It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019

House expected to announce articles of impeachment, IG report finds no anti-Trump bias in Russia probe and more.
27:59 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019
Want to move out on Bonita Collins here at the top by thanks to know this Tuesday. Number one history being made in Washington Democrats are planning to Kennedy's at least two articles of impeachment this morning they're expected to charge president with abuse of power. And obstruction of congress after laying out their case during Monday's explosive house hearing. A news conference expected at 9 eastern time this morning we'll bring you live coverage here on ABC news line. Number ten of the volcanic eruption in New Zealand nine Americans are among the injured and missing authorities in New Zealand say there is missing since the eruption are now Oprah's dad. Flights are over the island are. Finding no sign of life. Five people were honored from dead and dozens are still hospitalized the towards stats are expected to be the subject of a criminal investigation. On to number 3 new details this morning about the death of rapper G swirled the 21 year old died Sunday shortly after he and his entourage. Where surge at Chicago's midway airport. Investigators say a drug sniffing dog let them to 41 bats of marijuana along with codeine. And guns and that group's luggage the rapper went into convulsions convulsions during the search was given the Buick and a mark and an initial autopsy was an exclusive. Toxicology results are pending. And reform the Golden Globes facing new criticism this year for a once again feeling nominee any female filmmakers women directed some of the most critically acclaimed films of the year such as hustlers. Book Smart. And a beautiful day in the neighborhood but they were snuffed Hermann hall for all belt line up of nominees including. Martin Scorsese and quick entered Tito but one man was among the biggest shut outs we spoke to Elizabeth whack Meister. A senior correspondent have Variety Magazine about controversy. There were so many more films directed by when man. And a great qualities don't sell a lot of these women were considered to be she Wednesday to land nomination so when they did at the snubsie and even bigger. Anna 77 year history of the Golden Globes only five women have been nominated for best director and finally number five. Still he mania shampoo bottles may be common but some hotel guests are helping themselves to a lot more. You have people staying at luxury hotels have set their sights on much bigger things than you survey finds more guests at five star hotels. I'm making off with TVs copy makers and even mattresses. And took the elevator and sneaking amount. But the survey found those high end hotels are less likely lead to report but that's because they don't want to be associated. With any crime. And there's nothing like at five star hotel mattress that everyone had slept why are used to think that sell or some point yourself right. At it. I just. That matches I don't really like to lighten look at them or think about them of the hotel it's like to note that comfortable when I'm. Lying there have there isn't that terrible I think yeah it isn't a fit him like who would take it. And that Muslim with selling they're sleeping on the eye and neck dragging matches out of them and the hotel they got to have the credit current file right up there think. That's great I think I would get to that big story house Democrats are planning to announce articles of impeachment against president today. After Monday's hearing summarizing their case for removing the president from office or sources say Democrats have narrowed everything down. To at least two specific charges ABC Syria Marshall has the need each house and Washington's arena good morning. Kenneth Tony once the articles are introduced that would mean mr. trump and just the fourth president in American history to face an impeachment vote. Obstruction of congress and abuse of power to impeachment charges against the president expected to be unveiled later this morning sources tell ABC news. The charges are not yet finalized it followed a late night meeting Monday over Chinese food. And a contentious ten hour hearing. In my car is still electable. Owner. Sharp cross examination of witnesses not badgering the witness. General continued commitment mr. chairman it is if it Obama to win in his. What Republicans continue to defend the president and criticize the process. And it's outrageous that we're trying to remove a president. Whether kangaroo court like this and Democrats say this is about a clear violation of the president's oath of office. He places own private interest. Ahead of I national security and the integrity of our elections. And constitutes a continuing threat. To the integrity of our elections and to a democratic system of government. President trumps persistent. And continuing effort to coerce a foreign country. To help him cheat to win an election. Is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections for president still not participating in the house hearings but admitting. Thank you got what some movement very little. And while Monday's hearings it did not slam much new information. The charges announced this morning will ultimately come down to flip side lawmakers follow on. When it comes to president drums word so Ukraine's president. Will you do was in favor. I don't think there's any other