It's Morning, America: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

President Donald Trump tweets that ICE soon will remove millions of immigrants, Dallas gun battle ends with shooter's death, high tension with Iran and more.
20:54 | 06/18/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
They're more am gonna vote. And Jane earlier the top I think heads Tuesday number one new details about that gun battle outside federal courthouse in Dallas police say a man armed with an assault rifle 150 rounds of ammunition and opened fire before being killed by police they have not revealed a motive records show the 32 year old recently served in the army ABC station WFAA reports. Usually served with say he was unable to pass the army's physical training test making him unemployable meanwhile the news. Photographer who snapped this close up of the shooter says he took cover in the corner of the building with bullets flying past them. I'm afraid that the shooter did walk past them. Number two president trump is preparing to officially kick off his reelection campaign tonight in Orlando but first. He's firing off from tweets about immigration crackdown the president says next week immigration officials will begin the process. Removing millions of illegal immigrants from the US quote as fast as they come man. He now says Mexico is during a good job of stopping migrants before they reached the US and he announced Guatemala is close to signing an agreement battle for. A fire migrants to seek asylum there first. More life in the black. Thought to number three the US is sending 1000 more troops in the Middle East amid rising tensions with Iran the Pentagon released new video claiming it chose members of Iran's Revolutionary Guards removing a mind from one of the oil tankers that came under attack from the gulf of Oman and Iran denies that was responsible for the attacks for the country is now threatening to violate the twentieth team nuclear deal we head to North Carolina for a number four in the ABC news exclusive with a teenager who survived a shark attack. Its front page winter lost a leg and fingers in the attack off the coast of north dry she sat down with Robin Roberts to discuss her injuries. And a moment of the attack. I was aware from the beginning not think it's gonna keep this in the country and. So you said you never really lost consciousness you were you kind of knew what was going on Republican of Mayan body into shock. So I could really feel anything I just knew it was fat. HS she yelled to her father Charlie who isn't a firefighter and paramedic he jumped into the water and punched. Shark bringing. And probably number five blame evolution the next time you melt when your dog gives you that look scientists have determined docks have to help them muscle that helps them raise their eyebrows. The look we spend more childlike and triggers a nurturing response in humans researchers say those expressive eyebrows calls puppy dog eyes increase view legion of human like communication call it. Every little Indian with new details about that got about off by the federal courthouse in Dallas police say a man armed with an assault rifle and 150 rounds of ammunition opened fired overnight. We learn more about its background. We're also here for the first time in dramatic detail from the news photographer who snapped this up close picture of the gunman just as the violence was unfolding. Chaos outside this courthouse in Dallas. Police say a masked gunmen opened fire on building sending people running for their lives may be two in fifteen shots solid column this rapid. People just thought running out of the building there's like lamb lamb lamb wants this those are gunshots. Lynn brown a lawyer who was getting ready for work heard the gunshots. And saw the shooter running down the street at one point he. Aimed at a woman walking a dog. And I'm. She was able to get behind the cardinal in our Sar couple's security guys you met him at the gunfight with federal officers raged outside the building Tom Fox a photographer with the Dallas morning news captured this chilling image of the gunman. Welcome to on the sly walk think and I have to get I gotta get out of harm's way he's come in this way. They wanna be shot in the back and so I just ducked in the first alcove. In this video fox is seen taking cover in the corner of the building just feet from the suspect with bullet. Find asked him a description corn try to McMichael the smallest possible. And just prayed to prove that he didn't walk past me. After escaping fox started shooting video. The clip posted on YouTube by the Dallas morning news shows him running for safety as police shoot and killed the suspect. Authorities found his car nearby in carried out a controlled explosion as a precaution this morning to suspect is identified as 22 year old Brian Clyde Clyde served in the army for a year and a half from 2015 to Tony seventeen. ABC station WFAA reports people he served with say Clyde was unable to pass the army's physical training test. Making him und employable also according to WFAA on his now deactivated FaceBook account. Clyde made multiple references to the military. And appears to be obsessed with guns a picture posted just two days ago before the shooting