It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 2, 2019

White House whistleblower says Trump team overruled denied security clearances, chaos erupts at a Nipsey Hussle vigil and more.
26:04 | 04/02/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Good morning I'm Kevin Martin and Jane aren't here in the top five things you know this Tuesday everyone here Kushner is dismissing accusations that the White House granite security clearances to more than two dozen people. Despite disqualifying issued a whistle blower who works inside the White House complained to congress saying that national security was at risk. 25 people were grant to clearances improperly. Tricia Newbold told the house oversight committee that senior from administration officials. Overruled her and other career employees wet deny the applications because of concerns over foreign influence. Conflicts of interest criminal conduct and drug use let commissioner says he's not worried and that every other accusation he's faced so far. Have been false number two president trumpet reportedly considering the appointment of an immigration czar. To cope with the imports of migrants of the border sources say the official would coordinate the administration's immigration policy across several agencies meanwhile the president is still threatening to shut down the entire southern border as early as this week. A move that would impact go to the dollars in trade. And millions of American jobs we had to Los Angeles for number three were chaos erupted at a vigil for slain rapper Pepsi half felt hundreds gathered in Los Angeles outside its clothing store the site where they hip hop star and anti violence activist. Was murdered. But a loud crash triggered a stampede after Warner's thought it was gunfire. At least nineteen people were injured trying to get away to confusion came amid new details about hostels killings. Law enforcement sources tell ABC news he appears to have been targeted. And likely knew his killer police are identifying the suspect as 29 year old Alley residents near Kabul there. On to number four whole foods says it's cutting prices on hundreds of grocery items this supermarket chain owner Amazon wants to change the expensive image some have called the chain whole paycheck. Amazon cut prices rapper bought whole foods two years ago. And it offers discounts save about prime customers whole foods says that the price cuts go into effect tomorrow. And average about 20%. Not fat and filing number of five mag realistic by Bristol at the die hard star have with that is sprawling beachfront estate in Turks and caicos for a whopping. 33 million dollars. The home spread across three house has over seven acres. Most alive and total bedrooms 7000 square feet of deck space surrounding who swimming pools. A beachfront healed up a million children's playground and coconut up Hayat and banana trees now what else in the coming where a dream. Or talk about sauce to start it's more an American. Good morning everyone is so used to be that in order to afford a mansion like that you also had to be able to afford a place like whole foods. Like yours out a whole foods you can have a bruise. Is mansion. That we don't need the 20% big realizes. I am IEA money I'm me in money goes market they've got a great org can't kick the election every. I mean for real when you go in there it's like like us all these are never thought about. But you're like a god you know. As I've been mentioning that you have you talked about her I don't denying he had thought okay it's and yet it lettuce wraps as I got the fight. Oh yeah. He really get after this I really am impressed that so I got like Saturday's. Sad lettuce and in this friends thought my satellite as in this picture took yet the picture of the food. And are you need to get a whole foods they got Baghdad organic. That really wraps around both Russian group. Yeah I dislike that. Yeah lower prices we're all for it we are KG and without wrecking get out of there without paying a hundred dollars for four items good luck are back to that big story that whistle blower working inside the White House a long time government employees that she was overruled. By administration officials who granted security clearances to more than. Add to really well I think 24 people reported by emperors. Com and they hat she set disqualifying issues that turned up in their back. Ground checks ABC's ray Marshall has the new. Good morning pennant in and you guys remember that the administration has faced questions over its security clearances for months including. Dozens of employees and freezing temporary clearance as well into 2018. This search for answers over White House security clearances intensifying. Democrats preparing to use their power of the subpoena today. After a whistle blower told congress senior trump administration officials granted security clearances to at least 25 applications. Which has been denied. And warning it could impact national security. Features enabled an eighteen year veteran of the White House personnel security office told congress. Denials were for reasons including foreign influence conflicts of interest concerning personal conduct. Financial problems drug use and criminal conduct. Democrats claim this situation a million times there's been security concerns over the Clinton email server. You've got all the secrets want to people who don't eat foods and remember to get a good spot where. I mean all. And at least two of those individuals in new bold claims where very senior White House officials and while she mentions no one by name. One of those appears to be the president's son in law Jerry commissioner. Through the New York Times reported the president ordered his chief of staff to grant a top secret clearance to. Against the recommendation of intelligence officials something the president denies. New I don't think I have the authority to do that I maturity. But I would I would I wouldn't I wouldn't do it overnight Kushner fighting back telling Fox News are been accused of all different types of things and all of those things that turn out to be false we've had a lot of crazy accusations like that we colluded