It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019

Historic impeachment hearing today, Trump clashes with ally at NATO summit, Kamala Harris drops out and more.
28:42 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019
Good morning I'm truck Earl and I'm RC Gonzales here the top five things you need to know this Wednesday. Number one history unfolding in Washington today the House Judiciary Committee is holding its first public impeachment hearing today after receiving a report from Democrats accusing president trump of abusing his power by soliciting foreign interference in the twenty when he election. President trump calls the investigation a hoax. Our live coverage of the hearing begins at 9:30 eastern time this morning. Meanwhile number two that president is meeting with world leaders at the NATO summit in London this morning. I don't hold a news conference at the same time the impeachment hearing is being held the president had an uncomfortable meeting with French president not crawling yesterday after criticizing the crowds comments about NATO. The truck administration is also threatening to add tariffs on French imports. The response to attacks on US tech companies and overnight we saw this moment caught on camera not grown along with the Canadian and British prime minister's. Laughing as they are overheard a puree until mock president trump for his link being news conference yesterday moving on to number three some big changes coming at. Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are stepping down as CEO and president. The GO duo built the company twenty years ago in a garage has been a tumultuous years for the company governments around the world have demanded better security and employees have held massive walkouts over company policies never far out big controversy in the NBA after I'd dunk by James Harden of the rockets last night taken. The videos of the ball goes through the hoop that gets caught in the net and bounces out some of the refs ruled that didn't count but then the rest later said. It should have counted you can see it goes all the way through to split background of this is out of a big controversy because this game went into double overtime. The rockets ended up losing by just. Two points which is what it Gulf Coast. Worsening thank you for explaining I don't cry I'll definitely did. Number five a new survey had revealed the average amount of time that we spent watching TV over our lifetimes it's nearly 79000. Hours. That averages to about three and a half hours a day in the study was commissioned by LG electronics and surveyed. 2000 British adults three out of five people surveyed said they would be lost. Without television. That feels a little scary to hold a letter telling us this time your television in which case. Keep watching you would greatly exceeds 79 house pets right. Kid morning thanks for joining us everybody Good Morning America Trevor alt I'm Marcy can tell us we appreciate your time. As always. But sorrow with big story the next phase of the impeachment showdown shifting to the House Judiciary Committee with its first public hearing set for this morning. Well Democrats have released a scathing impeachment report. They are accusing president trump of abusing its power of jeopardizing national security and of obstructing justice. They see he placed his own interest over the country's interest and the vice president and other top officials allegedly knew about it. Monaco's RID joins us with the latest developments from Washington woman couldn't TN. Good morning to you Marcy and good morning to you as well Trevor. Now as Democrats moved closer to an impeachment vote that's likely to happen before Christmas. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff says that his panel already has enough evidence to prove that the president abuse the power of his office. This morning the impeachment investigation entering a new phase as Democrats prepare to finalize their case against president trump. Chairman Jerry Nadler whose judiciary committees in charge of drawing up articles of impeachment. We'll hold the panel's first hearing today with constitutional experts ahead of the hearing the intelligence committee voted along party lines Tuesday. To turn over its 300 page report on the findings of their investigation to the judiciary panel house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff telling reporters. Following thirty hours of public testimony and twelve witnesses the intelligence committee found the president placed his own personal political interest above that of the United States. This is not about Ukraine. This is about our democracy this is about our national security. And in the surprising development the report also implicated some of the closest members of the president's circle including vice president Mike Pence secretary of state Mike Pompeo an acting chief of staff make mall beanie. Of being complicit in the president's push to withhold military aid from Ukraine for political purposes. This is the result of a president who believes that he is beyond indictment. Beyond impeachment to beyond any form of accountability and indeed above the law. Republicans striking backward their own report dismissing the process as unfair to the president the president who is attending a NATO summit in London says. He's not concerned with today's hearing. Tomorrow. If you watch. I'm murder weapon and be doing this what works way. The intelligence committee report also indicates at the president obstructed congress. By stonewalling efforts to investigate now the president says that he wants his top officials to testify but not the impeachment inquiry is a quote. Total fixed Trevor and Marcy. Not because her Abdi in