It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

Gordon Sondland in the hot seat in the impeachment hearings, a Georgia teen accused of black church attack plot, Koala fire danger and more.
27:07 | 11/20/19

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Transcript for It’s Morning, America: Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019
Good morning I'm gonna and get us to Cali here the top I think you need to know this Tuesday. Ever want our coverage of the public impeachment hearings will begin at 8:30 eastern time this morning we'll be hearing testimony from three witnesses who were on president comes call to Ukraine. Meanwhile a new transcript released last night shows the State Department aide who says he overheard president top. Pushing for Ukraine to conduct investigations. Told house lawmakers that he never seen anything like it. Never give president fronts doctor says the unannounced visit to Walter Reed hospital over the weekend with part of a plan check that. Dismissing rumors about the president's top military doctor released a letter explaining the physical exam. Was off the record because of what he called scheduling uncertainties. He's at the president's cholesterol is down. And the doctors said despite some of the speculation that the president had not had any chest pain or what evaluated or treated for any urgent or acute issue. On to number three new details about its series of hospital deaths in Seattle five more deaths have been linked to mold in the operating rooms at Seattle's Children's Hospital. A hospital blamed the ventilation system and says that system is now being replaced. Number for the top administration is reversing a long held the US policy in the Middle East secretary of state Mike Pompeo says US will no longer consider Israeli settlement. In the West Bank to be a violation of international law. The announcement could be a boost for prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And finally number five Burger King it's taping an impossible lofts I begin customer claims the chain is contaminating its so called impossible swappers'. Which are plant faced by picking them on the same grow as meat burgers. Class action lawsuit is seeking damages and full disclosure of the cooking methods. Hello lacking it is McAllen Kenneth. Let's get to the big story of the day a new round of impeachment witness issue. Heard a firsthand what president trump said on that controversial phone call to Ukraine. Three officials who listen to the call will share their accounts on the conversation today meanwhile we're now seeing the transcript a key testimony given by. A State Department official who says he overheard the president talking about Ukraine and he's explaining why he remembers that quonset vivid Vito. ABC's negativity and has the new details of Capitol Hill mega good morning. Good morning Candace and Kenneth unlike last week this week we'll hear testimony. From officials who listened in on that controversial phone call between president Tran and Ukraine. This morning begins three days of public testimony from nine witnesses today's lineup includes three State Department officials who listened in on that July 25 phone call to Ukraine. Including Jennifer Williams as special advisor to the vice president who called it an usual an inappropriate. And lieutenant colonel Alexander V admit and a top U crane expert on the National Security Council. And now a new witness added to the list for this week. David Holmes diplomatic testified he overheard a phone call between EU ambassador importance omelet and president trump. The transcript of his closed door testimony released overnight homes telling investigators he remembers the call vividly because of its candor. Holmes saint he hurts song Lynn tell from the president of Ukraine quote loves your expletive. When probed if president front cared about Ukraine Holmes responded not at all. And that he only cared about this is biting an investigation that Giuliani is pushing. And this morning secretary of state Mike Pompeo dodging questions about why he has declined to offer public support to State Department employee's ex like Marie Ivanovic. Former US ambassador to Ukraine who had been caught up in the impeachment inquiry. I'm happy to talk about Ukraine policy they're not gonna get into the issues surrounding the Democrat impeachment inquiry just not gonna do it today. This as president trump says he is strongly considering testifying in. Please come back before the committee and talk to speak all the truth that he wants to see more definite. Plan the president responding to house speaker Pelosi on Twitter saying even though he did nothing wrong he likes the idea at and wall strongly consider it. Kenneth Candace actually act. Maggie and thank you so much we appreciate it president trumps battle with house Democrats over his tax returns is now in a brief time out that's because Chief Justice John Roberts. Has temporarily blocked an appeals court ruling requiring the president to turn over his financial records. To the house oversight committee the committee's attorneys have until Thursday to file their arguments. With the court the president. Has also appealed to the Supreme Court any separate tax return battle. Against New York prosecutor's charges may be filed this week in connection to the death of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein the near times a Washington Post report to federal prison guards are