It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019

President Trump in London for NATO summit amid impeachment probe, Prince Andrew under scrutiny and more.
32:28 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019
Every Monday morning I'm RC Gonzales and uncover all here of the top five things to know this Tuesday number one the House Intelligence Committee is releasing its impeachment report to the public today. It comes at the impeachment investigation shifts to the Judiciary Committee. President trump is in London for a NATO summit where he criticized Democrats for moving forward with the impeachment process while he's overseas. He's holding a bilateral meeting with the president of France who is under fire for questioning NATO's future. At number 2 classes resume this morning at a high school near Milwaukee were student was shot by police officer Monday. The seventeen year old sparked chaos at the school when police say he removed a handgun from his waist band. And wounded and officers he's now in the hospital in stable condition that suspects classmate first alerted police about the weapon his mother says she's not surprised that he spoke up. He saw a kid playing with it now I guess in his backpack and something. And decide well now it's dangerous Simon. Sap this from happening did not surprise that he was the one that got out of class and reported this the right he's in very much a hero rate now. And I'm very proud. On another high school in the same town was also locked down Monday because the student who reportedly had a gun. A fake weapon was later found. I'm number three former president Jimmy Carter is back in the hospital just weeks after undergoing brain surgery he's now been admitted for treatment of a urinary tract infection Carter is 95. He's been hospitalized several times in recent months he was released last week after surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Never for a consumer alert from the FBI this morning about the risk of owning a Smart TV the FBI says hackers can use your TV to change channels send your kids inappropriate videos. Or cyber stalk your home. Agents recommend learning what features are on your TV and how to control them and come up with your own unique passwords. And make sure you know how to disable microphones and cameras the FBI recommends placing teens put over your TV camera line finally number five the word of the year Says. It is ex to stand shall. The company chose the words saying it captures a sense of grappling with the survival of our planet. Our loved ones and our ways of life in a year that's all multiple crisis. Or Felix instantly watch hocker in the deep question. A very good Tuesday morning to everybody we are filling in for today's Kenneth we've brought in help from time zones away Marci Gonzales. We saw that I was on the coffee and said we need to bring out big guns. Yes the head has the head here someone to babysit a yeah I suspect that's great double b.s from RC will make sure that you did. That extra pay bump guess I'm just. Sure I was short track though it is always a pleasure CEO gets support in wit yeah wonderful format to a great start. What we do you have a lot of news to get to and we're gonna begin with big story we are going to get to that Big Sur now president trump embarking on a two day visit to London in honor of the seventieth anniversary of NATO else. The president's continuing to call on members of the alliance to pay their fair share as he prepares to sit down with the leaders of America's closest allies. And despite a busy schedule he's also keeping a close eye on the impeachment inquiry ABC's Karen Travers has more from one. And jam packed 48 hours in London for president trump. Highlights on his schedule includes meetings with German chancellor on little Merkel and French president and then number crime. A lavish reception for all NATO leaders at bucking ham palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth. But trump signaling he'll still be paying attention to the impeachment proceedings back in Washington Monday morning he took issue with the House Judiciary Committee scheduling a hearing while he's overseas. This gathering of NATO leaders was meant to be a celebration and event to mark the seventieth anniversary of the military alliance. And showcase its strength. Like previous NATO gatherings there is tension among leaders but this time it's not just president trump disrupting the agenda. French president Lecrone sparked fierce backlash when he questioned the future of NATO diagnosing it with what he declared to be its quote brain death. And Turkey has angered NATO leaders with is recent military operation in northern Syria. For a three year as president trump his push for NATO countries to step up their contributions to the alliance. So keep up that message here in London. Administration officials say president trump this year will take credit for more NATO countries hitting their commitment on defense spending. Administration officials say on this issue president trump has been spectacularly. Successful. Trevor Marcy. Our thanks to Karen Travers in London following the president there and meanwhile the impeachment investigation. Is taking another turn in Washington. House Democrats are expected to release