way to read. Words on the page than to conclude that. I don't think it supports that I think it's ambiguous. Democrats are expected to announce those articles at a press conference later this morning it'll be followed by a vote in committee and a full floor vote likely to come next week so Tennant Toni Serena wants the house votes and if it goes as expected and president cup is impeach. What happens Max. Well when the president will still be able to continue to govern and that is what happened in past president's and it's what is dictated by long because the senate is the iPod the body responsible. For removing a president from office now if this NA does remove a president that would be the first time in history they actually never done that before. But if they failed to convict and that means the president's legacy would affect Philly effectively be marred. I impeachment and by he would be able to serve rather remainder of his term would be able to continue to run for office again in the future now past presidents like Clinton and Johns and weren't peach but now removed from office at Nixon actually never faced that impeachment vote because he resigned before they could vote. All right sir. And I really break it down for us there we know you guys got a busy busy morning ahead there in Washington so I'm praying for you thanks so raid. Openings or appreciate ABC news we'll bring you live coverage of today's news conference on capitol beginning at 9 o'clock. Eastern. Turning now to the new report from the Justice Department's inspector general. Declaring the FBI's launch of the Russian investigation was justified and unbiased despite serious missteps. President trump continued to slam the probe as a conspiracy calling the findings just honest. And it ABC news exclusive FBI director Christopher ray agreed with the results from the independent watchdog putting him at odds with the president. And the attorney general who is disputing the report ABC's Pierre Thomas has the details. After years of president trump calling it a deep state. Saying the FBI was anti truck when it launched an investigation into possible ties between his campaign in Russia the long awaited independent report. The Justice Department's inspector general reviewing there was no evidence of a witch hunt. Determining the FBI had enough evidence pointing to either a federal crime or a threat to national security or both. To justify the probe at the height of the election. And with the agents who made the final decision to launch the investigation. Would not influenced by political bias. The president has long said his campaign was illegally spied on. Even suggesting former President Obama ahead wiretapped him it was illegal spying unprecedented spying. I would say that President Obama had to know about it. But the inspector general says FBI officials made serious errors and omissions in applying for surveillance wars to monitor the communications. Of a truck campaign associate. Carter page. Adding agents failed to meet the basic obligation to ensure. The applications were scrupulously accurate they did not tell DOJ attorneys about information that may have weakened their case for surveillance. The president pounced. This was an overthrow of government this was an attempted overthrow. And a lot of people were in on it. But the president's hand picked FBI director Christopher ray saying there was no deep state as far you know based on the findings in the inspector general report. The FBI was a part of something state. Well I think that's a Connell label that is a disservice to the 37000. Men and women who work at the FBI and that's not a term I would ever use to describe our workforce and I think it's an affront to them. The president's defenders have accused FBI agents of conspiring against him pointed to anti truck text messages. But the IG report also found other agents exchanging pro troop messages at the same time and later celebrating the 2016 election. Do you have any evidence that the FBI targeted trump campaign unfairly. I don't but ray knowledge is mistakes were made. There are actions described in this report that I consider unacceptable. And un representative. I am ordering forty over forty corrective actions to address all those things in a way that's robust and serious. And we're determined to learn the lessons from this report and make sure the FBI emerges from this even better and stronger. Attorney general Barr is blasting the rest of pros origins saying the Justice Department and the FBI. Las an intrusive investigation of the US presidential campaign. On the thinnest of suspicious that what is sufficient to justify the steps taken. Bart has lost a separate investigation and is now criminal with the FBI director telling me he agrees with the IDs finding that the laws was in fact legal. Pierre Thomas ABC news at FBI had. Quarters this of recorded leaving a contested abortion law in place in Kentucky without offering an explanation. Or dissent the justices declined to review the law which requires providers display and ascribe fetal ultrasound as two women seeking abortions. And also to play audio of the fetal heartbeat. The ACLU had challenged the law on behalf of Kentucky's own remaining abortion clinic. The FBI says it's found no link between a cyber attack on the city Pensacola Florida and the attack of a naval air station near city officials became aware. Of the cyber attack early Saturday just hours after three sailors were killed. They say the