It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020

Trump impeachment trial set to begin, arrest in “pillowcase rapist” cold case, no violence at Virginia gun rights rally and more.
25:28 | 01/21/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020
Graham. I'm Kimberly rents here that top bad things and noticed Tuesday. Number one the stage is set for a contentious battle over the ground rules in the historic impeachment trial Republicans have unveiled a plan for a speedy trial senate majority leader Mitch McConnell wants to get house impeachment managers 24 hours over two days to make their case against president drop. The president's attorneys will get equal time for spot but the Senate's top Democrat slammed the proposal saying he backs will be delivered. In the middle of the night number two they Iowa Caucuses are less than two weeks away and a new poll finds former vice president Joseph Biden leading the pack. The Biden could gain even more ground because three of his rivals senators Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar are being forced to return to Washington for the senate impeachment trial. On to number three anger is growing in Puerto Rico over management of emergency aid. Hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the governor's mansion demanding Wanda baskets resign as follows discovery of a government warehouse full of supplies. I was supposed to go to earthquake victims. Huskies have fired three officials and asked the Department of Justice to investigate. We had to California for number four where officials are forced to close down a popular park. After a Mountain Lion attacked the little boy the big cat grabbed the three year old by the neck as he was walking with his family luckily he was able to escape with only minor injuries after his quick thinking father through his backpack. At the cat. The good dominant tree with a bag still its teeth and outline had to be euthanized though because it was considered a public safety threat. And finally number five a lesson for drivers don't leave your car windows open during a blizzard but this woman Newfoundland. Canada case. She could barely get inside her car after the storm and that snow won't mean melting anytime soon but temperatures in the single digits. I get a hair dryer than the towel. Work it out. We are backyard as one America freshman MLK holiday we'd have Kimberly Brooks here you know let's get right to that big story the impeachment showdown on Capitol Hill lawmakers are set to battle each other. Over the ground rules as president trumps the sort trial ships into gear today. The top Republican in the senate unveiled the rules for the trial overnight giving each side 24 hours over two days to make their case. The Democrats claim Republicans are trying to rush the trial to avoid witnesses. And very fax ABC's Elizabeth her has a new. Kimberly can't good morning yes all along Republicans have made it very clear they want this trial to be over very quickly and now we know if this trial wraps without any witness testimonies. It is possible this is all over some time. Next week. I head of the historic impeachment showdown Democrats blasting Republican. Senator McConnell resolution. Is a national disgrace Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and slamming the majority leader Mitch McConnell proposed resolution. Which give the two sides to teach each 24 hours in all to make their opening argument. Then there will be sixteen hours of questions from senators after adapt the debate over the issue of witnesses it's clear. McConnell is hell bent on making it much more difficult to get witnesses and documents. And intent on rushing the trial through. This as president Trump's lawyers argue in their 110. PH briefed. The process has violated every precedent and every principle of fairness. With one of the president's lawyers Alan Dershowitz cleaning the articles of impeachment do not rise to the levels up high crimes and misdemeanors. As the constitution. Requires that the articles of impeachment to noncriminal. Actions. But Dershowitz himself said the exact opposite 21 years ago during the Clinton impeachment. Certainly doesn't have to be a crime if you have somebody who completely corrupts the office of president. And I this what's Dershowitz on CNN half I like it's going into this contradiction at. So are now done the Reese no I wasn't wrong what I I had I have a more sophisticated. Basis for my argument now having read. Justice. A Curtis is opinion and other opinion. As of this afternoon Chief Justice John Roberts won't gavel in the trial and that's when those proposed rules will be laid out which again Democrats say they will fight they say. To get a fair trial. Ken I think Kimberly. I read Elizabeth thank you ABC news will bring you live coverage of today's impeachment proceedings beginning around 12:30 PM. Eastern time. A lot more news to get to this morning coming up oddly Osborne speaks out and it ABC news exclusive. Police saying about is held in the rumors swirling after he was forced to cancel it for. Right after this. And welcome back we've been up all night watching the latest news here's a look at some of the stories Newman tracking on world news now in America this morning. The new lawsuit has been has been filed against Jeffrey apps seeing and one of the let's co conspirators and her civil suit an unnamed plaintiff claims she was abused by Epstein of the young teenager. It also alleges that the lane Maxwell regularly facilitated at scenes abuse in most frequently present when it occurred. The suit also claims asking allegedly raped the plane up on multiple occasions in three states we turn now the Florida and a major break in a cold case dating back to the