It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Deadly school shooting near Columbine, Trump's taxes revealed and more.
19:31 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot smoke and handing over near the top I think you know this Wednesday number one policing eighteen year old student. Is dead and eight others injured after two classmates opened fire Colorado school kids inside the schools that they didn't know whether the gunfire was real while another eyewitness. That he saw so many people running from the scene that he thought it was a gym class. Emergency crews raced in to secure the school arriving within just two minutes. Quickly arrested the suspect according to authorities one of the suspects is an adult male the other is the transgender juvenile were identified as male number two according to our New York Times reports. President trop had more than a billion dollars and business losses over two year period times obtained outcomes tax figure from 1985 to 1994. And they killed massive annual losses. Sometimes more than 215 million dollars and a one year. Blocks as a lot of to avoid paying income taxes for eight of those ten years. The paper says it acquired printouts from Trump's official IRS tax transcripts. Including figures from his federal tax form. An attorney for the president says all of IRS data is unreliable and called the report faults. I'm Deborah very big trouble for the morning commute today as over and what driver from coast to coast collapsed right it comes a day before Hoover's highly anticipated initial public offering the strikes are planned for several US cities as well as Britain Australia and South America. Drivers in New York City personally to to strike from 7 AM to 9 AM. Each major city in the US we'll have different hours there was an LA Boston and San Diego police strike for 24. Hours. Arms are demanding more money and better work conditions we have to Texas for number four where at least nine tornadoes reportedly touched down in more than a foot of rain triggered. A flood emergency crews are overwhelmed with more than 200 calls for water rescues. All schools and retaliate had to be turned in sheltered thousands of students were stranded overnight because of the fast moving floodwaters and finally number 5 more concerns this morning about Britney Spears and her mental health after her mother asked to have a standard care. Think he's entirety an attorney for Lynne spears says it's and her daughter's best interest to allow her mother to have a voice. At a status hearing about quarter proved. Conservatives her ship britney's father has been overseeing her affairs but she checked the wellness facility last month after he fell ill. Morning let's get right after the break deadly mass shooting at a school outside Denver the gunfire erupted just seven miles from Columbine High School police say two students opened fire on their classmates. At the stem school in highlands ranch killing one and wounding eight others while setting off a panic throughout the campus. ABC's done a bachus is at the scene with a more new details on the investigation and those two suspects in custody Donna good morning. Good morning humane good morning to you Kenneth at least two students are still in serious condition this morning one of the two suspects being evaluated at a local hospital. As this community grapples with this deadly school shooting. Yeah all right bill erupting just after Bernstein Cindy tear through the highland ridge Carlo Protestants who have lived in I think building. There was a trail of blood and student and eighteen year old has killed eight others injured Fernando bluntly is seventeen year old is one of the wounded. A guy pull. I believe a pistol and assured. Like guitar case is thought to shoot. Over 18100 students in the case into Waltz all immediately put on lockdown as police or on the hunt for the shooter. As officers were arriving at the school they could still hear gunshots and as they were entering the school. Here it's waiting anxiously hoping to be reunited with their children. An accurate and complete picture hitting your window fit horrible feeling. Investigators say two shooters began firing into separate locations the school so big it took officers two hours to clear every room. We. Are still on the loose from. Your honor and local and air. This morning both suspects are in custody police say they are both students at the school I didn't find one it's eighteen year old Bonnie Erickson. The other eights or instant thirteen. Police don't they are far from the school this guy breaks they didn't he learn it at the design. Authorities do not have any information as to whether the victims were targeted in they have not released a possible motive the two suspects could be charged as adults. Can it been today. Thanks to Don yet there on the scene think you. Analysts are to the president's tax as the New York Times is out this morning with a revealing new look a president Trump's finances they've published tax figures showing. His businesses lost more than one billion dollars over ten years the losses were so big. He reportedly aborted paying federal income taxes from most of those years. Maybe he's on his back has the new. Hey good morning Kenneth and Renee you know we've been talking for a long time here in Washington about the struggled to get the president's most recent tax returns. This and New York Times report goes back in time to the 1980s and 1990 and according to the paper. It the provide a precise accounting of quote the president's financial failures. The New York Times report that in the 1980s and ninety's Donald Trump cultivated a public persona of success. At this scene time his business deals lost more than a billion dollars. The irony is stunning he was actually the Biggest Loser to use a term he would use if. This was if he was labeling somebody he was reading the headline at the New York Times that would be the reporter who broke the story. CNN it is the most detailed look at the president business record to date. The investigation compared printouts from mr. Trump's official IRS tax transcript with figures from his federal tax form but the times was not given his actual returns. According to the paper mr. trump reported losses of just over 46 million dollars in 1985 from his core businesses. Largely casinos hotels and retail space in apartment buildings. The telling says the trump businesses continued to lose