It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020

Americans evacuate virus epicenter in China, GOP doesn’t have the votes to block impeachment witnesses, Trump’s Middle East peace plan and more.
23:33 | 01/29/20

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020
When Kennedy and I'm Jane Harmon here top acting service one saint number one for the first time a major airline is suspending all flights. To and from mainland China in the meantime a plane carrying Americans who were evacuated from the city. Wuhan where the outbreak started has now been diverted the flight. Stopped to refuel in Alaska overnight were continuing on to Southern California. And that's where all passengers and that he process this morning at march air reserve base east of Los Angeles. Originally that flight was supposed to land in Ontario California. There is no word overnight on the white appointment was changed temperature than your face beginning today the president about impeachment trial senators will now get to ask questions and in a major development senate majority of its McConnell now says he did not have enough it's about witnesses. From testifying at the trial. Marquee senate Republicans suggest they want to hear from former national security advisor John Bolton. Olson's upcoming book links the president to withholding aid from free exchange investigating former vice presidential fight. On to number three a major development and the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash investigation and recording a surface that appears to capture the moment of the crash. This comes as the NTSB gathers evidence from the wreckage including an iPad that could contain details about the place. Number four for the first time the Justice Department is fighting back against there was a knowing robo calls by going after the companies that allow them. The Justice Department has filed for temporary restraining orders against rumors of Telecom carriers. Allegedly aloud calls thing we were fraudulent. One company is accused of allowing 720. Million calls during a three week period and finally number five. People for the ethical treatment of animals also noticed you don't want to change how we celebrate Groundhog Day the animal rights group wants to replace. Up some tonic be all. With the robotic groundhog Peta officials say ground hogs naturally avoid humans and team but and a box on February 2 keeps bill. The paper navy. How many movies now. I normally when it. Yeah morning I'll. The thing if special warning that cuts today it's back. Impact. I think he shouldn't think refill refreshing. I do I'm tired partridge and that right now back. But that's the and you look refers that you're doing good and you looked refreshed oh that your reasonable are right let's get some expert Washington. And if they'd be getting him president trumps impeachment trial senators will now get tax questions. And and a major development senate majority leader Mitch McConnell now says he does not have enough votes to prevent witnesses from testifying in the trial. ABC's Andrew Denver has the latest from Capitol Hill Andrew good morning. Good morning Tennyson today and the question is do Democrats have enough votes to call on witnesses. We're soon going to find out along with what questions senators have. For both sides. That ends our presentation the president's defense rests its case. You cannot impeach a president. And an un sourced. Allegation now the next phase of the trial begins questioning over the next two to eight senators will be allowed to submit questions to the house managers. Or the president's council but not both questions must be submitted to the Chief Justice in writing mystery at justice have reach an agreement. With the democratic later on how to proceed but moving forward all the attention now centering around witnesses Republican leader Mitch McConnell telling his members and a closed door meeting that he does not have the votes to block them. Four key senate Republicans suggest they wanna hear from former national security advisor John Bolton. Bolt and upcoming book links the president to withholding aid from Ukraine in exchange for investigating Joseph Biden I. Nothing that happens. You turn. And in another turn the president's former chief of staff John Kelly reportedly now saying. I believe John Bolton and suggesting Bolton should testify saying if there are people that could contribute to this either innocence or guilt I think they should be heard. This wall Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on CBS news rip Bolton for his book. Here's your own conclusion I can come to and it's a harsh one and I feel very bad about. Mr. Baxter. And the question portion could go up to eight hours to date eight hours tomorrow and then that witness vote could happen as early as Friday announced no new witnesses are allowed to testify in this trial than. Things could wrap up as soon as the end of the week. Tennis today. All right and are there on Capitol Hill thank you. NS senators are in Washington for the impeachment trial the other democratic candidates. For president are making a final question Iowa head of the caucus caucus is there less than a week away Monday. What they let's check in with our team following the campaigns on the trail. Hey guys we are here in Clinton Iowa former vice president Joseph Biden is campaigning right behind us. He's six days away from the Iowa Caucuses he's beginning. Aggressive campaign schedule here in the Hawkeye State taking questions from voters on a range of topics today health care. Foreign policy whether or not consider senator come my parents as his vice presidential candidate. But is