It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020

Trump impeachment trial begins with marathon session, Democrats fail to pass amendments on witnesses, Sanders vs. Clinton and more.
23:31 | 01/22/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020
The plan and and Hayley hard time here's the top five things you know this Wednesday number one president trumps impeachment trial resumes this afternoon. After the first day of debate wrapped up before 2 o'clock this morning Chief Justice John Robb. Respect honest both sides over the language after the impeachment managers in the president's lawyers accused each other up line. Republicans defeated nearly a dozen amendments to the rules mostly aimed at seeking new witnesses and testimony. Temperature president truck watch horses of the impeachment proceedings in Davos Switzerland where he's attending the world economic. Form at one point the president tweeting in all caps. Read the transcripts and eat later responded to questions about the trial. That folks. Goes nowhere because nothing happened. The only thing we've that it is a great job so I'm sure it's gonna work out fine. The White House that the president is saying constantly updated. On to number three. The first case of corona virus has been confirmed in the US a man from Washington State got sick after returning from China where the outbreak began. More than 440 people have gotten sick because of the new pirates most of them in China at least nine have died. The CDC has activated in the markets emergency operations center. The World Health Organization is holding an emergency. We have to California for an upper floor where three point six magnitude earthquake has jolted the Los Angeles area. The quake hit just after 11:40 PM local time in the center near the city of San Fernando. There are no reports of any significant damage and finally number five cocoa golf has pulled off another when at the Australian Open. The victim here all worth two points away from being eliminated but you've rallied back to win settling setting up but third round match tomorrow against defending champ. And only. Americans did have Caylee hard time. Back in the building and the scene and he came on a busy day. I did so much news to get through today and we know it's all starting in Washington yes that big story on capitol fireworks on the first full day of president crops impeachment trial. A marathon debate over the rules stretched into the wee hours of the morning a nasty clash erupted. After midnight between president comes legal team and the Democrats prosecuting the case. Republicans defeat at nearly a dozen amendments to the rules the exchange prompted Chief Justice John Roberts to admonish both signs about their language. ABC's Elizabeth her has been watching this all night. Elizabeth good morning. Kelly and Kenneth good morning to you a yes it was a long day and night and many senate members left the building exhausted but senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says day one was a good day of victory for Republicans. The impeachment trial president drop resuming today with opening statements this following a marathon session yesterday that stretched well past midnight. And a disorder on the ground rules. But it proved and some senators even seen rushing out of the building at the trial kicked off what a fierce debate over the rule. So president trump. Does not want you to hear from ambassador Bolton. And the reason is nothing to do with executive privilege or the southern nonsense. The only one who should be embarrassed. Mr. Nadler is you. This clash even prompting a rare moment Chief Justice John Roberts admonishing both sigh I think it is appropriate at this point. For me to admonish. Both the house managers and the president's council in equal terms. To remember that they are dressings the world's greatest deliberative body. Democrats spent most of the day arguing without additional witnesses or documents the trial amounts to a cover up that the president Trump's lawyers fired back. Alleging house Democrats brushed to impede egg without fighting for witnesses in court. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell did make some changes to his proposed rules. Now giving three days of opening statements and allowing the existing evidence. The Democrats kept fighting the house calls John Bolton. The house calls minimal -- the question is will you let us. And all Democrats offered eleven amendments to the rules but in the end all were voted down almost entirely along party lines Kenneth and nearly all right Elizabeth there on Capitol Hill think cute ending nation watches history unfold this week on capitol help. All 100 US senators are in themselves in a very unique situation the rules. Regulations from the last impeachment trial may be the same but that and twenty tornadoes senators are under a microscope like they've never experienced before. The impeachment trial is underway and just like any legal proceeding there's the prosecution and the defense. The judge its Supreme Court justice John Roberts the jurors all 100 US senators the rules are simple electronics they must be left in shelves outside. Senators must sit at their desk they can't talk to neighbors they can't reading materials not related to the proceedings. So I'll back going. At least seven senators responded Tuesday wearing apple watches that's an don't know. Many senators were seen taking notes some like Tim Scott have been SaaS have been seen passing notes and chatting. Another don't know Rand Paul player crossword puzzle. A big no doubt as a ten deliver notes and senate pages filled water losses of some famous faces are watching from the gallery. Reich actress Alyssa