It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019

Trump "not happy" with bipartisan border agreement, El Chapo convicted and more.
17:58 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019
Westminster dog show a big hit everybody loved those who think they really do. Andre a comfortable. Pick out okay we'll gradually. King I can't get them. That's very government along warning all but that dog show I looked. Amazing. And it looks so much fun I can't we go break all of this album war to find out what I was really like the past the Anaheim the things there. The back to today's big story this morning president trump says he's not happy with the border security deal reached on Capitol Hill. Yeah we give him only a fraction of the money he wants to build his border wall the question now is. Kenny find other ways to pay Ford and will he risk another government shut. Down ABC's voter costar oddity has the latest this morning load up. Forget out for us. Right in mourning today good morning Tenet president drop is facing pressure from both sides to sign this deal and with limited options trumps that have to make that decision. By midnight Friday. A displeased president drop not hiding his frustrations over a new deal on border security. I am extremely unhappy would want the Democrats have given us. Instead it. The bipartisan deal not much different than the one that led the country into it's a longest government shut down. Back in December but under pressure from his own party and other news got a pretty good deal here. President trump is grudgingly leaning towards accepting the deal. I have to study it I'm not happy about it it's not doing the trend. But I'm getting things do it. The deal includes nearly one point four billion to build steel border barriers like V is on the southern border about 55 miles worth. Not the prototype steel and concrete walls the president won it. We have a bipartisan agreement. As in all bipartisan agreements. Everybody had to give something. We are urging the president to sign the Republicans are urging trump to take the deal as a down payment. But the president is adamant with or with out the deal the wall is getting built suggesting he's considering taking money from other areas of government. We have a lot of things going. We have a lot of money in this country. And we're using some of them but it's as he considers his limited options the president has made one thing clear. I don't think you're going to see Asia. I would want to. While Republicans on Capitol Hill are urging him to sign the deal his some of his biggest supporters are advising against it. Fox's Sean Hannity says that they're called this deal garbage at a garbage compromise. Motto we remember very clearly rap in the last time those. Really odd to the far right conservative voices had an impact on the president of the song cable news and so we will see an -- up to get that will happen again Marta thank you in Washington. Meanwhile justice is served for Mexicana drug cartel bosses Joaquin el top folk whose mind he's a newly convicted felon who will likely spend the rest of his life. Behind the bars of an American prison and. Officials say his former drug empires still moving tons of narcotics into the US Guzman now awaits sentencing and a potential move to one of the most secure facilities on earth. If he's do you Benitez has more. This dramatic moment was the beginning of the end for Joaquin and Chappel Guzman. After his long run from the law repeatedly escaping authorities he was now caught he had no idea where he was being taken. In this never before seen video obtained by ABC news. This was the moment when the notorious drug lord. Learned he had landed in New York he had been brought to the US to face justice the most wanted drug lord in the world now bleary eyed and be Wiltshire. And L chapel has now been convicted on all ten federal charges. Including drug trafficking and conspiracy to murder he will likely spend the rest of his life in American prison. Is a sense for which there is no escape and no return. This conviction. Is a victory. For the American people who has suffered so long in so much. Walk who's blonde made billions. Pouring poison over our southern border jurors deliberating for six days. Trial pulling back the curtain on the man who ruled the Sinaloa Cartel with an iron fist bribing politicians and killing rivals his favored gun. This pistol encrusted with diamonds he was a killer. Who's a murderer he was a manipulator. But he was awful very very very Smart. He smuggled drugs anyway he could incite cans of Paula Payne used fake bananas by boat even submarine. Prosecutors describing a parent or drug lord who spied on his enemies and his lover's. The trial was held under unprecedented security. Jurors who were never showed were escorted by armed guards in an out of court as they decide the fate of a man who famously escaped to Mexican prisons. El shop Los seen here slipping beneath his prison cell. Going through the floor of the shower disappearing into the elaborate mile long tunnel we saw that total firsthand in Mexico. Even the motorbike that was waiting for him in the tunnel to escape. This is the house where he just walked into. And disappeared. But months later Mexican authorities would score could topple tiger. Grabbing him outside one of its tunnels turning him over to the US an American jury convicted him. Likely send him away for life if we can get our hands on helped topple. Arguably the most notorious crime boss in the history of this world. I would say we can get our hands on any one it's just a matter where in went. And L trouble be sentenced in June where he goes after that we just don't know it's very likely to be a super Max prison the tightest security. In this country. GO Benitez ABC news here at the federal court helps in Brooklyn