city's email and other electronic services. We down indefinitely. Meantime investigators with the Saudi air force member behind the shootings post it. An anti American rant quoting Osama bin Laden on Twitter shortly before the attack. And sources say he filed a complaint and people against an instructor who. Who's he said mocked his mustache. Speaking here's white castle is recalling several varieties of its famous lighters. The recall includes both hamburgers and cheeseburgers in packages with best by dates in August of next year. It was announced because of a possible listeria contamination. There have been no reported illnesses there's more information at our website. They're video from Alaska snowboarders camera captures the moment he was caught and a mini avalanche just as scary as a whole. Avalanche it happen this Sunday and Packers pass about forty miles outside Anchorage. After he was partially buried he signal to a friend at the top of the mountain that he was. All good who the man was wearing them avalanche airbags. He says it's believed his life. And sports the patriots are denying new allegations of cheating after videotaping the sideline of the Cincinnati Bengals games Sunday. The team admit the video crew broke a league rule by in the sidelines during the Bengals game in Cleveland. But the team says the crew was made up of independent contractors. Working on a west theories for the patriots about the team's scouting department. That's doubts were watching the angles because they face the patriots this weekend the league is now investigating. If the patriots are admitting in their statement that they violated a rule even inadvertently then yes you would have to think that the league Haston. Do at least something now when they were caught doing illegal videotaping in 2007. There are punished severely. But wait there's more the patriots got permission from the browse a shoot the video but did not inform the Bengals or believe. The team calls that a quote unintended. Overt site. This Tony Collins. The plate Bible's maxim doubt it but you you give them the benefit of the. Why do I do that mean they would they would be to they would indeed that's who bluntly implies that it turned the videos into. To the browns into the NFL so it's not like they kept that and now. Right they would never deflate. Football sports by Daly never. Spy gate one point oh this is to avoid what porno few years ago they wouldn't. Now however now member benefit of the doubt Bill Belichick never know what you Dylan think. Ariel carried out one man's been that I against people eighteen the need for emotional support animal see how he's fighting back. But first the deadly volcanic eruption in museum in new video shows the power. Of the explosion. Stay with us. Welcome back we turn out to the deadly volcanic eruption in New Zealand overnight we learned nine Americans are among the injured and missing authorities are now launching a criminal investigation. This morning that volcano in New Zealand still smoking more than one day after it erupted killing at least five people. Eight others are unaccounted for and presumed dead. New video shoot the moments after the volcanic blast on white island sent ash soaring 121000 feet into the air. This webcam image shows a group of people inside the crater taken just minutes before the eruption. Rescue helicopters recent honors soon after the volcano erupted bringing some of the injured back to shore for treatment. These newlyweds from Virginia were among the nine Americans who were on the island at the time according to inside edition Matthew you re leftist voice mail for his mother. You've been killed Paul Cahill actually erupted while we're on the island and I got pretty badly burned the word if possible New Zealand playing under current budget he's like Sloan. The volcano on the privately owned island has long been known as unpredictable. As scientists recently reported an increase in gasses and small tremors. Levy many demanding answers to why tourists were allowed to climate. So relatively small explosion and the reason why it turned deadly was not because of how large it was it was because of how close that people were to where an explosion occurred. And now authorities in New Zealand have launched a criminal investigation. Focusing on the circumstances of the deaths from the eruption will look into. If there's anyone criminally responsible for the the decent injuries. It's and it is to lead Egypt's I'm sorry we're just going to have to we're through the evidence talk to people and conduct the investigation. Authorities say the island is too unstable to begin efforts to find those eight missing people they say there's a 50% chance the volcano could erupt again. And the next. 24 hours. Now to some news breaking overnight she has air force says one of its transfer planes has been lost on its way to went particle. It declare the flight lost at sea and half begun air and sea rescue operations. Let's go across the pond. To Julian mark from an in the London bureau for mortgage. Early at good morning. Morning 1080 it does not let good for the passengers who are on board that this plane it was a scene one Fenty had please. At croft and it is believed that maze to the people on board where from the to lay an app for us now it was a trip. Headed to a base on Antarctica and mesa the people on board book and carry out some maintenance on logistical wag. But there were. Two private contract as and the university