It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019

New arrests in alleged mass shooting plots, President Trump appears to contradict his positions, thousands arrested in Kashmir and more.
25:10 | 08/21/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019
Good morning on Scarborough handing over here to talk I think sentenced Wednesday number one president promised sending mixed messages on some big issues he now says the current background checks on gun owners are sufficient even though he previously called for tighter checks. Meanwhile he's abruptly canceled his upcoming trip to Denmark after being told that Greenland is not for sale he previously said buying the island was not their primary purpose it's true number Q authorities say they've stopped another mass shooting plot this time in Florida police arrested a fifteen year old for allegedly threatening to bring his father's and fifteen to as high school. And kill at least seven people. He's arrested in front of his mother who was pleading with police not to arrest him police say he made that threaten an online gaming chat room. On to number three now we're now hearing from the pilot of a small plane that crashed into the waters off northern California. You see that plane going down near the Half Moon Bay airport. A pilot said there was no time to be scared yet here is passenger floated for about 45 minutes before being rescued that crash is being blamed on. Fuel problem. Number four and lawsuits have been filed against its fate of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey apps in one of the three lawsuits claims that Epstein abused girls while he was on work release from jail he also allegedly forced the victim to marry one of his associates. Who recruited girls for him. And finally number five are controversial force rates it appeared that number eight horse in the back there. Beat the number Q horse by a nose at this rates in the UK. But take a closer look it's a little confusing and yeah see this image race officials had to change their call after realizing that it was the horse in front. The league mine. All right let's get your right. Today's big story of several new arrests in connection with alleged mass shooting plots across the country one of these cases involved a teenager. Who's taken into custody right in front of his mother. And she was pleading with officers not to a wrestlers are. Right now did not might. This morning a new crackdown in the wake of those mass shootings in El Paso when Dayton this time in Florida. Police body can't video showing a fifteen year old be the rest did. In front of his mother after allegedly threatening to shoot up his school. I felt or heart valve break my father. He scored built seven. His words reported to the FBI who alerted local police his mother pleading with officers as they arrive to arrest him. Prepare. Seemingly little you know we're pretty. Up. A written threat is a second degree felony in Florida. As the FBI warns of a rising domestic terrorism and possible copycat crimes after the attacks in Texas and Ohio a string of new arrests have been reported in Indianapolis this truck drivers under arrest. Accused of planning to attack a church in net this allegedly writing. I was thinking about shooting a church up but I'm afraid Howell will affect my family in the flash after I'm gone. In Seattle 35 year old Eric Lee and is accused of threatening a woman on FaceBook. In writing that he would kill all Hispanics in Miami and other places and in New Jersey after police say 57 year old man crashed his band. They say they found weapons and ammunition and later found an arsenal of other weapons in his home. Including a grenade launcher in neo Nazi paraphernalia he now faces weapons and drug charges no word what if any plot. Was uncovered. Some experts believe Nash shootings can be contagious others say this uptick in arrests could simply be the result of more people calling police when they see concerns behavior. Well to president trump sitting mixed messages this morning on three big issues first there's got it right ABC news has now confirmed the president backing away from his call for gun background checks after speaking with the head of the NRA meanwhile. On the issue of taxes he's now contradicting his own staff. And confirming that he is considering a payroll tax cut. And then there's the issue up buying Greenland the president has abruptly canceled his upcoming trip to Denmark which owns Greenland. After a Danish official called trumps discussion of the sale absurd. ABC Serena Marshall is sorting through all these developments the street good morning. Today Trevor good morning it is so hard to pin down where exactly the president stands on these issues 'cause he's not just contradicting his staff anymore but himself. It was a day of he's said he's said the president reverses himself on guns taxes and Greenland. Backing off any new background checks plush again calling mental health of the actual problem. We have very very strong background checks right now you know they call it the slippery slope. And all of a sudden everything gets taken away were not to let that happen. The decision change comes after a lengthy conversation with the head of the NRA the president telling him he does not support universal background checks. Following the reasons mash shootings he had treated at both sides needed to come together and get strong background checks. But it's the same type of flip police off from him after the part of shooting when he first told Republicans. Here Fred an error before later backing away from some of the bipartisan talks the about face comes the same day aides insisted at payroll tax was not on the table is on pay it I'm touching and a better. I saw they consider at this time. Just hours later payroll taxes something that we think about and a lot of people would like to see that. Meanwhile the president telling founding in a member