It's Morning, America: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Democrats issue deadline for full Mueller report release, Stormy Daniels' ex-lawyer charged with extortion and more.
25:58 | 03/26/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Good morning I'm Kenneth moon I'm Stephanie Ramos you're the top I think it's known best to stay number one. Democrats on Capitol Hill are fighting to get their hands on Bob are smallest full report president trump and his allies say he's been vindicated because the special counsel found no coordination of conspiracy between Russia. And the tramp campaign after repeatedly calling the investigation a witch hunt. The president now says Mueller acted on the relate. But he's taking aim at those who started the investigation. House Democrats want to know why Mueller made no determination on obstruction of justice. They sent a letter to attorney general William are asking to see Muller's report in its entirety by next week. Number two the truck administration sends the entire Affordable Care Act. Is illegal and should be struck down in court that's dramatic shift from previous statements when the Justice Department argued only part of obamacare it was illegal. Opening statements supports a Texas ruling which struck down a law and is now being appealed. Critics call the Justice Department's new position strictly political and legally on feasible legal battle line we head to the Supreme Court. On to number three the attorney who represented. Porn star stormy Daniels and lawsuits against president from has been arrested for allegedly trying. To sit down Nike federal prosecutors in New York saint Michael have an idea attempted to extort more than twenty million dollars from ninety. Threatening to release damaging information about the sportswear company. Other Nadia is also facing separate charges in California where he's accused of embezzling a client's money we have to Boston for number four with a college admissions bribery scandal is expanding. The federal government is now reportedly getting involved with eight of the nation's top universities under new scrutiny. Over there and use of federal fines and Education Department demanding documents detailing the school's admission procedures and marketing materials business the first wave of people implicated in the scandal faced the judge for the first time. But high profile suspects in the case with that he Hoffman. Laurie lock plant aren't expected in court until next week. And finally number five a growing number of colonials are opting to retire early thanks to a movement called buyer's short for financial independence to retire early. Stumbling meals are already clocking out for the last time those people who follow fire. Aim to save half of their take home income. By spending less and being picky about exactly where their money goes one all the fire movement may seem like an attractive option for some. Naysayers warn that without contributing to your 401K over time. Workers could be in big trouble later life. We've got so much more to talk about on this Tuesday coming your way it's morning America. I just say for the lady yells if you've got it if you save fit whatever works for you. Low income chai and com. There was some tips I think that are out there for everyone he's got to be sure you take what's for you. They make sure is best for you. Well absolutely and I knew it also depends on your air current income my case that if you're able to do it go for a one of the tips it was mentioned. Was that make sure you were. You know putting funds awaiting your 401K. See can be in a better possession later on in life. But heed that warning that obviously there could be some trouble on the back did. Especially if you depending I you're living in retirement so exactly interest thing you know what makes some outs one retire from Washington. The mullah reported every all the mess that's going on down there Washington. It's it after two years it's finally finally here but now we're onto a whole other chapter and it is our big story today the new battle on Capitol Hill in the aftermath of the Russia investigation Democrats want to know wise but a special counsel Robert Mueller did not reach a conclusion. Why do the president obstructed justice. And they've now issued a data line for the attorney Joseph general to hand over Muller's full report. ABC's Monad costar and he joins us with the latest and Mona you know the pressure is on to release the mullah report especially from Democrats. Now we I you mentioned that you set a deadline that deadline is April 2. One week from today they are demanding to see the full report now the only aspect that we've seen of the Muller reports since it. Came out this week are on Friday. Is that four page summary from attorney general William bar which left a lot of things up for interpretation particularly when it comes to the stance that he took. On the obstruction of justice investigation I want to read to you. The line that bar quoted from the Muller reported says while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime. It also does not exonerate and that. Is Muller's own words from the report that bar quoted. So as you see he didn't take a stance one way or another whether the president is can be. Accused of obstructing justice. But Bart took a step further he drew his own conclusions saying that he and deputy attorney general rob rose and Stein. Determine that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that a sense Democrats feel that. He overstepped his bounds and now there. Questioning his impartiality they say that you know he is trumps pick for attorney general and even before he was pointed to that position. He rode a nineteen page memo where he was highly critical of the obstruction investigation. While it was happening so right now I Democrats say that that's even more reasons heat up full report. And then moto we've heard from the president the last couple of years say there was no collusion between the Russians in his and his campaign. And now we're hearing him say it will no here it is there was no collusion and that he's