It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019

House opens impeachment inquiry, Trump to release Ukraine call transcript, U.K. Parliament reconvenes after suspension ruled unlawful and more.
3:00 | 09/25/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019
Good morning I'm kind of mode and today Norman near the top I think show this Wednesday number one the impeachment drama and Washington president trump says he will release the transcript of its phone call with the president Ukraine after house Democrats launched an impeachment. Inquiry. Secret Nancy Pelosi says the president betrayed his oath of office and violated the constitution by trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joseph Biden for political games with a blower who complained about the phone call now want to speak with lawmakers. Sources say the White House may allow it. Ever to authorities in two more states are cracking down on anything Massachusetts has announced a four month ban on the sale all beeping products. During the fancy of officials who work on possible new regulations to address the VP health crisis and in California a ban on flavored. Part of the varsity blues scandal the Los Angeles business executive Devin Sloane was sentenced to four months in prison community service and a fine. He admitted paying a quarter million dollars. It is found at USC at the water polo player with tears in his eyes he told a Boston federal court he could not justify his behavior. Number 4 this morning suspected drug smugglers are four suspected drug smugglers are under arrest after being caught in the Pacific Ocean and a submarine the Coast Guard says the sub was packed with 121000 pounds of cocaine worth 165. Million dollars. Coast Guard officials. They the operation C. And the weight of the drugs but everyone a danger. Most of the vessel's underwater. And just the smallest leak over the smallest today tip stability would cut hoping to go under including our remembers anyone else that's on work. So far this year Homeland Security as he's more than four billion dollars worth of cocaine heading into the US and finally number five a frightening face to face with the coyote for five year old girl near Chicago receded just tractor Palin's mailbox hoping to find her Halloween costume and didn't see the coyotes moments later. She is walking towards doing the coyote charged out there and he'd run through democracy. Pull us playing my way home we heard scream. And she came in with his wild story out felt yeah. Yeah. Neighbors say several hire these live in the nearby woods and her mom says Christine won't be playing alone in the art and science and. Let's get right to that gave an historic story impeachment drama that's unfolding in Washington. One day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing impeachment inquiry into president trump here's what we can expect the president has authorized the transcript of his full called the president Ukraine to be released. At call is a subject of a whistle blower complaint that started this scandal. But Reza is accused of withholding military aid in asking Ukraine's president to investigate former vice president Joseph Biden. That I trouble meeting with Ukrainian president of the United Nations today he's expected to address the media after that meeting. And this could be the biggest headline today sources say the White House is considering whether to release the whistleblowers complained to congress ABC than that they lack of Tara is sorting through all of this she joins us from Washington and as good morning. Good morning Kenneth and enable it to his story day here in Washington Democrats had been demanding action against president Tran per month. How speak it and people as he had been on offense but she is now making her move. Us stunning turn by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing must first step tow word impeachment. The actions at the trump presidency preview. Dishonorable stack of the president's betrayal of his oath of office the trial of our national security. And the trial of the integrity of our elections. The historic move comes after president trump admitted to asking the president of Ukraine to investigate his political rival Joseph Biden and his son hunter. Who had business interests in Ukraine days before the phone call the president ordered his chief of staff to halt nearly 400 million dollars in foreign aid to Ukraine but it was never quite broke walls trump insisted at first that he with held the money because he wanted Ukraine to address corruption. But a day later the president seemed to change his explanation. Saying that aid was withheld or read different reason. I want their countries to put up money I think it's unfair that we put up the money that people call because it I'll let it go and I let it go. But we paid the money the money was. Now more than two thirds of house Democrats are saying it's time to impeached. This isn't real litigating the past this isn't re litigating though election with Hillary Clinton this is about the president. Abusing his office. In seeking political dart about an election that's upcoming. And I think the national security concerns Israeli what weighed on these members. Trent has now authorized the transcripts of his