It's Morning, America: Wednesday, April 24, 2019

President Trump opposes aides testifying, Biden set to announce run, Sri Lanka latest and more.
26:57 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna throw me and I'm not a costar Abbie here in the top five things snow this Wednesday morning. Number one new details on the coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka. I sources claimed responsibility for the Easter explosions releasing this image of the men they say with a suicide bombers authorities have identified at least eight of the suspected bombers. These images are two suspects wearing backpacks and an elevator the shangri La hotel walking through the busy restaurant. And surveillance captured this man with a large backpack approaching six Sebastian church. At least 359. People were killed in the attack. 45 of them children the youngest just eighteen months old. There are not funerals under way for the victims. Number two former vice president Joseph Biden is set to launch a third bidder for the White House tomorrow. But and plans to make the announcement by video making him the twentieth Democrat. And to the 20/20 race he's leading the pack in the national polls but a new poll in New Hampshire hasn't trailing Bernie Sanders by double digits on to number three a potential sex abuse scandal brewing for the boys down. The group allegedly kept confidential file on abuse of troop leaders and volunteers and attorney represented former scouts assess the so called for for Persian. File in the database compiled by the group. It documents allegations of child sex abuse by scout leaders going back to the 1940s. The attorney says the final showed. More than 121000 alleged instances of sexual abuse and the names of nearly 8000 suspected pedophiles who may have been removed from the Boy Scouts. But did not face consequences. The data starts in 1944. And they had this information and a half not protected the children which they are to certain they protected the head of files among their ranks. Boy scouts of America says each of instances were reported to law enforcement. And tells ABC news in a statement we cared deeply about all victims of child sex abuse and sincerely sincerely apologize to anyone was harmed during their time it's. And they had to the skies for number four the FAA has given Google's parent company the Green Line. For drowned delivery. Swaying get as the first drone delivery company to get FAA approval in the US the company plans to start a trial delivery service and Virginia later this year. Companies like Hoover and UPS are also trying to secure similar federal approvals for commercial drone deliveries. And volley number five the new dress code at a Houston high school. Now the get this it's for the parents not the students a letter sent home by the new principal says no more sagging pants and shorts pajamas shower caps. Hair rollers or revealing clothing at they're not dress appropriately well they won't be allowed into the school. The principles that's parents should set an example for their kids. They're gonna Carl without air hair we've got more to talk about familiar way that's why did America. Good morning everyone welcome to Good Morning America and the look who is. I'm Marseille Monaco sock hop day from DC CAA making your is where America debuted yet. I think is for outing in sotomayor's of course and we're already fighting we're fighting about school dress codes because I gotta you feel differently about my. Zoo I not tell you lack. Sol their parents who worked at Thurston Gregg so they really interrupting their sleep and you're fool out of all people should know how important sleep says. Or maybe they just don't want teens to lower I'm not this time I am not trying. To be the police dress code here but. You get there on a poll lows and not. The you have to rely. An event there isn't any and you know it can't. No occasion they're saying just dress appropriately. That's all are saying is that an example where they give the last haunts them. If you have you got Antarctica up at sixty about work at seven and your hair needs to the current. Well you know what it's not because obvious personal lives it's more in America as you just Obama as today we'll tell you. It's fun to disagree with it and about so yeah we got it means to get to this morning we begin with the power struggle between president trotman democratic lawmakers. Escalating in the aftermath of the Muller reports. In a new interview the president is making it clear that he doesn't want White House aides. Past or president to be grilled by congress setting the stage for showdown in the courts take a look. Overnight president from ripped up his feud would Democrats and a new interview with the Washington Post the president says he's opposed to current and former aides testifying. Before congress. Following the release a special counsel robber most report. The president telling the post complying with further investigations was not necessary saying there's no reason to go any further especially in congress where it's very partisan. Obviously very partisan the House Judiciary Committee has subpoena former White House counsel Don began calling him a critical witness about whether trump obstructed justice. But the president said Democrats should