It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019

Final crew member rescued from capsized cargo ship, Trump claims “the left hates America” at rally and more.
24:04 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot smoke I'm today Norman had a top I think snow this Tuesday number one. Every crew member of that capsized cargo ship off the coast of Georgia has now been rescued safely. The final man rescued endured nearly 36 hours with no full or water at this point crews are working to limit an oil spill from the right it could take months removed the vessel from Mac shipping channel. Number two the drug administration is like that requirement for residents of them Thomas who want to evacuate the US after hurricane Gloria the move comes after more than 100 people were kicked off a ferry to Florida because they didn't have beaten us in the US guidelines issued last night call for all residents of the Bahamas to have a government issued IDs such as passports meanwhile we have new information about the extent of the destruction in the northern Bahamas. The power company says every powerful and a sixteen mile stretch of land has been obliterated. If this festival is some fifty but that is expected to rise dramatically on to number three North Korea has fired two more unidentified projectiles into the sea it spent long since made it came just hours after a top. I think officials said they are willing to resume nuclear talks with US. If Washington cuts in the table with acceptable proposals in response president trumps that quote we'll see what happens we had to Nevada for number four controversy is growing over the so called alien version of Woodstock the storm area 51 festival with set to begin next week in the Nevada desert but its organizers have some safety concerns which is led. Its creator to pull out of the event he's worried there won't be enough security water power or toilet in the thousands of people expected to attend. Right now. It we don't have a good feeling about people going out 150 miles into the desert without the resources that. They need and if we don't get straight answers. Finances. Exploring options. And of the property who is also a organizers say she doesn't lucky she can to get things ready and Ali number five and is that we have positive news for teams who don't beat researchers in Georgia found high school students Gordon not to end a romantic relationships had fewer instances of depression and better social skills. The study's authors say the results go against the idea that teens who don't date. Aren't as well adjusted as their peers so save the troubles. All right let's get right that big story the heroic rescue at sea the final man trapped inside it capsized cargo ship off the coast of Georgia. Is finally safe this morning. We have new images of the rescue a new details about his long or deal which lasted nearly 36. Hours meanwhile there are growing environmental concerns stemming from this disaster. ABC stream Marshall has that story straight in the morning. And today good morning to both in view it now the US Coast Guard captain said this rescue was thanks in part to those crew members knowing where to tap on the hall to alert crew members of where they where. Trapped for more than thirty hours of daylight. The last of the golden great crew on land in this video captured by the Coast Guard. The floor all smiles and relief following the daring rescue. Of. Coast Guard rescue crews working for hours their condition is it's relatively good for having spent you know. Posted thirty yacht. 34 or 35 hours in the conditions there in the desperate rescue success attributed his cell majors locating the men. After hearing them tap on the shaft. More important that the the crew knew where to go so they could touch the steel on the outside the ship. To make those doubts the four crew members had originally been feared lost. They cargo ship gets flipped over in the panel. Movie called costar. The massive cargo ship carrying more than 4000 cars made a turn capsized and caught fire. To any of the crew members were almost immediately pulled to safety but rescue teams working sweltering temperatures that felt like 120 degrees. Drilling a hole three inches at a time into the hole steel plates. Inside the ship even hotter but 36 hours after those first calls for help. Although there are good occupation public about it did that possible. All 24 crew members of the overturned 650 Busch Jeff accounted for. The rescuers. Proud of the happy ending they orchestrated the court now jurors a figure out what exactly went wrong in trying to get that ship out of that very busy shipping Lang Tenet and a. Answering speaking just the next phase of this we see that oil slick and there are so what concerns are there about how this will. Impact the environment. Kenneth and then very large oil flake that's one of the things that they're turning towards announced figuring out exactly how to clean up. After this ship has overturned now there are big concerns about the Oyster Bay populations tourism in that area the marine life of course. Now there is an alert from the division of natural resource is against swimming in this area. Right now we don't know exactly how big that oil slick as the we do know that he can be seen and smelled it to a half mile away how in the. We could see it in Yemen that video butts Reno really amazing rescue unbelievably watching the next phase of that thank you Serena appreciated. In California part of a major highway was temporarily shut down as firefighters battled a fast moving brush fire mandatory evacuations were briefly ordered about a 140 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Were four small fires merged into one. The northbound one O one freeway was closed. The flames are being pushed by twenty mile per hour