It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019

Trump denies interfering in the Michael Cohen case, American ISIS bride speaks out and more.
27:43 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of movie uniting your written near the top five things to note this Wednesday number one a winter storm is affecting 39 states. At closing schools from Minneapolis and Philadelphia today this is the senior Kansas City overnight snow and wind reducing visibility. On interstate 29 making travel treacherous hundreds of flights have already been canceled across the country. Up to nine inches of snow is possible from Omaha to Minneapolis. Only entered two in Chicago and Detroit but in Washington DC federal offices. Are closed because the city could see up to five inches and in the south flooding rain is a big concern from Arkansas to Georgia -- storm is merging with another system. It's already made highway slick in New Mexico spending cars like fat wife and out of control number two seminar Bernie Sanders is quickly filling up his campaign coffers after announcing he's running. For the White House again he raised four million dollars within twelve hours of announcing his campaign yesterday most of it from small money donors. Meanwhile people close to former vice president Joseph Biden say they expect him to enter the race one friend says Biden feels he's in the best position to take on president trump. As the race gets more crowded the president has reportedly. Been trying to come up with nicknames for each of the Democrats in the race. We had to Chicago for number three several developments have added new layers to the just a small what investigation. The FBI and postal inspectors are investigating whether small at played a role in sending a racist letter that he received before last month's alleged attack in Chicago. Meanwhile news has emerged at the actor was accused of identifying himself as his brother during a DUI arrest in California in 2007. He pleaded no contest. Its smallest team has now approach celebrity attorney Mark Geragos who represented the actor. No decision has been announced. On to number four Burberry is the latest fashion powerhouse apologizing for one of its new garments but said he would strains hide in the shape of a news. Has been pulled from the company's fall winter collection of Burberry executives says it is I was inspired by I'm not apple claimed. But he acknowledges it was insensitive. Backlash against the peace started when a model the Burberry show complaint. Saying the news is associated with lynchings and suicide. And finally number five a Siegel helps make a magazine photo shoot of viral sensation. It was issued for a life solvent lifestyle magazine on the Texas Gulf Coast and this Eagles just wouldn't leave them alone. One bird swooped in just as the shutter snapped and still ugly hateful French Fries. Yep that's them on the far right just in case you know which one person was out of congress that this is the most popular picture he's ever taken. Any OK with that all of their reactions were priced at me. Got much more to talk about coming your way it's more in America. Find out how. I've had a bird poop on me and edit pictures. Found that a picture December definitely get locked people I don't think people say that's good luck it probably it was a San Antonio river walk them one of those little floats. And but nowhere in the both sides are still OK I could be one of two things try to hide this glob on me or say. Make a joke that it's big hey guy. It's as I went to the joke he had ever worn turn or climb. A mom gave me some wet naps move I'm gonna go and turn for fire did not know that's where all of that was going for the start yeah. Well aware that Mardi and our god and is back. Now it to hate big story president trump. Is denying a report advertising claims he tried to interfere in Michael Coe an investigation by asking his acting attorney general to blitz someone else in charge of the case. That ABC's Mona costar on big. George mallet the new. Good morning Kenneth good morning today as a special counsel's obstruction probe into the president comes closer to an and a New York Times reported raising new questions about the man who once oversaw the investigation. A bombshell report from the New York Times putting the spotlight back on former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker. And his relationship with the president but he's a very fine man and he should be given a lot of thanks by a nation. According to the times the president pressured would occurred then head of the Justice Department. To interfere in the investigation. Into his personal attorney Michael Collins and investigation that senator around several hush money payments. May two women who claimed to have had affairs with trump trot vehemently denying the claims no matter. Gave you that there's more fake news the report states the president asks what are Kurd a put a person he believed would be more sympathetic. In charge of the case specifically US attorney Jeffrey Berman who ever accused himself. Because of his ties to the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani during a congressional hearing earlier this