It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019

Trump administration announces new rules to limit legal immigration, police raid Jeffrey Epstein's private island and more.
26:48 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot smoke and Anthony Norman near the top I think you know this Tuesday number one of the latest immigration crackdown on the drug administration has announced a new rule making it harder for immigrants get green cards if they. Rely on public assistance immigration advocates are planning to sue calling the policy racially motivated. Number to a major scare at a Veterans Hospital in Chicago witnesses say a man walked up to the building with an assault weapon and started shooting police say he also fired shots inside the facility. Officers arrested him within thirty seconds no one was hit and no word yet why the man opened fire. It is. Not believed that he was a veteran. On the number three new questions about the moments before accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein said that in a jail of the Associated Press reports want the guards assigned to watch Epstein was not a regular correctional officer. Sources say at the urging of his lawyers. Have seen was taken off suicide watch two weeks ago ABC news has learned it's unlikely that there is surveillance video of the moment of his death and we had to Cape Cod Massachusetts for number four where there is a booming business. All thanks to the shark sightings off the coast kick Contra. Porter more than 150. Sightings this summer including this exciting just a few days ago. Luck act that yeah dark. And now the demand for sharp towards the skyrocketing. One luxury and it is offering two hours shark tour is back could. Cost 2500. Dollars meanwhile sharp related clothing that is flying off shelves one store on Cape Cod. It now selling 50000. Dollars worth of sharp attire each week. And finally number five someone cashing and on the Pokemon crate with just three months away from Nintendo's debut of Pokemon board inch heel then now. A first edition set up Pokemon trading cards are sold at auction 407. Our whole lives and dollars they were among the first cards printed in English twenty years ago so ways to make money sharks. How could not keep that mind. Did you. A lot of dope Pokemon golf ball plus a 1111000. Dollars so. Hey Riley that brings us to our question of the day. What do you collect. You know back the day either recently that you think may or may not be worth a whole lot of money my living beanie babies. So yeah my he man action figures action figures there are multiple wounds. Now just 1 evening and how the other skillet sore. Humanity he didn't have any war. Tell us yours in a comments Bob arched feet stay these seeds can slide please do via. But now let's get that big story a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration. The drug administration announcing a restrictive new rule that could denied green cards to hundreds of thousands of people for being too poor. So this new policy limits who is allowed to legally and are antsy in the United States based on his attorney for public assistance so let's bring in. It is he's Monaco's are Abdi she's there in Washington Mon good morning. Good morning Hannah in the morning to genetic the president has long pushed for a merit based immigration system and expressed frustration about people coming from countries. That he described involved or terms on this new rule would allow him to do just that. The White House announcing its latest crackdown on immigration this time the sweeping new changes. Targeting immigrants legally in the United States throughout our history. Self reliance has been a core principle in America. Starting in October the trump administration's new public charge rule would make it harder for immigrants who receive or even qualify to receive certain government benefits. Like Medicaid food stamps or government housing assistance to receive a green card which will now screen and more effectively. Four though. The possibility that people may become dependent on the government in the future. Acting director of US citizenship and immigration services ten to two Nellie explain the rule has been around for some time but will now have a quote. More meaningful effect. Its assets it. Give us your tired your poor still operate. In the United States well and certainly not prepared to take anything down off the statue of liberty. Over half a million people annually apply for green cards and double large majority are at risk of being denied under these new standards. The new regulations will not applied to asylum seekers or refugees the attorneys general of California and New York along with immigration advocacy groups. Have already vowed to seal any. Several planes when he democratic candidates like Julian Castro. Say this unfairly targets of lower income immigrants particularly of color Castro one MSNBC. It's one consistent show. Of a president who is a racist and basically wants a whiter wealthier nations. And the new public charge rule could also have a destabilizing affect on several major industries including hospitality. A food service says Andy ease in construction