Washington Mona think you have progress here day and the president has lost around in the ongoing fight over his financial records a federal appeals court has ruled. That duo chip bank must turn over detailed documents about the president's finances to two congressional committees. The president's legal team is likely to appeal that ruling to the Supreme Court. North Korea is threatening the US with an unwelcome Christmas. If the north has accused the US of stalling nuclear negotiations because of the upcoming presidential elections. The country is giving the US until the end of the year to drop its quote hostile policy. On Tuesday president truck repeated his hope that Kim Jong-un would get rid of his country's nuclear missed. The drug administration says some 200000. Americans with out health insurance. We begin HIV prevention drugs for free otherwise the so called prep drugs cost about when he thousand dollars a year in the US. Only 40% of US adults have ever been tested for HIV. And few of the people at high risk are receiving the medications that prevented well not to the biggest names so far to drop out of the race for the White House senator Kabul Harris opened her campaign nearly a year ago hoping to become the first black woman to win the democratic presidential nomination. And be president trump. But after an early bump her campaign struggled and eventually bring an out of money here's ABC's Wendy Davis. A campaign it started with so much promise. Brought to an abrupt and even before the first vote was cast. I'm not a billionaire can't fund my campaign senator com all of parents who sought to be the first black female president of the United States. Calling the decision one of the hardest of her life. I cannot tell you that I have a path forward. If I don't believe it did she shot to the top tier early famously taking on Biden for his previous position on mandated busing to integrate schools. There was a little girl in California. Who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools as she was bused to school every day. And I little girl was me. But Harris started to plateau in the polls often struggling to defend her record as a prosecutor when you had the power. Why didn't try to effect change that. There then I'm glad you asked me this question I made a decision. That if I was gonna have the ability to reform the system I would try it do it from the in sun was I able to get enough done absolutely not. Over the weekend signs of the campaign was unraveling. The New York Times obtaining a resignation letter from a Harris aide who said I no longer have confidence in our campaign or its leadership. Senator Harris told staffers on Tuesday that she worked around the clock Thanksgiving weekend to try to figure out how to make things work but ultimately after doing a campaign audit. She says she simply didn't have the money to move forward. Wendy Davis ABC news New York. Joseph Biden Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker were among the candidates offering kind words of. Out here but president trump fired off a sarcastic tweet about her departure saying too bad we will new issue Karbala. And then Harris hit right back tweeting don't worry Mr. President. All see you lecture trial. In other knee is Georgetown University is dealing with criminal accusations involving three members of its basketball team. Include sexual harassment assault and burglary one of those players is no longer on the team Georgetown said that's because he intended to transfer to another school. The other two players apparently are still on the roster for tonight's game at Oklahoma State so far no charges have been filed. While awarding this morning about the growing dangers from Ferrell hogs the pigs were blamed for the gruesome death of a woman in Texas last week. And now experts say such incidents are likely to become more common across the US because milder winters caused by climate change that are helping this population exploded. Wild pigs are destructive they are extremely difficult to control. And that the couple a first responders in Florida working to rescue a young woman from her sinking car. After they brought her to safety they learned the woman's dog was still inside that vehicle so they went back into the water. And they were able to pull Hendrix Allah as well the woman was hospitalized but Hendricks was not hurt. It is still unclear why that woman crashed into the water in first place. Consumer alert now there's a food recall in thirty once. Gates Fuji food products is pulling ready T eat sushi salads and spring rolls from shelves over fears of listeria contamination. So far no illnesses have been reported though will these. Products are sold in the midwest and on the East Coast at Trader Joe's satellite and Walgreens and other locations and anybody whose purchase those products should throw them away. Olympic skier gust can Wear these says he's not gonna compete for the US in the next winter games. Sure they will race for Britain if he qualifies for the 20/20 two Winter Olympics. He's still to honor his British mother and what will likely be his final Olympics can worthy was born in at six his family moved to America when he was two years olds at least it's honoring. Mother hat in India and pass it. And I think it'll probably mean a lot to our users and come home adding because it with a metal from her birth country. Forget what that. No harm no foul cuts and Ortiz coming up behind tensions between allies at the NATO summit. President trump meeting with more world leaders today. Plus why visiting an island to see Comodo dragon could cost deal. After this. Welcome back president trump slammed Democrats as unpatriotic. For moving forward with impeachment proceedings