Milano tweeting this pick cover senate passed. But as day turned into night and night until late night because it's midnight people got punchy impeachment manager congressman hygiene Jeffries. Reported the lady and notorious BIG. That is why we are here. Missed the second loan. And if you don't know. Now you know. There's no room and others promise keepers short as its Chief Justice I will be brief and senators I'll be brief. And the White House counsel wondered if it whatever it. We came in hoping. To have a trial. And luckily for anyone who gets angry there are smacks specific candy deaths are tradition dating backed in 1965. Right now it's dock with Hershey bars. Milky ways in three musketeers ABC news we'll bring you live coverage of impeachment proceedings when they resume today around 1 PME speaking. Catch that also are cover streaming on ABC news alive. Coming up the debate over cutting books in half. Cutting the Internet and half as well but first Rosenberg takes on the world economic form. And president software climate change. Welcome back and president trust addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland yesterday. But no Swedish teen climate activist Greta van berg is making headlines for speech there. Their ongoing feud with the president. Let's go across the pond or foreign correspondent Juliet McFarlin in the London bureau for more good morning Julia. Morning guys yes say these seventeen year old Swedish climate activist Greta turned back was one of the main highlights other World Economic Forum. And Davos she ahead back up to president trump speech. Way he railed against C a perennial prophets of doom it to predict the apocalypse not he didn't name it couldn't back. Specifically but it was pretty gray hair he hide. In his sights when he was speaking that is why is now attended a cushy shot to fame lost it when she stage right regular strike outside her school. And then became a global face of the environmentalist. Movement she then of course beats present Donald Trump. To be that tiny eighteen time turning nineteen at time magazine Paris and all of the yet. Now has speech when she hit back against the present she said Scott the facts that clip but that's still too uncomfortable. The U to address you just leave it because you think is too depressing and people will give up. But they're not giving up you'll giving up now shields a did not name present company is pretty clear issue speaking off the his speech. And I'm there was good but she is rebutting what he had to say let's take could listen to to what she said and has speech. Winner continued to. Offsets your emission spike just paying someone else to Johns she used in places like actor cash. Why let the same time forests like the and a son are being so militant at an infinitely higher rates. Don't think she's is good up call us that it snow when Niemi not. What is needed to and it cannot replace the real investigation. And we violent in nature. Gotten mitigation she mentions of course is referring to actress to drastically. Cut out the missions now it's just a reminds. Katie and Kenneth Scott the yes the finished its artistic death case on that wreck chords. With the loss to find he is Seahawks just five years on record that's according to Las Vegas. And science agencies now I just want to take your debt to eleven on another story that we. What she now after months of anti government protest Lebanon has formed a new. Government not got a hat will head for the ends months of deadlock and stagnating economic car. Economic crisis which has booked. Many many people out onto the streets we've just seen a particularly violent weekend. Around 460 people were injured in very violent anti government protests web protestors clashed. Against riot police and the internal security forces take gas. From the security opposes. Under the rocks and stones from protest is by pat that now. Prime minister Saad Hariri he resigned lost folk tale of when there's protests fuss started gathering. Pace. The Hezbollah. Political weighing of course and make up a large pot. Of the Lebanese government seven that allies in government could not agreed to a cabinets. Lawsuit but they Tennessee university professor to succeed Saturday as prime minister. That put that new prime minister he's described this new government announced today. As a rescue team and now there's talk to try and find to capita trying to agree on a cabinet. Really became agenda when the protest took a very very down reds had recently without rise in violence. Not just say give you some back on those protests and Lebanon there is this really really it deepening economic crisis the Lebanese currency. Is lead using value that is a huge. Huge crisis Abbott since I'm them before being million to Syria Syrian refugees came into Lebanon does spend. Real issues with the public infrastructure that. Already at breaking point which the stretch before there's refugees coming into the country. Thank you Julia they are across the pond. All right this morning America we've been up all night keeping an eye on the latest news here are some of the stories have been tracking overnight don't want is now an American this morning. Millions of toyotas are being recalled because they are air bags may inflate into cracks. The safety move affects nearly three million corolla and matrix is apple wants. Avalon hybrids in the US the model years range from Tony eleven through last year. Owners in the affected vehicles will be notified by march so a big college basketball rivalry ended and that big and ugly nasty fight on the court check. The last seconds of the Kansas State Kansas game the wildcats trying to get off. What flat shot down by 22 points. And then. KC still