student. You'll also on board that flight now officials say that they lost communications with the Ashcroft around just stuff to 6 o'clock local time. They are now searching the area where the plane lost contact paving to find some survive as. But guys the war so that is apps that he freezing in frigid and there is very little head that they'll be able to find any survivors but the president Sebastian Pinera us is heading. To a monitoring area where he can be updated on the situation with the defenseman stuff. Mind yet we'll stay on top of that as well I'm moving on Juliette to. You and a big scoop you got yesterday SI between about this great job by you in the work you're doing over there. Thing from our London bureau let's catch people up on this that. All that thick soup yesterday that shouldn't be lost amid the impeachment hearing in the release of the inspector general for the former. British intelligence officer behind the controversial dossier that alleged links between the truck campaign and Russia. Now he met a pocket copy years before the Russia scandal. Riot how is this. For a plot twist all the way by kick in the 2007. When Christopher Steele was still an active GT intelligence office. Full of the British intelligence secrets of us MI six action and as. SIS he meant the president's daughter Yvonne could trump added den in London the two exchanged contact information and they stayed in touch. David being this. And in 2010. Christa this still the fourth all of the Russian dossier he was invited to trump tower in New York to have a meeting with Avon could trump here was the vice president of the Trump Organization. To discuss possible whack that he continue. For the company now Avon co was in charge of a number report fairly is consenting real estate not a business ventures abroad embassies. As issue was thinking of topping up Chris steele's not what to try and do some due diligence on some potential business pond is that they were going to go into. Now they did not she gets and of getting into business together but in the inspector general's report that was released yesterday. DNJ investigate his record that still told them dots. But despite allegations that he was biased against present term from the stock if anything. He was favorably displays. To be positive towards the trumps. Because of his friendship with Yvonne because so much so that peace he revealed that he had given her a gift. Some finally toss in from Scotland a few years again. Just fascinating act Canada this jewel in the fact that this still dossier has been really. At the center of all of us at the Russian investigation for the past what 23 years now. And we've been reporting on it and now this but I think is a crucial and critical do you tell is just now coming out. Obviously you are able to uncover this find out this confirm it. But at this point at this time I mean why are we learning about this now. Well I mean it he's a former intelligence office you can expect that he is pretty good at keeping secrets but what's been really interesting is that you bomb could trump has never once mentioned. That she actually nowhere is this my man who closed a huge amount. Couldn't control the sea for her father for the president. I'm still himself has been a target of attacks by the president by the president's allies he's been referred to as a fail us spy if any spy. But de. We have I have to say we have this year if the White House the Trump Organization. You bombed his attendees all of them for comment they have not provided us with a comment yet we've also lost deals a tiny and a representative for his businessman. The comment on a story but there are also staying paid mom. Fascinating there and again good work by you on. Getting Matt scoop their Julie. The people yeah say the senate right yeah. Auditions I got. We're very serious news right here reprieve zero block of blowing lover get excited and longer lasting Ellicott of their coming away. Did not do it extends the shelf life of avocados has made its way across the contact have you heard about this Giuliani order sources tell you grabbed us what Julia. Yeah third isn't isn't right into mrs. the company is an American company that is backed by the gates foundation. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and they have come up with this. And the bull Smith's brain which they pet which she Steve company avocados with them as safe is safe to eat it has no worry about the chemical acts acts on the ingesting chemicals. And although I have said ending you should you appetite appeal I hitting knows what is meant book but what it does is it keeps oxygen in. And it helps via the avocados loss longer and has stopped some from gang brown five. Soon. No I I think this is really really interest thing but I don't know about you guys but for me at the time line of not of a cause is. Not ready not ready not ready not ready not ready to ready off him and it extends the shelf life is it the ready window that gets extended. All at the rightness could not as a minister. Abbott and his I want to try to it has happened at the perfect time to perfect. I met when day I and I don't and I will. Who tried to not vacuum sealed but just put in something where the air won't really get to add frank open up half. And as athletic tough. Like all of the cut al-Qaeda aficionado days millennial let myself what I I have a very very well struck said. The Condit rotation scheme but I'm constantly buying alpha Conde is. And by the time one