winds officials said about 101000 people were without power for awhile but they are expected to have a pack overnight. The US border chief says the number of migrants trying to cross into the US Mexico continues to decline acting Customs and Border Protection commissioner mark Morgan said. Federal agents stopped about 64000. People at the southern border and August. That's down from 82000 in July. He credits the administration's policy of forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico as well as new measures by the Mexican government. And a security firm Google now facing an investigation by 48 states the bipartisan group of attorneys general is looking into the text giants' dominance in search and advertising. Specifically allegations of anticompetitive practices and predatory conduct. They see Gould dominates the buyer side the seller side and has the power to put a user on page one. Or paint 100. Now to president trop watching out during a campaign rally in North Carolina last night he made it clear that his eyes are set on 20/20 and the Democrats. In the meantime he's facing controversy in Washington with calls for as commerce secretary of Wilbur Ross to resign. With 2040 on his mind. Tomorrow is your chance to send a clear message. To the American aching left residents from her mood or Democrats north Purina erratic well Democrats. Want to dismantle demolished and destroyed everything. That you gain. The president visited the battleground state to support Republican Dan bishop. Who's running in today's special election to fill a beacon house seat. Dan bay ship. Will fight with everything he has. This special election in the tar heel state is being singing of the test brown the Republican message is resonating and suburban areas. Ahead of between twenty election with the presidents of. Approval rating dipping below 40%. From its supporters say there wound this whole state since returning Democrats lately I thank Elizabeth Warren. Could be a threat. Our latest poll shows senator Elizabeth Warren a six point since July in North Carolina ABC three to start asked the president's team about war and surge. The president's campaign telling me tonight there is no denying that senator Warren has been on the rise they say at this point they have not identified any particular democratic candidate. As the threats. Meanwhile back in Washington new fallout from the president's claim that hurricane D'auria in was threatening Alabama. Could eat Indian war. At least some very strong reviews and so it's. This morning there are new calls for commerce secretary Wilbur Ross to resign. After the New York Times reported Ross threatened to fire employees and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For contradicting the president by Shane Dorian was not threatening Alabama. The Commerce Department calls the New York Times report falls adding secretary Ross did not threaten to fire any north staff who were forecasting a public statement. At a weather conference Monday a show of support from members of the national weather service's Birmingham office. Which first corrected the president. There. This is. Usually. The top scientist at Noah says he's investigating the agency's response and whether it violated. Any policies the federal government is ordering. FDA says Jewell wrongly claimed its products had a lower risk of tobacco related disease or less harmful. Such claims must first be proven by the FDA in tools work. Both the FDA and FTC are investigating how to open markets its products as are several states. And pursing a lot of trop is adding her voice tweeting that she's concerned about quote the growing epidemic of. Meanwhile an Alabama high school took stern measures to stop teens from smoking in shaping restrooms. It will stall doors in some boys bathrooms. Two weeks it was student was found passed out in a softer beeping the doors are back cot after parents complained. Alabama health officials are now investigating five reports of potentially severe lung disease associated with beeping. Lung disease linked to beeping has been reported in 33 other state. It's for the third time up baby has been born at a Texas hospital after a uterus transplant the baby girl was delivered at Baylor university medical center in Dallas. The uterus donor nor the recipient know the other's identity the researchers say it's further evidence that uterus transplants may be an option for women who work on able to concede coming up the story behind the viral video of this preschooler won't come back after writing effort and Florian and behind. But first wildfires. Ravaging Australia why this year's fires Seagram may be worse than normal. After this. Welcome back we are just two days away from the third democratic primary debate hosted by ABC news in Houston and our candidates are busy preparing students at the historically black Texas Southern University are waiting to see. What they have to say about a key issue ABC's Devin Dwyer is there on campus to morning DeVon. Hey good morning Kenneth and today why the campus of Texas Southern University beautiful steamy day here they are ready for debate. This is one of the nation's oldest and largest historically black colleges and universities. Says a lot about why the Democrats chose this place for the debate. A diversify America's so important this campaign Houston. Is really a symbol of that when the most diverse and largest cities in America and talking to students on campus today about the importance in this debate I'm over here. I would student government president Marcus Nash Marcus great to see there's a standout lot of students excited about after watching this if there's and I tell us about it when you have opened here. I'm opening here at and put us this debate are some here. So that it the candidates and what they have