Denmark no thanks when it comes to a plan to meeting because Greenland isn't for sale. Even after White House officials downplayed the seriousness of any Greenland purchase and just Sunday the president said when it comes to the purpose of his visit to that purchase it. It's not number one on the birther I can tell you that. And canceling that visit to Denmark the president also canceled and state visit with their countries queen. And when it comes to guns a sources tell us and that the administration is still having background conversations on background checks. With lawmakers on capitol help but that his reelection campaign committee is also concern any bills can impact is based Trevor today. All rights or anything you for joining us this morning and sticking with the White House the White House is expected to announce a new plan today when it comes to detaining later pales at the border. Under current rules migrant families with children can be held in no longer than twenty days but the White House. Is expected to announce a plan that would make that time period longer any new policy is likely to be challenged in court. The president has blamed that funny gay limit for incurred in migrants to travel with children so they can be released earlier. Scandal involving racial and gender discrimination and sexual harassment has cost the Philadelphia's police commissioner his job. Richard Ross junior stepped down yesterday in this move came as he and the department face a federal lawsuit. Charges include that Ross didn't respond to sexual harassment complaints from a female officer with whom he allegedly had an affair. In Florida families and friends of two missing firefighters came together to pray last night as the search for those men enters day five. Primer Clooney ingested walker went fishing off port Canaveral last week. Hundreds of volunteers are searching an area that's about size of Connecticut. Boaters have covered nearly 70000 square miles they have found a fishing tackle bag and part of a cooler that belongs to the men. But no other sign of them so far that com. Located gaze of a Pennsylvania man freed after 22 years behind bars returned to court today Scott did ask he walked out of the Pittsburgh courthouse yesterday he's been imprisoned since 1997. For his role in a murder the year before. On Monday a jury found him not guilty during a retrial thanks to a co defendant's testimony could ask he was grateful to be set free. Shocking. And I see that coming he's innocent American. Point three years overdue Sargent Melissa I got. My attorney my federal turns everything atrocious went off them. We're him. So did ASCII is back in court this morning because the state Parole Board wants and held for parole violation stemming from a 1990. Conviction. Now Joseph consumer alert a new study finds that washing raw chicken and other poultry actually increases the risk for getting sick. Officials say the federal government study reveal how easily bacteria can spread from surfaces are not effectively clean and sent. Little Rock chick and my eight had been the meal of choice for one potential airline passenger in Newark, New Jersey TSA agents. Recovered this fifteen inch of black snake at a check out point Monday a passenger side on the floor and Newark liberty airport. And an agent covered it with one of the check happens is a says it will not be making attempts to find the snakes over there. Two former major league baseball players are charged with being part of a drug trafficking and money laundering ring in their native Dominican Republic Luis Castillo. And Octavio. Dotel are among eighteen people linked to the network that tells in custody. Police are still searching for Kristi he used his ins to grab account to did not pay any drug. Vault. We'll world championship dreams are still alive for group of Little League ballplayers from new teachers and kids from Elizabeth and the team from Barrington Rhode Island were locked in a scoreless tie heading into the final inning of last night's elimination game and then it. Jersey scored two runs on what started as a groundout to second base of New Jersey moves on with a 20 win. Rhode Island heads home after its second. Well good luck good luck to Jersey our deepest sincerest apologies to road. Absolutely. Fine art coming up the emergency declared head of the gathering near area 51 officials are now bracing for an invasion of. But not by aliens. We have more aptly. Help come back. We'll get ahead. Attic area 51 in Nevada and the new emergency that's been declared amid fears of an invasion. Next month so it's not aliens the people that have authorities worried after a man called firm believers. Together at the site a fact finding mission here's ABC's world Reeve. Nevada officials are bracing fern invasion at area 51. By humans the military base eighty miles from Las Vegas has become infamous for conspiracy theories about little green men. The Graf. Area fifty home to and feel prisoner Independence Day. And countless encounters with the X-Files agent Mulder. Clark questions proof that we suspect in the governmental hall on our hands that's. That proof is here crowds are all but guaranteed to arrive around area 51 next month spooking local authorities. In fact so many are expected to descend upon rural Lincoln County Nevada. That officials voted to pre sign a state of emergency declaration. Guaranteeing funds for more medical and law enforcement resources. This all ahead of the event called storm area 51 they can't stop us all the events creator who says it all started as a FaceBook joke. Even was visited recently by the FBI. There aren't they were super cool they really just wanted to make sure wasn't like some kind of actual terrorists a ticket pipe bombs this single event has now spiraled into a weekend long alien enthusiast festival. Insane or just created a joke royals played video games man and it's taken off to dislike absolutely wild