money every year for that decade totaling more than one point one billion dollars. He paid income talks in two of the ten years and one of them will eat only to institute a ten years it was the alternate minimum talks and one of the years for such as why. The tax information in the report does not cover the years involved in the current battle over the president's tax returns. But senator Blumenthal told CNN that's not the point. It sheds light on why president Ron. May be the first president in decades to refuse to disclose his tax returns. And senator Murphy tells MSNBC now it's an issue for the campaign trail Democrats would be well served to talk more about the fact that he is has been and forever will be an economic fraud overnight the president's attorney called the times reporting false and defamatory. And saying you cannot rely upon IRS tax transcripts from so long ago to the extent any such documents even exist they are inherently un reliable and notoriously inaccurate. And and they go on to say they year after year it shows that to the president actually lost more money than nearly any other American tax pair. Kenneth lines back in Washington thank you. Meanwhile the Justice Department is starting to ask the White House to invoke executive privilege over the entire mullah report if Democrats move forward with plans to hold attorney general William Barr and content. Negotiations between justice officials and house judiciary panel broke down last night in the contempt vote. Is set for today over Barr's refusal to turn over the un redacted report Republicans though think Democrats need to let go. They told everyone they've been a conspiracy between Russia and the trumka time. Gentleness central questions of special counsel founding it is clear. Case closed. Page. Closed. This ought to be good news for everyone. The Justice Department says the attorney general issues in to Powell the law rather than comply with democratic leaders Democrats fired back saying Barr's arguments are without credibility. Marriott or legal or factual basis former White House counsel dom again has been ordered not to comply with the congressional subpoena for documents related to the Russian investigation. The White House so began the records and question could be subject to executive privilege mcinnis cited 157. Times animal report. President trumpet already suggested he'll try to block him from testifying later this month house Democrats are threatening to hold again in contempt if he refuses to appear. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo made a brief unannounced trip to Baghdad amid growing tensions between the US and neighboring Iran Pompeo told Iraqi leaders he wanted to demonstrate his support for their independence. And he stressed the need to protect Americans and get militias under control the visit came after the US deployed an aircraft carrier to the Middle East. Saying Iran may be planning to attack US troops in the region. There is a troubling new report from the CDC pregnancy related deaths are rising one of the main factors. Simply being a woman of color black women native Americans and Alaska natives are three times more likely to die before during or after having a baby's some of that. May be due to racial bias and doctors not recognizing risk factors these deaths though. Or were relatively. Rare there are about 700. A year. Now to consumer alert about tomato prices they're going to soar consumers could pay forty to 85% more for vine ripe and other fresh tomatoes and that's because the US will now impose a nearly 18% tariff. On Mexican tomato imports. That was done to protect Florida growers but Mexico said that many tomato exporters simply don't have the money to cover the new fee. More than half of the US tomatoes come from Mexico. Horse racing will not have a Triple Crown winner this year. Long track Kentucky their re winner country house won't run in the preakness. And assistant trainer says the colts has a buyer since handlers hope a little rest all the horse get better. Country house will be the first derby winner to miss the preakness since 1996. Well coming up we'll take a trip across the plug some news may or may not be. Ain't ever gonna have to Windsor which is awaiting the big memorial baby news. Don't go away. Welcome back let's talk Arnaud vacations check this seven point passenger got rush hour driver we'll take it near New York City. This is currently they would riding with a Long Island an Monday afternoon when he was pulled over him hov lane the Medicare. We'll dressed up and a sweatshirt sunglasses hat and jeans. Even had as a water bottle. Real guy behind the we'll listen to some. A sign Holmes Norton dollars sixty in Italy picturesque Italian town offering homes for a buck sixty ending isn't after renovate within a year. The right nearly 30000 dollar deposit. If it weren't then. I don't know well and our air is sweet shop has come up with a creation that sounds more like a pregnancy craving that something we really need it sure does. Yep a lot hole that invention known as chicken nuggets ice cream of the faithful video showing. How is made just a combination. McDonald's nuggets and Vanilla Ice. Then it's topped off with a couple more nuggets no word on how it is Sally. Two men and Oakland California have been hitting the road literally in the name of public service the two men known only as the pothole vigilantes have been operating outside the law working that night. Undercover. Up darkness to fill the city's gaping potholes the men say. They're during what the city refuses to do in an email to. Considering the risk involved but residents seem to be siding with the pothole busily entities. Not go across the pond out to do it McFarlane in Windsor where the world Koppel is due to announce the baby's name this morning. Julie a what's the scene like there. Hey tennis I mean it. Does this. Go away and not an ally and got. Designer category I thought you really see you back. Up. Do you I mean what a beautiful without. I assume we're out yes they just talking with them let go of it does but Americans I think. I just come from a drink and a pub colds. The Prince Harry. And what they've been drinking that and drinking and Leopold baby wouldn't does balloons and that lives excitement. Every weapon chosen just have to show you a leverages it did jury has found the eighties. Latest celebrants worrying list gets. They didn't dig in duchess of suspects that