shows nearly a dozen rifle magazines. No else was hurt in the shooting police have not revealed a possible motive. Meanwhile police in Toronto are searching for a motive after gunfire erupted during the victory parade for the NBA champion raptors thousands of people ran from the scene of four people were wounded and three suspects were arrested the celebrations MC interrupted a speech when the shots rang out. Make sure everybody sees on right now OK police state. The we're dealing I'm getting information that we're dealing with the situation that's not far from here this is serious. One woman was or poorly trampled in the crowd an estimated one and a half million people attended that Parikh. Wager there rising tensions in the Middle East pushing the US and Iran closer to confrontation more American troops are now heading to the region after the Pentagon released new video claiming it proves a Ronald responsible for the recent attacks on oil tankers. And now Ron is making a new threat which the US calls nuclear blackmail ABC's Monaco's are happy has more from Washington. When he Mona. Good morning Hannah good morning genetic both sides know that security in the region is necessary to protect their interests but with the US and Iran refusing to back down. A cloud of uncertainty looms over the Middle East. Overnight the US releasing these new images of the tanker attack in the gulf of Vermont. Officials say this time from a different angle the pictures show the Iranian Revolutionary Guards removing an unexploded mines. From one of the tankers the military also accusing Iran of attempting issue down a drone monitoring the attack. The international community and our allies a step back to condemn this behavior Iran has denied all US allegations. On CNN the Islamic Republic's ambassador to the UK had a stark warning for officials in Washington and not under estimate or rainy and determination. Unfortunately the or heading towards a confrontation. She's very serious for everybody in the region and on Monday the US knew Ron inching closer to that conflict. As to her Ron announced in ten days it will violate the joint 2015 nuclear deal. By exceeding the limits on nuclear fuel the White House responding by demanding Iran comply with the Obama arid deal. The president trump withdrew from we continue to call on the Iranian regime not to obtain a nuclear I think we should not yield. Two nuclear extortion by the Iranian regime on the same day the Pentagon announced it will send 1000 additional US forces to the Middle East. For quote defensive purposes acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. Adding the US does not seek conflict with Iran. And today Kenneth secretary of state Mike Pompeo also reiterated that president trump does not when a go to war but we heard. The Iranian ambassadors but say that he believes that the US and Iran. Are reaching towards a confrontation. All right Mona think you. Chinese president xi Luo ping is just days away from his first state visits North Korea is such meet with Kim Jung and Thursday and Friday that trip coinciding with the seventieth anniversary of diplomatic ties. Between the two countries. The visit comes a week before president trop and she are supposed to meet at the G-20 summit in Japan and as US nuclear talks with Kim remained stalled. China is sitting behind the leader of Hong Kong even as protests there continue protesters are gamble locking rose although much fewer than the two million people who protest sit on Sunday. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam was trying to pass a law that would allow people on the territory to be extradited to China for trial. The demonstrators want the bill killed and for a lamp to quit lamb says she won't revive work on the bill last. It can be done well. As a ring court has released some key decision justices confirmed that federalists and state governments can each prosecutor defendant for the same crime they're 72 ruling says that's not the same. As trying to person twice for the same crime. The Virginia case they ruled that Republicans do not have the legal right to challenge how districts were drawn up. Republican to call that racial gerrymandered gerrymandering favorable to Democrats. And the Supreme Court throughout our rolling I guess bakers who refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple claimed a religious grounds its. The justices instructed a lower court to take another look at the case. New video shows the moments leading up to that controversial encounter between police officers and a family in Phoenix. Police released redacted surveillance video that appears to show four year old walking out of a dollar store with the ball. No one had pay for an unnamed woman was also seen with several items and her hands before throwing them into the air and leaving. Minutes later officers with the guns drawn surrounded the car of the girl's parents and threatened to shoot them. And they did not follow orders for Avon aims NI Asia harper claim it all happened because but all of their daughter took by accident. I Steve. Thank you may you live in light that we sent to grab the dog let's go now we came through these these game and we and that. In like to see normal routine. Blair police chief apologized but the family says no one has reached out to them directly they're suing the city. Customers at customs inspectors foiled a plot to smuggle 100000. Dollars worth of goods into the US and it wasn't frogs. 