with Russia. I complied with all the different investigations further feed the senate the house the special counselor sat for nearly twenty hours of interviews went down. Now Republicans on the committee are saying this isn't about security clearance by eight fishing expedition and are accusing Democrats. A plane with the facts and picking and nitpicking at the testimony. Whereas at their lawyer for the whistle blower is saying it's the Republicans are actually doing that cherry picking Kennedy. You know a little back and forth there arts or LA don't thank you reference. And a brother Tom celebrating a sweeping criminal justice overhaul at the White House joined by several former inmates. He said the bipartisan first step act will give countless current and former prisoners. A second chance at life Alice Marie Johnson remember her. Her sentence was commuted by the president following a personal go by Kim Kardashian. She thanked the president and one of his favorite targets take a listen. I think everyone in this room for your prayers. And I also want to thank the media. But being it's okay and to me the guys have really yet really kept neck five's. Brad good. He fed are you sure feedback I'm sure Johnson was released from prison last year she was. A first time nonviolent drug offender who were sentenced to life in prison without parole. That we'll have all a big impact on a lot of people's that's something really great that the president is doing. A second woman now accusing former vice president Joseph Biden of inappropriate behavior saying he was disrespectful of her personal boundaries. As buying faces fallout over complaint from a Nevada Democrat former congressional aide Amy lap boats came forward to say. Biden rubbed noses with her at a 2009 front raiser in Connecticut. She describes the experience as we Europe and uncomfortable. And he reached over. And put his hands. Behind my eight head and pulled me close and I thought he's going to kiss me you know wasn't factual. I I don't think. But it it was incredibly uncomfortable. Biden is still deciding whether to enter the race for president. Democratic candidates say they want answers but they stopped short of calling the alleged incidents disqualifying. I so update on those Boeing Max jets Boeing needs more time to finish its work on a software fix to a flight control system that system. I suspect there are playing a role in the deadly crashes of the Boeing Max jets and Indonesia last October. And in Ethiopia last month. The Boeing expected to complete its work on the system last week. But now the company the FAA says that the work will be completed in the coming weeks then the FAA says the system what we put through a rigorous safety review. So the number of the measles cases this year is far ahead. Compared to last year and we've been hearing a lot about the measles the CDC says the US has had as many cases in the first three months of 2019. As in all of last year and it's the most sense five years ago. Many of the people who get measles have not been vaccinated the disease is extremely contagious. But the vaccine is 97%. Specter you know one thing I think is interesting about this story is that we. Or we cover it we cover the outbreaks in and a couple different states in Howell officials there are reacting in that you know the warnings for people were unvaccinated. One thing and it may be it something that this we don't hear about kids dying from the measles which is good right but it is Ed. I know I get into the backs they unvaccinated thing but it does leave me to wonder that means that there they're handling it right you know so that is. That's that. Yes but again at those medical officials say. Obviously they're four very pro of getting your kids vaccinated they want to put up the numbers the warnings 97 cents effective. You don't want your child to be met 3% right at all and so they're saying about margin or error for the upper small percentage. Please be aware and yes I I I will say that I'm glad that this is brings so much awareness and bombed to the hole and the vaccination debate. We are deep and it right now absolutely. Are all coming up the LAPD named a suspect in the killing of Rockford gives the hustle and chaos erupts at a vigil for the slain artist more after that. Welcome back some breaking news overnight police have now identified a suspect in the murder. A Grammy nominated rapper Nixie hustle the announcement coming just hours after chaos erupted. At the scene of the killing where more than a dozen people were injured in a stampede. Overnight a vigil turning violent in LA police cars and ambulances rushing to the scene after chaos broke down. At a memorial for slain rapper nick Singh hustles. Broken candles litter the ground as victims were period away. Paramedics taking more than a dozen people to the hospital. In treating others in front of the store where hustle was gunned down just one day earlier officers and why gear formed a human barricade to keep the crowd under control. Before shutting down the vigil entirely. Police orders in the cause of the violence was likely a fight for a loud noise which triggered a stampede effort people mistakenly thought there was gunfire. The melee coming amid fears are to be violent retaliation for hustles murder. He had admitted his ties to gains in the past though it's unclear the shooting was gang related. Apostle of Grammy nominated artist community activist and entrepreneur was killed Sunday afternoon. House on its clothing store just one day before he was set to meet with the LAPD to discuss ways to fight game violence. Police say the alleged shooter identified overnight as 29 year old Eric Holder shot hustle in the head and torso before fleeing in a white Ford or Chevy cruise. Driven by an unidentified woman police now issuing an urgent appeal to the public for help to track down holder. And a very important note here to remember that big meeting with LAPD that was supposed to happen at. On Monday between not Nazi hustle and those members of please apartments people in the community law enforcement community it's still went on good yesterday and hustles. Apps and you brought up but very