monsters now his wild monster has morphed into a vision for a different invasion up to 50000 festival goers descending on the other worldly tourism hot spot. Of Rachel Nevada well Reeve ABC news New York. I thanks to will read there and out to the disputed territory of Kashmir which has been on lockdown since India revoked its autonomy. And imposed a curfew and a communications blackout on August 5. And now some officials within the police force are saying they've arrested more than 2300. People. In an effort to curb unrest so we want to go across the pond and Julian MacFarlane in our London bureau for more Juliet good morning. What's going on there was protesters. Morning cover exactly is so I do say 2300. People have been at detained. In the foot in the Indian administered region. All of Kashmir that's according to and three officials speaking anonymously to the Reuters news agency. Alleged they've got good the number of days. Detained includes. Anti Indian protest is as well as prayer in didn't Kashmiri. Lead does not does spend unrest in recent weeks since Indian government strips Indian. Both control of the cash met all of its special autonomous basis. That a controversial news lost did cash Maris sort of split between. The Pakistani controlled site in the Indian concede control aside but the Indian side enjoyed it some level of went over a bowl of autonomy. And say this controversial name. Spot to number of protests. The security forces. The Indian security forces they issued a loud crack down. The cell and that was let down people didn't have access to any communications. Indian families struggle to get hold of that relatives and friends in Kashmir really really worrying time that. Julie to Italy were migrants rescued from the Mediterranean by an age should have finally been allowed to dock after a nineteen day standoff some of them. Jumped from the ship and an attempt to swim to shore. Yeah judge and in this has happened several times in recent months with several different ships. It is an ongoing issue the mysteries mysteries of me this is a Spanish ship called the tape and bombs. It's silly refused to lessen doc Watson had dozens of migrants on board and say for three weeks it's sort of inflates and all of the Italian cased. The at a news of the ship and the captain they said that's. The migrants were suicidal really severe conditions on board people feeling sick just to shorten just two toilets. Shed by everyone on boards the migrants were sleeping cheek to jowl. And you know this comes off a few months ago when a jam in ship. Tried to do this say amended the whole crew on the captain would detained for bringing those migrants on board but this is spot to real. If this is an ongoing issue for its lead because as they say. They take and and a disproportionate number of migrants right in ordeal in its own right men also Julie of this is happening as the Italy's premier has announces resignation. When can we expect new elections there. Exactly so the current makeup of the Italian government is there is a power sharing coalition between two populist policies. And an independent prime minister now. The needed them these all of the legal pot to the five bronze. And and attend cell meaning he tabled a no confidence debate against prime minister. A Giuseppe caught on tape he then resigned and said that he couldn't what quit them. And if there is and it and that's. Something is unable to form a new government and you can see elections and its lead in the fool. Now there is two parties that made huge gains in the recent European elections not about to the European Parliament not the Italian parliament. But indicates that the league and the five stop meet men face. Populist anti immigrant parties they both got a huge share of the base at best given pretty spunky. And just have a con ta said that Selby these actions. Well all politics because he wants to see another election Julian MacFarlane always keep an awesome form from across the pond Julie thanks for McIntyre forced thanks guys. Let's get tegra at stations sending little story for them either an aide demand mr. Tinder for his prolific matches on the dating out. Has finally found love in real life models Stepan. Thousands a matches here. Trevor. His now I don't think I've. I don't think the guy was looking for love. Now he's trying his numbers up. I he did it fourteen he's exceeded the ask Siskel at least now he's found love viewed so that life to her camp to you who's here. Next we hope you've already had a breakfast this morning because you are about to hear the magic words that are likely to make you hungry here they don't. Do you see balconies and LT. Christie speculative and number one tender. And it when it comes out because if there's other words to barbecued is up there as is smoked. Marinated and grilled. And roasted his number one I'm surprised by that. I am surprised that you and none of those words that they didn't don't you for having no but that's a question of the day yeah words there on the list or art. But analysts make you hungry her. Dallas in the comments street is an ABC news live what you got it left off. Sun paid. Yeah worker for KAM wow and marks hungry now right. They all. How about. Captain Crunch and its captain captain today's big cat scratch suddenly at a younger. We and it we found it yet. An exit Koppen members showing a little boy how it's done in a dance battle. They boat. Have some pretty sweet moves. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Quebec court reporter while here they do this I mean it's pretty impressed. Yeah related news James. Ending the santorum's views on your via the now and his little. And for now it's too early this Staten daughter. They know I'm Dr. He would ever. He doubted our. He has every dead for this absolutely. We'll. Allied Aurora ball yeah. We did definitely. Elliott was here and yeah. I'm down there. The bed bath and articulate and a. Karen. But yeah. Polling website 538. Once named twist. The fastest rapper in the game which is impressive in its own right break as he can spin it. But wait until you see what his sign language interpreter is able to do to keep up with him in silly becoming her own over. I gave Lebanese very impressive Taylor get amber Galilee goalie got. Is fighting alongside us batteries in concert. Records are treated then they ate they handlers should apply to. Great record yeah. Medium. Sign language interpreter can't very. But I'm children yeah good for him if you're Brenner a concert break which country yeah. That if you they have sign language and. Office yeah. I highly effective assault but I was sarcastic got me going to a lot of crap out of a sign language interpreter yes. They deserve your respect. Yet completely OK time. Early this morning we are saying goodbye to a legend fogged cam. Top topped the world's oldest webcam due to be shut down at the end of the month when five years old you know San Francisco fault hands that's right they give you look at the ball back in 94 what you see is what you get. And it's on its job simulator. Farewell plug him. Coming up in fits and Lopez we're checking out New York's only half. After hours wedding chapel that's coming up after this. So here's what the watch out for today president trump is scheduled to speak at the American. In veterans annual national convention in Louisville, Kentucky before speaking and fund raiser committee reception from democratic. Presidential hopefuls are on the campaign trail as the warring Cory Booker hold events in Los Angeles long Joseph Biden has concluded judge and many more. Make their case to voters at Iowa federation of labor convention. And loyal and a Loyola university basketball super fans sister Jeanne made famous during the school's historic run in the twenty team. NCAA turned it turns 100 today tune into the celebration write Karen ABC news live at 4 o'clock eastern. Favorite air guitar world championships kick off today in Finland culminating Friday in the grand finale where imaginary musicians will battle it out to be crowned the best air guitar as. On her as a. At this into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room for example of the latest headlines in. Well a new study say just 44% of colonials who rent their apartment have turned down a wedding invitations because they're too expensive to attend these days they can. Cost a lot on average just being a gas at a wedding costs upwards of 370. Box. And the other sad news is the same study found that 62% of the time declining that invitation to a friend's wedding costs that gets their friendship. With the couple then you probably save money and the baby shower to who long term mean some news that. When you got it they get our hot wedding set along game yes your money management. You know while traditional weddings are costing more and more they're expensive we just told you one woman here in New York is out to prove you don't have to break the bank. To have the ceremony of your dreams that we'll. Gans that went to see if NYC's newest wedding chapel has and it takes to make this the next romance capital of the world. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan atop the Empire State Building. Nicolas Cage and share at Lincoln Center. Who appear a whole New York City known for its cinematic romance. We're New Yorkers we don't have time for the. Welcome to instant below and its New York city's first and only after hours walking in wedding chapel. Donna Marie cents a barrel AKA red. 400 weddings. Are friends. We gather here today. Is the only one offering a spot to tie the knot New York City. And City Hall is closed late into the night and on the weekends. It's the city that never sleeps how are you the first person they'll come up with this idea I don't know when my husband and I came up with the ATF. We really we're just like Ellis have to exist and he went on attain air trying to find it somewhere and heat from their behavior not gonna believe that it doesn't exist here. That's so they did yeah. Doing the important research taking a trip to the walk in wedding capital of the world. Las Vegas we walked into every single chapel on the strip off the strip but we just sent out week we can do this and we don't need Elvis brick city and Dallas Vegas it's more like a kind of Mariano aligned my aunt my. Hot here yes it's going to be a short ceremony but we are gonna make it his personal and as as cozy as we can't it is a nice moments should be a nice moment. When clients come in they have their pick of anything and everything they see in the chapel. To make their ceremony a little more personal bouquets and bow ties and a variety of veils. I think in mourning and a welcome Tanya an Oscar a couple renewing their vows and honor of their third anniversary. Giving their ceremony a bit of a heavy metal plant. Something they might have missed out on elsewhere. You have like customization and that's very important especially you know the New York City that that's not an option you have to go to City Hall which we consider how long flying we want our wet saying it's a bit send not to let traditional things. Red Dee says most of the folks coming to instant allotments are tourists who didn't realize City Hall is an open on the weekends. People who just want a smaller quicker wedding or couples like Oscar in Tanya never wanted a traditional wedding in the first. Place I think people are gravitating away from traditional weddings because traditional weddings sock. They're boring. I'm sorry but I want it to be so personal to the couple that people come up snapped wasn't up. I'm so them. Spur woman will cocktail their reason. There's money didn't mean an industry they're certainly is and money to be saved. Full circle there you go perfect let that last today. Thanks for law should. Have a great.

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