planned for the ABC news and what they have 59 states. A lesson for you what do you hope to hear from the candidates specifically what are you were you most looking for when you listen to this debate centers. A quick question what they live in the fourth whether they have cliff ABC news happening here's that academics a student to expertise. Requested and yet student loans and the graduation rate if she's producing great leaves it to the environmental community and toward you reimport absolute. It's a big moment after these guys here rantisi Marcus Nash thanks so much student. I government president here on campus a lot of excitement. And a lot of interest in hearing the specific policies of the candidates Kenneth engine they. A lot of open mouth and his district from Marcus their interest in policy it's sort HB CU's criminal justice reform gun policy big topic here in Texas. With those two mass shootings last month so a lot to keep your eyes on. Thursday night on ABC coverage starts at 7 PM eastern time right here on ABC news live. An object. All right our thanks to DeVon they're British government has formally suspended parliament sparking outrage over what prime minister Boris Johnson's opponent. Say is an effort to stop lawmakers from studying his plan take a look at the chaos that erupted in the house of commons. Google will also rise by ten months since may hit it to stick my head. To the class act of lawlessness. What. Until also did plant product right from opponents. He's not a crisis. Of this envelope time. Or. I completely understand why Ben any large numbers of members. While much more comfortable staying wherever I. Mr. steer if you didn't know I'd heat you'll have to be entitled to you'll view I couldn't give a flying through. You won't you'll hear me. Wow so let's go across now upon to do it McFarlin in the London bureau Julie -- morning so. Please explain what in the world of that. Hey guys well you know we brits we love pub and serve any day leave but not quiet light this what you guys just sort. That is the usual praise us for the ending of a parliamentary session a senior office of from the opera house the House of Lords usually stuck disseminate. But she was badly it had does he see if they've been the more of opposition MPs. Crying out shame shame on you. As government conservative and he's left of the house now the how it was extraordinary scenes. In parliament yesterday a number of things happened the speaker John baca announcing he would stand down. In a number of weeks. As MPs filed out of some even tried to stop him from leaving. Now Boris Johnson he summoned his six defeats in as many days. Lost nightmare MPs again voted against holding a snap election now the clock is ticking down. To the study festival taiba. And he's how fullest mr. Boris Johnson two cost the EU for an extension. In that the date to leave the U if you can't get a deal. But now as you see up part of the parliamentary session is not a bad it'll rotunda middle content about where and he's and they have two days. To determine the outcome of whether Britain leads in you or not mr. Jones and wants desperately to ensure that does happen. Wow I mean incredible that you guys don't see those images too often we see that Capitol Hill about her other half. I know and Australia brush fires are raging even the country's rainforest. In what experts say is much earlier than the usual fire season. Exactly today not one of the regional primate as actually hinted that this is on climate change slicing increased temperature is. For a greater risk to effect of wildfires in distributed to states queen's lands. A New South Wales sold more than a hundred says he wallet five's. That with 300 firefighters battling to put out the blaze the blaze hundreds of people had to evacuate from that haven say some really really upsetting scenes. And in Russia president Vladimir Putin's party has not suffer some rare election losses after weeks of protests. Where thousands rallied over opposition candidates being barred from running so how rare is this and what could it mean for Putin. Exactly this is a really interesting man in for Russian politics these municipal elections that are run most gay City Council election and say. Perhaps not massively addictive all of a national. Pass had but the images of the shows the rest of the country is going to be quite into staying out of this has. That this has been precipitated by weeks of protests. In the capital opted to government barred opposition candidates from taking pot in the polls now what we saw yesterday off debates accountant on and on Monday. Was not out of the 45 seat parliament in the most gated City Council. They could today kept Kremlin party had forty seat. That's not down to 24. Save some big big losses for patent coupled with the images of all of those anti government protests. Things I'm not looking great for Vladimir Putin right now. All right Julie thank you so much for joining us this morning thanks guys it's mark. Let's check in and this is now that time starting whet the belated happy birthday to one of our favorite cartoon characters found documents created by Walt Disney tunes. At this summer 85 years ago where a wall created Donald when he hurt clear it's matched. Strong voice over artist reciting Mary had a little lamb. Almost Kuwaiti leadership since then they've tried to imitate isn't always what you come close until this guy who use isn't actually. Get back at a telemarketer. Our earth and her. Alleged plotters were her or her parent. Werner. Yes yeah. Elite eight. Who are more him yeah. And you know I ran Israel the father of our parent company. Walt Disney company. And that's at that man there though is semi seven year old Donald Sizemore and Alabama and that's how he gets revenge on telemarketers. That videos already racked up