while he's in London for the NATO summit. After being greeted by the queen at Buckingham Palace the president is attending a series of bilateral meetings today before heading back to the White House. Following the trip marked by heightened tensions with French president agree and. ABC's Karen trappers with the latest. President Tom Hudson social time in London last night. T with Prince Charles a reception at bucking ham palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth adding gathering at ten Downing Street with British prime minister Boris Johnson. But the president kicked off his day with tough talk aimed at French president a man number crone. Very very nasty stated generally is resolving to. A lot of different. The president criticizing the crohn's recent comments questioning the strength of NATO and the crohn's diagnosis of NATO's quote. Brain death but seated next to the French president leader president trump Barry down and talked about his good relationship with Lecrone. And we intend to make. The this missed. Hour maybe hour. But there are new trade tensions between the US and France and drug administration announced last night it is considering placing terrorists on 2.4 billion dollars in French goods cheese wine and luxury handbag. A retaliatory action for the taxes France plays on US tech companies including Google and FaceBook. Today we're gonna take advantage of the American how it's going to be else. Not every friend. And there was also this uncomfortable moment between trump and the crewman the issue of what to do with releases prisoners in Syria came up it is mostly from Europe. Would you like some nice assist others it's. That everyone who want to these days. Before that. For a fire coming from you about it. Get all the hopeful that. Our thanks to Karen Travers and now let's go across the pond to Julie McFarlin in the London bureau for more on the NATO summit morning Julia. Morning lawsuits pays say what you know where in the middle of festive season you know. Finally reunions you seal your distant relatives. You pays for a great afraid to go off you Sharon some just buying put together. But all that is niceties didn't necessarily mosque a lot of tensions. Why am I should talking of course about. May say but it really have this in this spirit. All the fractures of Tommy reunion here is how low the the summit held was captured by the cartoonist. In the papers today NATO is seventieth buzz de Ponte but as you can clos of I'm happy grumpy faces. Silicon you'll so it's different corners and it has been quite an interesting. Summit recently the 29 strong member bloke there are some really really deep divisions. In May tea act amendments and some pretty interesting changes I just wanna take you by two member into any sixteen it seems like a long time ago. President chump attacked naysayers. I was also les well at present time does now maj does make his chief defends. Often yesterday and un some of the meetings today. He attacked president ma cone for them a comment he made to the economist mines in las week that NATO. Was through rain dead presidents Thomas said dots it was an insulting comment by the French presidents to a lot of forces me said. You just can't go around making statements like that about NATO. It's very disrespectful. But what did present my chronic mean while. President Michael on. Is it really taking issue with tacky tacky is of course a member of NATO on recently it had got military intervention into northern Syria. Against the cuts NATO allies in the fight against crisis present my clone also raised the issue of techie buying at defense systems. By the Russians and he is really echoing a lot of NATO members unease about that about how it could expect isn't made ten minute Jihad west fighter jets. With having a Russian at defense system inside that minute tree alliance said there's a lot of unease. On between the member as that but president child. Can take a victory that he has managed TI should get bloody European member states to opt that contributions. Two the did to that defense budgets as part of the met a NATO requirement that summing that he. Has been costing four for a long time. But a lot of these this attentions rainy came. The vision the parents in that banquet yesterday and guys I just want to show you a video that has being doing the rounds. On the Internet while the lead as Canada's Justin chute de France's. A money amount clung. Britain's of Boris Johnson. I'm that princess added that they were all court on May hot Mike situation and they were a parent neat tool came. About Donald Trump making comments about why a present my corn was late to the summit and making reference apparently to present terms. In college you long press conferences. There was something oddly humanizing about that moment is like even though these are some of the most powerful people in the world still watching them break away to share some hot gossip. Right about the. Yeah the group on the sidelines of love and he didn't have the denim pot C a boy. And gathering light about. And another and another thing that's cat cat getting ground a lot of attention. Is princess I'm in another bid today. Web prison term on the First Lady would let greeting the queen and prince to us the queen. Is seen to sort of cool to princess on who is just all of the news just in the corner he's not ready in the conversation. She a piston cold princes on it and looks to come up and then shrugs. Handled. It little thing going on and. A lot going on of this NATO Julie probably can't name we will we awful and I. Asked about what's going on in Indonesia the government wants to charge tourists thousand dollars because the islands have Komodo dragons what's going on there. Yet because this