is right I've got the rest them in the line waiting said that in the Weydedat nine. Yeah I definitely learned that if you wanted to write faster leave it out of that bridge I think that mine in the fridge so that's my. Not about Libya gang run. I think kind of avocados absolute in the boat when Hud put him in the bowl by the wind that's an okay bed and a cable TV it. Our friend Gary you're avocado tell. You're done well they'd pay ten appreciate it lets an age thank god. Let's send out notification is an outsider within it airs on a man taking a stand against the emotional support that's. Has registered a beehive. Of the support animal David Keller says he did it to shoot to when he people are taking their need for psychological help. From four are two legged. Friends he also wanted to highlight the fact that emotional support animals do not need to be registered anywhere. They do have to be medically recommended. We will see what happens. With his awareness campaign there yeah because then I just say okay sir you to be. By the way have you seen crazy create emotional support tends I haven't really heavily suggesting the regular. You know dogs had a girl college roommate that she had a I had taught. That is that the net daily had talked after yesterday's alert and let's explain what's ironic about that yeah I did he pick but they took off. I'll. That he wake it up. On the plane hit he did he did down and generated. They've actually been talking about that expensive piece of art the 120000. Dollar banana at that taped to the law. What could top that what about a pop five chicken sandwich that's also happened at bat. Team. Art bots are to Miami. Festival down there ID that. This went right apparently there's across like a 1200039. Unite that blows my mind. It is insane to would you pay that no nothing backed up as if that we're not. And check this out even the pigeons Las Vegas are ready to part. These birds were spotted where he. Well if he does little cowboy hats. Oh yeah. See you will about taxes he thinks he conspired ever quite content articles but Donald cowboy hat I nov another champion Laura lake a little bit against the you know and that. All right our video you have the activists it and let you they're hurting them but I said that basic better off. Messages on a bottle from a bottle brown I think. Then. Area had finally seeing that we really really cannot get enough baby we can not and trademark of course buyer and company Disney now at diehard Star Wars and has launched an online petition for baby doesn't haven't Dunham don't bet on. I'm tradition unchanged dot org at this hour it racked up more than 15100. Signature is. That is our question of the day you could at any mood gee what would it be. Baby yeah Oda. Tell us what you want in the comment sport we that's an ABC news lie. It could it be it a melodious up this important two year old somebody Matt stopped popular pop culture style. Step outside a like that. That you love hey Karen. The busy day ahead we'll tell you what to watch out. Four plus the big honor for suckers are making a pinot. But activist. But to watch our for today Democrats are planning to introduce at least two articles of impeachment this morning. Expected to focus on abuse of power and obstruction after a laid out their case an explosive house hearing. While live coverage at 9 o'clock Easter. President Travis scheduled to meet with Russian foreign minister surrogates. Lavrov just a day after the Justice Department's internal watchdog found that the F that was justified in opening its investigation. In ten times between Russia and the charm campaign. After the meeting president trample had to Hershey Pennsylvania but campaign rally meanwhile Democrats running for president are on the campaign trail senator Elizabeth wore form former vice president Joseph Biden senator Bernie Sanders are set to hold events and Nevada. Their former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg will be in Madrid Spain to speak at the United Nations climate conference. Plus don't forget to tune in to the scene very brief before an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a break down. The latest headlines in politics. Finally from us this morning in high school. They are Pino was voted most likely to be famous now the captain of the World Cup champion US men's soccer team in Sports Illustrated. For person of 2019. Were Pino is only the fourth woman to receive the. Honor on her own at 66 year that comes at the end of the year where she and her teammates won their second straight title. Battle the US soccer federation for that day you know herself at a social media fight with president truck. She it is the splits the person. Sports per cent. Of the year won't. Served as well you know she that World Cup catapulted them and she's using her platform for the issues that she cares about and to hope. We make a difference and inspire others to do so so. She is Tommy semis is Tony Collins. In the past a couple of days. Lot about sports. Think that it now here's the real B sound real. Now I am yet either credible women and flatly I'll have this incredible warm here as well thank you fill in effort and Norman who's back tomorrow but it's great to have you here they Brennan yeah a lot of fine here on this morning America. It thank you for everything as awesome and hopefully LC as soon you will I had anything to do it. Our job Avago or we'll see you tomorrow.

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