been exonerated the Democrats are saying look I'm not so fast the special counsel did not exonerate him so what is a president now saying a bell the release of Muller's report. Well the president has for weeks even prior to the report being turned and has said that he doesn't mind at the full report is released. And again yesterday when asked about that he said it's up to attorney general will William Barr. And that he has no say but he wouldn't mind. At it was released but the president is not worrying about that what he's doing now is he feels vindicated by this report for years he's been saying that there was no collusion he's. Has stood by that and so now he has this report to support his claim and so what he's doing now is he's trying to turn the tables. And is even suggesting. An investigation into the investigation take a listen of what he said. About to those who were critical of him throughout this investigation. There are a lot of people out there that have done some very very evil things very bad things I would say treasonous things against our country. And hopefully. People that have done such harm. Through our country we've gone through a period of it really did things happen. Those people. We'll certainly be looked at I've been looking at them for a long time and I'm saying why haven't they been looked at they lied to congress. Many of them you know they. They've done so many evil things. I will tell you I love this country I love this country is much as I can love anything my family my country my god. But what they did. It was a false narratives it was it was a terrible thing. We can never let this happen to another president again I can tell you that I say it very strongly. Very few people I know could have handled it. We can never ever let this happen. To another president again. Now just to yesterday there was a house backed resolution two weeks ago. That god both democratic and Republican support to pressure the Justice Department's non binding so it doesn't require that a turning that general William Barr do anything but. It at least suggested and that there was going to be pressure from the house. That. That the Justice Department released the full report but he just yesterday when it was presented to senate majority leader in trump ally. Lindsey Graham RNC Mitch McConnell he ended up. Blocking and that resolution so. Here yet the president saying that he doesn't mind of the full report is released but a measure that would have been a non binding measure. But is symbolic to pressure the Justice Department to release up full report was blocked in the senate. That house vote actually forwarded twenty to zero so unanimous vote bear overwhelmingly by house Democrats and Republicans came together to say it needs to be released to the public so. Obviously they are Mitch McConnell not vowing to the pressure on Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill are gonna we appreciate your friend we've thank you for your inside and those details. Can we turn now to Michael of a knotty speaking speaking out now the lawyer who represented stormy Daniels and even hinted that. He wanted to run for president he's accused of trying to shutting down Nike for more than twenty million dollars in connection with the basketball scandal. And that's not the only charge he faces ABC's Donna Backus has more. This was an old fashioned shakedown. Michael Ivan Gotti facing federal charges including two counts of extortion in two counts of conspiracy to extort appearing in federal court in New York Abbott nodding not injuring a police. The judge releasing him on a 300000. Dollar bond he must also turn over both his US and Italian passports. I am highly confident. That went all of the evidence will. Just lay bare that I will be fully. Exonerated. And justice will be done federal prosecutors say the former attorney for adult film actress stormy Daniels tried to extort up to 25 million dollars from Nike. State of an ivy claimed to have a client a coach who had damaging information about Nike payments to high school basketball players in their families. And threatened to go public which Witten negatively affect Nike's market value. In one wiretap I have an idea allegedly worn Nike lawyers I'll go take ten billion dollars off your clients market cap I'm not expletive around. I'm a night he was arrested just fifteen minutes after this week threatening to disclose a basketball scandal perpetrated by Nike. And 3000 miles away in Los Angeles a different federal case against up or not he reveal. Prosecutors they're alleging have a night he stole one point six million dollars from a client's legal settlements. ABC news has learned that an unnamed co conspirator who was not arrested is celebrity attorney Mark Geragos if convicted in California Ivan nodding faces up to fifty years in prison. Nike says it's cooperating with the government's investigation into NCAA basket law. Don your back is ABC news Los Angeles. Now there are troubling you have on overnight from the investigation into those recent Boeing plane crashes according to the New York Times a flight simulation. Has revealed that the pilots on the doomed to lion air flight in Indonesia. Had fewer than forty seconds to override an automated system before going into a fatal nose dive investigators are focused seen. On that system as they try to determine what caused the crashes and both Indonesia and Ethiopia. And whether pilot training armed up automated system. Played a role. This morning the Pentagon has released video showing successful. New test of its missile interceptor system. It's a simulated ballistic missile that was shot out of the sky over the Pacific. The ground based system is designed to shoot down missiles fired from North Korea aren't so a lot worse step closer apparently to having a new birth control pill. For mad scientist in the USA saving experimental drug looks good base if they're still working on it researchers say it decreased sperm count without affecting the test subjects lapidus. Reported side effects included fatigue headaches and act but every man loves the year. If looks could be safe. It