it could also affect education. And health services as well. Have you mono what makes this ruled different from the public charge policies of previous administrations. While winning candidates robber addiction Alley did say that this was going to have a more meaningful effect meaning. That they have redefined the term public charged include people who are more likely or not to receive a public benefits that means you don't have to be even receiving public benefit but if you qualify. Then you could be categorized as such and they also. Brought in those developed benefits to include Medicaid and food assistance programs which was in the case under the Obama and Clinton administrations and more whites. And again this role expected face a swift legal challenge there in court on of course are acting in Washington thank you. And we routes of administration is also announced major changes to the Endangered Species Act weakening protections for threatened wildlife the new rules set to take effect next month would make it easier to remove species from the danger list to make it harder to consider the effects of climate change on plants and animals. The changes could clear the way for new mining oil and gas drilling legal challenges. Also expected. And overnight we've learned new information about the jail where accused child molester Jeffrey Epstein died. That apparent suicide behind bars has sparked a growing outrage and has prompted the attorney general to make a new promise. This morning new questions about the moments before Jeffrey F scenes death in jail the Associated Press reports one of the guards assigned to watch Epstein was not a regular correctional officer. We are now learning of serious irregularities. At this facility. That are deeply concerned and and demand a thorough investigation. Sources say at the urging of his lawyers Epstein was taken off suicide watch two weeks ago. ABC news has learned is unlikely that there are surveillance video of the moment of his stat. This image taken moments after he was found in a cell shows emergency crews trying to revive them. A source says guards at the Metropolitan Correctional Center broke protocol by not checking on him every thirty minutes. Sources described the staffing levels at the jail as deplorable with more than thirty staff positions vacant. Meanwhile in the Caribbean FBI agents have conducted a new search of F seemed private island looking for evidence against potential co conspirators. As we learn more about long time Epstein associate you and Maxwell who's been accused of recruiting underage girls like Virginia go free to act as sex slaves for him another meant the training started immediately give. Jeffrey what he walks. A lot of the string pulling from England herself in deposition testimony from recently unsealed documents go free says she was directed to have sex with several powerful men like former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson former Maine senator George Mitchell in Prince Andrew all of the men denied the allegations Conchita Sarnoff and advocate for victims of sex trafficking wrote a book about Epstein and says she knew Maxwell socially according to Virginia's. Filings she would teach the underage girls. How to behave how to act. How to dress how to eat properly I think those girls were so fearful of Dylan -- because she was much older than they work and she of course lived with Epstein and she. Had a relationship and Epstein whatever that relationship was. It's clearly was a close relationship Maxwell has denied all allegations and has not been charged with any crime. Attorney general William Barr says any co conspirators in the Epstein case quote should not rest easy and he says the victims deserve justice. And they will get it. Taking more top stories the California Highway Patrol officers. Shot and killed and traffic stop in Riverside. Investigators in the 34 year old officer was prepared to impound the suspect's vehicle. The suspect died in a shoot out with responding officers. I Pennsylvania teen who just won three million dollars up prize at a video in championship is seeing a downside. To that fame sixteen year old. Kyle gear store we told you about recently. What's wide it while live streaming a session of fort night. Someone called police pretending to be Kyle and claimed he just killed his father. When the swat team responded house fire injured door was able to quickly clear up. That situation but you know these swapping incident not only are they extremely dangerous but take so many of resource is for something that's not really you. They and a warning for pet owners after three dogs died because they took a swim and upon the dogs were poisoned by blue green algae Wilmington, North Carolina but the algae is a common sight across the south. Health officials say dogs are especially vulnerable to realities toxins. Which can cause seizures the owners says she had no idea. People need to know about this lake you know me my guests and we had any clue that this was a thing they would've never come I had no idea it. And then once we get to the emergency that last night they all say lord. Sure. The toxins attacked the dogs the nervous