also get a lot of questions on the ongoing impeachment drama and Washington DC. Largely tried to stay out in the rain of this on his own campaign message which is really unifying the country bringing Republicans Democrats independents the board and pitching himself with the most electable candidate. Take on Donald Trump in November. Good morning meaning Dino lower may PP to judge wrapped up his Tuesday killed three town halls across the state and that is first to enhance Tom want an Osceola. The mayor took questions from some of the supporters who wanted to know how they could speak to Sanders supporters on caucus night. They suits and her supporters are some of the most adamant out of any of the campaigns and who digitally the has been targeting Sanders in fundraising emails. But he's yet to come out by name Addis town halls or when he's asked by the media why he's now targeting Sanders just days away from the caucus here's a little bit of what he told one of the voters on Tuesday. One of the rules that affect the number one rule we have is respect. And that's not just respect for folks we run into every day it's respect for our competitors and their supporters were not gonna win everybody over and that's okay too. Don't military air trying to convince folks who were her debts at hardcourt for for their first that's okay. Just make sure they understand. Why it wide is eager for this campaign. Now in those fundraising emails that just tells his supporters that Sanders could be the nominee of the party. But it's gonna take someone different and to stop political warfare to beat Donald Trump and 20/20. And now on Wednesday we just before five town halls across Iowa starting the day and Jefferson and ending it in new Hampton back to you. A big thanks to our team there and Iowa. Andrew Yang right out the star power with comedian Dave Chappelle introduce him at a rally mr. Powell talked about gangster pros all of a universal. Basic income in the why he thinks Yang is the candidate. To defeat president Donald Trump. Litigated in trumps what is my enemies at all. And it's quote. People desperate I think that Andrew. Against the reasons it. Let. Ovals. Oh. It was a profession is wise women and society is so good. I think it's it's these things found. It was good these on the tape is you. Promising scholars and yet some reason. This yours. That route is dangerous weapon countries go some way. And retreat tune into our full coverage of the Iowa caucus Monday right here at ABC news. Coming up is there a chance for peace in the Middle East will have the latest reaction to president trumps peace plan from across the pond. Lots of Medicare through a light up and joints. And courts. Welcome back that's the impeachment trial was under way in the senate president tough on belt has long awaited plan to bring peace in the Middle East. Alongside Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. That he accepted the US proposal and that we're Carlos of the Palestinian decision Israel planned to carry out the plans proposed division of land and the dispute at West Bank. A Palestinian president is rejecting the proposal that's nonsense let's go across the pot to do it McFarland in the London bureau for the. Morning guys that's right good deal all of this century as it was described was unveiled. In the White House yesterday it was the prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu hit. And president trunk he says he has found a way for the Israelis and the Palestinians to make peace at lost. But a lot old abzug isn't critics say that the plan gives pretty much everything that mr. Netanyahu wants but concedes. Very little to the Palestinians. Now under the plan what do you know about what Intel's safe spot while Jerusalem will remain. Israel's un divided capital according to the climb there is an opportunity for Palestinians to achieve a state all of that iron. But few details would given on that. The prime doubles the amount of Palestinian terrorists tree and provides the capital. In East Jerusalem but the PLA says that the Palestinians would any be able to control about 15% of what they say is historic. Palestine is also a not. A lot of clarity on whacked in East Jerusalem the Palestinians would have access to and that have been rim is that a neighborhood cook Abu decent might be. The administrative capital of a future Palestinian state. But not late leads to another question because I BDs just giving guys a little bit of background in Fayette. It is a neighborhood that is a couple kilometers away from the sons of Jerusalem. But in practical terms it takes more or less an hour to get to because of the Israeli security war now not the presence of that war that snakes are rounds. The west bank and of course in parts of Jerusalem there was there was very little mention about what's gonna happen to that widening anyone is on deck. And illusions about war is gonna come down any time soon. I'm not least a bigger question witches. Whether it is a contiguous. Palestinian territories set out in the climate has a very Quenneville need to Buddhist. Because under the plan it formalizes a lot all of the Israeli settlements are mammoth are 400000. Israelis. Israelis living in the occupied west spying under this plan. There is settlements would become a pot and on that Israeli Sullivan sovereignty so dot begs. A huge number of logistical questions for any kind of viable. Palestinian state now there was also suggested a tunnel leading. From Gaza to the West Bank. Look and some some other sub areas just south of the Gaza Strip would be incorporated into future Palestinian state. As well. Prison term also he dangled. The proposal of fifty