month Whitaker did not deny discussing the investigation. Would the White House. I would continue the long standing executive Brett practice of not disclosing information. That may be subject to executive privilege. But this morning house Democrats examining of Whitaker committed perjury. When he stated this under oath. At no time has the White House asked work nor have I provide any promises or commitments concerning the special counsel's investigation. Or any other investigation. And last week the senate confirmed William Barr as Trump's new attorney general Barr also drew criticism. For his comments criticizing the Russia investigation. Today Kenneth. Hi Mona lots of and we're not to west Virginia's public schools will be empty again today asked teachers keep the pressure on state lawmakers say there. Going into day two of their latest strike to make sure controversial education bill is completely dead so we let's bring in ABC's Brad Nokia for more. As yet we should get a cult in our newsroom from head the American Federation of Teachers in West Virginia. Who told us the strike is over we one with a few hours later he was telling teachers. We're striking on Wednesday to. So here's digests the state legislator wanted to pass a new education bill teacher said it stripped several of their rights so. They decided to go on strike within hours the state legislature and backed down. In that union head Fred Albert told me the newest technically not dead for 24 hour so the strike will continued this morning. I asked him with that political power play a tough sell to teachers. We did not have to convince our members are members told us that they were not willing to go back because they don't trust legislators. That we have gained a lot of trust in the house but they still don't trust the leadership in our senate. They were not going back until they were 100% sure let's just deal has died. And don't forget you guys West Virginia was like the OG the inspiration to so many of these teachers strikes across the country teachers and Oakland California are getting ready to go on strike as well. We'll have a lot more on these teacher strikes on start here relayed this morning listen on apple podcasts or your favorite podcasting app generic and a. And the FDA has issued a warning about a trendy medical procedure that claims to slow the aging process clinics have been offering blood transfusions from teenagers. Claiming the blood can help older people skin look younger and provide other health benefits. But the FDA says it's risky and there's no proof of any benefits of startup company was charging 8000 dollars. For one leader of the young belied his isn't it true blood did you watch to book by the way no but I imagine it's definitely a hectic episode of that where. Vampires and things are people think thank that will make you younger serves smarter who knows but. That's crazy. All right and we turn out to a ABC news exclusive for now hear from the young woman. Who fled the united CC joint crisis in Syria after years of living with the terror group and even Mary nicest fighters she now wants to come home. RA BC's James Wong man has more. The American ice is priced first television interview explaining why she left Alabama at just nineteen. To join the terror group. And heard that the left was announced I thought it was obligatory upon me to go. Four years later pulled him if I'm not wants to come home with her eighteen month old child. Do you expect people to have sympathy for you I hope so I'm just. A normal human being who has been manipulated once and hopefully that Reagan. She says she can bring Washington thinking she was sponsoring a higher calling but my thumb is that she was unprepared for the violence devices you would see the videos that had things seem that is. Means it was shocking. We within. That bodies in public we see kids seeing that but in public. Upon arriving into Syria she says her only choice marriage the first two husbands did on the battlefield union and enlisted men and you can choose an from a list. Thus I'm crazy to you know I read it she started spreading ice is propaganda online charging attacks on Americans. Americans wake up go on drive byes and still live that blog do you think you deserve the punishment believed it. Making. Therapy lessons from making. A process that won't. And shaft that will never did it again. If look on a dozen times the United States he could face severe punishment including prison I hope America doesn't think I'm set for them and I hope. They can accept me. Gentlemen ABC news in Syria. Are thinks that James there'll be interesting to see what happens with her and the fact that I wanna what Americans were with. Truly think about this effort by her to come. Home those are incredibly interesting stories to see how the of change but also think about all the things that. They have seen in prior time over there so much like lived in just a few years yeah and then back you're at home there's new evidence in the case of missing Colorado mother. Kelsey Barrett her fiance Patrick Tracy is charged with murder even though Chelsea's body has not been found. And how prosecutors are revealing new information about the role