phone call with Ukraine's president to be released. And over night he called the impeachment inquiry more breaking news witch hunt garbage and presidential harassment. When you see the call what you see and read out of the called. Which I assume you'll see at some point you'll understand that call was perfect there was no pressure put on them whatsoever. Top Republicans say the inquiry is a political ploy by Democrat it's based on a still unseen whistle blower complaint about the phone call with the Ukrainian president. They're going to be embarrassed when these transcripts come out and I hope that American public wakes up. The drug administration blocked congress from seeing that whistle blowers complaint. Which the intelligence community's inspector general called credible and of urgent concern. But this morning sources say the complaint is undergoing a detoxification. Process by the White House for its possible release and in another twist House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff says the whistle blower now wants to speak to house investigators. Ship has requested an interview tomorrow in a secure location so what's next well the White House says it will release a transcript of app phone call between president front and the president of Ukraine today. The White House says the transcript will be on redacted but critics are wondering if they'll actually get to see the full conversation today in Kenneth. All right and I thank you very much and now that the inquiry official inquiry is under way it could take months for the impeachment process to play out ABC's Terry Maria tells us what happens next. This is a historic day no doubt about it the momentous step by speaker policy but were a long way from any kind of vote. To impeach president trouble remove him from office here's how it will go down. Facts and evidence speaker Pelosi has instructed the six committees that are already investigating president trump. To quote proceed under that umbrella of an impeachment inquiry depending on the facts and evidence they develop articles of impeachment. Could be drafted then on bribery or high crimes and misdemeanor that sort of thing and then perhaps voted on. As if they were a long way from that this is a momentous step. But it's clear that Najibullah she would not have taken it were she not prepared. To take that step she does know one thing however any impeachment. Requires the support of the American public in a very big way and she's proceeding cautiously because it. We report with an impeachment probe will have political ramifications of both parties ABC news. Political director Rick Klein joins us with a breakdown of what it all means Rick good morning. Shenae Kenneth A historic a monumental announcement by. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Doing what she has long resisted in calling for this impeachment inquiry is kicks off what could be months of investigating. Of the most serious types of charges of a president. If 32020. Candidates essentially in place. And it puts house Democrats on record in saying that they are going to pursue the leads pursue all of the different tips that come throat and pursue the information around this particular episode. With all of the vigor all of the constitutional muscle that they can Muster and perhaps the biggest change of the political dynamic. It has Democrats acting and president Donald Trump who is still used to. Dominating the political narrative he is now going to be in the position of reacting to what the Democrats offer she named Kenneth. Art thanks to wreck. 200 plus house Democrats now support the impeachment inquiry that's more than two thirds of their members some moderate Democrats who signed on late felt they had no choice but through for the impeachment process. I think know all too well it is a risky move that could have devastating political consequences he BC's Fred milky has more on what turned the tide. That's right look on a personal level we've been told that president trump hates the idea that he could be impeached but. Politically rubber it was just a week ago that Democrats thought impeachment was a loser for them. For months Nancy Pelosi had been crystal clear impeachment proceedings. Could cost Democrats congressional seats maybe even the White House so what changed I spoke to a democratic strategists dance Sena is the former head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. And I asked him if you're advising Democrats this morning in congress. How would you tell them to sell impeachment. There's no doubt that this is now we national security issue we have the president of the United States effectively striking a deal was a foreign country country. For political means and for a what oral game that is unprecedented. In in in history and so I think. Making it clear to folks in to this the American public that this is about security. This is about securing our country. And our elect oral process I I think is is absolutely a cornerstone of the argument. What could Democrats to wrong here like what is the thing you'd be whispering in their year to not do this this is not this is not about a witch hunt this is not about looking backwards to other sort of arguments that that the Democrats have made toward stroke. And a