Mother of Trayvon Martin speaks out about George Floyd’s death

Sybrina Fulton shares her reaction to the arrest and death of George Floyd, and her views on the violent protests erupting across the country.
5:23 | 05/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mother of Trayvon Martin speaks out about George Floyd’s death
To continue our conversation tonight we want to bring in Sabrina Fulton she's the mother of tray of on marts and the seventeen year old unarmed black. Boy from Florida who was fatally shot in 2012 by George Zimmermann. Well Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch some room was charged with second degree murder but acquitted at trial a tree claim self defense. Ms. Fulton is a co-founder of the trade on Martin foundation and author and currently a candidate from Miami Dade county commission. Thank you for joining us tonight I know there are no easy days. You are a parent who has lost a child and and so I'm sure every day is a Strobl. I'm sure this last week has been particularly topic you can talk to me about what it's been like for you what the journey over the past few days has been like for you. And for me and things that happened neighbors about. But for me. Did ask being on a roller coaster I've been up and down these enzymes and this is unheard. George Floyd yeah it is not that car crash. Imagine you know need be and his mother. All I'm sun and com. Being in the air in and Colin meet with anybody opium and you would help is CO has angered those things sometimes I'm able to. Home expressing and sometimes I'm not is only known. It is except those hands English. It hasn't been an emotional roller coast I'm sure every mom heard. George and or his mommy really and and everything is now I mean we did 80 this was no state is hard on it was like. You know opt what are your thoughts though about the protests and and some of the riots that we've seen raging across the country. Did you have a message for those taking to the streets both those who have been protests dean. Most of them have been peaceful but also some of the troublemakers we've seen. I appreciate the pre peaceful protesters I really do I think they are sick and tired and we are once again tar and what we witnessed our own. Naslund it was just simply disgusting inhumane and so should people just half. Two terrible way experts and on sales and that's how being fielded aaron's experts and so you. Some people ask. Relatives and piece liege and you're gonna have some rioters and we just understand this whole concept and it isn't angry you are in house be it is easy you. You know the issue with George Floyd started. Or I should say ended with police brutality but it starts with systematic racism. I know you were currently running for office you you you want to get into politics. Do you think you can make a difference. Well monitored things he is we have had our people not just African American people we have. How people and we need people to speak out for us we need people to speak out what African American it's wrong and in every isn't as big daddies because. George was a human being and people had to understand how would you feel if somebody can't you want to ground into inning it doesn't necessarily mean these are there just happens to be at least in this situation such but what if somebody had you on the ground. A UR rating in hand count each and and they are neat when you're an and a new height. This also hear there is such trauma. To witness any they continue to weigh in on the nose and I know is no lose. Just imagine how did we gives you can imagine how you would be a liberal you. Or who somebody gives you can't believe what you loved ones would you feel just does not when there's something. Bearden meet. It's a clear stand on this priest. It's a clear sign of the sense of lords because he didn't look to me. To be resistant Reyes and I'm just every citizen and we have a little get it. Angle also if you see someone do it wrong and you're not saying anything about it being part of Blanche and so. Brian now or beat. This is to be arrested is because it knows this is our Carter. Run and they are so they want to arrest. All of whom you bring them all Ian under arrest and dean and you investigate what their investigations and find out what exactly. Because even then you're never gonna know somebody's real intentions and. Man. Sabrina I see a picture of your son behind UN and I know that grieving process never ends so. If you had a chance to speak with George Floyd Stanley tonight what will we knew what would you tell them. I would Tim and honor. George I want I would Leon I know everything that was overwhelming right now I would tell me known to aren't just try to be strong as they can try to stick together because China's around them sales look positive people with Korean people with people is gonna live demo and bringing them down. I would tell me on. This incident price of their attorneys because you're gonna eat some legal under this whale should I would amend it just be as strong as they can't reach people who big deal and yellow and the beast Aaron. Sabrina Fulton tonight some really thank you for your time thank you for talking us outside an easy topic but we appreciate your perspective. Thank you.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Sybrina Fulton shares her reaction to the arrest and death of George Floyd, and her views on the violent protests erupting across the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70989110","title":"Mother of Trayvon Martin speaks out about George Floyd’s death","url":"/US/video/mother-trayvon-martin-speaks-george-floyds-death-70989110"}