accused of falsifying records. And failing to check on Epstein. The disgraced financier was found hanging in his Salant August instead any new York city of lock up led to a shake up at the bureau prison. And there's new backlash after prince Andrews interview about his relationship whipped. Epstein an accounting firm has now and it it's it's. Sponsorship deal with one of Andrews charities a British university and a second charity are also considering the future of their relationship. With Prince Andrew he's been criticized for the way he explained his ties to have seen during it. Interview with the BBC. Do I regret front that of that that he has quite obviously conducts himself in a manner unbecoming. Yes. I'm becoming he was a sex offender yet but I'm sorry I'm being polite but in the sense that themes sex offender. FC take his own life in August while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. Chris Andrews facing new calls to tell American authorities about his relationship with Pepsi. Now to the Colorado Mann act convicted of killing his fiancee Patrick freezing we'll spend the rest of his life in prison. For the brutal murder and a jury found him guilty despite no body being found. And little physical evidence against him. This morning at Colorado father has been sit next to lake imprisoned for murdering his fiancee even though her body has never been found. A jury Monday determining that there was still enough evidence to find Patrick freezing guilty of killing healthy bear. It was a sweet day in the sense that. Justice was brought to Patrick Fraser. For this brutal. Gruesome senseless murder. Barrett was last seen shopping with the couple's daughter on Thanksgiving last year prosecutors insisted the evidence at breezy kill Barrett was overwhelming. After free seas former mistress crystal only cut a deal becoming the prosecution's star witness. Lee told investigators that on Thanksgiving Day for easy wrapped a sweater around bears head and asked her to get this sent to various candles. In Peter today. With a bat in the back of the head. As Kelsey is sniffing candles with a blindfold. Over her eyes. In court Lee testified at breezy told her how hard it was to eat Thanksgiving dinner with Mike Stanley when the mother of your child is and its coat in the back of your truck. The admitted she helped clean up the crime scene after freeze he burned the body. Also taking the stand an inmate who spent time with breezy in a county jail. He said breezy made a hit list with the names of witnesses set to testify against him including only. Breezy declined to testify in his lawyers never called any witnesses. And they're out. We wish Kelsey we're here today. That would be true justice that she could join us today. As freaky cases a life's tenants crystal Lee is waiting for her sentencing date she's pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence. Well the bail have a Cornell University freshman who died after a frat party is pleading for answers the body of eighteen year old Antonio C Alice's found. And of course two days after the off campus party his parents are now offering a 101000 dollar reward for information about what happened to their side the father attendant. CPI upset at Penn State student who died after he easing incident is calling on Cornell to do more to help the family there is a void in our allies right now. And that void is how lots of our child he senseless. And dvds. On and then some he'd used have to stop. Cornell has suspended the fraternity that had the party and placed a freeze on opportunity and sorority and then. Apparently be cut again to customers in northern California Pacific gas and electric has announced a new wave of shutdowns tomorrow in an attempt to prevent wildfires. It will depend on whether the winds are as strong as forecasted local officials say these shutdowns hurt the economy and some residents are worried about outages on. Thanksgiving. Washington State is banning the celibate in products that contain vitamin. Washington has fifteen confirmed cases in the past seven months this band takes effect Wednesday the state outlaw the sale of flavor bait products last month. And this guy right here is being called the best football fan and America he said six weeks ago that he would sleep on the roof of a bar until. The Bengals want to game. While the Bengals haven't won yet so Jeff Lannan is still sleeping on the roof coming down only for bathroom breaks thank goodness. Steve and his sleeping bag watches Netflix. All day he has a heater that's what some didn't want the Bengals the women suspect and have a good time. If they bring him drinks and an aspect sponsored Dallas but like he's up there on the roof. Haven't got all time watching the queen or the crown on Netflix has Boston these interior. Yeah not at all take coming up Hong Kong protesters surrounded by police will cross the pond for the latest that's earth. A senior US government official resigns. How she allegedly lied under arrest in May and what she says about her faith time magazine cover. Welcome back we turned out to the senior official in the truck administration resigning after being accused of embellishing her resonant. This morning Mena changes defending herself saying she did not embellish her career background she's also addressing a time magazine cover with her face on it which turned out to be fake. This morning a high ranking State Department official has resigned amid new questions about her