nineteen. Eighties act and the so called pillowcase rapists with terrorizing women up and down the coast and now police have arrested a retired cable worker. Nearly four decades after a serial rapists terrorize South Florida. Police say they found their man kimono he just. The wrong the wrong. This morning's six year old Robert Koehler is behind bars accused of being the person behind the pillowcase and a string of Cole case assaults the so called old case freight best beginner spree in 1981. Attacking 45 women in just five years the pattern went undetected until investigative reporter noticed the similarities and notified investigators. His MO was to target young professional women including nurses teachers and students. He would sneak in through an unlocked door or window he's a pillowcase recovering tipster has faced. Hold them at knife point and tie them up during the attacks. In one case he allegedly returned to the scene of the crime weeks later. Before leaving a detective wrote an obscene message on his victims mere. That only appear once steam from her shower made it visible. Only one of its victims ever caught a glimpse of her attacker. And finally gave police a face to look for still it would take another thirty years were four officers descended on this for a neighborhood in Palm Bay. Arresting Koehler who is a registered sex offender for an on related assault neighbors were stunned. He knew that he had a little bit of a checkered past who had. No I do. Mean we may at times a day before it anything I know I heard. Pop pop pop pop pop did after Minnesota's several times that she's very live issues it's just been turned himself won't because they'll Estes. My baby's life is we'll never be this thing. The girl was shot siding needed to surgeries she's now in stable condition and indeed tell them the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of music superstar print the singer died of an accidental fentanyl overdose and went sixteen relatives sued a doctor. And an Illinois hospital among others claiming sub standard care. Contributed to his death. Reports say the suit was quietly dismissed in recent months suggesting puts his relatives. Reached a settlement. The car crashing may have ended the career of a well known basketball player Chandler Parsons of the Atlanta Hawks. Has reportedly suffered a traumatic brain injury and a three car crash with an alleged drunk driver his lawyers say parson severed permanent damage and a herniated disc. The injuries could force him to retire. After the fall we begin with Ozzy Osborne speaking out about his recent health struggles. When he nineteen was a rough year for him during an exclusive interview with Robin Roberts. He called it the most miserable year of his life one with sports that hateful attacks for African. Fell in his bathroom in October. Any theft we feel we're. Coverage. On Phelan. Pledges fell. And landed. Soak up storm on the fuel our of our line of thinking. While the right now really well Michelle and me numbers. Little. Veteran it calling from a working class background. Hi to let people I hate you know do my job. And so when asked him awhile go to my kids go. And early afternoon 200. How would play. That gets me down because of common contribute tomorrow. On this year's Martin Luther King Jr. day. First for an African American US navy has honored sailor Doris dory Miller may mean an aircraft carrier after him. Miller served as a ship's cook during the attack on Pearl Harbor stepping up to help the wounded. Then taking control of an anti aircraft machine gun despite the fact Jim Crow laws in the country banned him from carrying a weapon. Miller died in battle just two years later. As gestures of service and charity. Both big and small played out across the nation a group of elementary school students in Houston did their part to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was an oratory competition in this year's topic what would doctor king's vision be for America in 20/20. Here's what they had to say. We must go. Bad review doctor kings of Jordan are all old mainly carbon. He definitely Chang and did not indicate. That hasn't. And I know where. Democrat friends blog written it kidney. To justice everywhere. And now you will collect the actor's. Big isn't he cannot its worst. Asked doctor and not yet don't do anything. Without this. Disagree and well. I don't beneath that doctor asking what happened imagine that it would be that cut into Wendell twenty. Without letting political party divided as an eight. Don't think in America. What. Of that all men and we. Have to kings didn't meet. And Rick did get. Green beans yeah. Kathy of farming doesn't do it one at a time then yeah and it's time Atlanta anytime there is only one race. The human regs. And that's what it's. This thing we don't need him and some great nation. And that is our question of the day how do you mark. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day out how did you market. For me I think every time this holiday comes around I think it's important to sort of re read the letter from the Birmingham jail and other very profound piece of work so I loved that the I have a dream speech his opposite they'll go to for a lot of people in for good reason as well when you hear. The children talk about Immelt case dream that Agassi they are remembering him. It is incredible so tell us what you think in the comments between us that ABC's live when and how you mark this day and also how did you make it a day on not a day off. Coming up the got rights rally in Virginia. Thousands of heavily armed activists descend on the State Capitol after the governor declared a state of emergency for the gathering were largely peaceful take you there. After this. Stay there and welcome back at least four people and now died from that new corona virus in China. But many Chinese traveling for the Lunar New Year holiday other countries are worried they may soon see the disease let's go across upon now to our foreign correspondent Julie McFarland. In the London bureau for more good morning Julia. Monday cannon morning Kimberly Yasser just quickly we are expecting a press conference with the Centers for Disease Control. At some point today what also going to be expecting the World Health Organization to be meeting tomorrow. In Switzerland engine neighbor remember what leaders. Already in Switzerland for the Davos economic summit at the name and not as you say the latest is that at least four people have now died. From this virus are now the more than 200 cases. All of this suspected across major cities in China including Beijing. And Shanghai at least fifteen medical stuff in China how contracted the virus but based importantly in May significantly I think the maven is on the Chinese authorities have confirmed that they have cases of human to human transmission now. Not is significant because once the virus is able to spread that way and not just from. It diseased or infected animals to humans the biggest from human to human thought means that the virus is able to spread far more rock than they remember with. Is such increased. Ability and traveled there are fears that it could be a threat more possibly an international. Health issue. That is summing up the World Health Organization enemy looking in today gonna decide whether to declare this a pub and international public health threat. And what measures should be taken now on not a number of international ports. Have stepped up screening we've got screening of bus stopping in Hong Kong and Singapore but that has now they pins. Australia Taiwan Japan a role a screening on the ports of entry and in the U west. And late New York. Ands. San Francisco have started screaming at that apple it's not another story I want to bring of course you that when looking at here on Mitt the foreign desk. The men and is hundreds of Central American migrants. A rod amendment stranded just outside the southern Mexican border with gloss Somaliland now hundreds of people. How public mesa them out from under us. Now that being blocked from crossing into Mexico is the front lines. A barrage of hundreds of Mexican national gods they hopeful that the buyer had to keep them out. Hello these migrants a stranded in an area and it looks like there is no humanitarian aid that's going to be arriving to help not any time soon that's a difference between. That did lines a car bonds previously around twenty AT. And I lost yet now what's happened recently. Is that the US meg scared they reached a deal lost yet on a tougher controls on immigration. Remember. Prison term threatened to slap met Kerry with input tax import tariffs. If it did not step up its efforts against illegal immigration guys. All right our thanks to Julia but fallen there in London. I cared home return Virginia braced for violence during a gun rights rally but it ended peacefully an estimated 22000 people were there. Those who enter the State Capitol grounds were unarmed but many activists who stayed outside the designated rally zone were heavily armed. Who are protesting plans from Virginia's democratic political leaders to pass new gun control legislation. ABC's Victor O can do was there. Lenox hill tonight. They Yorvit teens slowed over there shall be smooth. These protesters see your ear to look like for the future of their country and save lives. Mean it's obvious it's our god given right that herself her family America right. It was great. Only this blessed. Point in the gut to beat sweeping the country. Virginia tight security ahead of a protest defending the Second Amendment. As is under assault their bodies rally comes in response to three new gun control bills governor Ralph black face north and downplaying democrats' plans to strip people. Of their Second Amendment right. More than 20000 go to rights advocates descended on Richmond today for reasons to be a small annual event a state of emergency declared. The crowd protesting the State's efforts to overhaul the loss at Virginia goes set at the rest of the nation doesn't believe. The rally just got under way in officer told me they expected about 101000 people here inside on the capitol grounds but I'll bet on the streets. There are thousands more. Last week in Virginia Beach a gunman entered a municipal building and killed twelve people sparking a ring you conversation around gun control. There's good start political shift Democrats don't control the legislature in the governorship proposed sweeping gun control legislation. Requiring background checks and all firearms sales. Handgun purchases at one Vermont and local governments their weapons from certain locations. Resident trump tweeting today that Democrats are working orgy take away your Second Amendment Rights this is just the beginning. Virginia currently has some of the weakest gun laws in the nation according to the different law center at. People showing up right here since a message to govern northern Democrats and our rights shall not be infringed these infringements on constitutional. So we'll John Smollins is important. Big Geary family of six drove 100 miles to be here today. It's. Is that why you wanted to bring them out here would be today to show them an example the order for them here early this hack. Writes I wasn't. Six year old Charlie just beginning to understand the lessons his father's teaching them from families to close and customer invoking the founding fathers. There are imported you bring with him that this travels Luke told