It's Morning, America: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Donald Trump wraps up state visit to U.K. at D-Day commemoration, ex-deputy arrested for inaction during Parkland massacre and more.
18:16 | 06/05/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Good morning I'm Zack Greinke and I. They already are the top I think snow this Wednesday number one the so called Republican revolt over tariffs. President trump insists that he's not bluffing about imposing tariffs on all imports from Mexico despite stiff opposition from members of his own party. ABC news has learned the administration is considering. Whether to declare a state of emergency to justify the terrorists meanwhile this morning president promised wrapping up his three day state visits the UK by marking the 75 anniversary of he's attending ceremonies with Queen Elizabeth and more than a dozen other world leaders. Number two a major development in the department of voter school massacre the former deputy who critics called. The coward of Broward County has been arrested on criminal charges school resource officer Scott Peterson was seen outside doing nothing while seventeen people were killed in the school. Now faces eleven criminal charges for not taking action. If convicted he faces nearly 100 years in prison his attorney says. Peterson is being used as a scapegoat on to number three now the heartland is bracing for more rain with major rivers already approaching record levels found near Kansas City have been flooded by the Missouri River the water is six feet deep in some areas. On the other side of the state the Mississippi River is now at this second highest level on record. And is not yet crested meanwhile in Arkansas the National Guard has been working to shore up levees along the Arkansas River. We had two youths for number four and a health scare at a public school. 46 people were sent to the hospital after being exposed to large amounts of chlorine out of public pool outside purple and top. Many of the victims were children. Everyone is expected to be OK the problem was blamed on bad home. And finally number five up right C fender Bender for comedian Tracy market. Photos obtained by TMZ showed he was involved in a minor crash in Manhattan monk driving his friend who Gotti he was seen. Being on the other drivers Condit. Shouting. Two million dollar car. Just found that drivers say she didn't know we'll Morgan why is. Until people started taking pictures and just gotten that car. Let's get right to today's big story president trump is wrapping up a three day state visit before heading to Ireland. The president kicked off his 75 anniversary the day commemoration with Queen Elizabeth in more than a dozen other world leaders it follows a date pact with pets entry. Protests in politics ABC's. Dorn Phelps has been covering this state visit in London. Good morning Jordan. Good morning Tony and Zachary while the president has clearly been enjoying in south over at these three days of festivities here in the UK. From that grand welcomed by the queen at Buckingham Palace to the state bank when it. Last night's glitzy dinner at the US ambassador's residence. There's of course been a heavy dose of politics as well the president meeting with the outgoing prime minister to recent may. And not holding back in offering his opinions on Rex say and the upcoming race for prime minister. But today the president's agenda as really moving on to commemorating the 75 anniversary of that. Very consequential. Of World War II the president today in ports neck which was of course a critical launching point for that battle. And then tomorrow he actually travels to Norman. That day and also celebrate. With since still living back trends who'll be there for the ceremonies the president completing a pilgrimage that's been. Done by almost at three modern US president since Jimmy Carter in going to Normandy the president will now act his own voice to those treaty it's. And the president also today traveling to Ireland and meet with the Irish prime minister and stay at one of his trump properties. Back teenager named Zachary. Our thanks to Jordan for that report did not the so called the Republican revolt against president drums playing this slap new tariffs. And products from Mexico overnight to ABC news learned the trump administration is now considering whether to declare a national emergency to justify the tariffs. One lawmaker calls them a tax increase. It would wreak Havoc on the US economy. This morning there's a growing confrontation on tariffs between president trump and his own party welders. Not much supportive not conference returns it sure. The president is promising to slap a 5% tariff on all Mexican goods starting Monday. Unless he's satisfied with Mexico's attempts to stem the flow of migrants crossing the border. The tariff could rise to 25%. In the coming months. Top Republicans are now warning to trump administration not to move forward with a plan fearing the impact on American consumers. If we go to forty an ocean here. I'm so hold of this story can learn our economy back. I don't think Republican lawmakers are now suggesting they may have a veto proof majority to stop the president. During his trip to London the president said the effort to block the terrorist by Republicans would be quote foolish. There's nothing more important than borders I've had tremendous Republican support. I have a 90% 94% approval rating as of this morning in the Republican Party that's an all time record can you believe that is not something I love records. The tariffs would increase the cost of consumer products from Mexico items from washing machines to pro -- like avocados. Triple A says it could cost the company fifteen million dollars a year. Likely forcing it to raise menu prices one economist says the terrorists could amount to one of the largest tax increases in decades. This 5% tariff will go on top of the other tariffs that the president has either enacted or threatened. You. Add up to be one of the largest tax increases in the last thirty years off. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now suggesting congress should act first to prevent terrorists from taking effect intact. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer predicts a president won't go through with this threat I believe that he will back off. When faced with the opposition. Among. Business among his own Republicans. And when he sees what a dumb movie is made but overnight the president's firing back on Twitter calling Schumer Oak Creek. And saying the senator would rather have our country fail would drugs and immigration and give Republican to win. But he gave Mexico bad advice. No bluff the statement coming as the so called Republican revolt gain steam the president understands is very Smart man. They're known to play too far. But not lapping. High level talks with the Mexican officials are expected today in Washington meanwhile the Federal Reserve has indicated it may cut interest rates. If any trade dispute slow down the economy. Now to a deepening mystery about the deaths of three Americans in the Dominican Republic 41 year old it. Miranda shop Warner was found dead at her hotel on May 25. That's five days before both Edward Holmes and Cynthia and they were also found dead in their room at the same motel officials say. All three died of respiratory failure. The US State Department says it is not aware of any connections between the desks. In that it's monitoring the investigations of them. The top administration has announced new restrictions for Americans traveling to Cuba including a ban on cruise ships the new rules are aimed at cutting off cash to the Communist government. While rolling back Obama they were efforts to restore normal relations. And they also quite a group tour is in most private planes and boats. Cruise companies were caught off guard by this news and officials say anyone who has already paid for trip can still ago. They dog trapped for three weeks in a cave near Tampa is now. Back with its owner hiker heard Sally whimpering but he couldn't get to work. So you posted a plea for help on social media and that prompted people from round Florida did joined in trying to help him including a stage rigging company. There were finally able to get Sally out of the twenty foot hole. And we're glad to announce she's doing okay. Welcome back now to that major development in the Parkland Florida school massacres the former deputy who critics have called. The coward of Broward County has been arrested on criminal charges. Officer Scott Peterson was seen outside doing nothing while seventeen people were killed in that school ABC's. Andrea food GE U has more on the charges he faces. Seventeen children and staff were killed a Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida last year when a gunman stormed the school. And now the man who was the school resource officer at the time has been arrested for not confronting the shooter the Florida State attorney says former Broward shares deputy Scott Peterson was fired. And now faces eleven criminal charges in connection with his lack of response to the situation. Investigators C Peterson refused to investigate the source of the gunshots. We treated during the active shooting and directed other law enforcement who arrived to stay 500 feet away from the building. In an NBC interview last year Peterson questioned his actions. I mean knowing what a note today. I would've been in that building and off. Heartbeat Peterson's arrest comes after a fifteen month investigation into the actions of law enforcement following the shooting another deputy was also fired for his inaction. Peterson's charges include child neglect and culpable negligence if convicted he faces nearly 100 years in prison. In new York and three from GE Zachary engine now back to you. Peterson's lawyer says his client has been made as a scapegoat and he argues by definition Peterson cannot be prosecuted for Tom with neglect. Because he was a law enforcement officer not a parent or caregiver. Not as some shocking new evidence about homelessness in the city of Los Angeles it surrounding counties. The area has seen a sharp increase in homelessness over the last year. In many who are new to being homeless say economic hardship is the reason that their living on the street ABC's Brett Melky has more. It has yet these are alarming numbers coming out of Los Angeles after year in which homelessness actually declined a little bit officials are now saying the numbers have skyrocketed. In one year homelessness has risen 16%. In Los Angeles 12% in the larger LE area. Think about that that he sixth that was in new people living in shelters or on the street. Does not just LA either this is happening all over Southern California ABC's chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is based in LA and I asked him what kind of difference this has made. On the city it's pretty significant I've been in LA for about four years in you can tell. The sprawl of would essentially are shanty towns across Los Angeles says Skid Row has become. Very very populated and people since he set up tents. One of the problems with Los Angeles has been an infestation. Of rats which are allegedly spreading disease possibly even tight fit some mean things that seem very you know seventeenth eighteenth century. Are actually affecting downtown. Atlanta say that's like Middle Ages stuff he exactly that's worth noting in Los Angeles the average rental price of a whole. His recent 75%. In the last decade that says that is not a coincidence it is