago. Duet pretty on a watch just French cheese soccer skills as he dribbled while these kids. For kids yeah. Coming up a daunting at journey to the ground zero of climate. Changed scientists dire warning to what they're learning from whales off Antarctica. After this. Here's what to watch out for today a special election in Pennsylvania we'll decide the next congressman to fill that seat left vacant by Tom Marino. Coach or Donald Trump's presidential campaign in the state before resigning in January. Former bachelor star Iowa farmer Chris holes will be sentence after pleading guilty to a reduced charge. I'll leave the scene of a serious injury accident after he was involved in a. Fatal car crash. And abortion rights protesters set to take place nationwide one demonstration upstream horrible dropped several quite funny contenders. Including mayor. Plus what we'll get to Denton and debrief for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room we'll break down. The latest headlines in. The continent of Antarctica has long been used by scientists as a barometer for the world and Byron Ohio. This morning in an ABC news exclusive James Longman takes us to that frozen preserve which scientists say is now struggling to cope with what they call. Human Alter climate. We've been invited aboard the OC GS resident by one nation expeditions in the World Wildlife Fund to traveled to Antarctica. Ground zero for climate change. But this frigid landscape can be deceptive it's bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change across the Antarctic Peninsula. I season shortens. I'm more than three months over the last forty years and aged 7% who replaces him on receiving. This expedition now allows tourists to come face to face the realities of climate change. Seeing science. In action Ari Friedlander and a team every such as scanning the horizon searching the whales. These marine biologists have come from all over the United States to Antarctica to study the pressures facing the humpback and Ming -- well population. The biopsy stumbles a take in getting across but. This is the tip that'll collect this given the blubber sample from the whale. It'll penetrate in about an inch or so engine happen any animal and get some skin and blubber. The Arab makes contact there is such as as sharing us that he doesn't cut the gigantic mammal. These some polls revealing plot sticks heavy metals and even flame attendants have made their way into whale's abilities. The ten jewels of man stretching even here to the seemingly pristine and remote waters and Antarctica. This little sub sample is about all you need for about the molecular. And department work. Every such isn't already yielding results in a recent report by WWS. Highlights the whales a man taunting facing increased pressure is due to commercial krill fisheries. Aniston climate change. As citizens on the planet regardless of where you live. We have an obligation to let things be in a way that is unencumbered by our activities. But I'm not report released by the UN revealed that humans are already altering the weld a number precedent to pace of the one million plots and animal species and now at risk of extinction. Here in the peninsula many penguin populations already on the decline. The loss of sea ice is affecting their primary food souls krill and through funding from the WWF. The researches and now using the latest technologies available from satellite tags and drawings determine how the declining krill is affecting the well population. Chris Jones into the World Wildlife Fund has been instrumental in taking that recess data and turning it into a policy. Their goal is to protect thirteen descend to the oceans surrounding Antarctica. Like 2030. Time is of the essence because a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said we have twelve years to really fight the impacts of climate change. During the height of the cold rule the Antarctic treaty was signed designating the continent and a natural reserve for peace and science. And since then he's been a place where we come to determine the health of the world. They're on of that in 1985 was one of the places that scientists discovered the hole in the ozone man. A pretty special place. It's an issue that Nightline shed light on in 1992. Becoming the first to ever brought cause life from Antarctica. Scientists say the ozone hole over the area actually more of a thinning of the ozone layer. Is now the largest rebel record it since then the hole in the ozone has recovered significantly and is on his way to healing complete. It is one of the biggest. Success stories that we have for nature I'm hopeful we can we can fight climate change. Both here and at home there. Making a difference to this place from thousands of miles away might seem impossible. But the recovery of the humpback whale is testament to what can be done to save all planet. Wherever we oh. The Nightline I'm James Longman and Antarctica where. A fascinating to disease really is the real impacts there it's not coming that you just hear about some abstract idea. It's real it's impacting our it is important. To see it and I'm so glad that genes when they're on long track to do that to bring us that report and brought us a little bit of us who were lining some positive news that that humpback well population. Is seeing some increases then there's still time to change. There it. Another also put it come to get a map again. We're yet to be whatever you do today yes that's it was and it. We'll see you tomorrow. Have a great day.

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