big question now is how quickly will this move because some Democrats are saying let's be slow and deliberate others are saying there's a lot of voters out there who could get impeachment fatigue. If they don't have an already have a lot more on this debate on start here later this morning listen on apple podcasts repeater podcasting app. To name Kenneth. All right Brad thank you only three presidents have faced impeachment Richard Nixon resigned ahead of a looming house impeachment vote Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both impeach but were later acquitted by the senate. And completed their terms. As for how long this could take it's unclear but it took the house two months to impeach Clinton and a month for the scent and it took quit as a chance this could extend into mourning mourning. Some other stories we're watching this morning two men are charged with smuggling five million dollars in gold bars and Venezuela and to the US. In the nose of an airplane court documents say customs agents found the old. Last week in Fort Lauderdale it's the second time in two months gold bars have been seized from a plane out of Venezuela. The other was in July in the Caribbean. The death toll is climbing from the rare but deadly mosquito borne virus called Tripoli. At least nine people have now been killed by eastern equine encephalitis. Those recent deaths from Massachusetts and Connecticut. They're also nearly thirty other confirmed or probable cases in seven states officials don't expect the outbreaks to ease until cooler weather arrives for good. Jeopardy Jason is still on a roll he's now won more than half a million dollars. Dates from different areas nailed all three daily doubles and yesterday's episode he also successfully answered and final jeopardy of ending the game with 30000 dollars. That takes his eighteen days total to just over 502000. Box. Jeopardy Jason is now just the eighth person in the game's history to win. More than a half a million dollars oh. Well coming up a French chapel loses coveted Michelin star now he's suing to get it back but first another parent centers of the college admissions bribery scandal warning. Other parents in jail time after this. Welcome back we turn out to the college admissions cheating scandal and a major his sentence that's just been handed down. A California executive is heading to prison for bribing his son's way into USC. Legal experts say this sentence should send a clear message to other parents charged in the scandal including actress Laurie lock one. This morning a Los Angeles businessman is prepared to spend months behind bars for its role in the college admissions bribery scandal. Devin Sloane is only the second person to be sentenced in the scheme where wealthy parents are accused of paying large sums of money to get their kids into procedures colleges. Sloan admitted to paying 250000. Dollars to get his son into the University of Southern California. As a water polo player. Even though it's son did not play the sport. Court documents say Sloan purchase water polo gear on Amazon. Got a son to pose in their back court pool with the deer. And then hired a graphic designer to photo shopped the images. New orders requested no jail time arguing a fine and community service would be adequate punishment. But the judge took a tougher stand sentencing him to four months in prison. Like Sloan actress Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty in her case admitting she paid 151000 dollars ever Procter change her daughter's SAT scores. She was given a two weeks intense. There's a possibility that they might keep her local in Los Angeles and Margaret detention center Eric. Which could mean that she would be in net a population that would include violent criminals as follows white collar criminals. Prosecutors say Sloan conduct with four more egregious than Hoffman's because Sloan paid seventeen times the bribe amount and did not accept responsibility the same way Hoffman did. Swarms prison sentence could signal trouble for the other parents charts in the scandal most notably actress Lori Laughlin and her husband. We're pleaded not guilty. They're accused of paying 500000 dollars to get their daughter into USC if they're legal gamble fails and they're convicted. Legal analysts now say a prison sentence seems more likely. DeVon slow must report to prison in December he also has to pay a 95000. Dollar fine. Ought now to the United Kingdom where new prime minister Boris Johnson has suffered a major setback as the Supreme Court there ruled his suspension of parliament was unlawful. So let's go across the pond to do a McFarlin in the London bureau for more on what's next for Brecht said Julie good morning. Morning Hannah. How how long you gonna give me up how long. Lovell. The next I mean yesterday was an extraordinary day four Breaston I just have to emphasize. We do not how than the usual. Yet interaction between the judiciary and politics quite like you guys how they admit that this is ready quite an unprecedented rooting. By the supreme court's now they have ruled against the government recently with regards to Bre X and it's. Forcing the government to seek and p.'s approval to stop that Rex oppress us. But this dreaming that's the prime minister's suspension