his former lover allegedly played. This morning prosecutors are laying out graphic new evidence in their case against a Colorado man accused of killing his fiancee. Patrick health Kelsey. An eight horrific manner. Investigators hate Patrick for easy killed Kelsey Barry despite the fact. They haven't found her body and now new testimony about the role for EC's former lover crystal Kenney allegedly played in the murder. Prosecutors say she told them for easy asked her to kill Barrick suggesting she poisoned Barrett's favorite Starbucks drink a karma Maki Otto. Kenny admits she bought the drinking gave it to bear it by pretending to be a new neighbor but did not put anything in the coffee. Prosecutors say for easy try to convince Kinney two more times to kill Barrett. Giving her a metal pipe and later telling her to use a pact. Patrick crazy. Contacted Chris solely. In Idaho. On three separate occasions. Have her come to Colorado to murder Kelsey. Crystal tells investigators that she did not comply with any of them. According to prosecutors Kenny told police that on Thanksgiving. Traci convince Barrett to wrap sweater around her head and guests the scent of various candles and beater to death. With a bat in the back of the head as Kelsey is sniffing candles with a blindfold. Over her ice. Kenny tells investigators for easy through bears remains in a river or in a dump in half her clean up the crime scene. And crystal cleans up what that leaves behind some telltale evidence. Or are investigators took time. As for the motive phrase he reportedly claimed Kelsey was in abusive mother investigators say they found no evidence to back up that claim. Prosecutors say parents' phone is also a big knew it was found 700 miles away were crystal Kenney was staying. So fire fall is back but it's not a superhero movie it's the illusion of lava flowing off a cliff for Yosemite National Park. Caused by light from the setting sun. Heating the water Jessica writes he's though so cool. Get occurs each February for just a few DS salute looks like fire will look to see that in person. And it won't tell you just what's going on here. When we come back. In hero we're Jennifer hagel said is keeping an eye out of the biggest international. So morning Jennifer out so we know there with an avalanche in Switzerland. What's the latest on those rescue efforts. Yet that avalanches barreled through a ski. He run actually injuring several people and now we're learning killing one. It took place at the Krenz Montana resort yesterday. You know thousands of skiers were out enjoying the peace during this week because it's the long winter ski break for your peace schools. Because of those crowds there were fears that many more skiers could have been trapped under the snow so a massive search and rescue operation. Continued for hours overnight. It's suspended now and authorities believe everyone has been accounted for. Web monitors said there was a low risk for avalanches this week so authorities there are scrambling to figure out what triggered it. No and Jennifer there's a big meeting at the Vatican today what's going on there. Yeah all eyes now on Rome at the Vatican where victims of sexual abuse by priests. Are calling for accountability. And results Aaron Rome for meetings. With Vatican officials ahead of Thursday's historic protection of minors summit that summit was called my cup Pope Francis. To address the global abuse crisis Pope Francis you know he's come under increasing pressure to do more to fight clerical sex abuse. And punish the perpetrators. Abuse victims say they are looking for more answers from summit attendees. Who knew what within the church when did they know it. And why did they fail to act. He has so many abuse victims who deserve answers and action. Jennifer before he got a much lighter note I heard you have a restaurant restaurant recommendation for us. Absolutely changing gears just a little bit take a look at this amazing restaurant and South Africa. The tiny but braves breathtaking beach eatery wolf got condition that it's located in an isolating fishing village it's been crowned the world's. Fast it opened just last here and the shaft. He learned how to cook eight years ago. Quite an amazing achievement may claim highlighting why you should always follow your passion. Wow how else like her on the beach or farmer something to table they're it looks pretty natural looks for goods. Pack sign us up. Thank you Jennifer where they should make it clear haven't gotten one. Well we got some great viral videos shared few today so let's check out these notification to see what's hot on social media right now I'm back wells. Surprise beef cattle border. And live in today and they were so. Video and actually hit it in Mexico. Ha ha yeah. You are so excited he. Who. Com. Why all addicts right now I feel that I here at stand may see no whale that in the privacy where they are going and that happened like fifty yards from them. I'm you know is not exciting Letzing ms. video here yet they have at a rodeo in Kentucky last weekend we're shocked. By Ed dangerous part of you that they call this cowboy. Campbell Soup while bulls sent to participants want to hear and flew here