34. Guy on us songbirds hidden inside prosecutor rollers. And a man's carry on bag the fringes were found during a random search at JFK airport. Coming up a viral life pack that could make cooking a lot he's here we'll try it out after this. Welcome back still officially. Washington DC's major industries government followed by tourism and then reporting on the government. But there's also a strong underground economy and the spying it was he's bright Nokia's more brat. And as yet you know Washington DC is less than seventy square miles well. Spies. Do you think it could inside would you believe 101000. That was the estimate of the International Spy Museum years ago and Wallace a tough number to ballpark experts say the number of spies in the nation's capital. He's increased sharply over the last couple years. JJ green as the national security reporter for ABC affiliate WT OP radio in Washington Ani says this recent spy surge it's no coincidence. For many many months now the thing that I've heard is. There's certain countries that are ramping up the number of spies they have in Washington. And the reason for it is because Willis an interest in time in Washington they sensed there is an opportunity to learn some things they sense that this may be. An opportunity to take advantage of some vulnerabilities. Now did you says these are not allspice from the show the Americans right some of passing on gossip some are passing on business secrets others might not even know that there working for a foreign government. But you guys if that 101000 number is anywhere close to accurate that means on a given day in DC. There were 140. Spies per square my. A lot more on this and start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts Richard podcasting out to make NF yes don't paranoid yacht. Just a little bit Brad not to the former Egyptian president Mohammad Morrissey who died yesterday after he collapsed. During a court hearing more she was a country's first democratically elected president before he was ousted by the military and Twain thirteen. It is he's really MacFarlane is across the pond hill London bureau keeping an eye and that investigation Juliet good morning. Mourning today mourning Kenneth yes that's right Egypt's fast democratically elected president Mohamed Morrissey. It collapsed whilst. In courts. And he subsequently didn't sees me subsequently. Died his lawyers said that he is buried in Easton Kyra with his family present. Not bought rights groups. And his and the Muslim Brotherhood the group that he lives. Allies of the knows about that they're calling for an investigation and those of brotherhood has called this an assassination. Now what C has been detained since 2003. He was toppled. He has remained tunic to buy the Omnia yen oft his inauguration. And he's been detained since then on various charges. On leading to you now out loads as a brother has. On inciting riots against the opposition. And what's what's really sort of interest thing about this has got the public prosecutor said that there has been no evidence of a previous injuries but his Tommy said that he was held in. Isolation and he was denied access to a lawyer he had high blood pressure and diabetes another had any health calf. I definitely had a lot of health issues there. I'm do it moving to New Zealand I'm managements and it's a 21 months and for them or shall live stream of the mosque attacks their remarks so what's his connection to the attacks. So it this month so that ops he has been sentenced for sharing that lifestyle he's been dubbed the 21 months. Met Z did judge the district judge said that he held. On repentant and used towards the Muslim community now what happened was he shed a video online shortly off to dot. Horrific terror attack that killed 51 people that mosque she's saying. And he shed that are asking. People to help him seen from pays Crocs has Hyundai kill count. Now this man has been and to have expressed it very racist used what's Muslims and the cost he has also he left a seven pig's head. Outside the mosque web the shooting took place back in 2016. He pleaded guilty. In the hearing. But. You know it's it's sort of Shays how the Muslim community. You know they must be sort of giving. Completely under siege with the with abuse like this being expressed on with such a horrific terror attack is someone to share video saying new source of things. Most exacerbate the pain but things are about to be 21 months not long enough of that when they do it before really go we have to ask about the life stream from the Pakistani government. Cap filter. Now I wanna stop by but it means have pick fun at this guy's name but he's cold. Schaub capped due south side. He is a Pakistani politician and Imran Khan's Ponte and he is giving a press conference. But it was quite unusual one it was spoke to that as he was speaking. It seems to have some listings of left. A filter on which Seagram based cat is on him and of course this took off. On say still media. Some two two weeks by people what saying according to KB