It's Morning, America: Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Labor secretary under fire amid Epstein investigation, Obamacare in jeopardy, remembering Ross Perot and more.
24:35 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Good morning I'm cannot smoke and Jane Norman near the top I think so this Wednesday number one labor secretary out the kotsay is facing mounting calls to resign. Over his role in a plea deal that left multimillionaire Geoffrey that's Epstein off the clock at. See now faces new sex trafficking charges president trump wants socialize with Epstein but now says he's not a fan of him. Number two with the tropical threat brewing in the gulf several safe along the Gulf Coast could be affected that storm is packing heavy rain. More than ten inches could fall later this week officials in New Orleans are monitoring for any potential storm surge impacts on the Mississippi River. On to number three now marry out is facing a lawsuit accused of deceiving customers up room prices and beat the Washington DC attorney general claims the hotel chains advertised rates were often misleading. Because they did not include the fees that gas tax but hey when booking rooms on line those charges are sometimes called destination fees that can be as high as 95 dollars. Company is not commenting we had to the major leagues for number for the commissioner of Major League Baseball is denying accusations. That the league has been altering baseball also players get hit more home runs the restaurant says the league has quote given no direction for the alteration of the vault. Home runs are being hit at a record pace this year all star pitcher Justin Verlander claimed earlier this week that the baseball's. Haven't used it was the pictures are dominated last night's all star game sixteen National League batters struck out against American League pitchers Pete hails winning run came on to. Joey gallows solo homer that won 43 and finally number 51 birch tree starts controversial effort to get people to stop using plastic bag the sort of Vancouver is trying to shame customers and to bringing their own back so it's plastic bags feature embarrassing fictional logos including one for. Colin here store. And a weird adult video store underneath logos or minor to bring a reusable bag wouldn't count. I'm art talk about you know when you're always seeing them and to have a lot of plastic bags those grandparents who Rolla mop and a mind and think. Guilty it's more in America. Later this morning US women's national soccer team will be honored with a ticker tape parade here in New York city's our question of the day. Do you know what was the first ticker tape parade here in New York. Our ass again one you know the you know. Who treat our about it what a year let us now on the comedy thanks and don't well like don't Google dole didn't. Okay bill have the answer for you. A little bit later now to the growing political fallout from the arrest of financial mobile Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges. It's labor secretary Alex Acosta is facing Newt. Also resigned over his role in a 2008 plea deal that allowed Epstein to avoid federal prosecution for allegedly molesting teen girls. President Tom is expressing sympathy and praise for Costa but he's now distancing himself from Epstein. A man he once called a terrific guy BC's Trevor alt is in Washington with the new details Trevor good morning. Good morning today in Kenneth yes of the source this controversy goes back eleven years ago Jeffrey Epstein struck a deal to serve less than two years in jail and avoid. A possible life sentence in an investigation involving. Forty teenage girls. And that deal was orchestrated by secretary of labor Alison Costa now prominent member of the truck administration. In the face of harsh criticism against labor secretary Alexander Acosta president trump standing by his secretary for now. It took about a long time ago and again it was a decision made I think. Not by him but by a lot of people top Democrats in multiple presidential candidates calling for a Costa to resign in the wake of the indictment of disgraced finance year Jeffrey Epstein charged with sex trafficking girls as young as fourteen some of the new allegations also part of an old investigation into Epstein from more than a decade ago where Costa served as the prosecutor in South Florida. Epstein struck a deal with the cost of registering as a sex offender in serving just thirteen months in county jail and Epstein is alleged victim saying she was kept in the dark as the deal was reached and there are resigning. The secret plea agreement with him. You know and keeping keeping me out of a at a live. Secretary costs are responding to critics tweeting the crimes committed by Epstein are horrific and I am pleased that New York prosecutors are moving forward with the case based on new evidence that a federal judge has determined to Costa and his prosecutors broke the law by not informing the victims about the terms of the prior deal. I am calling on secretary Acosta to resign. President trump acknowledges he knew Epstein but the Trump Organization saying Epstein was banned from Mara Largo years ago. I had a falling out with them a long time ago I don't think I've spoken to him for fifteen years I wasn't a fan. Now president trump said that the White House is looking into secretary Cox's role in how we prosecuted Epstein but he also said under. Secretary it cost the economy has done very well. Today Kenneth. All right are out there and Washington thank you for joining us this morning thank you. I'm moving on a retired marine fighter pilot is challenging senate majority leader Mitch McConnell for the seat he's held for 35 years Amy McGrath who nearly lost the house race to it. An incumbent Republican last year now she's hoping to become the first Kentucky Democrat elected to the senate since 1992. McGrath whose 44 says McConnell has turned Washington into something we all despise. She's facing an uphill battle in the state where president trump remains extremely popular. And speaking of those toy train elections ABC news will close this year's third democratic presidential primary debate. Now they place in