is really funny I'm not to Mae exists. Story well Bobbie but my little brother actually did go to the komando I had and then a couple months a day today that exact thing here's offended that he'd tech. All of a committed guy and he got this scary its at very terrifying me close. I'm TV's huge Liz says he and I a couple of friends left traveling at 28 with two lap one by Joan Flores. Red islands. These Ivins which haven TV's huge beasts. President Jack it would day there's. Is considering. Raising fees for tourist to go and see these can May Day dragons he's talking with the regional authorities that. The best thinking about charging tourists a thousand dollars each to CDs. And visits now it sentencing because. Oh when when my brother was our a couple of months ago he saw that he might be one of one of the lost tourists it to go for yeah because I backed band. The two opens up the Indonesians would clues the whole of komando island and some of the other islands. To tourism completely for at least a yet to help the island bring back at some is just did today to gain by some its conservation. It's been very very devout let's says tours those tourism. Causing things like they have alleged ring and and it's causing a lot of problems fled the for the ecosystem that so. This new development is that thinking about charging a lot of money for tourists which would impact a lot of people from seeing these things but this is a very remain part of Indonesia very very. Beautiful pots of the country. But it has suffered from you is of mismanagement and the medical authorities not quite. Putting in that via amount of investment for the foot four from the tourism bonanza. It's really interesting because they feel like Inkster Graham also has an impact on tourism and a lot of these areas people as want to get that answer Graham shot and sore. Traveling to some of these destinations that are now becoming so overwhelmed shares tourists and it's having an act like that. I must say that's completely right and I had gotten myself. When I went back to Indonesia this summer I went to their isn't they very famous temple way you can see one of the biggest I let volcanoes and body. It's something that people love taking instant around the edges up but what you don't seem as in Saddam very days. Is he lied out of hundreds of people literally hundreds of people and you can be expected to spend hours and here. Just what got in stick around shops I had this same experience and volley I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm really travel a lot but I believe both of your story. Do we McFarland over in London Julie always appreciate have guys thanks I let's check our notification is we're gonna start with a record shattering slam dunk. This is from thirteen thousand feet in the air above Arizona globe Trotter hammer Ericsson. Bringing the hammer this is the highest ever slam dunk. Ever. Pretty high and that believed the law that is a mule world record. And we have another one few guys and guys just drove from New York City to Los Angeles and get this. 27 hours and 25. Minutes. It's called the cannonball run in the guys made the legendary 2800. Mile trek and a modified Mercedes-Benz sit down. They left after midnight from NYC there average speed with a 103 miles an hour they preached act up speed. Of a 189. Indy three miles an hour at an undisclosed location and ought to keep that under Kimberly Wyatt Wright. They used thermal imaging way eons. And eighteen different scout vehicles to keep a lookout for this is an elaborate operations your lives as Dell on a deal that went. A 109. A somebody in Arizona bought a winning lottery ticket worth fourteen point six million dollars and then. They never claimed the prize and now it's too late. That ticket was sold on June 5 in Goodyear Arizona. The lucky winner had until Monday to pick up the price they just never did. And this is the largest unclaimed lottery prize ever in Arizona so now we're everybody's wondering of course what happens with money well in Arizona. Two organizations for at risk youth in one providing scholarship funds for native American students will be receiving funds which is good. Absolutely Ireland X 28. Startling revelation by Willie Nelson this is a little bit shocking he country music icon says he is giving up smoking pot. 86 year old reportedly told local TV station quote I have abused my lungs quite a bit in the past thanks so breathing is a little more difficult these days and a half. Have to be careful. That he is not quitting and abyss cold Turkey is at least a BP is using at a bull's. Annie has after all launched his own Canada's brand Andy co chairs the national advisory board on reforming marijuana laws cell. This is just the smoke here that's the of course actors who does section of it right to get item marijuana. And still all about and. Yeah I mean the guy is a legendary country music artist but he's probably known more flare up of marijuana I feel like I knew Mary Lou Willie Nelson looks on before any proof. So maybe not too much or change for an there will just in time for the holiday season comes a new study that finds Christmas presents are actually better received. If you wrap them poorly. Researchers found the better of the gift wrapping the higher the expectations. For the gift. But shop gift wrapping job lowered expectations and people actually like to give. More of this study also found that Peter feelings over nicely wrapped gifts were likely worse when they came from a loved one rather than an acquaintance. So that somebody that you care about. Do them a solid. She has really nail in the wrapped up jurors some newspaper. Galley that. No love it. It's science yes it it's true that yep we are you could. What this