good point earlier this morning when it comes to I'm looking at this case. Yeah and it's because the discussion around this you hear a rapper was shot. You hear that Nixie hostel had. You know up pass in the pass as kid growing up was in a gang and its. That that is not his only story who he was who he has been is not. Who he would have continued to me he was doing amazing things. And that community and that is why this story has been so baked or. What you saw so many people showing up to the vigil last night because he was really invested in making a change in this community building a stem center there which I don't know people at home think about that bringing us stem center to Crenshaw what that means. To those black and brown boys and girls growing up there he was doing incredible work so to see him taken. So young I just 33 off their father. He's got you know girlfriend a home some kids it's just it is heartbreaking. And I just think that we we owe it to tell more to give more context to this story than just a rapper shot. And kill exactly who had previous gang ties because he was more than just that and obviously he was he had made a change and as he mentioned I'm number of those things he yet done to change a community and was continuing to try to do. To end the violence occur. Her death violence there are so we will continue to follow the developments of that story absolutely well let's go across appliances that London bureau where llama Hasan is keeping and I need biggest international news. This morning log on good morning thank you for joining us there's a new report the Washington Post this morning about the children of Jamal could show be allegedly receiving. Houses and monthly payments of compensation. For the killing of their father tell us what we know about. That. Neck in morning to you guys this is quite an interesting story coming out of the Washington Post which as you know Jamal could show to use to contribute to the Washington Post. But the paper claims that his four children two sons and two daughters not any did they received. A multimillion dollar homes in the Saudi port city of jet dubbed but they're also. Receiving 101000 dollars payment. A month now the paper claims that this isn't a nation that's coming from. A Saudi authorities as well as people who are close to the could show Keefe family. Another peep claims that in call this is quote blood money and it's also an attempt made by the Saudi government as its sorry Saudi authorities. To breach some sort of an agreement with the consent the family to show restraint restraint rob when they make public announcements about the kingdom. Now you were cool dot the Saudi crown prince Mohamed been some odd he has been accused of orchestrating. Could shanties. Merger at the kingdom saying. That denying this as saying that it is. It was rogue elements blaming rogue elements an eleven people all being charged. A full coshow bees must. And moving on to another day another wrecks that vote that. With defeated it failed so we licking here I thought we haven't asked this question is there has the chance that this won't happen. No deal on Brecht said. You know I'm so sorry to say this but I really do feel like this is Groundhog Day so p.s that with these reports again I want tried to break this down and give you the very late to step. Everyone was pinning their hopes on. Yes today's. At that the meeting with the MPs that they were trying to vote on the so cooled. Indicative bodes well not didn't happen there was no consensus and there was no agreement so this morning the prime minister. Teresa may is holding a marathon and five Allah shall be chairing a cabinet meeting to trying to break this wrecks it deadlock. So we're waiting for about to happen today we have also heard from me shell Barney ache. Who is the UK's EU chief negotiates. Who essentially said that a new deal breaks it is looking more likely it can still be of forty did. Adding that. It if the UK calls for an extension to this April 12 deadline you know we've spoken about this quite extensively while. That could happen but how significant risks and house to be strongly justified. So again like I said unfortunately Reidy is kind of like crap hole. You really in love and yeah play Ed just a lot to wrap our our heads around that sort of the same thing over and over again you're really at bills like it subscription based yeah. It includes. Portland is one ally gets you there. You know when you do India protests that. I think. You can't make this stuff up I know his April forward yesterday that this if I guess that happens we have avenues of it so. Semi nude semi naked climate change protested is. And commute that happens to the loss that's in the public gallery open their king. That same bar wind and he's beneath them trying to debate or things. Braxton or that video product went out of business. Let it get where I'm grateful to the I'm critical to the owner will look lady and I encourage everybody to the this direction relative. Another doctor Nixon. 6 I am not suggesting would this proposition that we do for pardons another deal. This sobering moment this silver in parliament. 'cause rejected its fight game on a game and beginning. The police to shoot some respect for the man. Who has the wall at the honorable gentleman's how these nations and exceed. And easy tighten it looked and easy Thai police. Took the and I. As you can see and who might distraction they try to continue post making coded reference to what was going on peace swooping in. And arrest a lot like yeah. And I both worked in Washington and we have some crazy days usually it's the US taking the cake but the UK right now is like Paul led here. I. Don't yeah they got in Canada the boy accidentally points thank you so much love for joining us have a great day. And you. And let's check our certifications and see what's trending starting with the TSA. Apparently isn't worth a following Bob on IG. And here's why. That issue that crazy things that they confiscated. Over the course of the year. And beef got some crazy one Albright with the gloves and yell like Freddy Krueger night. Over on Monday nights like a gun that was a