many congratulations. That you cannot just need to look at what's cutbacks and you'll want one. But lately his excitement here and we are hoping to hit the BC the new found Lee relates to today. They can squeeze in an appearance before Harry is up to the Netherlands tomorrow influences and backed his games. Everyone is excited to see what those little guys look like. We do want to know where you looks like my best guess is that he will look like a baby. I hop also hope. But that they have I own mighty right I think he out of the deep tells will be in the name that's why are really wanna know is what's his baby's name. Op Spencer I think that the top of the list especially for me I would also re hearing. Yeah idea I mideast thugs and maybe outings on I was talking to love threatens in Philadelphia and then think of why don't have a baby back have I think that's pretty little unlikely may be does seem maybe something more traditional. I mean he's going to be brought top winds a lot of men's attitudes from Mankins and let's say it may be his name will be something a little mobile. Traditional old maybe that's a trans Atlantic name that lends its knees unionized but we're so excited to see what he lets like. Hardy was so elated when he cannot inspected the media on Monday. Say see. His speed up bus I'm dots excited at making pledges saying his newfound exit wound that if you're talking to our friends in Philadelphia I'm surprised they didn't say rocky. Because they are big fans and a Rocky Balboa so. Will see what this baby's name will be I know there were probably four or five names long. But I do know your name Julia and I appreciate you joining us this morning we appreciate it. I gotta sit at a and in other news thousands of Hoover look drivers are powering down this morning taking a stand against. They're billion dollar bosses just a day before Hoover goes public drivers from coast to coast are protesting pour pay. Benefits and what they say the lack of job security. This morning overlooked passengers across the country will have to find a new ride. Full service should understand. We are human being you. Drivers and at least ten major cities from New York to LA or going on strike starting at 7 AM. Turning off their apps in hopes of forcing their employers to start sharing the profits. Because his veto driver. Musical funny abilities it's. Hoover's first public stock offering a set to make the company billions tomorrow. The strikers say none of that cash will go to the workers in fact this Cooper driver in New York says his pay has been slashed in half in recent months. They couldn't wait until they're full immunity. Rio is being held from all time also drove in little League City will be its 75 video. Strike organizers say the company takes as much as 60% of what passengers pay on some fears. They say that leaves the drivers were next to nothing after operating cost the goal of the strike is to put a cap on that. Limiting how much the companies can skim off the top two between fifteen and 25%. Depending on their location overnight the Reich are giants responded to the strike over telling ABC news drivers are the heart of our service. We can't succeed without them and leapt at it were constantly working to improve how we can best serve our driver community. So a New York drivers are playing in a two hour strike from 7 AM to 9 AM but in Los Angeles they're planning to strike all day while coming up. You Star Wars did him bells the plans for three new move. Welcome back to things to watch out for today the House Judiciary Committee will vote coupled attorney general William Barr contempt of congress. For failing to comply with the subpoena to provide congress with the pool unproductive Muller reports. President trump will hold a campaign rally in Florida tonight amid this fight over subpoenas for congress. Plus don't forget visited to that debrief port update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. A big headline today from our parent company Disney with a vendors and game so killing at the box office ABC's parent company is looking ahead to quite a bright future. For all of us our fellow Disney cast may well Ganz and all the details. I'll react you know when it comes due at Disney movies the Lion King beyonce all of day I am. Eagerly anticipating a today they gave us a whole lot more to be excited about you might think that after making more than a billion dollars in avengers and games. Opening weekend Disney might take a little bit of a breather but you'd be wrong. Here's all the magic Disney has planned for the next eight years and less than sixty seconds. Slated flies in the theaters this month but are you ready for a whole new world of Disney films coming out just. You've got a friend in woody buzz and the inevitably kind of the last row of the theater when Toy Story four hits theaters in June. Then to be on taking any Lion King roars to life in July. The left sent before Halloween digs for the past ninety as mr. Leake throws into November and Star Wars the rise of skywalker in December. In twenty Tony let's get down to business live action Milan in March. Scary X-Men movie his new mutants in April jungle cruise in July starring Emily Blunt Iraq biceps in December westside story. And spot Emma Stone playing a fur loving passing east in crew well. 121. Indiana Jones puts its way to theaters and a new movie in July an avatar two and December. Flip the heady year another Star Wars in December 20/20 two and December 20/20 four and December Tony 26. Avatar 34 and five about December 223 Tony five and when he seven. Oh it mixed in between all of that seven untitled marvel movies for untitled Pixar movies. Thirty untitled Disney at a base in movies and nine. Untitled live action Disney movies whole basket that entitle them it's. I'd better. Go right down here. Spring is that the question of the day what are you most looking forward to Star Wars avatar 23453. Isn't ABC news live. Let us now my answer the Lion King. Avatar here and allowed evacuate that themselves coming up that's like next weekend I personally and excited for frozen to obviously yeah absolutely hating next weekend I'm all about short short term rob like eight years. I forgot about it that I did not happen this weekend could have happened at all about that for us this lengthy ground troops are your pod cast an ABC news live and we'll see you tomorrow.

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