New York. Turning to politics president trump is revisiting that idea about pulling a big parade and Washington. We'll he wanted a big military parade but that was going to be pricey so that idea was scrapped last year. The president has said the event would be called a salute to America and possibly take place at the Lincoln Memorial. Around the fourth of July he described it as a gathering and said he'd like it to become a tradition. But the pain is. Washington was is already the site of a major Independence Day parade Kenneth I'm sure you remember covering this you. Yeah in Washington last year when the president and DC mayor mayor your browser. Kind of got into a back important when going back and forth that president really wants separate after being in France and he sat look I want the same. Pomp and circumstance up going down constitution and we'll get back we'll see but we'll see a plan on the fourth of July. There are record number of Americans have now fallen behind on their car loan payments haven't million people or at least ninety days leading experts say that number is surprising. It could be a red flag for the economy. And another controversy for the Oscars the academy has announced it will hand out awards in four category gore is during the commercial breaks of the ceremony. To try to sweeping job. Yeah we know it's a long broadcasts the winners were cinematographer V and film editing are among those. That won't be seen live during the broadcast some of the top names in film have been quick to lash out including actor Russell Crowe what is said here he tweeted an anger response saying. This is just such a fundamentally stupid decision. And the mastermind behind the movie Roma tweet it no one single film has never existed without some photography and without editing. Four those of us here we know that we've got an incredible behind the scenes. Team I want them to be recognized absolutely tip that TV time to now that they get that award can get their costing more awards how much more time does that really started goes until the next day anyway. I told 5 AM. Well up next the lottery winner who collected his prize in disguise. More on that when we return. Welcome back as we approach the midpoint of Black History Month we continue our series. Spy life spotlighting the accomplishments and contributions of some of the most remarkable black Americans. I had the privilege of sitting down with three men who met each other in college and formed a pact to stick together today they're all doctor sticking their vote. To help others to a whole new level. Read it won't. Oh yeah. These three men up shoulder to shoulder but they've had each other's backs were more than forty years doctor Joan Simien. On board certified obstetrician gynecologist doctor peered Johnson. Truth curiosity and interest sparked before being so did you plan and doctor Maximus here almost. Cardiac anesthesiologists all three. Doctors who beat yards. Doctor Ximian selling drugs and a young engage in New Orleans doctor Johnson growing up from the SARS are Chicago. His parents addicted to drugs doctor matier the son of Haitian immigrants who moved to New York. Three bars men from different lives of hardship who happened by chance. To meet in the same place struggling in the library and it Xavier University of Louisiana. Hero for the moment I met your morbidly dive next you know he said one thing and I was used to. And when he said that. I was like okay we won't be best friends because he has to say and drop passion and determination lifting each other out holding each other accountable. You know he's an ass of sub par grades are freshman year and ham we. We finally linked up we realized it. Through each other we can put each other up. All three graduating going their separate ways from medical school for the challenges not over Ximian even moved to Illinois for a month. They hope Johnson after you know begin cats. Required tests to get into med school. To have somebody. Is feeling that right we view ketchup back and it should support. If it changes life. But then finally got moment. What at that moment like when you're all three doctors that moment was. You know was happy Blakey inside deep inside you feel like something's this. Now was the time. What a Muslim and now August that burning question if they all three beats the realities of the world. Including discrimination they seeking from colleagues and patients. Even other people of color been completely confident cultural life and we going to hospital via hearings via two rooms and we do that for a specific reason we have the knowledge and we know I've communicated that the friends were like Brothers putting their stories on paper. Their book the polls but perseverance you have to put your had to be exposed to it. You know cancer drugs like all of those things have to beachfront span put out there. So the key is can actually. Put themselves and shoes. Book proceeds go to the nonprofit aimed at educating young people. Inspiring those who look like them can awarding a monthly scholarship. Also perseverance scholarship recipient Caleb Johnson as a premed student at prairie view a and M and Texas. Reading the book is talking. Are related to the blue. A 100%. Felt like they were of the blue just weren't knee. Thanks to more black women training to become positions the number of black people attendee Matt school has increased over a thirty year period. But the number of black men graduated from at school dropped from 57% in 1986. To 35%. By 2015. These men want more people of color in the medical field to their message. Broader if you won't be this position that's great. But if you want to be that next CEO that much when people make it seem like oh there's not a form know there's a form. Today they're sharing formula in schools and communities across the