good heart shaped like a guy guitars you like a guy that a perfume bottle that look like a grenade yet some of these things won't want people thinking like a lot just got a board a flight with this machete. No no no it's safe where all goods ago. Now I don't pay act create what's in the Peter and I'm just under that you like it yeah. Listen to this woman and Tommy knew what she sounds like tickle it. Unbelievable. Yeah. She actually reported that are. Shall the Jews than years as you know and. A car alarm. I. My red dog plays basketball when a basin will this dog must be mad that he didn't. I Matt. It's a horrific accident yeah. Go into your kid you right now in like now when we're in the basket not and the goal in right exactly I think some people call it a goal. The basket and this woman's. A room. Port first vanishing act to go and buy girl. And AMOCO and she may not a scheduled appearance. I'm sky news is bricks are covered she walked isn't an aircraft the live shot just as great Britain's attorney general's getting out of the car and you know and apple talks says. This is the shot move you Lou and you Schuch like. She was falling into that trap door. Some Twitter users that it looked as though. Even those who have that she had fallen on they're all talking about a co and so far has stuck to business and not pleaded about the disappearing act. But I guess you need to interior Chad about it exactly she got out about it I don't this year for hikers at Iceland parking at. Sure it collapsed. But that wasn't it then obviously creates a massive wave about water army rushing toward the guide apparently told people stand backstage. Can they were listening to their funny about for the Graham offered break and then there you ago via. So we major April fools' day it's now April Sackett how did you did you survive. He keep you got evidence that there you did it again it is at all that we've got. And yeah yeah. Or. I. I know that. April sect can. We've survived the great a pool they have to when he nineteen merely as a fairly fairly cut and Tom yeah it was a crazy day for April Fool's Day festivities the so. I it was pretty wild. Ed beard but just like Christmas and eased her and arrows of profits that and that it a couple of they've quickly becoming yet another major branding opportunity will Gant is here. Just some of you celebrated some of the big companies need the best celebrations were right here Davies I didn't we just stuff at glorious but it but it wasn't his dad from accounting her dad re using the same francs from 1984. Everyone got in on the purples action this year from tender to T-Mobile. Big brands cashing in on some of that action to let's start where I wish every news story would start. The puppies. Up some new concepts over launching exclusively for docs puppies and coffee's too good to be true. In April fool's joke root out by Starbucks. All tourism Australia also pulling off of the whole wall Eddie crank convincing followers that some baby swallows are bored with the leopard print birth. A little less huge. The American Kennel Club kids that announcing this new breed joining the eight Casey silver coated couch terrier. The US open also pulling a dog gun prank announcing they're adding puppies to the ball person team at its when he nineteen tournament. For the first time all of reads welcome. Just everything you touch. Is a winner and from Buffy looked a true love. There's an app for that Tinder announcing a height verification now. You know that guy here chatting too isn't 59 when he says he's 61. T-Mobile to using a portable phone Booth which only slightly resembles a cardboard box. Got an appetite for more McDonald's introducing the hash tag seeks signs new milk shake flavored sauces to dip your prize or nuggets into. Hello fresh keeping the tricks and treats sweet taking out followers with the announcement of the unicorn Cox. Complete with pixie pizza Kerry fettuccine and political tacos. Or this frozen food company announcing gender repealed mozzarella sticks out she's. That's a lot of people fooling so if you need to sit down the process all of it decided to back one. Which is tragically also. How bad do we wish that he bad ones these were real. Wheatley honestly it's that I think in autumn and it you've got oh yeah which got them make them happen that be really comfortable see. If you think you know. Venerable C. Small but got got got. Oh yeah and only. Vick but don't they don't. Didn't you got it like new long heralded. Already yelling where's that thing was real death let me get thrown it is. Yeah heart today Chicago is on the verge of history about to elect a black woman mayor for the first time. Today's runoff election between Lori Lightfoot and Tony are winkle will decide his successor to rail to mayor Rahm Emanuel who did not seek reelection. And as have been the day there in Chicago as news media outlets are challenging us the old order. And the justice Malek case a hearing to determine whether to unseal documents related to the sixteen dismissed a felony counts will take place this morning plus. Don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics and so we're gonna try something new this morning and we know trivia for people. Well I'm here for don't answer it a prank this is don't cool and do not go will that's so here's the question of the day. We just spoke about Chicago electing its first black female Mair. Who is the nation's first black woman in the air. And win and Wear what she elected. Do you now if you don't know it's fine with Google+ have old school fine absolutely. But you know will generation now likes ago on the Google alert Google everything there and figure it out let you know. How should he will tell us. Slide into our DN a sudden accompanied him. There India would try to figure out how to out work out the vote question yeah. Yeah. It's great what I don't I didn't get it through Samara. Forget to aid initiative. There you ago would Aaron wrote her. Evidently his dreamy platform. You know. I've my mom telling you by calling the OK I thought we got plenty of people they have the job we'll see you tomorrow.

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