It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019

Public impeachment hearings set to begin, Supreme Court hears DACA arguments, teen’s emergency transplant due to vaping and more.
24:56 | 11/13/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019
Good morning Kevin moved handing aren't over the top I think sets Wednesday number one history on Capitol Hill today as the impeachment investigation. Both public but the first hearing beginning at 10 AM eastern. On AB CTV. And 9 AM eastern hearing things I've. We'll be hearing from two key witnesses including Bill Taylor of the top diplomat in Ukraine. Democrats are now describing president fox actions as bribery and number two much of the countries in the grips of a deep freeze. Its record low temperatures are expected this morning from DC up to new York and Boston. If all that deadly storm system blamed for a fifty car pileup and Ohio. Many schools and areas hit by that former closed or delayed at a freeze warning. Has also been issued in the deep south as clients and sent the animals at a zoo and Alabama are gathering under heat lamps and parks hundreds of records. Are expected to fall. With temperatures in the twenties. As far south as Pensacola Florida. On temperature now a series of college fraternity deaths across the country the latest is a nineteen year old student at Washington State university's Albert prom night a house. Police say the death may be alcohol related it is the third death. Three days a teenager at San Diego State University died after attending a fraternity party. Officials say he fell from a funk bet. And a death at Arizona State University is also being investigated on to number four now the FBI has now going to start formal green on the run wanted for murder authorities say new surveillance images show Michael Brown last Saturday the same day he's accused of killing his mother's portrait southern Virginia. Brown left his post at Camp Lejeune north house North Carolina last month. Bring say he's under investigation but they're not saying why. And finally number of partners sexiest man alive according to People Magazine he is John Legend the forty year old singer in the event. He's perplexed by the outer but he said quote. They get fellow his wife Christy Teague who reacted on Twitter saying the sexiest man alive dismayed react camps they always. She updated her Twitter bio to reach currently sleeping with people's sexiest man alive have Chris thinking and not that south. I greet him to be ABC news app for all that trending stories with here five things to note this Wednesday morning and evening Norma the sexiest man alive here. At ABC news reading get to vote. Chicken and Washington Israeli right that big stories we're today for only the fourth time in history congress will begin public hearings to consider whether to impeach the president. Overnight we learned new information on what to expect today the top Democrats in today's hearing is now using the word bribery to explain president Trump's actions. Meanwhile the White House has prepared what's being called a rapid response team to fight back during the hearing. Let's bring in ABC's Elizabeth her on Capitol Hill with more on the witnesses. We'll be seeing today Elizabeth good morning. Can't happen today good morning Democrats say they are ready to make their case to the American people today and what the president may be downplayed the hearings the White House as you mentioned. Not taking any chances. The battle lines are drawn and this speech sent millions of Americans finally getting to see and hear what has been going on behind closed the worst. Until now the first two witnesses built Taylor the top US diplomat in Ukraine and George Kent as senior State Department official. Taylor already testified in private about a concerted effort to use military aid to Ukraine as leverage for political gain. Kent who also testified behind closed doors accused president Trump's personal tourney Rudy Giuliani you're running a camped. A flanker and life. This app house intelligence committee to her out of shift revealed among the impeachable offenses under consideration. Include bribery as. Better we'll have to. The valuation is whether these facts are true bribery treason tight and business groups. Democrats in Washington would rather pursue outrageous hoaxes. And delusional witch hunts which are going absolutely nowhere don't worry about it. President trump has always maintained he did nothing wrong but Republicans are ready to fight Barack. Holding mock hearings as hacking the two witnesses credibility casting them as unelected and anonymous bureaucrats. And overnight ABC news alerting the White House is also prepared to launch a rapid response team. To react in real time to the public testimony. Cool we are told today's hearing alone could last more than six hours and then there's another hearing set for Friday. And Democrats just announced the names of eight more witnesses will testify next week. Today Kenneth. Ryan Elizabeth turned government l.'s all eyes will be on the nation's capital today and today's televised hearings aren't the only one set for this week. Here's a look at what's next in the process on Friday the former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Ivanovic is set to testify publicly. Next week eight more witnesses are expected to testify during three days that qualifies televised testimony. And looking to next month a vote to impeach the president could be held the week of December 16. If the house votes to impeach we know the process of course moves to the senate for trial. And so far there have been sixteen closer interviews 22 members of the House Intelligence Committee thirteen Democrats and nine Republicans and a chance ask questions. And the longest closed door deposition was ten and a half hours for national security official Alexander than men are live coverage of today's hearing begins at 9 AM eastern right here on ABC news lives. He's not yet a candidate for former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg will be on the ballot in Arkansas the media mogul file for the democratic primary there to cover. His base is and case he