governments are to meet its and we now have a capped. In the cabinet. Not a commentator saying dots sound cut his upside looks kinda cute. Now he had hit loft off. They cut military incentives you know it's just it's just a mistake and should be taken say seriously. But look for it. Adam al-Qaeda and that we definitely can't take that seriously and her team is images Julia my friend thank you so much we appreciated. Thanks guys for us check our notification and concerning whether life tactic going viral on Twitter user posts in this British or to quote tricked or quickly gogel. Cloves of garlic we tried this we need to Vanilla gone yeah 'cause. I would try this earlier this morning. We can really get it I was thinking like half of the cloves of garlic with the lead time apparently he should try this suite does let us know posting comments I've hello I'm have a little snow I'm still intrigue I went yeah try that. And your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man made an appearance cleaning up their roof of the home. During a downpour a Powell's would you be dressed during. Marvel the rate is owned by our parent company that I'm he's getting the job done. He has and they daisies that your daughter Blue Ivy slew they ate at her dance recital in LA what else would you expect and. In this videotape Mike T ends the bloody busted out some moves her mom's songs. That remake of before I let go at the Debbie Allen dance academy's annual spring concert and ask. It seems she totally felt that bush issue in the group like out of the Hamas. Right we're out here heard that right mom. My guys go to down here live it. Awesome and frolic to The Backstreet Boys bring in New Yorkers together until they writer reported this video saying that a guy was walking through the highest servlet. Obviously you're. And in the magic happens he and harmful and dangerous persons. Of Backstreet boy is. One of them around me. Paying nothing. It though not quite a lot of a lot of people for others there like it jaws shut out the right let me Debbie downers for a moment here. Look at the Debbi been a downer but that's our question of the day. Obviously this video is great but it indicate a blast in the public transportation no it's not at Bethel united threw down there and he here New York subway that in DC bad time around as not okay. Let's they'll tell us what you think in the comments or tweet us at ABC news lively because the Kate but then that your reasoning. And in that nature in Iran a subway car with us. Coming up the tenure of non driver who conquered the most famous rock formation in the world. How she did it and heard cries for anyone trying to achieve big things after this. Beers and watch our port today president trump is expected to launch its bid for reelection at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida. It will be joined by personally wanted prompt them vice president Mike Pence. Sever Cisco's board of supervisors will consider banning the sale of FDA's complete a public health reviewed the proposals aimed at curbing youth facing. But critics say the ban would make it more difficult for adults to you see six to help them. Quit smoking FaceBook reportedly will reveal details about its crypto currency today about the digital monetary system. Techcrunch reports FaceBook will call its crypto currency lever up. FaceBook may ease its offer low or no payment. No fee payments and money tree. House Republicans will hold a press conference urging speaker Nancy Pelosi to address the humanitarian crisis. From the southern border plus don't forget to turn into the deeply for an update on all our stories out of the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. This morning worrying about the incredible bravery of a ten year old girl from Colorado the young rock climber has just accomplish something that no one her age has ever done before our friend will gains has the story. It's. Still a Schneider's ten years old and she's on top of the world. Literally just yeah I did that the youngest person ever to scale all captured ten mountain in Yosemite. All 3000. Feet of the nose route which only took sale of five days to scale is one of the most challenging vertical rock formations in the world back in the fifties it was considered un climb Opel. But not for four foot two sailor who reached the peak about capped with her dad and his friend the previous record for youngest climber was held by an eleven year old boy. So held sailor do it. I. Ring. Like that it I let it. Sailors whole family thinks climbing rocks. Her dad and mom met and fell in love climbing el cap fifteen years ago and now they're oldest child of four making history and at same spot. If you're wondering how a ten year old celebrates setting a record of one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. A pizza party of course. They were says she hopes are historic climb will inspire other kids to get off their phones to get active. So good for her we allow data about their get out and I'm absolutely. Fresh air it's always agree to crichton's. Right. Attitude you watch this show yesterday at Virginia got me right now because we're done. What exactly Natalie get out we'll have a good hour.

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