more than nine million views because we all identify with. Hearing with hello mark. So that's our question of the day. How do you deal with telemarketers yeah about the U bona and eating more and the U. Do that thing where you say hello hello hello hello hold an area just keep them on they think they're talking leave their time tells lead you. Thousand pilots are treatise that ABC news paid next to a close call for kitten tried to cross the road but luckily. A good samaritan there swooped and helped the kitty cat out. Well 00. Wow just a Mecca time. Holy how. And also for the animal fame yeah appreciating this and usual friendship in the animal world a dog. That define. Our best friends are wearing red was abandoned by its porcupine mountains overnight judging we don't know what happened and literally as early as circumstances but you say in and that. By someone who want to commend their life and he's got a best friend because of that. And we have a new world right there who. It was that right outside our studios. Here in New York. That man right there dolphins that live on live with Kelly Ryan you and its powerful solar stick to -- report cars parked side by side. Yet he threw the ball with plenty of room to spare moment and it took up his own Guinness world record with fishermen of angry flyers. In feed out of whack but things. And watches these two best friends rates that that any hourly wait for collect data on a door out. We love these toddlers or. And you are adorable and I'll oh half that you aren't and avoids the real story here. And in preschooler returning to class a Florida has gone viral after getting stuck in the Bahamas during hurricane Dorian. Heartwarming. Video shows the warm welcome he received from his classmates. I mean stand word from our Miami station has the story. Video has already been viewed thousands of times on social media. What you see our little kids at preschool embracing their classmate. What you might not know is what this little boy just endure as a nice and everybody Hadoop. Whom three year old looked Kei was visiting family with his mom and Freeport over the Labor Day weekend only get stuck thanks to hurricane Dorian they rode out the storm in grandma's house. At one point by our doors it's flew open AMOCO I was like oh my god like. He guarded are aimless amongst. Mom says in the kite a brave face in the aftermath in the middle of having to wring out as soaked clothes and throw out ruin toys that point he put on this Spider-Man life vest. Because he wanted to help. He put it on and he was like mommy I'm gonna go I'm gonna save the children and the water. And so after coming back to pamper Heinz little Diddy no. He did is so super hero welcome who has known as he walked in the class the whole anti last month happen and I don't Obama and do you. Those tiny classmates giving giant and braces. And a big lesson in humanity. With a victory few. News. They miss you do kids are really feel on their really in this and I think about something that we as adults that we have to really learn from especially during times of death. Thought aloud about those images they are after a very tough weakens your first he and his family come back to that. Are coming out we've got to look at the day ahead including a busy day on Capitol Hill and a list of presidential candidate who went crowd surfing. Yes he negativity. Right here's a watch out for sick president trouble lunch with vice president pence before speaking at the national. Historically black colleges and universities week conference in Washington. Then we'll meet with congressional Republican leaders and participate in the swearing in of the new US ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Kraft. On Capitol Hill the house committee on Homeland Security will hold a hearing on the writes for the whole plan. Congressional Black Caucus will mark the 400 anniversary. The first recorded a rival of enslaved Africans in Jamestown Virginia. House Republicans will hold a hearing on the born alive abortion survivors protection act. Comedian and Simon odds we'll testified to the house financial services committee on student loans and the house gun violence prevention task force will hold a forum. On the urgent need for senate action on gun Paul. Apple is expected to unveil its subscription TV service and new iPhone models at the Steve Jobs theater at its Cupertino California headquarters. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is scheduled to launch a cargo spaceship to the International Space Station. And Prince Harry will attend the in thick disk games fifth anniversary celebration in London. Plus don't forget that into the debriefed for an update our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. A finally at least one democratic presidential candidate is getting a whole lot of businessman Andrew Yang has racked up supporters over its primary policy idea of pain everybody a thousand bucks a month for doing nothing. And we're seeing just how well the idea of free money for ever runs going over. This that appearance of form and telling California Yang crowd surfed his way through the room. Suvari and support is still only polling in the single digits. Been out party goes pretty sure the Secret Service we'll have a problem with that they've found nothing yet how the lines there. That it looks like it's. A reminder we're just two days away from the next debate ABC news. We'll be hosting this there's a democratic debate in Houston George Stephanopoulos David Maryland he Davis and Univision Jorge Ramos will be moderating. That begins at 8 PM Easter. Over on ABC you'll coverage right here any these children are all covered all the all the coverage. Our asset for us we'll be have a great day we'll see you tomorrow buying.

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