their impeachment report to the public today looking to show that the president abused his office but Republicans. Our standing firmly behind the president drawing up a pre emptive report claiming trump did nothing wrong. -- Democrat Tara joins us now with developments from Washington and as good morning what's going on. Good morning Trevor and Marcy after weeks of public hearings today the House Intelligence Committee plans to vote on releasing its official impeachment report. Laying out democrats' case that the president abused his power when he pressured the leader Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. As president time kicks off NATO meetings in London back in Washington the impeachment inquiry is moving full steam ahead. Trump accusing Democrats of trying to embarrass him by pushing forward while he's abroad. The House Intelligence Committee plans to release its official impeachment report today. Which the Judiciary Committee could decide to use as the basis for drafting articles of impeachment that's house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff appearing on MSNBC. This is a very important point which is. The evidence on Ukraine is overwhelming but the evidence on obstruction of congress is also overwhelming. That document expected to lay out the evidence that in democrats' view trump abused his power when he withheld vital US military aid from Ukraine to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. Republicans releasing their own official response. Arguing in a report. That trump should not be impeached as there is no evidence his actions were done specifically to benefit the twenty to when he election Republicans also described the evidence presented by Democrats as hearsay presumption and speculation. Ukraine's presidents now criticizing the decision to withhold that aide telling time magazine that there was no quid pro quell but that. Quote were at a war if you're our strategic partner and you can't go blocking anything for us. And now be judiciary the House Judiciary Committee will be taking up the inquiry holding its first impeachment hearing on Wednesday. The president and his lawyers have decided not to participate Trevor and Marcy. I think I think he'll in other news a former FBI lawyer repeatedly attacked by president trump. Has broken her silence. Lisa page became a frequent target following the disclosure of text messages she exchanged with FBI agent Peter struck disparaging trump during the 2016 campaign. Page and struck were involved in an extramarital affair which president trump seized on. Page told the Daily Beast being mocked by the president is sickening like being punched in the gut she insists her views about trump did not affect her work. That term campaign has banned at Bloomberg News reporters from attending its rallies and events and then Republican National Committee is doing the same. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg entered the race for the White House last week Bloomberg News said it will not pursue any in depth investigations of Bloomberg or his democratic rivals. But the policy does not apply to president trump. And the front campaign has called that decision by. The first gun rights case before the Supreme Court in nearly a decade turned to a debate over whether it. There's still a case at all as activists on both sides of the issue gathered outside the justice is appeared. Narrowly divided while questioning if the challenge should be dismissed. At issue is in New York City law that banned gun owners from transporting their guns outside city limits. The restriction was rescinded last year but pro gun groups want the court to expand Second Amendment protection. California congressman Duncan Hunter is expected to change his plea today and admit to the misuse of campaign funds the Republican had insisted those charges against in his wife. We're part of a political witch hunts. The couple are accused of spending more than 250000. Dollars in campaign money for personal expenses including golf outings and family vacations. Hunter's wife has already accepted a plea deal that called for her to testify against her husband. Hunter says he is prepared to go to jail all he has not said when he will step down. Chicago's top cop has been fired from the force just a few weeks before his scheduled retirement should probably or Lori -- announced she had terminated police superintendent Eddie Johnson for what she called a series of ethical lapses. Johnson's firing followed like puts review of an inspector general's report about an incident in October in which Johnson was found unconscious in his SUV Johnson had claimed he had taken his blood pressure medication in had a few drinks with dinner. Lightfoot said Johnson repeatedly lied about what happened that night but she declined to offer details out of deference to Johnson's him. To bush fires are burning out of control near Sydney Australia the smoke from the fires. Choking this city can seat up there to smoke so thick it is obscuring views of landmarks like the Sydney Opera House in the Harbour Bridge. One of the fires is now threatening homes on Sydney's west side. A Shirley is wildfires this year destroyed more than 500 homes and two and a half million acres also really impacting the