It's Morning, America: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Trump meets with UK PM Theresa May days before she steps down, Congress to investigate big tech companies and more.
20:31 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Good morning I'm Hillary fattening or repair the top I think snow this Tuesday number one president trumps state visit to the UK he's meeting today with outgoing prime minister to reason may after basking in the company of British royalty. On his state visit to the UK including. An elegant state dinner hosted by the queen today he's expected to face a larger protests across London. He's also expected to get some fierce push back from British or specials when it comes to trade policy with China and Iran nuclear deal. Number two the house has approved a nineteen billion dollar disaster relief package that money or hot Puerto Rico and other areas of the US hit by hurricanes floods and wildfires. President trump praised the passage of the bill even though it did not include money he won it or border security. He treated great now wolf get it done in the senate. In response Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said quote president trump your clearly confuse the senate passed the bill two weeks ago. Hopefully after blocking it for so long you're not too confused to sign. Number three now the historic flooding in the heartland the state of Arkansas is losing an estimated twenty million dollars per day because of the flooding. And they're bracing for even more rain. Vice president tangible tore the damage in neighboring Oklahoma today that flooded Missouri River forced the closure of these highways and Iowa more levees failure for possible. And farmers are struggling complaining party is at the slowest pace in recent history. Number four the chipotle restaurant chain chain says the proposed tariffs on Mexican goods could force it. To raise prices president provost threatening to impose a 5% penalty starting in a week the tariffs would increase if Mexico fails to do more to stop migrants from flowing into the wax to. Tripoli imports op condos and other pro. From Mexico and a finally number five the street. They spoke jeopardy James lost last night on his 33 game of jeopardy. He had held with nearly 2.5 million dollars in prize money though. That's nearly a record. So who beat out her name is ever that church she's a librarian who is a big fan of the show. It keeps track cover sports and the notebook she was an English major and her undergraduate thesis was on Shakespeare's so. Maybe it was meant to be when the final jeopardy category one Shakespeare's time. Meant to be and street. Jefferson king of. Jeopardy James his run. Is and. It's tragic. Says you know but all good things. Must come out and Andy apple gets all that a little bit later but yeah the first we'll get to today's big story president trump. And his state visit to UK he's meeting today with the prime minister after getting showered with royal hospitality. The president capped off the day it pageantry side by side with queen at a lavish state banquet in his honor but today. Protesters are vowing to turn out in large numbers ABC's Julian McFarland has the latest from London good morning Julie. Good morning well good morning today yes yesterday so it got us a day of president Thomas. State visit to the UK with a full roster of current events at Buckingham pal until culminating and not grand opulent state banquet why he gave a taste of the queen. I'm the queen has a very wool was to say about that British American relationship but today it's all about business. Present job is currently meeting with treason and bilateral talks. At number ten Downing Street that's the brits buzz in all of the White House it's not enough this morning with a business roundtable web business allegations have been site. Disgust self and business and paid for the that coveted trade deal that the brits I'm reading reading keen to gets an up because of course they withdrawing from the EU and they need America and president from. More than I have. Later on in the day look at how the press conference where at present from entries in May and against all three statements on how the drugs guns they've and things that they discussed. And then some all events of resident companies gonna get a two that's still wore league's they've on underground rooms underneath the cabinet office. What's that killed in a lot of his war gaming during the Second World War chest and of course. That's what's so big nation to present from. And then the evening is gains and went and then the US and passes residents. Prince Charles and Camilla will be tasting. The full gang to that final final evening the pool gate of Portsmouth tomorrow for the days the day celebrations will bring you all the rest. Today well. Our thanks to Julia and we'll bring you that joint press conference at present trump and prime minister Teresa may rate Karen ABC news live. In just a little but it. The House Judiciary Committee plans to hold a hearing on the mall or report next Monday featuring John Dean. President Nixon's former white house council Democrats are still hoping to bring Robert Mueller in to testify but given his resistance. They're turning to legal experts and former US attorneys to examine the findings of the Russian investigation laid out in the Muller reports. There are disturbing new details in the disappearance of a Connecticut mother of five warrants show the police believe Jennifer do Los was assaulted at her strange husband's home. Items soaked in her blood were found in local trash cans phonies you loosen his girlfriend face evidence related. Charges he's being how about a half million dollar bond if she paid hers and was released. Not it would data breach affecting one of the biggest blood testing labs in the country. Quest Diagnostics confirms the personal information of nearly twelve million patients. May have been exposed qwest says one of its bill collection vendors was targeted and hackers had access to that company's system for more than seven months. Potentially compromising credit card numbers bank accounts and medical information. And a math teacher in Colorado has given a real lifeline to one of his student. This is a good story seventh grader Damien is a Foster child. And he's also a need of a kidney transplant how ever his volatile living situation meant he wasn't eligible for a new one. So as math teacher been landing stepped up that he's in the process of adopting Damien to get the thirteen year old a new chance at