is. Ed Bryant get a kick some time but right out of the store just yet they are received a certificate about ten years they say it'll take for the saints went. That's that for now old fashioned way. The search continues for prize winning dog that went missing and the world's busiest error I thought of that behind her. There what are the nation's busiest airports this happened here. All this pot Gayle she's miss seeing if she's this Stafford Shire terriers and how she escaped from her kennel inside Atlanta's. Airport on Saturday her owner is back home of the Netherlands hoping for the best. Where eight hours and then. 8000 miles away. There are some sense of hope into the net and and powerlessness he cares there's nothing you can do it's horrific. What really. Luncheon and panel member for you don't and children the dog our children. Now that's topic apparently that I was traveling wet with some an escort with other people but workers. Some handlers exactly workers did see Gayle but couldn't capture officials say it's also she left the airport routes. The good news is she is microchips so hopefully they get our backs and Mets hope. Well coming up an escalation of new violence in the Middle East Israel striking back at Hamas targets in Gaza we'll have the latest. We come back. Welcome back let's go across the pond now to the London bureau where. Lot of hot sun joins us the biggest international news assists it's great to see. Obama I did you guys sorry. We're and a rover and Jensen that he went not available at Olympic know we are glad that have used their Brad that's that you my friend. So it's good to see you and you end here it's great to be hit thank you thanks for joining us we have so much talk about Lana yeah at. Israel where defense forces have hit back at targets in the at the Gaza Strip after a rocket attack early yesterday morning and mom. You know there's been decades of conflict there in that area and it's it's so troubling to seen these ringing the tax what's going to. Is exactly yes so quite significant developments overnight. The Israeli ministry endorsing dozens of ass strikes on Hamas targets in Gaza. The IDF the Israeli defense forces identifying. Some of those targets out of the offices of hamas' political leader is smile Henne. And hamas' military intelligence had court says. And as you said this of course is in retaliation and response to that market it's not the ace at the rocket there was noise from Gaza into. Central is Rell according significant damage. And injuring seven people now we're just under the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was meeting with president trump yesterday. House caught that trip short he is on his way home to deal with a situation. Now a two points that I'd like to make too symbolic points I think about the story number one. At is that the rockets at a being launched from Gaza into his role are reaching deeper. And further into the country and the second point that I'd like to make is that. Is well and Israel's defense system that is supposed to intercept these rockets did not so this is quite significant. And a story I think that we should all keep an island. And speaking of TV. An eye on I know there's a story that you got blown over there in the London bureau bright sit right fit. Breasts and I met hundreds seeing. Now when it comes through there's aluminum power grab and the UK parliament over Rex so help us make sense of at all. Oh my goodness what do I begin with us so Breck says I mean this the story that never ends and it's the kind of story that just when you think you understand what's going on. They had another twist to this breaks it wrote a Constance have ever Whitney. I will try to break it down so what happened yesterday which in which some people quoting a dramatic nice in the house of commons. Members of parliament and sort of wrestled controlled bank gaining back he cracks it's princess if you like. And voted to tinted. Two have a knob up. A vote tomorrow. On alternatives. To the prime minister's deal primus a Theresa may yesterday. Addressing the house of commons saying that she would not be putting. Fat fat meaningful votes. High deal. This week because she doesn't feel like she's got enough. Support from members of parliament so she says as things stand now she will not deepening of Ford's this week. We don't know what's gonna happen because of course this has unprecedented but guys the clock is ticking. Because Biden all on Friday this country unless anything changes before hand this country has to leave. By 11 PM out so no pressure Bryce and fractured spent Friday. Get ready okay yes see what happens on Friday Ari onto another story Lama some passengers. On a British airlines flight apparently there. They were planning to go to Germany but somehow ended up in Scotland teen tell us how that happens I mean can you believe this this is probably one of all favorite stories here. A at the news desk we were talking about a idea. So passengers on board a British and we're at ways flight that was leaving from. The city apple hit and London bound for dazzled the world in jamming EE. Our wives buying the state. And in Edinburgh Scotland to and the passengers at any found out when. You know ask pilots do when you arrive at your destination welcoming them to Adam brought instead of Dusseldorf. A passenger is a today talking and speaking out about that trip saying it was a joke. British at ways of course apologizing profusely saying that we're looking into it and they were trying to find out why. The wrong flight plan was used to can you imagine it's like every passenger's west might now you end up in the wrong destination. I don't know what the moral of the story is I don't know all the hype train. You know mom I saving guide you know Tom apparently that's symbolic and what's going on with Brett said yeah. Yeah yeah UAW out beyond the flight plans are on the wrong direction you don't know where your goal is go here we're together there it's still laying it. So exactly yes there yapping at an officer of fact and the Breck that process the breakfast of back there we can always went back to bring