system experts say if a pet appears to stumble or collapses after being in the water. Find help right away. And in Seattle car crashed through a window of an LA fitness center landed in the swimming pool. Authorities he's 69 year old driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake three people were in the pool but no one was hurt. One of them helped the driver get out of a car and no charges. Are expected. And in Tennessee a woman who is just turned 100 is offering her advice for a long life. The grandchildren and a great grandchildren Margaret Ruth Jenkins so. Before to their visits because of grandma's pretty funny she just turned 100 years old. And she still cracking them up and it's obvious she's enjoying life. Let the men and AM out. That I don't know many of my hundred yea I know there that I don't believe that I am Kate me. But my pillow and everyday and maybe a year or so crazy. Love Ed mrs. Dinkins says she never drank smoked. Curves are chewed tobacco. And may Ed Murray day be they heart whine about it. Well coming up the new outrage over American Airlines coming from the pairs of a group of disabled children. Traveling alone but they say they're kids and dirtier thirteen hour flight delays. After this. I often backed outrage is growing against American Airlines among parents of a group of disabled children whose flight home from a special camp. Was delayed thirteen hours says. Heirs say they were never notified of that delay in their kids were not properly fatter given their medication during that unscheduled overnight delay. This morning piers Morgan Washington State are sharing their outreach their nine children with the disorder that causes tumors were returning home from a special camp in Virginia. But at Charlotte trouble the American Airlines flight stuck on the tarmac for five hours new meal provided to the kids. Part of our airline fee was and me on the plane. They had been fed the kids were hungry they'd been sitting their for hours. Parents say their kids were brought back to the terminal and placed on room for unsupervised children to wait overnight. I was lying he's loving it may need to understand. So they've come learning wheelchair. Because I was going to explode you know we're going and I casting its eye roll every team assigned names. You let willing to move. And I can handle. Families also say many of the kids were forced to check their carry on bags. Leaving them without their medications. They wing and just took it upon themselves don't the other kids' backpacks and find the weekly camps lists of their Madsen. Find out what mad Spain needed and that they're playing her sister now at fourteen. The children claimed they had a limited access to a bathroom and were given only crackers and soda. Parents say they were not contacted by American Airlines which is blaming the delay on a mechanical issue. A spokesperson said in the statement quote our team is in the process of reaching out to the families and bald as sincerely apologizes for this travel experience. We will be reviewing what thirteenth internally to understand how we can do better next time. They kids that are sitting here are reflecting signs of trauma and PT SD if their policy. Is that you pay 300 some odd dollars from an all unaccompanied minor fee that all that is as just a name on a sheet and they can care less what happens with nine chronically ill children. Then they need to change their policy. Obviously a traumatic situation for those kids and the parents were fully exploring and their legal options. Well protests in Hong Kong continued overnight as one of the world's busiest airports canceling all flight let's go across the pond to Julian McFarland. In the London bureau for the very latest right now whilst we've seen Hong Kong hitting the streets and Paris has a for the weekend. For ten consecutive weeks now right not this is the fifth. Day of ongoing protests so this has been spelling on. Since David for the weekend. Eight chief executive Kai Nam that was quite a full rewards a press conference. Via today where she was sparring. With report says she refused to honest there in particular this question. One reports have put ahead do you how Vuitton a need to withdrawal of this bill of remember this. Cut contentious extradition bill which is what stock to this crisis in the past plays. This report said to you how the economy to with joy it's. Or does China prevents you from doing so or is this just appoint a political pride for you she refused repeatedly. To ons that the question this crisis continues. Two to escalate. Those are some good questions that need to be answered our national security rather John Bolton is in London as Britain's new prime ministers trying to work out a deal we know. Actually the European Union by the US is hoping Brett say it will mean a better trade deal. Because this is ready interest saying because just to sum up we've seen a number of really high level. British American needs hangs since the new Boris Johnson administration. Came to power fast lane we have the foreign secretary Dominic rob meting with president trump the vice president. And old the top Ross of the US government officials in Washington