billion dollars of international investment may still bit which would come from Arab states. Four Palestinians he said that it would double the Palestinian economy it would lift. Many Palestinians out of poverty and it would be paid to wait for a bright future for the Palestinians should they agree. To this plan now this pond has been widely patent. By the Palestinians the president putt at president Pozen authority Mahmoud Abbas he said Jerusalem is not. Forced sale. Widespread protests in the Gaza Strip. And there was heavy IDF presence in the West Bank the SA as the climate. Was announced now the international reaction has been quite mixed. The climb received some cautious was of optimism. But from American and Israeli allies named to lead the UK. Jordan has warns. A buyouts the annexation of settlements how I have this Saudi arabians and the UAE invade based commended. Veterans administration for putting forward serious proposals on that Palestinians to consider them. How big do you weigh and has said that it remains commits to a two state solution on various pre 1967. Borders. Before the 967 wall when Israel seized the West Bank. And Gaza now an important thing to remember guises this plan was announced just owl is. Often Netanyahu. Relinquished his application for immunity from charges and then he became formally indicted. On corruption charges now another thing to third into the mix as well. Is that Israel is going to the polls for a general election again for the sad time in less than a miss so. The prime minister Netanyahu may have posh they unveiled this -- a long time present time but he may not be around very much longer. It's not clear when not trying to get some is going to stock it's unlikely proceedings will stop before the march 2 election but of course. Harmon said Benjamin Netanyahu's main contender Benny Ganz he was also meeting with president chump he gave his approval. To the plan and just the loss in two mentioned guys is that on Sunday. Is ready cabin I can affect. On the formal annexation old days Israeli settlements in the West Bank Murray be really complicated. The current events act amendments that may cost some doubt on whether this pine. Is going to come to fruition. Guys correct thanks to Julie and we've been up keeping track of all the news overnight to here's a look at some of the stories we've covered so far on world news now and America this morning. We begin with a breaking news concerning the potentially deadly corona virus spreading in China. For the first time a major airline is suspending all flights to and from mainland China. In the meantime a plane carrying Americans who were evacuated from the city where the outbreak started. Has now been diverted the flight stopped to refuel in Alaska overnight before continuing on to Southern California. Were all passengers are set to be processed this morning at march air reserve base east of Los Angeles. Originally that flight was supposed to land in Ontario California. There was no word overnight on why the flight plan was Cheney. They're journey started at the deserted airport in Wuhan China one man from Rhode Island. Flying from China with his family spoke to us from Alaska. We are. Separate customs. Wheels up and about three hours tired and exhausted. Mentally and physically. Have you back. We gratefully. I state government came through for us. And the story we're learning more about the Iran in missile attack that targeted US troops and Iraq earlier this month. The Pentagon now says fifty US service members suffered traumatic brain injuries. That's up from 34 that US officials recently reported. President trump last week said the injuries were not very serious. Well no serious injuries have been reported after a magnitude seven point seven earthquake hit between Cuba and Jamaica one man wouldn't stop a shelf of bottles from falling in the Cayman Islands. Students in Jamaica had to take under cover under their best during the shaking but no major damage has been reported. Some high rises in Miami where even evacuated Tuesday afternoon as a precaution. A developing story from space this morning. Through satellites are on track for a near collision over Pittsburgh today. Experts say the satellite could come within fifty feet of each other what was launched in 1983 the other back in the sixties. Scientists say there's a 1%. Chance of a collision and here on her return now to our exclusive interview with the former fiancee of Aaron Hernandez. She's speaking out for the first time since the explosive new documentary about that Netflix series digs deep into his chaotic life in speculates about his sexuality. Something as former fiance says went too far. This morning the former fiance of Aaron Hernandez is speaking exclusively to Good Morning America addressing new claims in the net flicks series. Killer inside. The mind of Aaron Hernandez. Now the guy's got a house why does he need another apartment the documentary chronicles Hernandez's life from a superstar in the NFL with a forty million dollar contract. To his arrest for the murder of its French Open lol eight. Also in the dock you series claims about his sexuality. With a man claiming he and Hernandez had an intimate relationship and high school when they were teammates speaking with ABC's Amy robot Hernandez's former fiance says she never knew about the claims. But wishes that she hack. Do you want to comment at all on that aspect of this documentary and the rumors that have been there at that. Karen me and bisexual. Or game. If he did feel that way. Boortz. He felt the hurt I wished. That I mean I was told they wished that he didn't would have you think we're that act would not