crop poll puts it more in sixty years old this grapple with the problem thirty years ago. An affront. Forty years ago necessarily. Why is that a problem today. Today's protest was peaceful but that's not what authorities were expecting. Last week governor Rell north them imposed a temporary weapons ban on the designated protest area around the capitol building. We are seeing threats of violence. We're seeing threats of armed. Confrontation. And assault. On our capital. But really goers still more arms to me. Pouring out into the surrounding streets. What a joint appearance today. I think it's important. I carry all the time anyways not it is nearly air fifteen but. You know this is ended that is rightly deemed as having all women should learn Chinese environment carry with them. On a regular basis. It's great feeling a protection. Throughout the Croat was a smattering of various fringe groups. You're asking what that panel means there's word one that says RW DS. I'll Kodak. It stands for right wing death squad and expression the anti defamation league says he's used by some on the extremist right. Don't need. Today's heightened security came in the wake of the arrest of seven suspected members of a fringe white supremacist group. Colbert beats last week. The base as a group that despises minorities com and immigrants and will use violence to bring about what it sees as overthrown the United States government. And everything that the US stance for right now in Maryland authorities say three suspected members of the base were planning to attend a Richmond rally. With hopes of starting a racial war. In Georgia the FBI says these three men. Allegedly had plans to overthrow the government. While planning an attack on members of the left wing group NT book. And in Wisconsin federal charges have been brought against a suspected member of the base for his alleged role vandalizing a cynic. We have to be very careful not to tore legitimate Second Amendment protesters with the same Russia's what's happened since we have advocates for. For the Second Amendment that have nothing to do whatsoever and that's that though. Overwhelming majority of today's protests broke with its the painful memories of another Virginia gathering. Will not really good. I'm. Charlottesville word two dozen seventeen. White supremacist and other far right groups held one of their largest gathering stated decade. Don't wait skirmishes killed a counter protestor had earlier. Injuring dozens more. Blunt force and officials hasty. Criticism through many called the passive response. I think post Charlottesville. A lot of people in this country that were quite surprised at the sheer magnitude and numbers. Individuals and groups who came out support. The night the right rally and I think there's a constant fear percolating just below the surface. Of everyday Americans that we're just around the corner from another incidence. Like Charlottesville where you nervous at all coming out here today given that there is a fear that there might be some white supremacist groups. They don't know they'll one they don't bother me too I'm not afraid. Congress might act god like guns boom yet. My goodness I got god dude you really was overwhelmingly Blake. Debby Perkins believes that the plea for gun rights crosses racial lines and your against these new gun restriction. And now against. But we'll do this view that's liberal you had black whom he had Jim Crow these are all laws that were implemented to keep black from defending themselves he Conway. A few steps away inside the capitol this member of the bullet let's Letterman thing feels very differently so lists the threat. Gun violence today from the armed militias out there I'd rather call them terrorists because that's what they are to mean. It definitely is giving me like a lot of flashbacks today to star also because als landing on his counter protesters in Charlottesville. New poll you Zulu is part of the student led group marched for our lines formed in the wake of the Portland shooting. She and other students can't doubt in the Richmond capitol building overnight to lobby for gun control the other side is afraid and they young president turning and is an attorney. Not just for Virginia politics but nationwide what was your main goal then in coming here and spending and at a government office. For all the legislation to see that young people are here week here. And we are not apathetic when it comes to these issues and its revenues you like you know these are you constituencies and people that here. These aren't people are showing up in our voices should be heard and taken seriously. I. Voices from inside the kill little. This debate corporate villains in the right to bear Owens has moved as the country itself. For Nightline and the two will conduct in Richmond Virginia. Our thanks a Victor there. And finally here's what to watch our for today's historic impeachment showdown kicks into high gear with a fight over ground rules Democrats are crying foul up. Over the plan that will push a vote on possible witnesses well into next week stay with ABC news has the historic impeachment trial unfolds. While live team covers streaming right here on ABC's live up against today at 12:30 PM eastern. And meanwhile president traumas in Davos Switzerland for the World Economic Forum where is scheduled to meet with the president of the European Commission the president of Switzerland in the prime minister of Pakistan before attending. A dinner with CEOs from around the world. Well that is it from us on this Tuesday morning we hope you have a great day again our coverage of the impeachment trial. It's 1230 right Iraqis slot thanks for joining us.

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