resume. Mean a change join the State Department in April and was later nominated for job where she would have overseen a budget of one billion dollars. According to an investigation by NBC change withdrew her nomination after a committee asked her to provide documents on her career background. Among the allegations in the report chains bio calls for an alumna of Harvard Business School. When she only attended a seven week course there she allegedly falsely claimed to have served on a nonexistent United Nations panel. As she claimed to have addressed both the Republican and democratic national conventions and 2016. But only spoke in an affiliated event associated with the conventions change is also accused of using a fake time magazine cover. With her face on it to tout her nonprofit groups work. And a 2017 video Chang was asked about the cover. Mystic elitism petition brought with you have you worked around the world Kate. So here you are in time magazine for donations and let's tell me about this covered how this community well we started using drone technology disaster response and so. That was when the whole talk that Powell is technology being used to save lives in disaster response Daria is her being used in. The ice because I brought attention to that. Time magazine confirmed the cover is not real but Chang denies creating net sane and a statement to ABC news of the cover was made without her knowledge by a fan. Who use an apt to create a realistic fake magazine cover which was subsequently circulated online. And her resignation chain criticized top brass of the state department for not defending her. Calling the allegations a character assassination based solely on innuendo adding my superiors at the department refused to defend me. Stand up for the truth or allow me to answer the false charges against me she went on to slam the culture at the State Department saying its morale is at its lowest the professionalism and collegiality was a hallmark of the US diplomatic service has all but disappeared. The State Department has not commented about change overnight her biography which use the same photo as that time magazine cover was removed from the department's web site. So that is our question of the day have you ever embellished or even lie on your resident. Tell us your story in the comments that we've got that ABC's life I make sure doesn't get you fired a guest. Yeah your current job he does it tell yourself bill that is the question and so I would we don't know where I think it's really. The details are more about discussed with this case but generally people. They really do report it you have to be creative and hiring managers like that and right it's worked out well for a lot of people it's just the question is this where is the lock right and I'm even thinking about like certain like these jobs that pack going from market to market and how we essentially cannot get the same thing at many of the stations but I want it so Ike. A myriad up dollar from one decision to the other so covering breaking news for why could be. We'll like I really went after breaking news in however you put in the resident a bit stale alike and are now. I mean Anderson who have lied about the amount of education. And a of them background check yeah have done stories on them I'm sure as well but I got could get Twitter us let us know. Make comments in the comments section. We're interested yet when it today. Well we turn now to Hong Kong and the young protesters holed up inside of the university under siege by police Hong Kong's. Leader Carey land now has about 600 people have left thick campus. Leaving about a hundred still inside let's bring in our foreign correspondent Julian McFarlin across the pond in our London bureau who is in touch with our team on the ground there. It's really a good morning with the latest. Morning kind of swell. A senior foreign correspondent Ian panel sent us that this spots added this morning he said of the scene had Kwai and Don they've got some access inside. That's always a battleground of the poly tech begin a busing which has seen raining really intense clashes between protestors students. And riot police including Hong Kong's elite rack to police. These last few days and other students have been occupying the Nevada state along with pertussis for a few days now. But Monday so. Police and Randy tried. And force everyone outside. Now most people have left but there is a small contingent of around a hundred people the most hardcore protestors at being described does he lost still accounts inside. Now the reason they didn't want to leave the premises. Is not day could be arrested for rioting which could see them a maximum of ten years in jail so what we have seen is some pretty amazing scenes. All people trying to leave. The U Nevada state. X escaping outside of police capturing them people swinging out of rapes out of wind days and an about me is trying to get out. All of that secure accord that the police have set up. Now a lot of the students then not well they've been running out of supplies a lot of them are in need of medical attention guys it's raining really serious. Scenes in Hong Kong. Getting uglier bought as our team on the ground reported that it's a little more com today than yesterday. More that is a sliver of good news there those images really look like a war zone from Mac camp is there. Moving on to North Korea really threw a statement Juliette saying that. They are no longer