cause. Really beautiful area in the Cyber Monday was a record setting blockbuster for US retailers analysts are estimating shoppers spent a record. Nine point two billion dollars on line that is about 17% increase over last year. Which is already the most online sales in a single day after. Sales made using a Smartphones accounted for more than three billion dollars that's also a new record. And have no fear because more big discounts are on the way. If you miss Cyber Monday do not panic. They're going to be more deals coming through the next big day that everyone's going to be shopping is super Saturday that's the day before Chris mess. People are gonna see another wave of deals coming for help. With us. Saturday before Christmas is December 21 analysts said the busiest out were of Cyber Monday. With 11 PM to midnight eastern time it sounds like people kind of forgot it was Cyber Monday at the very last second popped up line. A during that hour an estimated eleven million dollars movie was being spent. And read minutes at the bun are just lying in. She'll because he thinks thinks you have to get all those deals on Black Friday you get all these emails saying this is your file warning him. They're about to and she got kidding and gotten nicer men day and every ill via baggage. The ticking clock to. The 11 PM because its like got to do it and are deals that expire at midnight and afterwards Clark panics by size everything yet and who could. Certainly not or hearing about how one teenager's act of bravery saved the life of an elderly. Eighteen year old Deborah Shaw says he was visiting his grandmother in Spanish fort Alabama when he saw flames shooting from her neighbor's home. I had the flu so from the screen due to eat and why do so but time I got doused the economy is made to legacy here today is very. He was calm I was I used to be and a youth he heard me so it's gonna keep the dough down. Well that 83 year old man was sleeping at a time. Respectful young teen quick action still calls and mr. Billy to ailing right right. That's good kidney absolutely are coming upbeat character taking the Internet by storm white baby yoga. This is the gift that keeps. John given plus the Latin artist who was raking in more money than Keith Urban more money than. Catching up was romance sentence him. Welcome back we turn now to the fall out after a bombshell interview with prince Andrew's accuser of Virginia Roberts you free insist Jeffrey Epstein directed her to have sex with Andrew when she was seventeen. And this morning she slamming a difference for denying the accusations claiming he's making ridiculous excuses. In her first TV interview with British media Virginia Roberts Jew free is taking on prints in for only one of us telling the truth. And I know that's me Jew free says in court filings that she was directed by Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with the prince when she was seventeen. Prince Andrew denied that claim during his controversial recent interview when he discussed his friendship with Epstein a convicted sex offender who investigators say he killed himself. While awaiting trial for sex trafficking that you are staying at the house has convicted sex and it was a convenient place to stay. In an interview with the BBC recorded before prince Andrews interview Jew free describes dancing with the prince the night of this now infamous photo. He is the most hideous stance there. I've ever seen in my life. I think it is horrible and as I was sweating all over me that claim flatly denied by the prints this is slide program with with the with with with the stressing. Because. Have a Q did many of position which is about that sweat. Like didn't slit at the time Jew free is also blasting critics who claim the photo of them together was faked. I think the world is getting sick of these ridiculous excuses. It's a real photo I've given its the FBI for their investigation. And it's an authentic photo is did you date on the back of it from an analyst. Content. This morning Buckingham Palace has not commented on Hugh freeze interview as many say the prince should remain out of the spotlight. Tool that prince Andrew's keen to do an interview in order to respond to claims fitness Geoffrey makes. That would be a very bad decision given how reluctant he ranks I think everyone's in agreement that she TD gave animal in skis that needs to be to no enforcement authorities. Buckingham Palace says the prince regrets his association with Jeffrey Epstein and denies any form of sexual contact or relationship which you free. The prince could face subpoenas if he returns to the US. Joining us now for more on this is foreign correspondent Julie McFarland across the pond in the legend bureau. Julia good morning how are people there in England reacting to this inner deal. Right so yeah prince hundreds troubles gritty on gang away remember it was. Just David two weeks ago that he gave and dot pressed into deeds and we've made less of BBC news tonight. And the widespread for a lot from that and today it's kind of as a result to. A lot of the claims he made him not when he seemed to holding a lot of water and accusations that he was not remorseful of his friendship with Jeffrey abstain. And he had not any was for the women that I'm that many of them