does decide to run Bloomberg says. He still undecided but he told reporters he's been getting more and more upset with what's happening in this country. All I've got to do is inside Iran and explain to people what I think is wrong with this country and how I would fix it. And then the public can make a decision and I can't speak for anybody else and I don't want to compare myself to anybody else. If Bloomberg said given who the Republican presidential candidate will be he will support the eventual. Democratic nominee whoever that percentages and yet another prominent Democrat is thinking about joining the presidential race late. Hillary Clinton says she's under enormous pressure to challenge president trop again and win. Press during a BBC interview on whether she will she would not rule it out but she fence. Right now quote that is absolutely not in my plans. Well there are no complications for former president Jimmy Carter following his brain surgery his spokeswoman says the 95 year old. Is now recovering from surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. That was the result of bleeding linked to recent falls Carter is going to remain hospitalized in Atlanta for observation it's unclear when he will be. East which are now to the immigration debate and a crucial day at the Supreme Court the justices have heard arguments from the dock a program which allows some undocumented immigrants. Brought to the US as children to stay in this country. President trump wants to end the program and out appears the justices. May let them into season as they look the part reports. Heated protests outside the Supreme Court and around the country as news emerged at the high court's conservative majority appeared to side with president trump. In his right to and the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as doc I'm tired of I'm uncertain. I don't adding I'm the future of more than 700000. Young immigrants hanging in the balance. Stuff it was enacted by President Obama to protect so called dreamers immigrants who were brought to the US and children that lack permanent legal status yeah I have ever known. At home at Omaha Nebraska drugs promise to crack down on illegal immigration was a key part of his 2016 campaign. After saying he would treat dreamers win. Heart truck moved to and doc in 2017. Several lower courts blocked his decision arguing his approach to ending it was arbitrary and caprice shifts. While justice system ignored delivered lengthy defense of doc called out president trump for sending mixed messages the two trump appointees justices Kavanagh and corsets seemed to break with that logic. Indicating the drug administration has provided sufficient reason for wanting to and the program in response top congressional Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer delivering their dock a bill to senate majority leader Mitch McConnell softness. Pushing for a legislative way to protect dreamers. President Jon says that the Supreme Court overturned stock he is prepared to work with Democrats to ensure dreamer since day. But so far the president's efforts to strike a broader deal on her Grecian haven't worked out. A decision in this case is expected by June 20/20 at which point the election campaign will be in full swing. At the Supreme Court in hustle it would terra ABC news. Our thanks to amass there will be not to Google pushing back against reports about what it calls project nightingale. It's a program under which the company is reportedly collecting. But Google says employees only have access to patient information in order to build a new internal search tool for the ascension hospital network. If they know patient data has be used for schools artificial intelligence research. A big sports headline this morning Houston Astros of the facing claims it cheated their way to their only World Series title. Astros play air might fires tells the athletic that the teen use cameras the still signs during home games and 47 team players are staffers quit. Then report only being ought to trash him to signal certain pitches both the Astros and Major League Baseball are now investigate cancel one person to comment on what are. I think now going to be called the Houston asked picks. Well we'll see what happens I'll bring. And right check had a stunning video from Milwaukee about Trevor picks up a six year old boy mystery girl's sister or wandering along a snow we rode in subfreezing temperatures. The little girl was wearing just a T shirt and a Skype are neither had on a coat. Dryers that the older child holder they were looking for their grandma. When police found the grandmother she says the children wandered out of her home while she was in the basement no charges have been filed. And four people including three college students can't think the US coast are for getting them out of a spot in Maine. They were airlifted to safety after their boat was stranded on a river for six hours just north of Bangor Maine. Apart from being very cold since the temperature was in the thirties Arab Marine One is OK this morning. Well going up tensions are high in Hong Kong where clashes between protesters and police in classes canceled an area university. But first the political chaos in Bolivia the nation has a new and president but not everyone is happy about it. You go across the pond after. Welcome back now to the teenager in Michigan who needed new lungs because of damage caused by beefing. He's recovering in the hospital after suffering what doctors described his lung damage cell that he was facing certain death. This morning a teenager in Detroit is recovering from a double lung transplant and doctor saved taping is to blame this young patient would have died there is no doubt. About it is Haley says he was an otherwise healthy school athlete who was suddenly admitted to the hospital with pneumonia like symptoms. Then put on life support alongs themselves became extremely heavy and thick. With scar. And Diller like god hearted rather if you will that would door knocked him principal anymore docked. There's say he was days from debt before the procedure the first known double lung transplant renovate being