all brings us to our question of the day we're wondering what is your gift wrapped balancing a lot of them over the years arguments are constantly giving gifts. I've watched from afar. Wanting the gifts are you to take illustrate sloppy do you take it to the mall right to the people to have multiple wrap before you we wanted we wanna CE. How your wrapping them so in the comments or tweets a photo of your work. And maybe it's great maybe it's not. Maybe you've got a really terribly routes that caused heavy machine shame and yeah we're all out we wanna selection there's a big wide range the wide berth of what gets to look like it will once all of them. Help us out for it turned out to the carbon monoxide scare for a Hollywood actress and her family. On a Ferris was celebrating Thanksgiving at a rental home when every house or to feelings six and two members of the family went to the hospital. And that may have seemed all of their lives. On the Ferris the star of the scary movie franchise. Had no real life scare over Thanksgiving the actress says she rented a house with twelve members of her family in Lake Tahoe tweeting through the typical family drama. But soon. They all started feeling sick. Two of the family members left dinner and went to the hospital where they were diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning. The assumes that it was altitude sickness T people went ahead and went to the hospital on their own hospital staff immediately identified that it was carbon monoxide poisoning. Yeah yeah. Everyone survived but the levels of carbon monoxide in Ferris is rental home were six times the maximum recommended level. The home did not. Have CO detectors. Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless it can kill in minutes by depriving the bloodstream of oxygen symptoms can be similar to altitude sickness. Nearly 500 people die in the US each year because of exposure to the toxic gas as minis 20000 people visit emergency rooms. It's really important regardless of whether your home or whether you're traveling that you always have not situational awareness because. You know if you see if this piece of equipment hurts malfunctioning in the middle of the night and the levels are high enough. He's just not going to wake up. Actress tweeting this picture showing the Thanksgiving table set with half eaten plates writing it just stupidly dramatic story but I'm feeling very fortunate. Fort family members ended up being hospitalized is still unclear Ferris was among them. Authorities say when traveling consider bringing your own CEO detector there which I wouldn't think to deal to bring now he urgent but that's a great idea because in these rental places he just. Kelly never announce it can't hurt thing that the list of coming up gonna tell you what to watch out for aside from the big impeachment here. Plus we all remember this moment that captured the nation's a young man for giving his brother's killer. Well now he's being honored we'll have more on that after that. Here's what to watch out for today the judiciary committee's first impeachment hearing will get under way just. A day after the intelligence committee's draft impeachment report was released sitting president trump abused his power. Stay with ABC news for live coverage streaming at 9:30 eastern ahead of the 10 o'clock hearing. Meanwhile in London president trouble hold a series of meetings from with leaders from Germany Great Britain Italy and Denmark before holding a news conference at 10:30 eastern. You watching that during our coverage of the peak here. SpaceX is scheduled to launch its falcon nine rocket on a mission to resupply the International Space Station bringing new equipment and materials fourth. Scientific investigation and the capitol Christmas tree will be lit by speaker Nancy Pelosi and ceremony sponsored by the New Mexico congressional delegation the treatment decorator. Thousands of handcrafted ornaments from the people of New Mexico. Plus don't forget to tune in to the debrief for an update on all of our top stories and the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. And finally in Texas the younger brother of the man killed by a police officer in his own apartment I think given an award after forgiving his brother's killer both luge. Or shot by off duty Dallas police officer amber Geiger last year she says she mistakenly entered his apartment believing it was her own. Eighteen year old Brent Jones stunned the nation when he asked the judge if he could hug amber Geiger he was honored Tuesday for his empathy and forgiveness. I am grateful for this award. For the same reason I was grateful. For the opportunity to embrace or ms. Gardner needed to be forgiven him. And needed to be free from the burden of unfair given us. Initiating fueled protests in Dallas and across the country Geiger was convicted acceptance. Ten years in prison for John's murder she may appeal that conviction. Oh nice to see in yeah. It was incredible moment that we have had people talking there are some people who are not totally supportive of in his forgiveness because it was ripe old news and honestly kind of understandable appeared family of someone who has been murdered but he I remember that specific day we're just waiting on the decision right because it was the sentencing. And then that moment happened kind of everybody gets stopped of the newsroom to see what we have just seen. With grant John and it kindness there in so definitely very powerful and at a wise kid. For being beyond his years absolutely Stan thanks everybody for watching we'll look at the great Wednesday another very busy day in Washington. Got you covered all day ABC news life.

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