that. Lives great to see our friend. Thanks so much we appreciate your course of bullet all right let's take a look at our notification and see what's trending today on social media. This is really not my kind of competition check out European goal preteen hips. It was the. Good all right also hear the soccer highlights from the Portland Timbers to USL team just an incredible. Bicycle kick a goal from Gary on a dare on how. Bicycle kick. Let's get a and it we go to and. Blow your role. It's just that a lot are so here's the spin clots. And headed to try an apt over. The I consider that on an exercise are likely Saturday added Larry yeah I was actually. Extra like I don't I'm in this outstanding. My hip my head hurts looking at this. This is this is talent obviously choreographed exercise routine there on the bike these ladies our. Super talented. I'm the guy who I try to you know those bikes and I. Asked my leg up against that sharp battle every time a Mets until clumsy. Picked OK back to be try to do you let us. They're out there that are beyond throat there's death was to be video of it. Coming up the case of the dad who didn't make a single child support payments since the early seventies his daughter is now in her fifties. Here how much he's now we told pay up after this. Welcome back we are all too familiar with stories about so called. Deadbeat dads who. Fall behind others council and shops were threatened this morning we're here in about a woman from California who's finally reached a settlement with her ex husband. What was he says haven't paid a dime. For nearly fifty years. It's a lawsuit half a century in the making. I kinda put her on the back burner just kind of forgot about it over the years 74 year old Tony Anderson is suing her ex husband. Troy to collect child support she says he was ordered to pay back in the seventies. But a set up following the court order she says are ex skipped town and moved to Canada missing fifteen years' worth of payments. He was only what you mean like a 160 dollars a month. Well Matt that was fifty years ago so that city is a lot more money. The couple's daughter is now well into her fifties but thinks the California state laws Anderson can still collect the money he owes her. With interest. And I realized the Mellon night one night last year that it there's no statute of limitations on child support. The original agreement would have total about 30000 dollars but 10% interest or fifty years that amount has ballooned to more than 170000. Dollars. I think he's a little bit panicked and I'm very happy because I boost panic all these years. Not just. And while this case may seem unusual California is an the only state that has no statute of limitations on child support. Supported Georgia and Arizona are just some of the other states that let Peres go after alleged deadbeat partners even if his decades later I don't think enough. Women get this and I think they're afraid. Call grandchild supporters call it grand child support is that a child's of words we call grandchild support ears. They. She didn't yeah it's cheaper western Lincoln. Need a couple bucks you know this guy didn't paying up it's time to pay. Now she's getting that yes she is coming up later today on ABC news alive left bearer. Matt. Rally. They are Matt Stroud I only have heard of that before bear maps rally on the steps of the Supreme Court. Or call for an end to gerrymandering the practice of manipulating political districts to favor a group. Or party the Supreme Court will hear cases challenging congressional maps in north drawn and Maryland today. And don't for expansion into the deep grief for an. Update on all of our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. So we met said that those gerrymandering case is going to the ring Corbin in case you've forgotten your dental school civics classes our friends at 538. Have you covered here's gable and drew with everything you need to know. Or in. And. Gerrymandering is when redistricting. Goes wrong and redistricting as the process of drawing political. And this happens every ten years after we conduct this. So we count everybody who wins in the United States and would those new numbers and knowing how much simpler each place we dropped just because districts are supposed to have the same number he. Other times when we talk about and read yesterday when we talk about gerrymandering. We're referring to partisans are things which means drawn districts that benefit one party over. Partisan gerrymandering has achieved through two techne. Hacking and cracking. Which generally work in tandem. Hacking is when you take one party's voters. And concentrate a lot of and his single district so that they elect their representatives. With overwhelming margins. Essentially theme weeks a lot of cracking in the town summer. It's when you take one party's voters and divide them up into a bunch of different distractions. That they can't elect the candidate. They want in any one of those. And this goes back you pay for a week eighteen hundreds when former governor of Massachusetts Aldridge Gary. Drew a salamander looking district in Massachusetts. And so when you add the name Governor Perry and Rick salamander. Give it Gary. Keep in mind that when you see you Beardsley dispersed or concentrated. It's not always Pak Iraq. It's not always. Hearing. Sometimes. State legislature. Lives and rights or media ST commission. Want to broad competitive district pulling in. One community over here and one community where there war need to protect the community of interest and equity in to a single that. So there are a number of reasons that districts drawn them. But one thing that's for sure no matter how they're caught they will have political. No doubt these cases could have an impact on the twenty to any election you already seen a similar case. Redraw of maps in Pennsylvania and there are several more cases working their way through the courts in others so we will see what happens art that's Orleans you know to start your Tuesday are priced. We'll see tomorrow. Have a great day in.

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