patient. The teenager requested doctor show pictures of his damaged lungs to the public as a warning to others. The white spots indicates guard and inflamed tissue. There is rising and number. School students who are using his cigarettes and beeping the statistics are certainly scary. Just last week the CDC announced vitamin. In their investigation into more than 2000. Cases of severe beeping related illnesses and at least forty deaths. But no single device or ingredient is responsible for all the cases. Many patients say they used black market vague products that contain marijuana Psycho active ingredient TH seat. The hospital where the lung transplant was completed would not disclose what type of products the patient used. But his doctors say the severity of his condition should send a clear message this is that. Evil that I haven't taste before expect him hopefully to be an advocate to stop this mad Max. Doctors say the teen is now recovering well from the transplant. Moving on now to Bolivia were an opposition senator has declared herself from president. Just hours after embattled president Evo Morales. Resigned and fled to Mexico for asylum following weeks of sometimes violent protest. Let's go across the pond now to doing McFarlin in the London bureau for more Julia good morning. Morning Hannah saying this all positions senate Geneen and the as she's got a series of very quick. Promotions. In the lost the in the loss today at Vicenza strain of all because of government will make his farm and the Mariah says is Ponte. All resigned in protest of what's been happening the last few days just quickly be president Taylor resigns. They had this week because. The loss month's elections were called into question off to international monitors said they found evidence of manipulation. Is this so cold truth. Despite his supporters has resulted in him having to flee the country and go to Mexico a he has claimed asylum saying that he says. But his life the vacuum that he's left in government meant that then will make his of his party or resigned. I'm not the opposition's and it's as ice as he said Janine and yes she's the Collette has something he inter rent. Presidents can now if she is backed by a hot by a constitutional court Tuesday aimed. Because sentient. As violent but the opposition party they won all residents. In that the proceedings and parliament they they vitae if the session may boycotts of that meaning that there was no representation has no position to hand taking the interim presidency. How incredible developments there. But let's move on to Hong Kong where university campuses are bracing for more violent clashes between protesters and police so what's the latest there. So pertussis are now calling for a sad day all of a strike of blocking metro stations across the city usually we see a little bit of a rest spite. In the on these jeering the week. Ahead of protests kicking off pretty regularly every single weekend it's been like this for the Los. Six months but oft. This we lost weekends heightened as relations with this shooting. All of a protest of by police at point blank range and the banning of a pro Chinese. A protest by a Hong Kong demonstrate says. Tensions have reached. The crew really critical level as the police have now decided to and sent you divested campuses and schools that's a new special bustling that they have avoided. Doing say five and the education peer they have clay is a lot of in unit buzz season schools because of the city the security threat and now police saying that the rule of law is close to collapse. Ups are just a sobering news phrase that they are close to collapse all right Julianne before you go we're seeing some pictures from Dennis the showing some serious flooding. We seen this happen before a so what makes this time different. Right so at Venice says that the same paying newsstand but actually it's really getting bad at the man and because what's the levels. On now reaching an all time high they have not been this high in this city. Since 1966. More than fifty is since the war to those have reached so six feet. Deep and even some of the most central pots. All but Venice the iconic. Some remarks while wed tourists that usually RA bulletin stay pretty dry. When when they get in front of the cathedral that is not completely underwater the city they've had to put on that cat walks and walkways. So that tourists and that way doesn't know what is Ken. Move across. This city and things I'm now look it I'm really really critical for this and credit for this very very the tourist hot spots. But I was pretty into kind of I just wanna say just a few things I think that many put this into contacts in the happens how Venice is struggling an amendment not just with these rising floodwaters. But also in just the city's infrastructure itself 26 million tourists and yet the city receives. And it has 54000. Permanent residents say in recent years we've seen. Then this says the citizens and their residents in Venice bottling not been meet these rising floodwaters but also waste too many tourists and the city can really accommodate. Powell met I was one album a few years ago and no beautiful beautiful place that we I saw the headline I thought. That's like is always on the water right but obviously this is just in incredible scene that's happening there. I'm as we look at it and mama before you go as well I understand that we always learn something new. We go across the pond but well leafs that was that anyone for me I see that as I knew six. Blame this what do you school they the united or rubber he hi Amy Lange dates that I don't salute period and that Rivera's school get his boots. But this could mean you know like healed biggest light rain Boone and putting beneath their brain where he's been. Look at Wendy's we Wear them when its rating their rain boots. Divvied origin of Wellington's. I look like cold Wellington based siding that's the company I'll let you know what I mean when I say who that write a vacuum cleaner in the UK is an an is that his because Hoover as the browns that really. Popularize them is the same with the wiley is in Wellington based. I don't know whether