Gaza the time. All of you who are victims of Jeffrey app stings crimes at the time. And I have to set what's the documentary last night. Ands and the way they added it was very very jarring the way they went into incredibly deep tell attest and may not just from Virginia Roberts to fray but also. Two other women if you are bringing cases against Jeffrey Epstein five women and tea till. Have cost of four pence on due to testify. And another rat and revelation about that why there are subpoenas join up but when depends on June. If he ever gaze to the U last but it I have to say it was very jarring to see. Testimony from these women spliced in with pence on news and to be with Newsnight remember some of the things he said and that entity saying that he did not regret. His friendship with Jeffrey Epstein because it he provided useful contacts a hand. I'm not a single wide over what's what for theirs goes now I do you say Buckingham Palace has since. Released a statement off that and he's saying that he unequivocally regretted his entire friendship. With Jeffrey Epstein now we land some new things in this film a loss let me lands and UD tells from the Jannero bits she. The reiterated claims that she is an Adelson against Kim and Maxwell prince Andrew's friends that the British socialite to day to Jeffrey Epstein. Look some women are accusing half of being a kind of mountain and an A blamed a lot. On Jeffrey Epstein crimes she is under investigation and the US but she maintains that she. Was not involved in any of his crimes and she did not witness any wrongdoing against any of those goes and that the claims against Prince Andrew. Often falls but some ready in just staying the new. On that documentary which I just gonna provide more of a headache. For the palace and the presence of these subpoenas are also incredibly problematic we now find us of the situation whether queen's second son. Is effectively unable to travel TVU west. In case he doesn't want it because he wouldn't want to give it was deposition old and he has said that he is happy. But to comply with any law enforcement agencies. This thing just keeps the schooling and schooling that's moving yes so much every every single turn you know what we got you Juliette. We know that you got it we are very plugged in and in a global sense of a common thing we're talking about in the United States and as a man I would imagine you're also talking about an England is. Expanding technology vs privacy and government overreach and want to talk about China's new requirement that new mobile phone users. Half to submit a facial scan in China says it is her protect citizens' interest and rights in cyberspace and protect against fraud but. Obviously there's a lot of critics to this and what's what of the so some of the concerns and what are people saying. Right so this is a new regulation that China hasn't begun to and force today that. You all knew may above Fey needs a self venues as have to submit. A facial sky and now the Chinese authorities say this since two combatants pages of security. Sigh before though these kinds of things. But critics say that this is an increasing and creeping pot of China's authoritarian at the surveillance system. So many interest staying. It. A found that 80% of faces facial recognition suspects that they. Had lied and I should tend not to be innocent so a lot of people as saying that this technology. It's new but it is largely untested and is not a huge amount. Evidence to suggest that it helps to fight crime. But a lot of some civil liberty come pain is raising the on issues with us. And of course this is also having the same time about this class action lawsuit against the apple take talk. Is gang on and California and you guys know that huge and wildly successful. App that's gotten more than half a billion years as wild wide their claims that it didn't send information. Back into the Chinese it's and that is a fan that is based in Beijing and the slow fade this lawsuit filed in California last week claims. That take talk creek clandestinely in vacuums up. And tries but to sevens in China Boston quantities. Of private and pests we identifiable. Use a data. Certainly not first time John has been accused of stepping on civil liberties definitely. I'm Julie McFarland always a pleasure to see you have good Tuesday over their banks bank Boris let's check notifications now we're gonna start with the new Star Wars celebrity baby. You know down the infant alien as a character in the Disney plus series the man to Laurie and beat Kyoto is speaking in social media by storm according to axe is he's getting nearly twice as many social media interactions. As at any of the two honey to honey democratic presidential. Candidates are now there's still no word on who or what baby you know today is the man Delorean takes place years after EO does death. Theories range from it being the jet I masters Ausprey into another character of the same species. What ever know Larry is people love karaoke tracks you purchase answer here is no doubt about it. A crazy teleconference now that's ever not to let that on the news it'll quite awhile next up. Let's show you what seven year old Chandler Moore says he is the lucky if boy ever so he's gonna get knocked off his surfboard here. But he