wide Gordon and that. In the binges in two. The lack hinds is get the right O. That's a chair in the air heat Peabody with it but that share raise. In no way they're not look bad at Malaga now matinee LA it's spilled into the crowd. As a bonds is kept flying. I just I have this right here. And again that's why what we have a president. Sports analysts here at ABC news here this morning Caylee hard time because you do not want to see that. Notice just yummy who's calling the game for ESPN set out a broadcast these this is not acceptable there's just no point to it. We've heard from both universities can is as Bill Self staying at. I know we were in the wrong called this an embarrassment. He says it will be consequences handed down to his team after they have time to review it. Some universe ladies and their conference will be reviewing what happened here but there's just no place that's. It's as will be handed out bench players they were thrown out of the game. What. Mess there. We turn now to Hillary Clinton taking aim at Bernie Sanders with only twelve days to go until the Iowa Caucuses Clinton was Courtis say nobody likes Sanders and now there's new fallout with one presidential candidate urging Clinton to quote. Grow up. This morning former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is responding to the uproar after offering what she calls her authentic unvarnished views. We want to make a difference. Brand new getting hit in the arena. In a documentary for Hulu Clinton takes aim at her former rival Bernie Sanders. Saying he was in congress for years he had one senator support him. Nobody likes them nobody wants to work with Pam he got nothing done. And during a new interview with the Hollywood reporter Clinton double down saying she stands by that statement Sanders was asked about the comment while in Washington for the impeachment trial. On a good day my wife. Experts let's let's clearly. Secretary Clinton is entitled to. Him or points of view. Mark jolt Tuesday. Is to focus on impeachment trial what I think secretaries still talking about when he sixteen that is a good question and ask them. The controversy comes days after sanders' face off with senator Elizabeth Warren on the debate stage. Over her claim that Sanders told her a woman can't win the White House in 20/20. Why. I. This morning the website Politico reports Sanders staff has been asked to stay quiet about Clinton's comments. At the supporters come out of full force on line slamming Clinton with the hash tag I like Bernie. And when asked this you'll support Sanders if he becomes the nominee Clinton said I'm not going to go there yet. But last night Clinton appear to back down tweeting the number one priority for a country a world is retiring trop. And as I always have I will do whatever I can to support our nominee. Congresswoman and presidential candidate told C Gabbard addressed the controversy last night. Urging Hillary Clinton took quote grow up saying this is high school don't. Expect to see the Boeing 737 Max jets back in service anytime soon Boeing now says doesn't expect government approval. For return before at least the middle of the year the planes are grounded after two deadly crashes the news caused Boeing stock to fall so much it dragging entire day out. Down the Mo the most in more than a year. This city of Los Angeles is not letting baseball signed stealing scandal go away quietly. LA's City Council has passed a resolution calling on Major League Baseball to strip the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox. Of their titles and 4017 and 2018. The Dodgers of course were on the losing end in both World Series the resolution also calls for the club to be awarded both championships the Dodgers haven't. Won the World Series since 1988. And in other baseball related news that Yankee bull with five World Series rings is among the new members of baseball's hall of fame so Clapton Jack back. Derek Jeter was an near unanimous selection for Cooperstown. Missing out by just one vote the former Yankee captain was a fourteen time all star rookie of the year 1986 and World Series and DP in 2000. Joining Jeter is former outfielder Larry Walker. In the 1997. Nationally NDP and winner of three batting time he's also the second Canadian to reach baseball's hall of fame. Turning to the weather now people in South Florida are bracing this morning for wind chills below freezing for the first time in the years. And that means the National Weather Service is warning about falling I want us there cold blooded when he gets this coal they slow down to a stop and often. Ought to trees let's hope we all fare much better than those that want us. Board Dave app our record blizzard vest was below hired to get gore for the Newfoundland Canada. The stores volley open again Tuesday but only 48 hours once sort of limited shoppers shoppers at two loaves of bread. And after three feet of snow some streets still aren't clear. And a search is underway for an American woman who vanished while vacationing in Belize Allison MacKenzie her boyfriend were on an overnight excursion with a tour group. And he says she was gone when he woke up Saturday morning. Police say the 43 year old mother of two from Arizona was seen drinking the night before she went missing. But her family says it's not like her to get drunk investigators say they're not ruling anything out. Mad I Southern California faces murder charges after a hit and run crash police say six teenagers were cranky neighbors by wringing their doorbell. And running away the teens took off and we go to Prius after one neighbor started chasing them in his car. When he came out and got in his car exit chase after them have been faint like fled for