Houston over two nights September 12 and thirteenth. To qualify for the debate candidates we'll have to meet polling and fundraising threshold set by the Democratic National Committee. Details of the debate's format will be announced at a later date. Now to the future of the Affordable Care Act in doubt once again and now in the hands of a federal appeals court. The judges heard arguments and a lawsuit seeking to invalidate obamacare of their ruling could eliminate health coverage for tens of millions of Americans including those with. Preexisting conditions ABC's Monaco's are apt he has more bad. And Blue States taking their battle over the future of Obama care back to federal court over half. Of the country under the age of 65. Is holding their breath. Waiting for a decision of the fifth circuit that fate of the health care law is now in front of three US fifth Circuit Court of Appeals judges in New Orleans a coalition of democratic led states backed by the House of Representatives. Are challenging a lower court's ruling. To strike the entire lawn down at the center of the debate is the affordable care act's individual mandate. That requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. A Texas judge dean the mandate unconstitutional. If upheld tens of millions of Americans would lose their health care protections for people with preexisting conditions would be eliminated. As would coverage for young adult who stay on their parents' plans and greater access through the expansion of Medicaid president trump has vowed to replace obamacare with a less expensive plants senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says. He's non supportive repealing the law. But it shut down the senate would find a way to protect people with preexisting conditions. Or. Ahead of the hearing democratic lawmakers held a press conference on the senate steps holding pictures of Americans they say rely on the affordable. Your act every family and America. Is one phone call one diagnosis one accidents away. For being slaves to preexisting conditions. Regardless of the decision both sides expect an appeal to the US Supreme Court for president trumps health care plan he several be unveiled sometime this summer. Jack Hanna. Thank you Mona Delta Airlines is trying to figure out why an engine fell during a flight from Atlanta to Baltimore this is what passengers song out of the window peaceably and is still bouncing around inside the captain told everyone had lost an engine. Flight attendant started preparing passengers for an emergency landing evening telling them to loosen their collars and take off their glasses. After we heard the band we just saw all of us now can come up and to the cap and and that's when it really start freaking out aztecs my mom. I love you that's my dad I love you. Plane was diverted to Raleigh German landed safely and you won't now be taken to Atlanta for the investigation. I do plan to offer free college tuition this morning the University of Texas says it will offer full scholarships to some students from low income households. The school a set up an endowment. That will fund scholarships for in state students from failing veteran 65000 dollars or less a year. About 20% of students are expected to automatically get the scholarships beginning next fall. An alert for dog owners this morning the FDA is spreading the word about a sugar substitute that can be deadly for dogs its calls I let all. It can be found in certain breath mints gum peanut butter because it Tubal vitamins dog owners are being advised to check believe blunt any food product. You share with your pet in keep items like toothpaste out of reach a dog that in jest silent all could die within one hour. That's the growing calls for a hate crime investigation in Arizona police say a white man killed a black teenager because he felt threatened by his rap music. The killing has sparked outrage even getting the attention of a presidential candidate. He revealed Graham ultimately that's Karen this morning a family is grew. Grieving the loss of a seventeen year old in Arizona beat he was out there live in Atlanta going nowhere going to school make it short losing everything taking Kathy didn't have women went. Candidates since analysts and it effects police say. Ally Asia Al mean was at a convenience store soda machine in Peoria when Michael Adams walked up behind him and stabbed him to death. According to court records Adams told investigators he heard Elijah listening to rap music in the parking lot. Saying to music and made him feel unsafe and he needed to protect himself in the community from the victim of both blew it. He says that his music reminds him that other people who had attacked him. This morning civil rights groups are calling for hate crime charges against Adams with more than a 100000 tweets contained hash tag. Justice for a lie shot including one from presidential candidate Cory Booker writing. All right. Records show Adams was released from prison just two days before the murder after serving a thirteen month sentence for aggravated assault. His lawyer says the airs on a department of corrections should've given Adams access to mental health services after his release this is a disabled person. And he's been released. Into the world. And left to fend for himself. And two days later this is where we are. In response of the department of correction says Adams was given information about where to find help for mental illnesses. But the department says it had no legal authority over him after he was released. Has four allies his family facing mental illness is no excuse they say hate motivated the murder. So the fact that someone is trying to claim that that's the reason why I'm about his life was taken it's just an excuse and it doesn't it doesn't help. It doesn't it doesn't lend any type of console men like it doesn't help. There is no hate crimes statute in Arizona but a judge can't impose a tougher sentence if it's determined that a hate crime was committed. Finally Serena Williams is now two wins away from another title after winning. This match at Wimbledon her semi final match is scheduled. Baby Olympia is there to you mean to the amount company while working