did his loses balance he got knocked up by a shark this happened off new Smyrna beach in Florida Chandler says you realize life fell off until. And his dad reviewed that video. And still even now knowing that it was a shark that did as Chandler says he's got no concerns he's gonna keep surfing. Brave dude that's that kind of thing that would keep me out of the water with the references characters' fear. If there absolutely was speaking of sharks check out this Y Hilton video of a woman floating with a sea of sharks in the Maldives. This nurse sharks they tend to be harmless to humans is on vacation and the resort where she was staying. Offer snorkeling with sharks as a tourist to get to the next level people this day apparently to sell whole Lotta sharks. In the shallow illusions deadly atom and his birth yet no interest in the snorkeling it would appear from the belt just to get that float on. I mean that I can really I wonder if a lot Eric. Right to look at the wrong way like relaxing and then later they relate you know as a bunch of sharks and to start historically didn't the end of get their legitimate until racket. I mean taken now. Or Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now over and while we're adding up what we spent this week. So be calling their accountants or may be paying them that this is it. Like this bald eagle near Norfolk Virginia. News happening we wanted instant service the bird flew right into this windows is that an H&R block office. And it hurts right after the walk ins welcome sign perhaps waiting for a tax advisor the opposite is closed. After you see it took off so doesn't appear to be heard things like. Still RI juncture. If it was able to secure equality tax returns but were retained the ability to fly. To give videos that you thought it was stuffed in a right why would you think that's Carl day yeah why would there be involved legal authority to block we may not be familiar with a Latin artist who's heating up charts and selling out stadiums but. You soon will be. His name liberal male Santos he was born in the Bronx and now he is a global brands ABC's Stephanie Ramos shows that's how his career exploded and. 60000. Fans packed into one stadium. Here for one of the biggest names in music. Okay. He may not be on your platelets puts on those is an American pop. This group declined to the music industry. Only convenient Spanish. To do everything you wanted to sing in English or you knew that hey I mean saying in Spanish I knew from day one that. You know my child I was when that house and definitely. Me sing it this man. The 38 year old one of the highest paid musicians of twenty he's making more money than Keith Urban and fellow leninist musician Jay look. Each concert and star studded event tonight bringing one of his biggest fans on seats. Car TV. Something that they a stadium that's a B. Do you donate thousands of their lives stadium mean Glendale Lil. Elevated the event cried we did bee can't we Nagy and. Editorial and artists are increasingly collaborating across cultures like that money intrigue the young. And heated seats and as soon as happy down deep. He's worked with stars like usher here is support was trendy and instead. Brings English language artist continued p.'s John Brown. When you're talking about remit Santos. We're talking about probably one of the ten best singers. Working in all American pop right now. Ultimately revolutionize and modernizing the genre of the chopped up by turning to listen heritage. It's just Donald music originating from the Dominican Republic most of the lyrics deeply romantic and astrology. The Dominican community in New York. Really embrace but jot always. And what happened in early two thousands is some young people decided they wanted to update the music. Some close together with his cousin and friends formed a band called Alvin Buddha and brought eat fresh urban appeal to the genre. After a decade of worldwide success some launched a solo career. At this time in an era where Latin music is more popular than EM or country music. Right here in the US. In 2019. Moving into the 2020s when the seamlessly as social media crossing over to an outdated concept. According to Spotify their big a Latino playlist. Is growing five times faster than any other plea listen their top 1000 he's sold out Madison square garden and Yankee Stadium twice. Joining the ranks of Madonna and sir Paul McCartney. And now MetLife stadium one of the largest stadiums in the country. I think I'm. Very reluctant to have so many fans that loved me and support me and specialty Nall has to so many years I've been doing this for nearly twenty years. And for those of you wondering whether you're late to the Romeo some post and club falling out of their own rooms. It is now learning from your movements for Nightline I'm Stephanie Ramos. And enhance enhance. Only. You fan it's. Right yeah well I feel like a hearing that more and more just when you over the radio of the Spanish language being used right that's and it's Johnnie it's the fact that it's bigger than country Latin music is bigger than country music in England states right now or never guess that. And there are all of these collaborations in the seems he's behind a lot of you view of these songs that we probably heard of