country. Telling children who grew up like them there's more to life in sports or entertainment when you put education behind you. You could do any and you wanna do. No want to take it from you and you control the next chapter implementing the changes they want to see how we educate the educators about refused. Empowering kids to help them find the facts do you feel successful. And I'm as not enough. Now an update of some specialists and that we all have in common. When have a sad. We always want more. This spring the trio will deliver the commencement at their alma mater at eggs Xavier University of Louisiana a well known historically black college you can find at a more about them their initiatives and the pulse of perseverance by going to the polls of three extraordinarily Smart men. They are leaders and they are caring and their grown a lot for their attorneys it's definitely honored to meet them. Our thoughts go across the pond now to ABC news London bureau where our friend David Wright is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. Good morning David I didn't know you are over there London this is news to me. Doing a little beer Judy it's good fun to be over here and there's some fascinating stories to talk about today. Are you looking for a Valentine's gift for somebody special well. If you lived in North Korea and if the north Koreans actually celebrated Valentine's Day the fashionable gifts there. Might just be crystal meth by the New York Times has a fascinating look today at the prevalence of methamphetamine use in the hermit kingdom. They call it the ice drug paying due in Korea and officially. Illegal but tolerated in small doses by the government because it doesn't pose a threat to the regime in fact. The government used to produce methamphetamine. To give to the troops to energize the troops during wartime. And then they ended up selling it on the black market now it's a fashionable gift used at graduation birthdays. And the Lunar New Year so imagine that upcoming summit between Kim Jung and and president trump. What if Kim gave trump. Some math. What if at some. Critics may be here with say that explain the allied but I think I'll leave all the breaking bad jokes alone and he if you're you're also watching the bit about what Scott's in with Steve. Ever this is the gift that trump might give to Kim right bottle of Scotch it turns out Scotch whisky distillery is are enjoying a banner year. Record profits sales are up by 8% the reason. Concern about the looming directs it. Apparently. Comma sores of single malts are stocking up. Worry that the price is gonna spike once Great Britain leaves the European Union at the end of next month so. By your supplies now while there's still a little bit cheap that's the feeling among Scott's canisters I learned a new word. Kenneth yeah and you know file is the name for somebody who loves wind you know what the name is for somebody who loves whiskey. Me cannot. They I. I was gonna say a drunk. Power rodeo but it's actually a Wesco file we'll still file drum gaelic and I went into work them you know use of the views of the moderation. I know they've got some find Scott survey there and London so I don't Revere our duty. I help a friend out of colleague got to bring some back in and write can make you my friend it's good to see you and institute less sex the notification that they what's trending on social media. This one's grave how lottery winner in Jamaica wanted to remain anonymous so he actually picked up his million dollar jackpot while wearing a scream mask. All he had to do is give his last name and first initial. This is something I would definitely do this Gary here is my hero hopefully no one recognized that first initial and last main. And new details on the Mikey mystery in Florida a shadowy figure. Is now the focus of the search for tally. Surveillance video show someone lurking around the zoo early Monday around the same time she disappeared. Police say they were also signs of forced entry into callies habitat. The twelve year old took these monkey was last seen Sunday police have doubled the reward to 6000. Dollars for tallies safe return. And in meantime we all remember what a hit First Lady. A former First Lady Michelle Obama was at the grammys but apparently not enough to impress our own mother mrs. Robinson. Mrs. Obama shared the screen grab pier of the conversation with mom gets a moms and the gray. Mrs. Obama over in the blues so she's miss Robin is that I guess you're ahead of the grammys Michelle Obama's and I'm sitting here with Valerie we think Jarrett. I'm sitting here with a Valerie and this tax is so typical typically you. Did you even watts. Momma said outside because Gracie call me did you meet any of the real stars or did you run right after you were done. So Obama's that I told you I was going to be on it. Really it all comes down to momma didn't cricket remember that Michelle Obama. What's on the grammys you've had did you meet in real sergeant said mom I am a real star. So there ego. Welcome back coming up later today on ABC's live the president Columbia business the White House to meet with president dropped. The two are expected to talk about the ongoing political prices in Venezuela and humanitarian aid being blocked on the border. Of those two countries and our troops on Capitol Hill are watching closely to see you win that bipartisan border deal to avoid. The government shutdown could go up for a vote we'll keep an eye on back for you all to date but. Don't forget to do an end to the debris Florida update or all of our top stories from our correspondents on the ground. Can catch the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines and politics amazing digital shows that we have for you so please don't miss that.

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