of parliament was unlawful. Not has sent shockwaves. Across the UK and at a time. When a prime minister Boris Johnson wasn't even hints about fallout he was of course. Hayat would you guys at red day UN giant general assembly he spent with president trump he addressed the UN about breaks it. Andy he said that sat reacting to this landmark court ribbing that the government would respect. The the judge's decision on this as the web this leaves the UK know how. It's still pretty unclear. Parliamentarians. Have read tons this morning to. The house of commons the leader of the house of commons Jacob Reese smog is outlining. I think governments are reaction then and starchy now in the wake. All of this ribbing but the government of face saying. Huge amount of criticism and MPs on out they openly courting for Boris Johnson. To resign the thing is the U. It there there are ways in which parliament can hold the government to account which. Make it unnecessary for the courts to intervene such eyes triggering a general election venting. For no confidence against the government and peace haven't done that yet so that's why we had this extraordinary. Intervention. By the course when the number of will make his and some citizens decided to bring this case against the government. As for what happens next we still have that hot deadline approached next month with her accent. Unclear as to how this impacts that. Fascinating complicated lots of twists and turns I'm into every didn't forget job in the time allotted there. But moving on to Indonesia were more than 300 students and police have been injured after clashes during protests over new laws so exactly what are they protesting here. Exactly. Human rights activists. I'm groups they are grainy it really worried about this new set of bills which they say being rushed through parliament. A number a very consenting issues here at stake one of them is this bit though one of these bills. Would weaken the anti corruption agency. It goes back on decades of reform. In Anthony's. Another one of these bills which is getting a lot of attention although house he points out that this is not the any pill that people are protesting about. Is that set premarital sex would be out below it. And also extramarital co habitation. Would not be allowed to basically. There are already some restrictions. On on this and into music but these would be it would be it would be tightening is now. A lot of will make his how of cited Islamic practice as did as to justification of this but Indonesia has a secular constitution it has officially. Five religions in creating catholicism. Buddhism Hinduism protestantism. But in the music is the well its biggest Muslim countries. And a lot of people fans got to add these new bills could make it hot if minority used to. To exercise are in for you well enough this is. As a cut tailing all of civil rights so what is interesting is that a lot of these protests were led by students by young students who are old very very. Active on social media the very plugged into what's happening around the wild and and how I'm and wow they say liberal democracies should be an exile with Anthony's yeah. I'm will be watching that on Julius moved to the kitchen for this next one because in France a chef ensuing the Michelin guide. After he was stripped of its procedures but Reese. Have that's right so it this. Very well Nan and well respected. Michelin stock she starred chef he has this restaurant op in the Alps. It is cool as a lamb is on the block the house in the woods. And that he or wet but 1 morning and found out that one of his mission and sauces that management style was. Premier and he is not suing they Michelin organization to give the reasons. As to why. They decided to remove his stop. That it had he says that he is seeking the guides objective reasons for its decision now he thinks the reason for this. Is because there being claims that he used Chad good cheese. In his friend she's cheese souffle as a paste French revealed shall. Cheese he says net and I I I I had explained that was not the case I used saffron colored it was not Chad. The say who it. Yeah I'm a very very bitter disagreement. That how old. Asked disagreement it. That what you said. That yeah. That the. About marriage that Nowak I don't know I left that out this item number I give up the popular Internet. Sadly when I called Julia jokes. And fixed at a later date or you do Julie I don't know Ella. Now than that there are always get there always get just like mine I would probably have everything you may. A fight over cheese like this then for the souffle but. This of intrastate. I mean that friendship pretty important to me she's a pretty important at a friend's directed a lot of hot what Nevada but had I just say it like. And he did use tether in the souffle. Who cares I think is great heaven is a very posted just Cheney look originated from the cheat that in the town of Canada in summit set. Innings and given up all the knowledge here when it comes to those sorry that it could be Yelp. Good to be the Michelin. Every stars important Bailey's. Doing McFarland I give you five stars for that across the report. Right out of the Jamaica appreciated. Our if you check Burnett patients are at Philadelphia's most famous