the company Wellington is based off to the duke of Wellington about some kind of itemized that's beyond my young my dot ever raise its key it right on. Glad that we get hash it out at best. The dollar store here in the US and nice speaking up Hoover that's just another reason that time which is glad that you don't sucking you're so good at your job how about that. Hans. Thank you again and I'm gonna. I you know I ended when my britches and I'm trying to keep it more American banking catch me out every now and then does bring back the southern accent for. Could appreciate let's look and they Joliet. Syria. All right let's check out notification starting with smooth criminal from a hockey game in North Carolina. Who has the taste for ice cream that a crime was caught on live TV watching dialing the ice cream covered and the other guy who Bakes it. Yet another bank comes by the thick of radicals they and the bone was sitting in a cop so the man didn't notice. Just about that the Carolina Hurricanes game he had all right okay. Hope and Disney plus is the issue and services little too popular for its own good and they won. Anthony puck kicked off yesterday morning at 3 eastern and it didn't take long for social media users to start complaining they couldn't access the service the problem. Appeared to be too many people. To sign in remember disease her injuries yes. Next to a very cute little dog right in a car can't wait to see how luck and glad. Is adorable. Don't know where he's gone but he's going to style street corner. Right there with. Reportedly owner her I just pastor. Yep and a trick play it aligned an opportunity to show off his we shouldn't wait for tried to out abstract. So the quarterback is. And maybe there was part may be was trying it this isn't quarterback. What does he do it was your right because there we are they that's how that works right let me get your kid in T ball and nearly in the outfield collecting Daniel Lyons. OK. I got a big upset yeah Evansville with the number one trending topic on foot overnight for what's being call one of the biggest upsets ever college sports. Hideki wildcats'. Big timber on bad the in the country locked in a small school from Indiana last night upset is especially sweet. For the winning coach. This morning March Madness in November. The number one ranked team in college basketball the Kentucky Wildcats losing. The Evansville conclude. And for that man right here. The per blazers head coach Walter McCarty is actually a former wildcat. He helped in Turkey won a national championship back in 1996. It's become combat Coleman amend clicks in the will Tim country. And appealed to perform the way we did. Home. Oliphant they matches those other than wind and ocean temperature of the. Undefeated wildcats were 25 point favorites. Yes Ian says the losses tied for the third largest upsetting college basketball in the last fifteen seasons to top it off Evansville pulled off a win on Kentucky's home court. This picture of Kentucky Coach John Calipari quickly become mean a mean overnight. They with a tougher team they executed they made shots and threes and free throws didn't. My hat's off tomb it's hard to do that in this building. After the big win the purple aces leader from the party for an epic celebration. I got a good group of guys are really too they love each other. Death incredible. And that is our question of the day is this the bigger bets that you've ever seen. Thousand comments are tweet us at ABC news regarding sports of course right break. Coming up we'll tell you what else to watch out for the impeachment probe goes public today plus the big news for Colin cabernet. Could we see him sit upright and assault team this season. Stay with the. And up front southward today William Taylor the top us diplomat in Ukraine will testify before congress as the and these pretty worried of what the president how goes public this morning. Taylor has already testified behind closed doors about a concerted effort she's military aid to Ukraine as leverage for political gain calling it float freezing. And Taylor will be followed by senior State Department official Jorge Cantu testified that president comes before turning Rudy Giuliani carried out. A campaign of lies that tried to smear a career foreign service officer. And pushed the political investigation that we encounter with the interest of the United States coverage begins at 9 eastern right here on ABC news fly. And 10 o'clock this morning on AB CTV meanwhile president from the plans to quote. Turkey's president heard a lot and hold his own TV events and news conference at the White House. The leaders are expected to discuss the conflict in northern Syria were Turkey invaded after president from pulled US forces from the area. And our late friend and colleague Cokie Roberts will be honored at the National Archives foundations. Gallo with the records of achievement award which honors those who work. Has cultivated of broader national awareness of history and identity of the US. Use of original records previous recipients include copies. Lyn Wolfe Miranda Stevens sober. Cokie Roberts died in September at the age of 7505. This morning controversial quarterback Colin pepper NIC will be returning to football this weekend. FL have scheduled a private workouts forum in Atlanta. All teams are invited to attend cap critic hasn't played since two and sixteen when he protested racial and social injustice by kneeling during the National Anthem. 32 year old says he's been in shape and ready for this for three years. Our quite a long road Bert Catholic and this country because of what his actions sparked in the discussion and debate. A controversy how much they had to say data from that what he was originally. Kneeling for the racial and social now lot of misunderstandings. As well that had to be. Reiterated over and over again but good locked up but now back in the locker room back working now back in the gym. So into it happens. That's a plus don't forget to stay tuned to our live coverage on ABC's live of the impeachment hearings against Saturday night eastern. Have a good one.

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