interested holding a quote. Fruitless summit with the US coming less than a day after trumped we did see you soon. Toward North Korean leader Kim Jung and so. What do you think here is this the end of the these. Hawks. I mean it what it's not a great sign it right Kenneth let's just by talking just sort of explain what's the North Korean Foreign Ministry wow responding to. Not that were reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had described. To vice president Jay Biden. I as a quick rabid dog now the presidents from today's again he tweeted in response to this. Mr. Chatman Joseph Biden may be sleepy and very slow but he is not aide Craig rabid dog he's actually somewhat faster than not. But I'm the anyone who can get you what you need to be used to act quickly and get them deal done. CU students. Now all missy president Tom was trying to insinuate that they will hopefully meet again get by today's stalled negotiations which ended. And Fabbri opted to oaks in Hanoi. Came to an abrupt stop off it was clear that note. And no steps towards a settlement were one likely and on not particular summit. But and as you say a new statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry said. Quoting an advise. I am tempted present to president comes tweet on the seventeenth to signify a new summit. But we on no longer interested in these meetings that off useless to Austin. All right well before you go you tell us about these new discoveries in Peru a Japanese university found some each designs there. Good news is a great story I do sent up he's invested a 142. New images they've found on those incredible nods go lions and they. Represent living things and others other objects. And they've found days amber huge area. I'm what's really interesting about this is they have been able to use lies AI. And machine lining to winning help them pump a lot of data to trying find when new lines. And joins may be found and also at the kind of blackout exactly. What's these images represented say that is a human nor say yeah this is described as a human and what you're saying now a two headed snake. With two humanoid figgins. But says drawing of a fish. Not one is apparently a but they'll pay to me it looks like an L fifteen on an when you guys saying that looks like some kind of rifle with a he picked me about this is a fish store and and opened the famous amazing about these drawings as a missing these an aerial face had a cementing from the that and enduring mystery has been how have they been able. Two. When they covet such a Boston out of area how can they see without having some way of looking at a from the sky that what they enjoying. Actually makes cents in fits together it's an incredible mystery and with this new technology have reason wants as the coming thing. There are so many mysteries. That we just literally I don't know if we'll ever find the answers to like it have you got every other stone hits thing yet. This yeah I I don't know I think there's a lot of conspiracies about that I have to say I've not been an myself spot. It's I I don't quite so sure about Stonehenge it's just a couple of rocks right I mean it's not the nods come lions they can mean the Moscow plans to mail class Manning who did not being very patriotic right now but I'm I didn't really definitely not right wow it. Why did by staying hands. You're over there again. Usually the X letting the team down when it all right thanks Bret we appreciate it. Yeah but shephard at education starting with south Dakota's new campaign to fight the State's meth epidemic to battle launched yesterday highlighted by the tagline Matt we're on it. It also includes pictures of people with the caption I'm on Matt. The state paid nearly four and a 50000 dollars for the campaign the state seems to be implying that it's on the case of Matt. Governor is just weighed in about this saying the whole points this ad campaign is to raise awareness so I think that's working. EU Sporkin all right that a lot of people are talking about it. I have an excellent new way to think about your dog's age according to viewers in California the old one human your equal seven dog years formulas and correct. A check this chart out with a handy guide featuring Tom Hanks. At different stages of lightning. The one year old one year old dog and at the same level of maturity as a thirty year old. Reaching its senior years at about nine at about nine OK got it in bill complicated. Oh yeah. Ari thanks Tom Hanks. Visit the fund land next to age screen letting for fans of unlimited soup salad and bread sticks. Cup all they orbit all super fans that olive guards so they decided to have there wedding wedding reception. Right there at olive garden restaurant. In. The husband he has actually light lime like competitions it. Forget all the posse can eat if I give this big Italy thing that our guard olive garden since people over there and he's able to racked up amusement Boston's of the once they had a Redskins are you see it there. Yeah they had a tagline. Imaginary you I'll bear nearer you wrong that's priceless. On many tradition. Is coming to an end and New York City have been a wife behind the annual taxi drivers calendar says the 20/20 edition. We'll be their last each year's showed cabbies in their own members as a Playboy type poses guys that Alex mister Argus. Who assert listened squeezing so these bonds all over himself. And as rubber duck bathing suit. And have nightmares about that would open