be satisfied with what began and other officials already told Robert Mueller meanwhile the president's son in law and see your visor jury commissioner is downplaying Russia's meddling in between sixteen election. Suggesting investigations into what happened have been more damaging than anything done by the Russians. You look at. You know what Russia did you find some FaceBook ads trying to sow dissent to do it and it's a terrible thing but. I think the investigations and and all of that the speculation has happened for the last two years had a much harsher impact on democracy and a couple FaceBook has. But the mullah report found Russia did a lot more than by some FaceBook ads. The report called the meddling sweeping and systematic spreading disinformation on social media along with the hacking of the DNC and Hillary Clinton's team. But commissioner suggested the Russian I referred didn't amount to much. If you look at the magnitude of what they did what they accomplished I think ensuing investigations. Have been way more powerful tool used. Speaking at the same forum Hillary Clinton said Russia's actions were an attack on our democracy. And the president is also asking her staff to boycott something else this year's correspondents dinner. The White House has no staff will attend this weekend last year comedian Michelle wolf faced backlash after taking jabs. At Press Secretary sir Sanders. Like pat I think she's been a resort spa. But Steve Burns fat. Ending season that ans to green up big monkey act. The response of the White House staff not attending the correspondents dinner the organization's president says quote. But looking forward to an enjoyable evening of celebrating the First Amendment we all remember Michelle wolves searing searing searing yes comedy you. You know. Monologue against serious Sanders there is sitting right act bill all talk all this talk about whether either gonna have a comedian again. But when it comes to the correspondents dinner it is about the first minute and it amounts celebrated at. Also giving scholarships to young journalists and aspiring journalists and so the president many critics say the president is pulling. More political stunts here by not attending but the night will go. The party will go on our announced that big story the latest on the Easter bombing attacks in Sri Lanka there are new fears of more bombs planted across the country. ABC's Elizabeth her joins us now with more good morning Elizabeth. Mona good morning to you authorities in Sri Lanka say they are working around the clock and they hope to bring the situation under control within the next couple of days but for now the danger. Isn't over yet. Sri Lanka on high alert with a government urging the public to remain vigilant with more attackers still out there. And and. The manhunt intensifying now with the FBI joined the investigation. And officials in Sri Lanka announcing changes are on the way admitting there were warnings missed or ignored. This has police examined surveillance images of the alleged attackers for answers including this suspected bomber caught on cameras. Outside seat Sebastian and this video broadcast entry locked in TV showing two men with backpacks at the shangri La hotel. Where American Matthew Lindsay tell CNN much she lost a son and daughter. They actually went and buff I. For me and about the food forming when the bomb went off hedonism just them it's hard to describe. Meanwhile mass funerals are now under way with families grieving I'd mid fears other additional attacks or the people here that it would risk you know prices has claimed responsibility posting this picture of the men they say with a suicide bombers. The mood and still under investigation but Sri Lankan officials believe this was planned. In retaliation for the two mosque attacked last month the New Zealand. Where fifty worshippers were killed. Here in the US while officials maintain there is no credible threats the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security just issued up bulletin saying they remain vigilant. With the potential for copycat attacks can at the Mona. All right Elizabeth Burris thank you so much what some other headlines are. Watching this morning the IRS has missed the second deadline to turn over president Trump's tax returns treasury secretary's statement each and sent a letter to the chairman. The house Ways and Means Committee he says he's still consulting with the Justice Department. About the legality of the request. An agent says that they expect to make a final decision by may sixth Democrats are demanding six years of the president's personal and business tax returns. Under a law dating back to the 1920s. The supreme court's conservative majority appears to be leaning towards upholding of the drug administration's plan to ask about citizenship on the 20/20 sends its critics of the plan say. Millions of Hispanics could go on it counted. Because people might be reluctant to say if they are not citizens they official census count. Determines the number of seats each state has and the House of Representatives a decision is expected in June. And there are new details in the tiger attack on a staffer at a Kansas zoo. She's identified as Kristen and I hate an OK guy officials say she's one of the to because it