life. Over the course of the years. I ended up in Foster homes it because of my medical homes when you're living in the hospital you're not able to be on the transplant list because. Folks who don't have stable housing are considered high risk for their organs to not work. While now Damien is at the top of the transplant list bikini actually became available last week but it turned out it was damaged. But it go fun me account has been set up to cover the surgery when it happens and we are pulling for these two. Great people. Absolutely humanity act completely this teacher amazing that he stepped up to. And a process to adopt the students well it seems as if from nowhere is safe from the springs extreme weather. Long Island man was struck by lightning just 35 miles east of here could've been you are major negative 29 year old. Was standing on his front porch during the founders. I'll tell you what will it could not have been meet this guy said he wanted a better view of this storm. And he got it luckily that lightning strike was not to direct hit. I saw it hit the tree that I turned fast enough to where it hit me in the shoulder and it literally picked me up and threw me against the house. We would collapse right here. And you know it's ridiculous as the news was when police throwing myself but the door to get somebody's attention. The man was treated. At a local hospital and released and then. Immediately bought two lottery tickets can't let me if you're getting his start violating he'll probably let a lot of and that's I guess so yeah I mean I know enough to get struck by lighting again right because doesn't strike twice Seattle. New DNA evidence could prove. That the lock nest monster is real. We had no doubts that researchers have examined genetic material found in Scott actually they say if Nancy is real. It would've left some DNA and likenesses current creatures the scientists are testing a number of theories about the elusive monster. Including that it's at dinosaur that survived extinction 66. Million years ago they're already calling some of the results surprised at. I have my doubts. Coming up at. They historic antitrust probe. It's targeting big tech. FaceBook Google Amazon and more are under scrutiny we'll have details. After this. Welcome back stocks in major tech companies like FaceBook and Google are down this morning after word out lawmakers in Washington are launching a sweeping and historic anti trust investigation. The big question aren't these big tech companies to big. Also what can be done in Howell it affects all of us who use their products ABC Serena Marshall is taking a closer look Serena good morning. Today good morning now both Republicans and Democrats are backing this house proclaimed rare moment of bipartisanship in this comes the tram administration launches an investigation of their around. Big jag phasing big scrutiny and Washington. House announcing a sweeping antitrust probe with FaceBook Google Amazon and apple in the cross hairs. Speaker Pelosi tweeting unwarranted concentrated economic power in the hands of view is dangers to democracy. The era of self regulation is over. The house judiciary promising a top to bottom review that could lead to a major overhaul of antitrust regulations. Many of those laws written before Silicon Valley as we know it's even existed. The screw or any not just from congress but Democrats running for president. And the president himself. In the past he's accused the companies without evidence of suppressing voices. So I think that Google and Twitter and FaceBook. They're really treading on very very troubled territory. And questioned if it's an antitrust situation. Senator Elizabeth Warren putting up this billboard encouraging voters to get behind her effort to break up big attack. But you don't get to be the umpire. And have a teen gang up but not everyone backs and they do it but I don't think that a president. Should be running around pointing a company since it breaking them up without any kind of process here. House investigation has the Wall Street Journal reports the Justice Department and the FTC is gearing up for an antitrust investigation of their around. Examining Google's internal practices and search rankings. And address cases though can taking years to settle the investigation into Microsoft lasting for a decade. Well the nineteenth and he's case and AT&T lasted around eight years so there's a good chances will go far beyond a 22 money presidential elections and name well and we will be watching Serena thank you. Now get a check out our notification starting lancet this unwelcome visitor at a picnic in Florida. A couple wanted to have this romantic getaway before war. That boyfriend headed off to the Marines but alligator showed up a whole block of cheese horrible guacamole. And then just went on his way past his route and very real how how it happened there in. Teenager. Who was dumped. Just before prom which is tough that's that's off. Here is shut on social media for help and look who answered the call here Steelers wide receiver GG Smith Shuster they rocked. Matching talks have ruled that the war velvet some other material and familiar with sound then it's very well and clearly this kid was the star of the prominent journal have a new date if he wants one in a backpack. But then it's up. This street proposal at Georgia man popped the question is girlfriend. Underwater. If you're looking for the top way to lose their ring during a proposal. This is blood and they couldn't didn't happen they he didn't and that's barely a kiss on rent and she street tanks. They did very very accessible treasure chest like that it's too bad that they couldn't kiss underwater. Speaking of kissing him. Officials are warning people in Austria. Not to kiss cows I didn't know that as a warning that needed to yet shootings. That there's this Internet challenge that's going viral. Else. That looks like the type of person who would. Kiss a cal I'm sorry that's not appropriate. I think you know what I I do have to say it look at it at Dayton now I see video like this are calling it. But it guides you drink milk I do during cows milk is that really any words. I. And he. To go refill my carreras. And seven eat win that cup of milk this morning graduation party was left confused after they cut indicate. A desire from. Is frosted everything Wal-Mart says they're sorry and they're offering them how many cake but she is saying no thank you. How remove what it why Abu. Article and that it was like astronaut ice cream connect kinda looks crazy like