have. Must commend differently I would have understood. The former NFL star who suffered from the degenerative brain disease CTE died by suicide in prison and 2017. His attorney Jose Baez is also criticizing the documentary. I think they're trying to find a simple answer for our complex situation health. Was huge factor I mean I don't understand why we need to search around for an answer as to why he committed suicide. And Hernandez's former fiance explained why she didn't take part in the Catholic series all of that much for the interview later on Good Morning America. The Connecticut man accused of killing his estranged wife is in critical condition this morning after what police are calling. A suicide attempt they rushed to the home voters do lows after he was found in his car suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. He's charged with the murder of Jennifer do looks who hasn't been seen since last may. Voters do those did not show for bail hearing prompting officers to visit his home. Pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges. The head of Harvard university's chemistry department is accused of secretly helping China steel US research and technology. Yep BA says doctor Charles Lieber lied about his work with China while getting paid as much as 50000 dollars a month. That's also arrested two other Boston area researchers who allegedly worked for China. US budget deficit is going to top one trillion dollars this year that's according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Which blames the new tax laws in increase federal spending the CBO also says unemployment will stay low but inflation and interest rates will rise. Budget deficit hasn't been this high and I. Years incredible put it this morning a woman's age from icy waters outside Detroit she's been fishing which he stumbled and the water with a bone chilling 36 degrees to freshman kept. Cap or from slipping below the surface she with. And the water for fifteen minutes before rescue crews pulled her out. She used to recover fifteen minutes long time war. But Lloyd who helped a killer clean up the scene after a gruesome murder will spend the next three years in prison. Patrick phrase he was convicted two months ago for killing his fiancee in our home and Colorado former nurse crystal Jean Lee testified against them as part of a plea deal. She sobbed as she apologized during her sentencing. Severe weather Australia monsoon like rains we'll continue until the weekend between foreign. More than a foot and apple rain fell in just 24 hours flooding roads backyards and parking lots. Very different story in southeastern Australia where residents and Canberra are keeping an eye on it out of control brush fire in a national park. A man in Tennessee sparked quite as seen it during. A court hearing he was appear before judge Donna marijuana possession citations. When he appears to pull a joint from his pocket. In light that thing got attic act Spencer Boston was quickly taken into custody. He's now facing several charges including contempt of court. That George you let up was collected as. Evidence. Guy. Mean. But the raising awareness. Well I didn't add that is quiet. Protests there and I have vials Spencer. Some stock not me not you may have some people might seem for some people step. And there is of big headline Diego headline out of big old headliner go headline out of bats and if it. Produces the bats are apparently tried to reach a much older demographics they've now put out a casting call for active in single men and women. Ages 65. For an exciting new dating show there's sorry yeah flat. That we'll that night I don't. I think I almost threw up in my OK all okay this no word yet they show's format war by air yeah. And that is our question of the day which you watch a bachelor style reality show for seniors. Would you be interested in auditioning falsely being made me comment which is ABC news was getting grandma I'm sentencing you you're long way away I'll. Romney and it's OK could I think I'm the family got a gram programme by car lot yeah both pictures that you are. Coming up another busy day in Washington on this Wednesday January 29. Plus we'll SpaceX finally blasted off after bad weather delayed to schedule wants is this week. We are back. Here's a watch out for today's impeachment trial enters a new phase as lawmakers percent picked up sixty hours of questions and answers that opening arguments are over. After its latest revelations from Portland security advisor John Bolton. Republican senate. Majority leader Mitch McConnell has acknowledged he did not have enough votes swapped places that's fine. Bigotry are full coverage of the trial beginning at 1 o'clock eastern right here and he lives. You all president's office schedule to sign. United States Mexico Canada trade agreement at the White House US instigate revises NAFTA to expand market access for American Dairy producers and aims to support auto manufacturing. In North America the new trade rules also include updates for digital trading hopped right. Rules funeral Sunday just days away in Fallon members of the law enforcement community will provide an overview of public safety plans for activities in Miami including information for fans with it. The game and space X is scheduled to launch its falcon nine rocket carrying sixty starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral there Brevard County. Central Florida this morning after bat weather delay the launch windows yesterday. And Monday. Well that is fit for us on this Wednesday morning great to have today Norman back. A great hump day art. Via.

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