their lives basically. The suspect is accused of running the teen's car off the road causing it to crash into a tree. Three of the teams were kill all of them sixteen years old witnesses followed the suspect after it. He fled the scene he's now held without bail and frightening video from Houston eight masked robbers shot their way into a restaurant. Workers inside tried to hide the suspects found them then stole third task jewelry and cellphones. They also pistol whipped one worker before getting away new arrests have been made. Police in Hollywood Florida want to question former NFL receiver Antonio Brown. That's after brown and his trainer allegedly beat the driver of a moving truck outside Brown's residence authorities were unable to contact brown for questioning Tuesday. But he stringer was arrested. And charged with burglary and battery. Police hope to interview brown today. Developing story overnight a shooting at a mall on the Las Vegas Strip three people were wounded at the fashion show mall police say someone fired into a crowd after a group of young people. Started fighting the suspect was still on the loose overnight now to music's biggest night the grammys and new allegations raising the question of the awards rig. The former CEO of the recording academy is come forward with some bombshell claims. All art Simeon. The grammys are no stranger to controversy. Even artists themselves are sometimes shocked by the outcome. I can't post to accept this award that emanate albums just. So let me men's room feel that this morning a bombshell lawsuit is claiming those stunning losses. Yeah. Are due to unfair system. Yeah. According to former according academy CEO and president Deborah Dugan music's biggest night is ripe with corruption but well done. Citi's 61. Annual Grammy oak. A and. The house exact outlining the alleged manipulation in a suit against the academy. Claiming nominations are read by members of the board and the secret committees that choose artists based on preexisting personal or business relationships. And Randy. Goal. Slew. Among those allegedly cheated out of Weller nods Arianna grind date and Schering. Dude in claims the pop stars both have the votes to secure nomination for the 2019 song of the year award. What were bumped by the committee over a quote outrageous conflict of interest and this was the senior they'd Ronde pulled out of the show due to a disagreement with organizers. The allegations come amidst a brutal legal battle between duke in and the recording academy. The suit him since is there. Dugan served as head of the organization for just five months before she was driven out by accusations of misconduct allegedly creating a toxic intolerable work environment. And engaging in abusive and -- conduct but in her lawsuit Dugan says she was the victim of sexual harassment and was put on leave after she complained. In a statement the academy says it's already launched an independent investigation into duke is allegations. OK how about this people like to still. Have a book in their hands to read it but apparently they're the man whose that's when you're short on space says he's got an idea when it comes to create more space for all of its books. He cuts them and half. In the book murder and it's throwing Twitter all into. A frenzy yet today is out so this author editor Alice. Chris therapy he out of themselves the book murder on Twitter he said the cuts that right down the spine. But that right on the shelf and create more room they'll take the other half ago you know and on the bus fame whatever read that one happen meant to them that. And that is our question of the day is cutting your books and half a genius like pac or does it go against everything your school librarians spot you. Tell us what you think in the comments or tweet is live at ABC news live would you do. You would not had a I would not cut it look I want Senator Kerry at Kendall. Left of it reading on any electronic device I think that I hate reading. I enjoy reading but. Yeah I it is the right that would like to keep books I mean where sure. Decor that might dare not legally robots OG yet you you're not think I am I'm just I'm not reading system. We're not talking to you folks coming up another long day ahead in the impeachment trial we'll tell you what's to come on this Wednesday January when he second. Accident. 5 o'clock on this Wednesday morning here's what to watch out for today be impeachment follow president trump continues. Is this afternoon after a marathon session that went into the early morning hours. The senate will debate any pretrial motions that could include a motion to dismiss from the president's legal team. What's the motions are voted on the house managers from lawyers. To give their opening. Meanwhile president trump returns to Washington today after addressing a World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland and opening statements are expected today. Sexual assault trial of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein the jury includes includes seven name and five when it. An appeals court rejected Weinsteins request to move the trial out of New York City. Six women are expected to testify that he assaulted them. Weinstein lawyers for Clinton to reveal what they describe as dozens of loving emails sent by heat users to Weinstein. After he allegedly assaulted that aren't going to be a busy day in Washington on Capitol Hill to make sure you stick with ABC news slot for all of the impeachment. Trial coverage in the great after a heart talking guess what you're gonna help us close up the week I sure am I can't wait all right have a good one. We'll see you tomorrow.

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