styrofoam that is a really. Minimal effort done by that yes. The whoever you know made that feet cake shame. Yeah so let's get similar adrenaline flowing now here this morning wake up. But let's wrap this. Between our fingers as we cover our eyes in terror night Steve. On that narrow wears his heart and yeah. He is twisty. Mr. Kirby it of course. We live only got underneath it is still aggressive. So let's go to fire and fireworks yeah yeah right out there young parents. Out I'm very excited. The video. An old world. We have guests in the coming up it's the spy killed jeopardy for James Wells they'll take a look at his historic run and the woman who finally took it down. After this. Welcome back a high school senior in Texas thinks he's solved a problem plaguing football he's created a helmet that may change the weight concussions are detected. Here's Matt when dark from our station in Corpus Christi. Adrian our meal was supposed to fail he says his upbringing didn't set him up for success. Bouncing around Foster home since he was ten years old. I'm not always had the Tommy support and the circle everyone else around me seems to have. Usually it. The students I see that are in has situation and being dropouts yet here he is graduating early at seventeen years old. I was told that I would not. Even see the age of fifteen. I've been told that how would be locked up for the rest of my life. Adrian started playing football for king high school. But dozens of hard hits later he developed pediatric epilepsy his football career. It was over this is a family from me this is like basically everything out there isn't about when those quality had. As loses taken away from me. His neurologist told him that condition likely developed from an undetected concussion. So he decided to agree this. A helmet with the ability to alert up later that he or she may have a head injury. I've modified my prototype. To Wear it once it's hit with a bout 85 to nine g.s of force the people exposed. With the help of teachers like Tammy latter. All of the EO took his prototype to the Intel international science and engineering fair. Very proud of him and just. Really surprised and taken aback the kid I met last year would not have. Thought globally so I see great things for him because he has that drive. In the fall Adrian will be a freshman at Texas Tech University with planes to become an anesthesiologist. Or working on the helmet. And inspiring others to overcome adversity. Bob pushing through that perseverance that storms are only temporary metal and art history news. Outlets are. Here's what's watch out for today vice president hence hence Oklahoma today to visit flood damage from the Arkansas River. River is slowly pressing and major flooding is expected to do within a few weeks. On Capitol Hill the house civil rights and civil liberties subcommittee holds a hearing on the federal response. To confront white supremacy that will examine the efforts of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. To combat white supremacist extremist violence. And a rally will commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the Tiananmen square massacre when the Chinese military crackdown on student protesters. Firing into the crowds and running people over would vehicles China censors all references to the instant on line. Even references as big as may 35. Or MOG's of a tank next to a man or deleted. From China's domestic Internet. Don't forget to tune into the debris for an update our top stories and the briefing room breakdown. The latest have life in politics. It was the final final jeopardy urging schools are. After more than six weeks worth of shows that winning streak is over but the man they call jeopardy James has more than 2.4 million reasons to be happy. We are joined by ABC's will dance with a look at the street. I don't have 2.4 million reasons to be happy that the right trio. The yet Ken Jennings. Can rest easy this morning because his record is safe Jeffrey James. Finally losing after 32 games he's held its historic run came to an and you do the show was gonna run out of money or jeopardy James was going to lose. Last night we got our answer this 27 year old librarian just defeated James holds Allard and his 32 game winning streak who is Emma Boettcher. Lucky charms yes. And in a while James going in the final jeopardy a few thousand dollars behind Spencer category Shakespeare's time probing them for Jane's. It was not to be. James is answer regret. But his wager not enough to take down Emma who wrote her thesis at Princeton about Shakespeare's plays. James walking away from the show with no all time winningest record. For an. 58000 dollars behind Ken Jennings James tweeting to and you win this round but it jeopardy ever gets me 432 chance games look out. But James did walk away with 2462260. Dollars. That's an average of 77000. Per game answering correctly 97% of the time holding the top fifteen to anybody. James congratulating you champ Angel with a high five wishing her well sweeting congratulations to am on a world beating performance. There's no greater honor than knowing an opponent had to play a perfect game to defeat the same ending his jeopardy run win this sentimental moment. Get well card from his daughter host Alex to back that that was very sweeter. One more reason to remember deputy James and his historic run on the show. For that entire last episode all three contestants only missed one question total between the three of them. And don't worry if your big fan of deputy James will be back for the next edition of Japanese tournament of champions so we'll get to seem duke. This group of attacked oh Atlanta exactly yeah. Believe that he was so close to the record. Then and didn't make it. He was a machine but I guess all machines malfunction at some point yes I mean that lastly Terry was so small. Yeah conspiracy you're gonna have a field day with this solidarity aren't yet just hot on Twitter. There and there today and but it brings our question of the day. How hard do you think at mobile -- how many games you think she'll land how much money I mean could this go on for another six weeks on. It's really mind she needs to come up of their signature we. We know we don't quite a good a good name for Emma. She's got out went Morgan bird friend Emma they are an annual there is and that's real. I had to use your answer at ABC news live or close in the comments animals he just what you have to say about that precedent. Have a good. Splendor.

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