celebrity. Celebrating a major milestone of course we're talking and upgrading the mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers celebrated its first for first birthday yesterday throwing his own surprise party complete with Betty canopy got a call that he hit the streets or his own one man parade through Philly. Our powerhouse station WPV I capture footage of the parade via chopper six. We're pretty wrapped up the celebrations on the steps of the art museum taking cell fees but star struck. Spain Britain and up like rocky and next up a hand sir risk it all for a piece of popcorn holding on. Since then you're lying one kernel wind up any got 11 colonel's island months and months months months you know. Except if you love dogs but he feeding or cleaning up after them maybe robot dog. I don't know dynamics selling them to select customers apparently they can carry quite a few pounds this is that anyone found the right now. I didn't handle you know not ideal. But whether you like they'd be it rains aren't. I don't know that it costs the amount of a luxury car and they get back up soon. Hey next check out this couple who grows furniture straight from the ground apparently we'll take a few years take some time about tower for about. Maybe I can is that twelve. 151000 dollars you can have a whole once a chair that I tree that grows into a chair so much money custom. They also do lamps and other furniture so much money with a lot of money for. And talk about is raising the Barbara comes despite their debut in chips made out of the California reaper of the hottest pepper in the world community Carolina reaper. They're called me and they're called reefer ranch and and I call it. You have it's your lottery provisions that California sounds like I don't know I make Carolina OK all right or is hot out there to. To be hiding Carolinas where I didn't know what hit on Saturday we been singing our favorites on morning that's our question of the day what is your favorite one hit wonder what's yours. Jumble Lama tub thumping like that went. And that's like tours and torn by Natalie written about and said I'm gonna go with state tonight by like you're always look maybe I'll hop. Four. Brussels one. Post yours and pop. I figured out how hot are treated for the ABC news and out to a massive drug bust at sea Coast Guard intercepting a submarine in the Pacific Ocean in making an incredible find. More than 121000 pounds of cocaine worth a 165. Million dollars. He BC's will car report. The Coast Guard busted dad forty foot nor could trying to sneak into the United States under the cloak of darkness. Yeah I'm. Inside 121000 pounds of cocaine packed in those tightly wrapped bales with more than a 165. Million dollars authorities with the help of the Colombian navy arrested for drug smugglers in the process. Earlier this year the Coast Guard made this daring bust in the eastern Pacific. Waves crashing one Coast Guard member trusted tactical gear boarded the vessel in the open season. Pounding the hatch discovering an excess of 171000. Pounds of cocaine worth an estimated 232. Million dollar. ABC news coming up we'll tell you what's ahead on this busy day. Plus the CEO taking incoming equality fight into his own hands way did force employees after this. And that's why California today president trump is expected to meet with president of crane acting United Nations lot of air excellence he is a former comedian who played a fictional president on TV before being elected just months ago. From has agreed to release the transcript of this all excellent heat up prophet out. Prompted a whistle blower complaint later today meanwhile president from lawyers or sit to ask a federal judge to block the subpoena seeking his tax returns that was. Issued by the Manhattan district attorney Tom claims the subpoenas unconstitutional. Part of an effort by democratic officeholders to harassment on Capitol Hill the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on protecting America from assault weapons. As protestors have scheduled together to demand congress passed on think. Some comp and on Roger Stone will be in court for pretrial conference on seven charges including witness tampering and making false statements. Stone was arrested as part of the special counsel investigation. He has pleaded not guilty. And three astronauts including an American gets a laugh off the United Arab Emirates to the International Space Station which will be crowded with a rare in nine person crew that he did this. Plus don't forget to tune into the debris for an update on all our top stories in the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines in politics. We'll. Finally a millionaire CEO is making news again for giving as employees of big raise. Dan price had a surprise for workers that our credit card processing company Idaho. He knows they're getting immediate 101000 dollar raises in their minimum salary will jump to 70000 dollars. He bumped up the middle of pay for his workers in Seattle few years ago he says he wants to be the solution when it comes to income equality and he is being the change. He wants to see it so yep or that's it for us. Thank you for joining us have a great day we'll see you tomorrow.

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