give us maybe didn't make excellent that's due this says cell. Interesting to learn a little bit water. About and as a TrailBlazer kudos to our favorite seven rounds on that report coming up. We're gonna tell you what to watch out for on this Tuesday. Plus like today may be the best data book like eight or hotels for accurate and planning. After that's. Here's what to watch out for today president. Trump is in London for the NATO summit where he's scheduled to meet with French president Emanuel met Kwan and Canadian prime minister Geoff. Trudeau before having tea with her child abductions male then it's off to a reception for NATO leaders hosted by the queen and Buckingham Palace. And another reception at Downing Street hosted by prime minister Boris Johnson. Meanwhile in the impeachment probe house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff says his panel's report will be released today. Shifted not let on toe when an impeachment vote might take place but said quote. This is a threat to the integrity of the upcoming election and we don't feel that it should wait to. Democrats running for president are on the campaign trail while former vice president Joseph Biden makes his big push in Iowa on his no Malarkey bus tour. They are he put it gets heads down south to round tables and South Carolina and Montgomery Alabama. Former mayor Mike Bloomberg also in the south participating in a criminal justice reform roundtable in Jackson's. Zippy and senator Amy Klobuchar congresswoman Kolzig Aberdeen Andrew Yang attend events. Cyber Monday is over which means Thanksgiving Tuesday the day aims to put the focus back on charities after a long weekend of shopping for bargains. Today every living courage to give in any way possible to charitable organizations. People can donate money timers to share information about a charity. The holiday was started in two when he twelve. And it's also traveled Tuesday today's expected to be the biggest volume day for airfare hotel discounts in the post Thanksgiving period. Delta and emirates are among the companies offering deals experts say if you're shopping today. You should set a budget each set up price alerts patients search flight Neil blogs and sites. Let's don't forget to tune in to the debrief for an update on all of our top stories. And a briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. And we also get to our question of the day it is giving Tuesday we're gonna focus on more than travel Tuesday we wanna know. What are some charities that are close to your heart that you want people to donate to maybe this is your opportunity to spread the word we love to hear. He'd have anything specific Marcy anything gear your heart. You know others now comes up because I feel like I'm one of those people who could use this information you're looking for something good to do especially after a few days of sure spending way too much money on gifts and may bill that on the cell and sometimes just don't know yet where is a good direction to go with the charitable donations yeah. There's a lot of people that are in need and a lot of different places for the people confinement Madera community one I would recommend if you are looking for something specific. Isn't it's a site called donors choose which is people who are in need of donations. Again. Lists on the site and you can filtered by state and your home towns like I'm from Toledo Ohio. I can go to Toledo and like teachers we'll say. I would like to do this science project path funds for so I need 500 dollars and you can donate specifically to that day. So I've got an apple like you can. Not all charities good charity. I that he hate you again if I give them a hundred dollars to the Red Cross which is great B you don't really see the immediate impact. Which adopted did diminished out there I've read that your writing where you can't library you can say like this is a very specific cost and only needs this amount of money and I can see that direct impact it might make a classroom it's very that's also what's called donors choose. And I would recommend that on the skating Tuesday but I'm sure there's many more out there we'd love to hear from you players are. Question of the Gayssot Ellison comments or tweet us at these. And you command and your good deed about it I don't care. And if I'm Jason giving Tampa Bay. My part I will if you are booking a flight to College Station, Texas because. We are focusing on the travel deals today as well you might want to stop and see the news statue of the George H. W. Bush library. So what otters sol Lee be dog that served as the president's former service animal in the last years before president life. The life size bronze statue portrays that yellow Labrador Retriever holding his leash in his mouth the sculptor says she just always remember that picture of the lab in morning lying quietly below the coffin. But the man he serves a powerful image. But this year that nice to see that. The jump will be honored in a special way earned yeah pressure absolutely that doesn't perhaps we help everybody has agreed Tuesday thanks for tuning in there is plenty of news. We'll have recovered all day on ABC ABC news live penalty that here I'll have a didn't everyone.

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