chanting Kirkland say they ignited to its creative let met over the past seven years that they are done there out. No more I guess he ought to turn to the firefighter. Back to counter at police fire and police as they're raising money for their turn it happened out that's not going away. And that's why this of the but what if smokey and cracked an ice cubes cult classic movie Friday could find the perfect job. This one might be yet. Cray hot resource sites American marijuana is looking. Four candidates are beavers the Leckey applicants will earn up to 3000 dollars per month to smoke queen. But the company cautions that's not the only responsibility reviewers also write blogs and provide online and sites and users. And you can work from home. There it is fitting work from home room when he nineteen you're all hot box there. People might want them to collect and might accept that job get 83000 knives in week ten so we took Blake. Has attempted to extinguish a long simmering controversy over donations to organizations accused. At being hot style to LG BTQ consumers but it may have just ignited some fresh controversy in the process eggs he's Bratton Oki joins us now with more bragged that morning. And it's right you know for years chicklet didn't seem to care what people thought about its donations will yesterday in announced that two charities it has been supporting for years. Well no longer be getting those checks. Even after getting out of the political donation game several years ago chick flick has still been donating to the Salvation Army. In the Fellowship of Christian Athletes both groups have been wimp who owned by LG BTQ advocates as historically anti gay will now triple A says its multiyear commitment to those groups is over I spoke to America's read he's professor of marketing at the Wharton school of business as it here's advocate chick flick has been withstanding this controversy for years. Why now are they hurting for money or something he said. They're worried about this year there were worried about ten years from now. Stifel is so popular and so successful I think the last data point I had in it that I had seen. With that you distort each store the 2200 stores Brad is making approximately. Three million dollars in gross sales per store. And so this is serious money they're killing at. And I think the idea is that. What we want to be able du fortunately we have to protect. That because moving for a we know that the demographics are changing the customer base is changing and we have to be sensitive to these new consumers who may have these perceptions that we are anti LG BTQ even though we are role Christian values. Now triple A says it's still going to donate to charities whose sole mission. Is ending poverty and homelessness the Salvation Army says. There is appointed because that's what they do. Elsa deny any allegations they've turned away gay or trans people from their shelters now there's a lot of low back among chick fully fans. We'll have more on that on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts wearing paper podcasting app Kenneth Candace. Well coming up we'll tell you what to watch out for on this busy Tuesday plus the story of a couple hitting a very special milestone. After this. There's a watch out for today three State Department officials listen and on that controversial phone calls to Ukraine are set to testify. And public impeachment hearings including Jay Jennifer Williamson eight to the vice president. Who was targeted by president profit national security official Alexander Ben. Also testifying Kurt Volcker the former US special envoy to Ukraine who provided text messages schily a push for investigations into the president's political rivals. Live coverage begins at 8:30 eastern streaming right here on his side meanwhile president trump is scheduled to hold a cabinet meeting at 11:30 eastern before having lunch with vice president Mike Pence New York State attorney general. Petition James is set to make what's called a major beat an announcement this morning in New York City. And teachers in Indianapolis will hold in large protests outside the Statehouse and finally from us on this Tuesday morning the amazing accomplishment by a couple from Austin, Texas. This is no ordinary couple at 106 and 105 years old. John and Charlie Henderson have just needed into the Guinness world records as the oldest married couple and the world they met its. Students at the University of Texas back in 1934. An exchange vows five years later. I remember the waning days the day we got married as though who were yesterday. A lot every thing about it and it can't see anything we're all live thing. So what makes a couple last so long one thing they mentioned they don't have any children but they do say the key to successful marriage. Is being respectful and grateful for what you. They Henderson's will celebrate their eightieth wedding anniversary on December. 15 congratulations to them 211. Years between the two of them. Lot of wisdom and sure as well and the key to living Long Island home has been skating getting married. City mayor there yes. You got naked eightieth well yeah 106 Erica and I hate stay tuned for our. Live coverage of the impeachment hearings right here on ABC's live Saturday 8:30 eastern. It's going to be another big day on capital so please if you stick. It's been great Afghan of McAllen everybody and you know. But the.

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