aggressively pinned another man against the wall. No the point that is that players our support of the boy inside there's no word yet there is apparently they're supposed to stay inside those white circles you see on the ground. All tried to grab a 100 dollar bill that's secure to bull they can't possibly be worked this. Every one involved side and a waiver recognizing the risk they were facing. I'm sure this was not compromise they did no serious injuries were reported that I'll bet Lewis's people won't think. I haven't had a few more zeros yeah. Terrified OK and I knew what is cropping up in Vietnam ahead of the second dropped him some. Barber in Hanoi has added style to his haircut Turkey's operate it cut customers' hair inning today and unique styles of either president trump. All or North Korean leader Kim Jong-un those dues. For OK the trop look which the barber says shows power also involves some here died. But he claims the Kim style we're preventing youth is more popular about a dozen people. Have taken the offer and those are available till the end of the but this located the verdict is still out of which when he go or. One that will hold on the best yet he's hit it up. Sound on Ford's north Elizabeth Arden Estee Lauder or Coco Chanel there was madame CJ walker she built an empire. It became America's first self made woman millionaire. So this morning we take a step back into the past because Walker's legacy is about to have even bigger impact on the future of so many black women October numerous. It is a marvel this three story twentieth century palatial mansion. Thirty miles outside of New York City it was designed built and paid for by the first woman millionaire in the US. Madame CJ walker so these are things that give me really nice memories from my childhood. A looter walker bundles is Walker's great great granddaughter. She wanted it to be a place that would inspire. A little more than 100 years ago a black woman opening bill war ode to the world. Named for her daughter Lilja walker Robinson this 20000 square foot home part of the legacy left behind by walker. Born Sarah breedlove to former slaves and 1867. In Louisiana. She was just another single mother struggling. And she was surrounded by women who were supporting her she knew that she needed to turn around and give back as well. Walker an entrepreneur who were a philanthropist and a political activists at empire built on hair. Like hear her beauty products many stormed the store shelves today sweeping the nation and this home became a training ground for walkers sales agents. And a meeting place for those looking for social change including WEB du bois and links to abuse. She wanted to have conversations about. What could be done to improve the rights. Of African Americans. Walker died in 1991. Year after the house was completed designated a national historic landmark in 1976. Proprietor residence for the last thirty years until now when you look at this place. What you envision port. I mean you know I I envision a place where when you walked through that door. Yes inspiration. Mobile rison Lou Dennis the founder of new voices foundation. Is the new owner boom morrow which will soon the F retained for black women entrepreneurs. We need to have a place. Where we can come Miller we haven't had a concentrated intellectual effort. Focused on the issues. Women of color face when trying to build their businesses. And entrepreneur himself Dennis originally from Liberia the owner of essence magazine. He and his family built their fortune I'm beauty products in the early ninety's launching fund our brands which includes the popular she bore stroke products. Black women undervalued and underestimated. You want to bring the attention. Where it should have been for a long cotton. For you. It takes effect yeah. My mother was an inspirational figure my mother was the one who eyes. There. Who is giving up everything that gene. Pat could have to raise us and to get this business off the ground Dennis is now building on the vision of war per who once said in 1914. I am endeavoring to provide employment for hundreds of women of my race. Black women of the facts is growing group of entrepreneurs in the US the national women's business council reports there more than one point five million businesses. Owned by them. Who's counting the side hustles. Who's counting the to a three side Russell's right that's onto partnership we're trying to share oh. How you can sustain them really have impact and make that impact be measurable. Access the capital a support system and expertise to some of the difficulties for black women trying to start their own business this year of entrepreneurship. Has cracked it because you need to solidify income you need to solidify something. To use two to protect your family and to protect your children and so to risk that and needs this good paying job to go. Do something as it becomes harder Dennis advising to entrepreneurs step out of your comfort zone. Asked for help and don't worry about what others think don't let the current situations. Impact. The futures. In this home where it's easy to appeal the spirit of walker her great great granddaughter says this next chapter