now. Adorable. Coming up Queen Elizabeth get your hands dirty will go across the on the check get all the royal family we'll tell you why the queen of England said. Well my first. Welcome back this morning remembering Ross Perot the billionaire businessman and two time presidential candidate died it was Kenya at the agency Mena. He's being remember for his larger than life Texas personality. It. He was the self made billionaire from picture community. Walsh who rode the centrist presidential candidate who. From the scooters a break from politics as usual. Now just for the record. I don't have any spend doctors I don't hate any speechwriters. Probably shelves. At five foot six small in stature but a larger than life. Our protection board picture spread. Tech carriage and went out about me take his day having made his fortune in the computer business Perot spent 65 million dollars of his own money. Running for president in 1992. His quips were hallmark of the campaign. Dollars down through the following a boost Bob does that. Not the Democrats not Republicans someone out there there's an extraterrestrial is doing this to us I guess. Perot won 19% of the vote that a year as an independent. Many Republicans blame him for George H. W. Bush is lost to Bill Clinton you're going to hear a cat sucking sound of jobs being phone out of this country. His homespun style was a ready made purity. You don't have to be a Ph.D. an Harvard and I'll let our kids are gonna inherit a four trillion dollar deficit and that that's just cramps think. Now if I'm president. Perot oppose NAFTA from the start. He champion American workers and fought hard to help military veterans senator Bernie Sanders paid tribute to Perot on Twitter. Posting this picture of a sore Perot gave him for his work on a veterans' bill. Well on our brains augmented it and. We're very. And many will say that Ross Perot the head at this time when he ran for president and certainly had a big person walkways and India have released new video believed to be the last but it's taken of a group of mountain climbers in the Himalayas before they were found dead after exhaustive search let's go across the pond to different apples than in the London bureau for more good morning Jennifer. Hey good morning guys it that clip shows the climbers including two Americans roped together. And slowly making their way up a peak in sunny weather they were attempting to climb India's second highest peak and none the Davey. When contact was lost they went missing in a ridge between Cuba glaciers at an altitude of nearly 181000. Feet may. News reports say the camera with the video was a go pro and it was found buried in the snow near the area. Where the bodies were eventually recovered in June. Officials there say at this video will help them analyze what went wrong with the mission but it's believed that the mountain was hit by a series of avalanches. And Jennifer back there in the UK the race to replace prime minister trees may is now heating up with the final two candidates facing off and the debate in a debate in the big question. What are their plans to resolve the ongoing wrecks that problem. Yeah and the ongoing president trump problem. It's you rival candidates hoping to be Britain's next prime this year as you said they face stopped at a feisty teen need to be last night. Boris Johnson and Jeremy Heine clashed over brag sick. As you would expect and that's the case to Western Europe the economy also as you'd expect and he's. How to deal with president Donald Trump amid these leaked memos. Hunt who is also foreign secretary which is Britain's top diplomat said if he would the next time prime minister. He'd stand by their man in DC and that man being UK Lassiter to DUS the one who raised the ire of president tram. Over unflattering comments about his administration now Boris Johnson. The former mayor of London and also a former foreign secretary well he was blessed steadfast. About loyalty to the ambassador instead. He said he has a good relationship with the White House. And Jennifer on to the royals and the head royal Queen Elizabeth out getting our hands dirty. Yup is she show the world she's still the hardest working member of the rural family Queen Elizabeth happily planting a tree during a royal event outside of London. And when asked if she required a little assist stinks. The 93 year old smiling as she hands over her purse replies no no I'm still perfectly capable of planting a tree. Wearing a bright pinks scenes and the hats she and confidently held the shovel. Placing dirt onto the fact playing now also on the world stage today Prince Harry and Prince William are spreading today are part of the day on their polo horses. It will be to brothers' first joint event this year after last weekend's baptism of baby Archie. It's a polar charity tournament and it's not clear if the pair will be on the same team or opposing teams. Rate raising the possibility there of a right royal rivalry. The ruling that witness I think this season but probably won't be as good as seeing the queen. Dig in and there now matter how guns yeah. Really yeah I Jennifer thank you so much we appreciate my friend. Let's go over to our friend will dance to check our notification since he was trending on social media in the morning. Who do you yeah that's right let's start with the dramatic end of a race this runner. Out. His first he's so excited. Until he realizes he still has an entire lab didn't know. Oh and then oh never party too early I think it's the moral of that story. Devlin of of that story and I think he finished in tenth place tent yet tenth place. Outs to go and he obviously it yourself probably finish ahead of me at Yankee. They could have done a whole party taken and maps though whatever elite few is there but now let's switch over to engender a deal that's really over the top. One couple just wanted to celebrate in style and it congratulations you can see there there have been a boy ate all that blue yes. But what does the burnout burns may be. A little few high and that's that in there. He just keeps going and still he may oh me oh yeah. Howell catches fire luckily they got the driver out. And posted this as a warning. Not to try