is most experienced keepers take Ortega. Was mauled by 275 pound tiger on Saturday he's been moved out of intensive care. She still hasn't been interviewed to determine why she was and that tiger's enclosure. Indiana authorities say that in just a day they received about 1000 new tips. Another 2017 killings of two teens the flood was fart. By a news conference in which new information about the case was released including a video from one of the victim's cell phones. It may show the murder or possibly a local resident. More than a week after are raging inferno to nearly destroyed it no Saddam is facing another threat. Rain professional mountain climbers install temporary tarps over the got it and expose building. Architects fear that heavy rainfall could cause further damage to the nearly 900 year old cathedral. Parts of which are already waterlogged rain is in the forecast today and tomorrow. And coming up hinge on the sun goes to Russia to meet with them and we're here what they're discussing why is that important but first thing whether. Here's meteorologist rob Marciano away from cardboard cut out powerful. He's got the forecast right off. Welcome back now to the woman accusing Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton of sexual assault. Walton plans to fight the allegations dating back five years that his attorney calls baseless his accuser has now gone public with her story. Of their in counter in a hotel room. This morning the woman accusing NBA coach group Walton of sexual assault is speaking out I cut begging him to please let go into please stop. And he continued to collapse in mind here. In a civil lawsuit obtained by ABC news sports broadcaster Kelly Tenet. Accuses Walton of assaulting her inside a Santa Monica hotel while he was an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors. Walton seen here last week with his wife in this TMZ sports video is the son of legendary NBA player Bill Walton. Hey yeah. I thought about Beth yeah. Tenet who asked Walton to write the full award for her 2014 books says she was giving a copy to Walton. When he allegedly invited her to his hotel room attendant says Walton pinned her to the bad. Quote forcing kisses on her neck face and chest. I immediately jumped to leave the room and he came around and grabbed me from behind and again hold my arms down. So I could not move. Wilson's attorney flatly denies the claim calling tenant quote an opportunist not a victim. Saying her claim is not credible the date of the alleged encounter is unclear. Police tell ABC news the allege assault. Was never reported to them. Tenet was asked why she didn't come fall lord. Earlier I was scared. When someone assaults you. And you think you're going to be raped. Coming forward. Is a scary thing. Walton parted ways with the lakers to coax the Sacramento Kings. Both the warriors and McCain say they're looking into the allegations. Let's go across the pond out ABC news London bureau we're doing McFarlane is keeping an eye on the big is international news. Good morning Joliet so let's start in Russia where North Korean leader Kim Jung who has arrived for a summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin. So what's on the agenda and what is the significance of this meeting. Good morning guys and hey man a great to see you behind the Chad great have you back. I just wanted to it's what you guys about this now this is the fussed meeting between. Kim Jong in and Vladimir Putin in Russia Kim's evidence Russia before. That 600 actually show Arab boards of Vladivostok is up on the Pacific. Cased and it's been a nine hour train journey from. And the North Korean born to fall camp we just got some really interesting coming up from up Patrick about his watching this in Moscow and now let Kim's just arrived. In Vladivostok and North Korean whack because. What he says frantically still punishing the outside of the train as it was putting in to the station. The train was meant to stop precisely so that Kim's card store lines up. With the red carpet laid on the platform the train went forward by a meats and hot tub back cup hastily just Shays you. Just how painstakingly. Choreographed. This is because the stakes are high Wyatt because international sanctions are really starting to bite. On North Korea at the man and I'm Kim is desperately trying to seek international support to make it seem like North Korea is not an isolation. It's a good time to point out that brought the Russians on the North Korean government inching relationship. Particularly with their weapons that weapons trade. I just want to remind you guys that if you remember about big ICBM meant saw a test back in November 20 turning seventeen. Just before. The trump Kim summit in Singapore lost yet dot ICBM. With capable of reaching the US mainland it was successful test. I'm domicile. Expect believe may have been made with a Soviet believe prince on help from the Russians so. This is a really interesting and important story for us to keep keep and I out apple. That is an important notes included Julia prime minister Theresa may is Manning a Chinese company from supplying heat tacked to Britain's five G network. Over security concerns what's that all about. This is ready. And just staying now what way is better news the recently because of