lost week. It took much longer than not for his pre assessed at two meets. With high level US officials on he's he himself had not had. A one on one with president trump yet amendments. National security advisor John Bolton is in the UK and he's been telling report as. That's the US is very keen to sets up a number of mini trade deals. It's two to to agree on as soon as the UK. Music do you say some ready helpful was from the Americans but of course this is a bright transactional. Relationship the Americans want to summing from the brits in red time they have been speaking on while way. The Americans won the brits take a stronger stunts against while way. And Iran as well the man in the brits all with the Europeans on trying to keep the deal Lipton Americans. Want the brits to committed to that side. So this is really interesting vice present my pens will be in London next month. And of course present trump and Boris they speck on the Fey and yesterday discussing all of these issues saying a new sort of bright minds between these administration's how Long Will not cost that we have very enters. And oil is Julia a musical about the late princess of Wales is coming to Broadway. What are we know about Diana the musical. Right so at this news play will be hitting Broadway scene and is gonna concentrate on the life of Diana is gonna take you through the nation Villa tumultuous periods. Injuring two houses of fat. But Diana's storm with the media. And her amends to label saying before her death back. In 1997. Now. It's just the question I think is on everyone's minds is how I'll William and Harry. To gain to feel about this because of course the two princes have been very very guides is done very reluctant. To be as they can with the media eyes Princess Diana and of course oldest Carlos between Diane and Mike and being thrust into the spotlight. But time will tell I wonder he would play Diana. Now it's a good question has a long list. Beautiful woman out there who could play the iconic princes di so we will see hate Juliet thank you so much friend. Good thanks the United States alliant payless second notification is now starting where. Pumpkin spice a lot. Hey these kids are just barely game back to school but. We're already talking about all things the delicious agreeing August 27 and the big day for Starbucks. Spot even before that August for a first the big day for donkey NC and get your false started for real. Currently not not a fan of the lot tase me either but pumpkin bread oh now that in muffins I don't call hadn't acted talked and yet also on one of those little from Tian. Whoopi pies. You ever had those before the Whoopi pies now I don't you think. You actually would I know what you eat the would you destroy them. Also question of the day here at a won't be buying all night got. Let us now he won Pennsylvania. That's Quaker. Mennonite obvious area that deathly know it. And from getting a lot of won't be advised the eight lots of pop the olive garden is announcing it has a life time popped to pass by get a box. Yeah about I would hope they see also this is doing in there that whole big pasta dad Adam monitored yeah but then you can. That the first certain percentage of small amount to souls few lucky ones you get a life time passed a process of 500 dollars for a look at. Good billion dollars of cost like Philip possibilities. As though in the war yeah I don't. Taking credit for that he had paid next that's got in need. Of some help. I'm that friend and a police officer who helped get back up on stopped from its ad you data offer handed me through that tack code or there they got the house that that's that can be stinky job there brain and Kennedy have skunks are there. Yes they do you like Elliott that it it felt good story out of the two dead and down there in the country's South Carolina of the great state of South Carolina. My mom we hear it in the car down a creek country or with a relative. And the relatives that all I think that's don't it on the side of the brood. We should go get the dongle we don't look a puppy so we just pull over on the country road. Jumped out and they get closer and closer and see that white stripe on the back got bit they take our right in the Scott it's taken they. Hello my I'm screaming like eight years older somebody like that it was not a pet. With a skunk. She had to degree and a we love pull in over first thing on this. And the road LSI the fund route killed the middles. Shout out to the grace is that the going barrel this morning this incredible Amy Stevens discovered it when she opened her oven. It squeaks in the same malady as yeah ushers that song from 2004. And like any mom sees that information to embarrass her daughter take a look. I hope can. Then I get in. Nvidia outside and he says yeah. This time in my I had Indiana. Is supposed to that's we'd have more than 400000 read tweets and more than one point three million lives. Stolen goods it yeah. And our editorial meeting here on the show and we have a producer who's a little bit of us now they come Jan we'll. And it's not when it comes to music ahead. And I'll bet do you know the lyrics for it. Us is yeah I don't play together yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Does Italy eight that. And finally Seattle has any super hero she is the bus lane of traffic a venture this woman. Wherever there and she got in a force cars out of the bus only lane. As she swore Ed drivers and I assured them out of the lane commuters waiting at the bus stop clap and cheer her on. Some are actually allowed a line of buses that finally get through and pick up passenger. Getting out of your own we have some people say changes in her bowl lane. An out. Bus traffic. The I don't care what this with a the president thought the car's me speeding through and there's a danger for getting hit. But now. Those art of the tribe has already backed up people slowly she's like get out of the bus only lane. Yeah I get ahead. It several swearing par I don't know it's like it's actually. It I don't agree the cars being yeah. Clinton but it's actually is that chest and the way she threw her it's just me. Buy if not what she did it was the way man rain there you know becoming ever retiring FBI agents surprised by blasts from the the VP he rescued as a young agents. Now I US. Marine. More fitness. Good watch out for today present troubles is that the construction site of the multi billion dollar acting cracker plant owned by shell oil and Beaver County Pennsylvania the little turn natural gas and set at filling. Which is used to make plastic it's reportedly expected to bring about 600 permanent jobs of the region. For climate activists say it would pollute the air with toxic chemicals. Lawmakers and Tennessee are considering one of the nation's strictest abortion bans Jimenez similar laws have been struck down in court. A hearing today will include testimony from the ACLU. And the national women's law center. The democratic candidates for president are on the trails Bernie Sanders holds a town hall in New Hampshire. Mayor Pete booty judge takes his turn on the soap box of the Iowa state fair dealing Castro holds. A town hall and the Moines Iowa tonight and Elizabeth wore we'll take questions from working families. Party members and elections in their BO you can watch those events right here on ABC news. And as Elvis weakened man this thing Graceland is holding an auction of memorabilia including a tuxedo from the 1969 film. The trouble with girls and diamond ring that he gave to musician beauty Sumner. And more quest so that hinted debrief for an update them on top stories in the briefing room for breakdown of the latest. Headlines and politics. Until Elvis there's no longer problems with girls opened their bracelet is best program and that's pretty random but you think of it. I just around the screen shag carpet as we know. Finally as Laurie create a touching story that FBI agent who came into the life of the kidnapped baby boy that Egypt is now retiring and for his retirement party he was present it with this very special surprise. Gabriella the god of our station in Knoxville Tennessee has the story. For me is all brand new but this is the stories you hear about the FBI that were going out there working kidnapping cases and trying to find they kidnappers and the victim. So I was very excited about being part of it. Agent Sowers was a young age and barely two months in the field. When he was working a lead on that kidnapping. Interviewing someone who had been pulled over deciding to take a look at the suspect's house. He still had not confessed to kidnapping the baby in her house we fell some indications that maybe she was part of the kidnapping. We went talk to her thirteen year old stepdaughter to thirteen year old stepdaughter mealy started crying and said that she didn't know where the baby was that. Now knowing they had the right person Sowers hops in a police car to be taking to win it kidnapped baby was being held. It's interesting over the my twenty year career when people ask me highlight of my career. I would always mention this that I I pulled a baby on a box. But never really focused on it to there's just one of the things. That that we do until it came time for retirement and Sowers daughters began looking for that feet feet from the box. Who is now corporal the United States marine cool. I did not and noted all I'd I want something very simple eye out for coffee and donuts. So we got us this via three national and feared her hair pretty here's a little bit about him. Entry to actually see a picture of him. Think. Away. He actually hear me. Unless you're speaking to corporal Stewart Rick. Are they still. Drive you can for the. Thank you heard you know he's done and without ammo in the brand today a United States marine. All right our thanks again real forgotten SH that's a great story so cool at that. The fact that he can see them see him after all this using changed the course of his wife and give special thanks and think you for the your service to both. From that law enforcement officer who is retiring there. And also the Braves break serving this country incredible to see how I mean really what a lasting impact right people in those jobs can happen so. That is it from us on this Tuesday have agreed they will see you tomorrow.

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