this particular gender reveal at all at that earlier you have and a boy are dragon that she's fired up that's. Yes maybe police he went inside that maybe it's this they gave up a bit off that every bit waiting for opera. But. I it will next up. Forget Windmills and waterfalls this cat is the most difficult obstacle to if you're playing putt like golf. Watch want to keep the ball out of the hole there it's incredibly good defense. Well again that's like that's gonna play with a golf ball I mean honestly it makes golf a lot more enjoyable to watch no offense to you any golf fans out there but. This is a little more lively than we're used to seeing you know putting green that call that caps lock. I'm with you there are and finally let's move on to a weird weather events across the pollen to the UK. Which has grass. Seemingly coming out of this guy it's raining grads rein in growth it's all because it's so dry over their right now rats and getting swept up. And now looks like it's it's raining graft that was raining grass like in Colorado or other places where rent regional Canada that's that's a different kind of crap I'm no meteorologist but I think that the different tack I have to write my Fred Krupp hope will. Pulled out over there a sense will stop. Reigning grass and icu rain maybe real. Rain yet I would dance thank you so much travelers go through those notifications. Date guys all coming up we're getting ready to celebrate the World Cup champs welcomed me back because New York is Florida ticker tape parade for teen USA this morning. We're so ready more after this. You're just watch out for today president trump the Fed to give a speech in sign an executive order aimed at revamping care for kidney disease. That more people whose kidneys fail have a chance at early transplants in home dialysis. Fed chair Jerome Powell will present the monetary policy report to congress and testify out of the save the economy before the house committee on financial services. Amid speculation the Fed will cut interest rates later this vote for the first time in a decade. NASA will present its plans for the future of the International Space Station and a house space and aeronautics subcommittee hearing. NASA could unveil details on allowing private citizens to visit the IS as a serious when he when he. It plans to open the space station for commercial business. And a World Cup. Chance hit the streets of New York part ticker tape parade sorry in the US women's soccer team you can watch that right here on ABC news lie. Plus everything into the debrief for an update on our top stories and the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headlines. In politics. Well a final touches are being put in place for that victory freight we're just telling you about for teen USA this. Morning that you asked. Women's national soccer team will be honored along one of America's most storied parade routes and joining us now with our own will dance when he well I didn't bring my ticker tape. I forgot but there have been more than 200 ticker tape parades in New York city's. Canyon of heroes folks like Pope John Paul the second. And the Kennedys have been honored. The plaques are in this side but there downtown a reminder of those huge parties in the streets but this morning it's all about teen USA. Team USA of receiving big hero's welcome back here in this. Four time world champs hitting Times Square to celebrate their it's. Story live on CNN. Back to back fifa World Cup champions. Personally start but his team captain making repeat of cool with being called a night this team yet. This stupid to get a pen and that again this team I think that sounds that way when word that Roosevelt who scored their game winner in the final will. Three the finger. All of us you like grow up and it's kind of something's always like envision yourself feeling fine and electrical outages at its like something that I would help with the periodic. Anybody who that you may have everywhere else yeah. Those tears hated these iced lattes the girls have been cravings during their time in Europe nothing like the party they'll find in the streets of NYC this morning. A ticker tape parade sets honored US women's. Joining a longstanding view your tradition dating back in 1986. When a spontaneous celebration broke out after that dedication of the statue of liberty. Charles Lindbergh in 1927 after his transatlantic flight. Astronaut John Glenn and 62. And so many other sports legends world leaders and countless others have been honored with a ticker tape parade. In New York city's famed canyon of euros ticker tape refers to the old slips of paper used to transmit stock prices via telegraph back in the day. Nowadays people throwing confetti from residential buildings and businesses along the parade ground the last ticket they paraded and placing. These same champions following their 2015 World Cup. US women's national team also gifted keys to the city but breaking down doors and shattering glass ceilings has never really been an issue for these. With this morning's ticker tape parade team just yet teen USA will be to first women's athletic team ever to be honored but back to back ticker tape parades here. Breaking yet another record but this time it's off the field they deserve it all you were down there early this morning. Was was that like it CC I all of those pleats and that's on the sci walk there and I think it's amazing it's history dating all the way back to 1886. But the thing that I was even more impressed by our the storefronts down there you know it'll be like deli or you know a shoe store and it got the flags they're writing you know windows everybody is ready for this person that's our answer to the question of the day yet was the year was for the very first 186 I just give it away now. Yeah yeah yeah another right crew. Got your lifeline of your phone a friend dated women and you found I could get there with the year was 1886 and it was honoring the dedication of the statue of liberty. And mood they're pretty and a did you Google. Your diet right. Thank you locally raised bad break and later today and we will see you tomorrow have a good ones.

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