an increasing international concerns that it is a company that is being used by the Chinese. As part of that espionage assets. Through thick mush so. Relationships that has around a while it and I'm Teresa made British prime minister. She has run thing quite a lot of how allies even in her and possibly even an hut and cabinet because she's reportedly considering. Allowing while way to build you UK infrastructure for the fight G not whack. Now apparently she is any considering giving them accessed known cool pots of the infrastructure. But Tom Boston format heaven on security advisor to president charm he was on a British media today saying that this scares against. Advice. From the Americans from. Intelligence allies. All of the UK. And of course some senior members of trees amaze Cabot have raised concerns. That they are serious issues with allowing the Chinese to build critical pots of UK infrastructure. For a number of different reasons because of indications that could have for any kind of some bandits but also. The fact facts which Chinese commercial companies Osce in as beholden. To the Chinese Government. I'm so what kind of security does not mean for the pots of ally communications infrastructure some really interesting. Implications that then and the site that says a lot of antagonism against may this is part of a not an ongoing issue that she's facing. Not one of hut loyalist today hinted that the end of may at the end of the month of may could be the end before may because. Conservative politician politicians and I'm looking at rejoining Parti rules to try an oust have not we've had this before she is seen off. Attempts to dislodge him from power but things and not getting say serious dot. Politicians not trying to rewrite party rules to get rid of her off to the European elections in a way. May could be the end of may have a press that one coming Julia. Also before you go and you're missing about Wally the air and phones. I'm pretty sure people in England are all staring at their phones waiting for that alert to come for the royal baby the watches on. So that question in the prompter duly assess how close are we Julia. I'm a nothing is not only Julie is there. Didn't expect knowing what the nurses are saying the doctors say 04 they debts at the sight and it's how close are we like where part of this prop I. I don't have to tell me do how close are we eat sushi actually giving birth to you would know the answer to that right. I mean that it's flying the Beckett play waiting for go a day waiting for royal baby. I mean we are all that stuff Colin Juan baby watch half we on the stock that Megan's mother Adori is now in the UK. Which is another sort of indication that's it's it's getting real is getting real it's any day now Megan told. People a few months ago that she was due in late April he made. The speculation is not reached feverish poisons everyone's taking bets on what the baby is gonna be cools. Close everyone seems the thing that is going to be a gallon of it is going to be ago. Could be seeing a baby Sussex die out while all bets are off what names do you guys think of us like it. There's a great question because I just want something traditionally Americans. Maybe them black Americans haven't caught up. That we know that obviously. I mean. Meg MB by an operational aim at the may be Astor packed boards of Gary get a little boy named derive the Q Preston Romer something like that. Alex. I had all these exactly is gonna throw out light Tyrone jar around but. I thought about it and now I have no other choice lawyer grinding care I want heard a name that baby about and I often got good evening and no matter I have no. Not my house in an endless hundred they had no preference is consistency. Search. You know and Damon drums accident an unheard of blow. I got a strong Leavitt you know I can't do you get attacked me and oppose yesterday about beyoncé on the game of grown act actually Obama and the Monroe and so is it may be beyoncé related to wells you can name her younger man. India say there's a lot of NATO and not much queen to be on the sale of Scott's Julia are they betting on the names. Oh yeah that this does happen like this happens every time. There is that there is a world baby. It. It does seem to being about the budding sub Stan expected to be a go. I've no idea how they find the formulations photos but Diana is up. Amongst dealers as well as more traditional things. Got you okay we'll we will take us if among mix up in the Clinton knows there's the area. Maybe the baby lots continues find out from your your royal nurses her. When that data is coming exactly my knowing that crime is doing isn't that I only come back to you tomorrow glad the exact time. Please we now you can do it on get on not. How can I say that's it brings thank you Julie every it's our question of the day and about what should bag it and Harry named the royal baby. We've got a gate we gave me a bunch of ideas right there on tell us what you think tweet us let us now ABC news live. Having some fun are such a government agency was trend in a social media today starting with a cool idea that could save the children's lives. It's a normal crop swap painted to appear. 