easier than ever in a late to find yourself with nowhere to turn. We'll have more on start here later this morning listen I'm apple podcasts refusal podcasting app. Today it's acrid. Thanks to Bradford every port now to an SNL star who's about to make an impression on a one room schoolhouse on an island Massachusetts. When there are twelve people total in the school in its graduating class of one. What celebrity on earth would possibly agree to give the commencement address well the answer may surprise you are Ono will gain in. Has the story. This grad season's start showing up to the most prestigious educational institutions to deliver passionate commencement addresses. Ellie Kemper at Princeton John Kaczynski at brown Oprah at Colorado College. But no insulin which up to this tiny school house on an island off Massachusetts to give a speech to the graduating class and one. Right rothmans actress Jenny slate set to address the solo graduating eighth grader at Cuttyhunk elementary school next weekend. The S and L alone played Mona Lisa zapper steam on parks and rec. Chile that reminds me though that America must know and I will treat early today because my strong gotten him tickets throughout hit vault concert. And Aaron committed to act. Slade has connections to the area and agreed to give this beach when asked by family friends she's even reached out to -- to get to know or before the big day last year a retired astronaut. Gave the commencement address to what's. Older brother Carter. The one that the school teacher slash principal says that this school is expecting a packed house at graduation. In things that most of the town will be there for Quinn's. Big days pretty cool story there coming up. We've got a major Koehler DJ Khaled opens up about his music and now becoming a father influenced his new album. That's coming up after this. There's a watch out for today a federal judge will hear arguments on ACLU lotion to sanction the top administration. Or concealing a Republican gerrymandering experts draft memo surrounding the decision to add a citizenship question point one cents this. President trump finishes up his state visit to view Kagan had stepped Ireland where he'll. Meet with the prime minister there before traveling to France where a ceremony on the anniversary of the then game three of the NBA finals tips off tonight the rafters in the warriors are even at one game apiece as the series moves to Oakland. In the warriors will be without star player Kevin Doran who is recovering from a calf injury. Plus now for its tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories and the briefing room breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. There is no doubt this morning that song writer and recording executive DJ Khaled has what it takes to be the one. The larger than life hip hop mogul is bringing some the industry's top names together for brand new album that celebrates his family. Both inside and outside of the studio. The larger than life mole or that was behind. Some of the decade's biggest summertime and the classics like are likely would win. I'm the one featuring Justin. Leno is still well yeah. Didn't wild thoughts alongside beyond. Yeah it now once again. Tablet is bringing music royalty to a new album called father of a son. It's from party being. Did Travis got. In the late nifty must now. This work blends fatherhood and hip hop and not to the home team. Wife Nicole in their two year old son men I think the last time we linked up with Uga. Do status yes how was like team since since then I'll man my life changed incredibly. Signed. Show me what really lobbies is to pure race. Is the holiest. And is the most incredible love and never experienced in my life being a father now to me stacked highest honor. That's Latin name problem father massage. Visible artist not just music that's. But by harnessing social media especially snapped Chet to build the bridge. Serving them Syria another. You came seniors met the man. Any idea that it would become what it has become. No other plan. My reaction social media deputy implanted in Asia's will be alas out. Is me being Cali in chances who I am. Khaled was born to Palestinian parents in new Ormond with a big dreams. And the patience to achieve this news how do you instill the same kind of qualities. In your son. To you've learned. Through this process through this struggled obviously. He's he's not gonna brought the same way you grew well. I'm teaching them when he gets older how hard mommy daddy worked the same way I was raised my mom and dad raised me at their work. But they loved me so much when I crew up I knew what it was to work hard I knew what it was to be young man early. This is the studio this off parcels. I want to talk about the process when Alice Williams. You don't come together like we're just hope it starts off the movie production. Lincolnshire and the level of production. The music part would no no lyrics you. Just music. You know and ideas that while got this idea. I think commute back to come up say hey Esther let this classic. How well flip a classy. And make it class. For the first time baby inside is now part of the process. It just two years old he's named the executive produced who on the project. In this will help you kind of good I don't know that it who come in here and Bob as head smile. Put his hands. Does it still touch you when when when someone says. Knowing that they looked up to you because you've had a positive impact. They so beautiful man like I just immediately tell god is great and if I could help you inspire motivate. Note to my actions. Thank you I'll win that you know that you inspire me as well. On story good job about one thing that's it from us today have a great Wednesday.

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