for Villa morrow would have been exactly what. Walker won it I think she hoped that this house would still be standing. And that would be a gathering place I don't know that she could have imagined. The I'm evening. Things that are getting ready to happen. I love this story was so it was an honor to be there in the mansion where she tilted a hundred years ago. Luke and air pictures you know she was down the street from the rockefellers are in predominately obviously white neighborhood. And to be old this Manson and his legacy. I just incredible for a Shillue Dan as he wants to really get this think tank up and running as soon as possible he says. They've got to build a program the curriculum they get a get that mansion which is historical marker. A site they got to get ready for the masses and so he wouldn't give a timetable but I I say look. It's going to be opening like five years things like oh yeah that definitely so soon see this think tank will be open. It'll be great to see how that pushes this legacy in Q. They into the future for so many years to come the impact that will have on so many. Black women. Looking to become larger and yours start their own businesses have also except in matters to you Walker's legacy and Netflix series involving Octavia Spencer LeBron Jamison who's a part of that project to know release date yet. That's also something this for a two who's up next it's no host. No problem for the Oscars we'll give you a full preview as we count down to the big night. We come back. Coming up later today on ABC news live president Tom meets with the chancellor of Austria to discuss new avenues for transatlantic cooperation and and British PM Teresa may back in parliament trying to cut a deal on Brecht sit shall meet with the European Commission president today and we'll bring you look. Any breaking developments plus don't forget to tune into the debris for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a break down. The latest headlines in politics. Sir can you believe it we RT minus four days away from Hollywood's biggest night. Tinsel town has been crackling with excitement anticipation with everyone holding their collective brat. At the academy holes and awards show without a host. For the first time in thirty years so our -- dance joins us see you give us a host of details about what's happening with. This show I simply did their. Details. Will take human demonstrating how one crackles with excitement what does that look like liquid crackle. I don't even I didn't even. I'll stake you that yeah. RI it and now moving items you there's no host this year Bullock and James Cameron movie the list of presenters and performers keeps on getting longer and longer and just keeps on going excel. With producers hoping an all star lineup will hit all the right notes and viewers take a look at this. The Academy Awards finding some musicians still. Announcing that clean and Adam Lambert will perform at Sunday night's ceremony. In honor of best picture nominee bohemian rhapsody. As the academy seemingly says no host no problem the rock legends join a new slate of all star prisoners just announced today go rear and Michael B Jordan joining their previously announced black panther co stars Angela Bassett in Chadwick Bozeman. Another avenger Paul Rudd added to the all star lineup crazy rich Asian star Michelle Yeoh. Joining previously announced prisoners are what Fina and Constance blue. He's not like Sebastian a little you know are packed the breakout star of eighth grade LC Fisher joining the lineup site. Don't do we're quietly do it. And Academy Award winners Michael Keaton and Helen Mirren plus John Bellini Tyler Perry and sing their for a Williams will grace the stage. As far as performances go. Bette Midler will sing the place where loss things go from Mary Poppins. If Oscar's history repeats itself. Jennifer Hudson will likely bring down their house when she performs all flights from our DT. And it is in an award show without Lady Gaga she's performing shallow and fellow Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper. Yes although stars. Getting red carpet ready and so is Los Angeles that infamous block of Hollywood boulevard is already shut down can you believe that four days in advance. And the red carpet itself set to be rolled out later this week. That's really cool and speaking at a red carpet Jimmy Norman. And yet and act must feel she's not here do you have any insight about what she's gonna Wear who she's wearing I mean why. I have some idea I think it might be in theme with the Oscars this year but. This is all just rumors that's look word on this I eighty hope that the critics Argo UV on her awful because you know they. In the spirit in the spirit of by the passive police said Matt Wright and Joseph rivers I have a happy I have an ailing going to be fine in the fashion world it whenever you. You say yeah. On Twitter want some good yeah obviously there are crackle with excitement to see you haven't gotten good. But only God's. Things yeah they oil well thank you for more on this start here five cap. It's a lot in tomorrow will be Kraft Foods and more that the.

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