3-D local school children have convinced the town to install these in hopes that it will call some drivers to think twice. Before blowing through an intersection again it's. At looks like there's block aids in the road. I NASA really great again these kids the gimmick to get to the hide it highest level city hall and now the city speaking of Al actually. Putting those in sowing those and around other schools as well so. Our heads up kids there in Medford Massachusetts. This next or is going by her all of a stranger guys check out this guy on the subway he's digging in now but has had has the message for other writers you. Wake him up before you go bill passed to stop parents say he wants you to wake him up before you reach into his 34 street asked. We'll work with us on this ship you gotta get the sleep when you can't and so. Fall asleep on the train you don't end up in the train yard conductors which you have you mr. stopped five stops ago it's not get. Relate to your name. It's a Honda. Finally a skydiver in California who landed with a little less than what he left on the plane went. I midair he lost his prosthetic leg it will spell that a lumber yard and given to police who they're returning to its owner a guy named Dion he joked that. This was the second leg you've lost a wild sky diving. Actually Dion Los is real light in a freaks skydiving accident two years ago was well. He's promising to get tether for his prosthetic and he says he won't stop skydiving and missed so I letting the man. The but I love that story though I'd have her are coming up we're breaking the ice. A legendary climber is moving mountains to document glacial is in danger from climate change. Give more after that. Welcome back a few things to watch out for today president drop from the First Lady had to Atlanta to speak at a summit and heroin and drug abuse. And the former head tennis coach of the University of Texas is expected to plead guilty to accepting a bribe to helpful wealthy father secure. Admission for the suns. And Riverdale will say goodbye to Luke Perry is the final episode featuring the late actor's character. Will air tonight plus don't forget to tune into the debriefed for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines. And politics. An extreme athlete is going through extreme measures to document we sure is in danger. Will gas concern is leading him to a new mission tackling climate change ABC's will read followed him to the Canadian Rockies. Where most see a remote and on forgiving landscape. Will gad sees a playground. Even the mighty Niagara Falls proved no match for dad. That's him on top of the frozen cascades the first person ever to make the climb. Gad is a living legend in the climbing world. Now he's using his influence to sound the alarm about climate change is how long have you been coming to this place. You know I just figured out I've been coming here for 45 years that are number. Federer beat Kidd elementary school in driving out here in the family vehicle and the glacier being like right there and now it's like way back. Today each return visit a warning sign of the effects of climate change why should anyone care about it melting glaciers glaciers buyer. The symptoms. When glaciers are retreating this quickly something is changing very very quickly in our. Dad's backyard ice after basket glacier. Has lost more than half its volume and receded nearly a mile in the past 125. Years. After years of watching his ice melt away -- felt compelled to put his climbing skills to use. OK Lauren. My guiding scientists into places once thought inaccessible. With dad leading the way in 2016. Scientists were able to explore the inside of the at the basket glacier for the first time in history. Prompting unexpected discoveries from. Moment yes my film. That's file phony so yes you look at glacier not I would personally think nothing is ever quite obviously nobody is living here. The United Nations recognized adds impacting 28 team naming him a mountains Europe. To get a better sense of what dad needs to teach the scientists about climbing and we had him what needed to test stand up on a unique kick it away. Kick that looks more like Iceland it's a grueling tasks. I just hear me but with some moral support from the man called the best ice climber of his generation. Viktor. It's stick to our god. Welcome back there are things. Me. Would I be able to go on an expedition tribute to go. Do science you've got the basic ice in part as an art form or levels of this but he's got the basics. But even with the basics -- says there should be a sense of urgency I am optimistic that we can stem the tide in some way. But I think we're gonna have a lot pretty wild change. Relatively short. So short term worried. It's going to be difficult long term I think when people pull together they can do anything. I'm will Reeve in the Canadian Rockies. And. We celebrate your birthday earlier this week we only got one planet and how obviously bring attention to this and just came as beautiful images I think is important as that debate over climate change is rages on right at all of our responsibilities and while that's there for us things promoter for killing as you can read back what does the rest of the week while today Ali DNA Simon. Things up calling for watching we'll see you tomorrow.

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